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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 113

After returning to the dormitory, the players were naturally too embarrassed to rest. They opened the game to train themselves.

Mo Hantian pulled Shi Xiaobin to play rankings in the Korean server. Hua Ran also pulled Shu Chen to play the rankings. Qin Xueyao privately practiced shooting in the ‘shooting training ground’ of the game. The others also weren’t idle. They played games and watched game videos. Each person was more serious than the other. No one even typed or chatted in the private group.

They all heard what Coach Jiang said. They were the national team!

They were also uncomfortable about the fact that Chinese hadn’t achieved good results for five years. In particular, the players of the last national team went abroad for a round-trip and had to walk with their heads down when they returned home. They were scolded by netizens so fiercely but they were embarrassed to refute it.

It was because they were indeed really weak. They didn’t win glory for the country and instead went abroad to shame people.

Now the national team had invited such an excellent and responsible coach. If they didn’t step up to train, they were really sorry for Coach Jiang’s hard work, sorry for the fans’ support and even more sorry for their identity as a ‘player of the national team.’

Even the usually sloppy and lazy Ye Zi turned on the computer to find the difficult five star maps of City of Mist and City of Ice. He went through the maps by himself.

Mo Hantian played the rankings with Shi Xiaobin and said in the team’s voice channel, “God Wing is worthy of being my idol. He has retired for many years but he is still so powerful when playing the game. He is a genius, right? I really didn’t see incorrectly.”

Shi Xiaobin asked softly, “Did you cry just now? I saw that you were rubbing your eyes.”

Mo Hantian’s ears turned red and he hurriedly retorted, “No! As an alpha, how can I cry? You must be mistaken.”


Mo Hantian hurriedly changed the subject. “Let’s go and kill the Koreans.”

The ranking level of the Korean server’s high-end games had always been very high and they occasionally bumped into professional players. Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin soon started the rankings. As a result, they didn’t bump into professional players from South Korea but bumped into Hua Ran and Shu Chen?

Hua Ran’s ID was ‘Flower’ and Shu Chen’s was ‘Chen.’ After entering the game, the two sides recognized each other instantly.

The four of them were collectively speechless.

Okay, just treat it as an intra-team practice match.

At this time, Pei Feng was training with his master in the double training room.

The area of the double training room was only eight square meters and two computers were placed side by side. The training room wasn’t far from the tea room. Pei Feng took the initiative to go to the tea room to pour a cup of hot tea for his master. Then he sat in front of the computer and said with a smile, “Master, sit.”

Jiang Shaoyu took Pei Feng’s tea and sat down on the left. “There are only the two of us here. If you have any ideas, you can communicate with me. There is no need to be restrained.”

Pei Feng thought for a moment. “Master, do you want to make some tactical arrangements for the Rainy Night map?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, this map is one of the key maps that our coaching staff is studying. My idea is an extreme lineup of three snipers and two scouts. We can directly hit a wave and quickly kill the opponent.”

Pei Feng was stunned. “Three snipers and two scouts? Such a lineup has never been seen in previous matches.”

Under his apprentice’s eyes, Jiang Shaoyu took a sip of tea and said calmly, “In domestic competitions, the tactical thinking is too rigid and there are too few novel ideas. Who stipulates that one must send an assaulter, charger, scout, sniper and medic in shooting games?”

Pei Feng listened carefully and nodded in agreement. “That’s right. Gun King is a game with a lot of freedom. There can be different tactics and strategies according to the map. The official regulations don’t state that players must be from five different professions. In a normal team, there might not be many powerful players who can play as the main force, but there are so many people in the national team. We can match the lineup at will!”

Jiang Shaoyu said happily. “This is the truth. For the extreme lineup of three snipers and two scouts, our coaching staff has conducted the tactical deductions. On a map such as Rainy Night with dim lighting and heavy rain interference, this lineup combination similar to ‘pure assassins’ can exert greater power.”

Pei Feng’s brain supplemented the combat mode of this lineup. “Brother Ye will go around to assassinate, Xueyao will provide a full view of the map and I, Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian will come out from opposite sides and kill one each… Master, I think it is very efficient to fight like this!”

“However, this is very demanding on your command ability. You have to change the formation of the team at any time according to Qin Xueyao’s scouting vision.” Jiang Shaoyu paused and looked at his apprentice, saying warmly, “In the future, your pressure will be the greatest among everyone. Not only do you have to be accurate in marksmanship and quick in response, but you also have to be familiar with the operations of each position and make the most correct instructions at critical moments.”

Pei Feng smiled slightly. “Master’s pressure also isn’t small. It is okay. We can bear it together.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay, come on. We will walk around the map first and familiarize yourself with some command points.”

Pei Feng quickly logged into the game. Jiang Shaoyu also logged into the game. The two side accounts called Sniper001 and Sniper002 went to the international server to open a ‘custom training room. Jiang Shaoyu chose the five star difficulty map, Rainy Night, and told him, “Follow me.”

The custom training room had a ‘single player map mode’ dedicated to familiarizing themselves with the map. In this mode, there would be no intelligent AIs to interfere with them. There was only the player and their teammates on the empty map. Everyone could wander around on a ‘tour’ and it was convenient for finding the way and to practice positioning.

The map loaded and the two of them refreshed at the birth point at the same time.

Jiang Shaoyu walked forward quickly and Pei Feng followed closely. Jiang Shaoyu stopped at a corner on the left and said, “This is point A. You can set up a gun here to observe while the other two snipers go to points A2 and A3. The positions of the three of you happen to be the sharp knife formation.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Understood. This is a good offensive formation. Once the three snipers occupy a good position, Brother Ye and Xueyao can go around to scout from the left and right. No matter which side the enemy appears from, the snipers can shoot first.”

“Yes. Come here.”

Pei Feng followed his master around in a large circle and came to the eastern area of the map. Jiang Shaoyu said, “This is point C. There are no lights from the street lamps in a large area here. You can launch a wave of ambush. Let the scouts draw the enemy over and catch the turtles in the urn. You can let the scouts bring flash bombs and use them at this time, using the white light of the explosion. Throw the flash bombs far away so as to not affect the vision of your teammates. If you cooperate well then you can catch the enemy off guard.”

Pei Feng was excited. “This method can work!”

Flash bombs in the game were usually used to interfere with the opponent’s vision. In particular, when a sniper fired, throwing a flash bomb would irritate the enemy’s eyes and they would be unable to shoot accurately for the next one or two seconds. The purpose was similar to a smoke bomb.

However, due to the dazzling light of the flash bomb, if thrown far away then it could be used as a ‘lighting weapon!’ The scout threw the flash bombs around, illuminating an area for the sniper. Then the sniper shot and killed the enemy. On this dark map, such a combination would have a miraculous effect!

Jiang Shaoyu took Pei Feng around the Rainy Night map, patiently explaining every tactical point.

In the headphones, the sound of the crackling rain was very chaotic. Jiang Shaoyu’s clear voice came through the sound of the rain and was hazy and pleasant. Pei Feng followed his master through every inch of the map and listened to his master’s patient explanation. In a daze, he seemed to have returned to his childhood. In ACE’s training room, Jiang Shaoyu taught him the same way. He taught Pei Feng how to move, taught him marksmanship and taught him how to deal with every profession.

His master often scolded Pei Feng for his poor performance and even asked him to write a self-criticism, but in Pei Feng’s heart, his master had always been a very gentle person. He was the most important role model for Pei Feng to learn from.

Jiang Shaoyu suddenly spoke, “Are you distracted? Aren’t you following?”

Pei Feng withdrew from his thoughts and hastily said, “I’m coming right away.”

In the game, Pei Feng jumped over a low wall in front of him and soon came to Jiang Shaoyu’s side.

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Did you find anything here?”

Pei Feng’s eyes lit up. “A backlight!”

“Yes, it is the best position to use light and shadow to fight an ambush battle.”

In the dark rainy night, the master and apprentice constantly searched for the characteristics of the map and the arrangement of tactics. For a long hour, they repeatedly went through the same map but didn’t feel bored at all.

Jiang Shaoyu spoke patiently and Pei Feng studied seriously.

Even the originally irritating sound of the rainstorm seemed to have become a pleasant accompaniment.

An hour later, even without Jiang Shaoyu leading the way, Pei Feng could quickly grasp a few key tactical points and the fastest movement path. He walked through the map alone and reported to his master while walking, “This is an ambush. This is suitable for breaking through with the sharp knife formation. This is a triangle defense. This is a collective transfer…”

Listening to him report the tactical arrangement of the map so accurately, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help being surprised. “You remember it so quickly?”

Pei Feng joked, “Master, do you feel that it isn’t a loss to accept me as an apprentice?”

Facing the alpha’s smiling eyes, Jiang Shaoyu looked away uncomfortably. Xiao Pei was indeed the most talented e-sports player he had ever seen. He had fast enough reaction speed, strong imitation ability and an amazing memory.

A few days ago, Jiang Shaoyu was worried that some maps with a five star difficulty were too complicated. If the tactics became more complicated, the players might not be able to achieve it and would become a mess.

However, now he suddenly wasn’t worried.

Xiao Pei could completely understand his meaning and restore his concepts 100% on the battlefield. As long as the command position was stabilized, the others wouldn’t be chaotic. Xiao Pei was Jiang Shaoyu’s most reassuring front-line commander.

Jiang Shaoyu was relieved and couldn’t help his voice softening. “This national team contains all good seedlings carefully selected by me. I’ve never told anyone that my goal isn’t just to win a prize… it is to win the world championships.”

Pei Feng was stunned for a moment. Then he saw his master’s calm appearance and quickly accepted his master’s ‘ambition.’

In the past, if the Chinese national team said they wanted to win the world championship then it would be regarded as a joke by the world. However, this national team was different. Why not set the goal higher? The overall strength had improved and this year’s national team had the best coaching staff in the world. Why couldn’t they rush for the championship?

Jiang Shaoyu sighed lightly and said in a low voice, “This year, I have completely reshuffled the national team, starting from the selection of members. The Rising Stars Cup and tryouts have touched the profits of many people and I offended many clubs. Still, it is only in this way that I know the selected ones are the elite. In fact… I have very big expectations of all of you.”

Pei Feng listened to his words with mixed feelings.

In fact, his master could pass all of the level ten stages, showing that his current level was enough to be a professional player. He was also a world-class player.

However, if Jiang Shaoyu became a professional player then the national team would still have such idiots like Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue. The clubs wouldn’t listen to him and he wouldn’t be able to decide the candidates for the national team. He wouldn’t be able to decide the daily practice and how to arrange tactics. Professional players really didn’t have much right to speak. If he wanted to drastically reform the national team, only the role of ‘national team’s coach’ was the most suitable.

So he came back as a coach.

The coach was behind the scenes most of the time and it wasn’t as beautiful as the players who killed the enemy. However, his master obviously didn’t care about these things. What he cared about was the improvement of the e-sports environment and the greatest honor of the national team.

Seeing his calm expression, Pei Feng suddenly felt that his master was really the best person in the world.

Pei Feng said softly, “Master, we are very honored to have you as a coach. You see, you gave everyone a break this afternoon but no one is chatting in the group. Everyone must be doing serious training. What you said today has completely awakened everyone. We all know that this season will be the strictest one ever… but it will also be the strongest.”

He stared at Jiang Shaoyu seriously. “We won’t let you down.”

Hearing Pei Feng’s words, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help the corners of his lips curling up.

A strict teacher produced a good apprentice. His current strictness and cruelty were for the sake of reducing the sadness of losing and increasing the joy of winning. It was really great that the players could understand him.

There would be no obstacles that couldn’t be overcome as long as the coaching staff and players of the national team worked together toward a common goal.

Jiang Shaoyu exhaled softly and looked at Pei Feng. “Starting from tomorrow, let Coach Jiang take you through map training one by one. Ask everyone to prepare paper and pen to draw a topographic map for me.”

Pei Feng immediately said, “Understood!”

Jiang Shaoyu’s requirement was that everyone could draw the forks in the map and the key tactical points with their eyes closed. If they were proficient to this extent then in the future Word Series, once the commander gave an order, the personnel would arrive immediately!

This was what a national team should look like.


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