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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 115

Handing in Homework

From 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock in the evening, for three hours, Jiang Shaoyu patiently led everyone through all the five star difficulty maps. This was the easiest day since entering the national team training. There was no need for complicated operations. They just needed to click ‘Auto Follow’ and Jiang Shaoyu would take them away. They listened to Coach Jiang’s lecture while drawing the terrain map on the screen on the paper.

Some of these maps were single story structures such as City of Ice and City of Mist and the maps weren’t difficult to draw.

However, there were also three-dimensional structures such as the pirate ship of Pirate Base, including the top deck and the upper and lower cabins. Civic Center had two floors and Tomb of the King of Zhou was an underground three dimensional labyrinth. Xishan Prison was a building built on a mountain and had four floors.

If encountering this type of multi-layered map, some players with poor spatial thinking would become a bit confused and they couldn’t match the map at all.

Xia Li was drawing and biting the pen with a bitter expression. She really had a weak sense of direction and space. Even if she drew it, there were many mistakes in her drawing.

After passing through the map, Jiang Shaoyu said, “Hand in the drawing book and show me.”

Everyone closed the book one after another. They took it and put it on Jiang Shaoyu’s desktop. Since the drawing books were purchased in a unified manner, they were neatly stacked together and it really looked like ‘collecting homework.’

Jiang Shaoyu turned to go to the office and Pei Feng took the initiative to hold the notebook for him.

It wasn’t until the master and apprentice left that there was a discussion from the contestants in the corner.

“In high school, I never passed three dimensional geometry. I drew these three dimensional maps all randomly!” It was Xia Li who spoke and she looked distressed. It was as if she had encountered a question she couldn’t do in the exam.

“My drawing isn’t professional either.” Qin Xueyao said helplessly. “Will Coach Jiang grade us? Do we have to redraw it if we fail?”

“I don’t know. It shouldn’t be that extreme, right?” Xia Li whispered.

“My drawing is very standard,” Hua Ran said proudly. “My operating foundation might be the worst in the national team but when it comes to drawing, I have been learning to draw since I was four years ago. I am confident that I can get good results in this one.”

Shu Chen had also seen the map drawn by Hua Ran just now. The other contestants had drawn straight paths and several key coordinates, but the map drawn by Hua Ran was 100% similar to the map generated by the computer. This was really unmatched.

In the office on the 3rd floor, Pei Feng put the stack of books on the table and asked, “Master, do you want to correct the homework?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, Yes, I’ll take a look first. You go back.”

Pei Feng returned to the training room. Everyone had opened the software to start practicing freely.

Jiang Shaoyu opened the notebook and found that the map drawn by Hua Ran was indeed very standard and the similarity with the computer-generated map was more than 90%. The others could at least draw the various roads and coordinate points clearly. Xia Li’s map…

Was it a map or a ghost drawing?

The floor plan was okay and it was at least a bit understandable. However, in the three dimensional diagram, these crisscrossing roads were as chaotic as the steel balls for washing dishes. Jiang Shaoyu had a headache when he saw it and simply opened the management software to say, “Xia Li, come here.”

Xia Li walked out of the training room as if she was rushing to the execution ground.

Once she came to the office, she stood at attention and said in a clear voice, “Coach Jiang!”

Jiang Shaoyu opened the book and tapped lightly. “What did you draw?”

Xia Li scratched her head with a bitter face. “I don’t want to do this either. It is just that my mind is a mess when thinking of those three dimensional maps. I can’t figure out where the location on the lower layer corresponds to the upper layer…”

Jiang Shaoyu took out a pen. He opened a blank page and quickly drew on it. “You have to summarize the rules of the map. For example, in the map of Xishan Prison, the structure of each floor is similar. There are 12 rooms in the east, west, south and north. It is just that the arrangement of the rooms on different floors is staggered. You can layer it and draw four pictures of the four floors. Then connect each floor to stairs.”

Xia Li watched in amazement as Jiang Shaoyu quickly drew a complete map of Xishan Prison without any reference. She couldn’t help admiring it, “Coach Jiang, when you mention this map, will a clear map model appear in your mind?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, these are all memories formed by long-term practice.”

He handed the book back to Xia Li. “Your biggest problem is that you are impulsive, careless and have a weak sense of the overall situation. Since you have been selected for the national team, you should make up for your shortcomings. From today onwards, other players will go through the map once while you go through it at least ten times. Even if you are a road idiot, if you make the same moves on the map over and over again, I don’t believe you won’t be able to remember it.”

Xia Li was about to cry and she took the notebook in a trembling manner. “These, these maps…”

“Starting tomorrow, go through them one by one. Draw it without looking at the computer until I am satisfied.”

Xia Li nodded seriously and left with the notebook.

In the training room, Ye Qingming said, “There is the fifth victim, Xia Li. She must have drawn too badly.”

Next to him, Lao Lin counted it carefully. “The first is Hua Ran, the second is Ye Zi, the third is Xueyao, the fourth is Pei Feng and the fifth is Xia Li. I don’t know when it will be my turn?”

Zhou Yiran glanced at him. “You seem to be looking forward to Brother Yu scolding you?”

Lao Lin said with a smile, “Yes, if he scolds me then at least he won’t scold me again for a while. However, if he doesn’t scold me then it is like a sword hanging over my head that can fall at any time.”

As he spoke, he saw Xia Li walk into the training room and said, “Brother Lin, the coach is looking for you.”

Ye Zi and Zhou Yiran couldn’t help laughing. “It is your turn. Aren’t you happy?”

Lao Lin touched his nose in embarrassment. Talk about it and it really came. He walked quickly to the coach’s office and Jiang Shaoyu said bluntly, “Lao Lin, how many hours do you practice every day?”

Lin Haoyan replied, “2 o’clock to 6 o’clock. Then I eat dinner and continue from 7 o’clock to midnight. It is a total of nine hours.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked up at him. “What about when you go back at midnight? Do you sleep right away?”

Lao Lin coughed slightly. “Once I go back, I will play the rankings for another hour and a half. I play casually and sleep around 2 o’clock.”

Jiang Shaoyu said with a calm face, “If you train for over 10 hours a day, aren’t you worried about the recurrence of tenosynovitis?”

Lao Lin hurriedly explained, “No, I treated it for a while last year and now I have recovered.”

Jiang Shaoyu stood up and walked to him. “You are in a different situation from others. Moreover, my requirement is only four hours of basic training every day. I didn’t ask you to pass level 10 immediately. Training is a process that requires long-term persistence. Two or three days won’t produce any results and you don’t have to follow their rhythm. If the training is wasted and you have a problem in the arena, won’t it be too late to regret it?”

Lao Lin scratched his head with a smile. “Ahem, I know. I will pay attention in the future and control the length of time every day.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, for the daily training and playing games on your own, the total time spent on the computer should be controlled to within seven hours.”

Lao Lin wanted to say that seven hours was too short, but once he met Jiang Shaoyu’s sharp eyes, he was forced to nod. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Jiang Shaoyu picked up the stack of books and said, “Let’s go to the training room.” After arriving in the training room, Jiang Shaoyu distributed the notebook, clapped his hands and said, “Turn off the computer and follow me to the sports field for a run.”

The members looked at each other. Running? Was there still such training? Everyone looked at each other and turned off their computers one by one. For them, Coach Jiang’s words were like an imperial decree. They had to listen to every word.

Soon, Jiang Shaoyu led a group of people to the sports field and said, “E-sports players sit in front of the computer from morning to night. After a long time, there will be various problems with the cervical spine and lumbar spine. You are still young and must ensure a certain amount of training when exercising. From today onwards, run a few laps around the training field every night. Then go to sleep after exercising.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked over at Pei Feng. “Captain, take everyone for a run.”

Pei Feng immediately nodded. “Yes!”

He asked everyone to stand in two rows and led the contestants to run laps.

The lights on the side of the training field were warm and the group of young people teamed up to run. Old Cui on the 4th floor saw this scene and couldn’t help feeling, ‘The spirit of this national team is really different from usual!’

Jiang Shaoyu returned to his room on the 4th floor and led Doudou out.

He returned to the training field to walk the dog. Doudou saw so many people running together for the first time and was excited. He screamed and broke free of the dog’s leash. In the blink of an eye, he ran in front and wagged his tail very happily. The players of the national team followed behind him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Liu Shaozhou couldn’t help saying, “Is this dog leading the way for us?”

Ye Qingming squinted his eyes. “This is Coach Jiang’s dog and he is called Jiang Doudou. He is very smart.”

Qin Xueyao looked at the dog running in front. “The way he wags his tail is so cute.”

Pei Feng joked. “Wagging his tail means that you humans are really weak and can’t even outrun a dog.”

After jogging two laps, some players who usually didn’t exercise couldn’t keep up physically and gasped for air. Pei Feng had excellent physical fitness. He had been running side by side with Doudou. His face wasn’t red and he wasn’t gasping. He could talk to Doudou with steady breaths. “Jiang Doudou, why do I think that you are getting fat recently?”

Jiang Doudou: “Bark bark!”

Pei Feng told him, “If you are fat, you will become a ball and you will have to change your name to Jiang Qiuqiu.”

Jiang Doudou wasn’t happy and turned back to glare at Pei Feng. “Bark bark bark!”

The national team’s players: “……?”

Pei Feng was actually proficient in ‘dog language’?

The running on the training field lasted for half an hour. Some people were too tired to run but Jiang Shaoyu was calm. He had been exercising in a foreign country for several years. He took Doudou for a walk for tens of thousands of meters every day. His metabolic and digestive functions were weakened but his physical fitness was maintained well.

After a few laps, Jiang Shaoyu walked over and took the leash from Pei Feng. He said loudly, “Everyone, do what you want. Those who can’t run can rest first. People who don’t usually exercise will have sore legs after the first day. Go and take a hot bath and rest well. We will continue training tomorrow.”

He led Doudou back to the dormitory and the members also lined up to return to the dormitory.

On the 4th floor, Pei Feng followed his master to the door of Room 404. Jiang Shaoyu entered the password to open the door. Pei Feng smiled and said, “Good night, Master.” Then he leaned over and touched Doudou’s head. “Good night, Jiang Doudou.”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips raised slightly. “You and Doudou are about to become brothers.”

Pei Feng said cheekily, “I’m also a dog. It isn’t bad to be Doudou’s brother.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Yes, Pei Feng was sometimes like a big dog, wagging his tail and begging his master for praise.

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “Tomorrow night, I will organize the first intra-term practice match. You should inform everyone to get ready. The duration of this national team training is only half a month and it is mainly to familiarize everyone with the training software and with the style of their teammates. Many people don’t know each other and they definitely can’t cooperate tacitly.

Pei Feng nodded. “I got it. For the team practice match, will the grouping and command be decided at that time or will it be decided in advance?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “It will be divided into two groups and you and Liu Shaozhou will each command a group. You will be on the 1st team with Ye Zi, Hua Ran, Shu Chen and Xia Li. Liu Shaozhou, Qin Xueyao, Lao Lin, Shi Xiaobin and Xiao Zhou will be on the 2nd team. Xiao Mo is the referee.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Okay!”

After returning to the dormitory, Pei Feng sent the news to the group to inform everyone.

Everyone became nervous. “A practice match within the team? Do we need to write a self-criticism if we don’t play well?”

“It is a practice match and should be like the last test. Is it mainly to let everyone get familiar with the style and rhythm of their teammates?

“It makes sense. Everyone, jiayou.”

“I’m the referee?” Mo Hantian was a bit confused. He had never been a referee before.

“Don’t be careless, Xiao Mo. The referee watches from a god’s perspective and you can observe the overall situation. Perhaps after the training match, the coach will let you review the match,” Zhou Yiran kindly reminded me.

“…I got it!” Mo Hantian suddenly became nervous.

An intra-team practice match was one of the best ways for coaches to clearly see the abilities and shortcomings of each player. In most clubs, the 1st and 2nd teams played against each other and the coach would find the problems of the players. Once the cooperation of the team was good, the coach would go and play outside the team to verify the cooperation and tactics.

There was no team that would go directly to the battlefield without a period of practicing with each other.

For this national team, there were 11 people. Two were from the Rising Stars Cup and nine were from different teams. Not only was their style of play different but even their work, rest and eating habits were completely different.

Twisting so many players with different styles into one rope was quite a test of the level of the head coach.

In previous national teams, the players fought separately, like scattered sand. This made them collapse on the field. This season, there was Coach Jiang and everyone was confident. Starting tomorrow, they would officially start training with their team members, adapt to the rhythm of their teammates and learn to cooperate with each other.

No matter which team they came from in the past and what grudges they had, now they were a unified collective.

Everyone won and everyone lost. Therefore, everyone had to give it their all.


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