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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 112

Test Results

In the first movement training item, no one passed level 10 and all members had 0 points.

Before the players could adjust, the second shooting assessment began.

After a 10 second countdown, ten moving targets flashed in front of them like phantoms. Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou fired continuously and cleared them all without missing any. Mo Hantian missed one while Zhou Yiran, Xia Li, Lao Lin, Ye Zi and the others missed two or three. Qin Xueyao was caught by Coach Cui to go to the little black room to practice shooting but it had only been two days after all. In the level ten difficulty, she could only hit two targets in time.

In the blink of an eye, the third assessment began.

It was reaction speed and players had to fight against intelligent AI. It was 1 vs many and the difficulty of level ten was simply hell level. It was the five star difficulty map, Princess Cruise and five intelligent AIs surrounded them from all directions!

The Princess cruise ship hit a reef during its voyage and sank to the bottom of the sea. This was a pure water battle map. Since it was the deep sea, they couldn’t surface to breathe. The players fought under the sea with oxygen cylinders on their backs. They were slow to move and once the oxygen cylinders were shot and there was no first aid, the players would suffocate to death within ten seconds.

1 VS 5, it wasn’t something that humans could survive right?

Forget newcomers like Hua Ran and Qin Xueyao. Even masters like Pei Feng, Liu Shaozhou and Ye Zi died under the guns of the intelligent AI in just half a minute> There was no doubt that everyone’s rating in the upper right corner was ‘0 points.’

Everyone had ugly expressions but it wasn’t over yet. The fourth test started.

It was level ten of the map project and it was the five star difficulty map, ‘Tomb of the King of Zhou.’

The design of this map was based on the ancient royal tombs of China. It was a huge, double-layered underground labyrinth and was the most difficult of all maze maps. It was full of mechanisms with boulders falling from above and poisoned arrows shooting from the walls. The existence of these mechanisms made the difficulty of fighting increase exponentially. Players had to avoid various traps during the battle.

As one could imagine, no one cleared the level.

The neat ‘0 points’ in the upper right corner seemed to be mocking this. This was the tomb where they would be buried.

Once the test was over, the players didn’t dare look up out of fear that Coach Jiang would scold them and make them doubt their lives. However, Coach Jiang didn’t scold them directly. He clicked on the administrator software, brought up another set of test papers and said calmly, “Continue to the second round.”

Everyone: “……”

The second round?!

Yet after seeing the test question for the second round of ‘movement training’, everyone was slightly relieved.

This time, the test was for level eight and the map was Rainy Night. Previously, everyone was repeatedly blown up and died in level eight. However, now everyone had cleared it, even Hua Ran. After writing the self-criticism, he had worked hard and beat this level.

They were abused by level ten so now that they played level eight, it was really much simpler. As long as they adjusted their mentality and concentrated, they could basically pass. Everyone found that after passing level eight, the score in the upper right corner was ‘80 points.’ In other words, the level corresponded to the score? If they passed level nine then it was 90 points and level 10 was 100 points.

The assessment for the marksmanship training also became level eight. Most of the people passed except for Qin Xueyao and Hua Ran.

For the level eight of reaction training, the map was Rainy Night. Everyone was familiar with this map but on a dark rainy night, facing the siege and attacks of three intelligent AIs, most people still reacted too slowly. They were either shot in the head by the sniper AI or shot by the sneak attack of the scout AI…

Only Pei Feng passed the test. Everyone else failed.

Level eight for the map assessment was the maze map Starlight Apartment. The terrain of this map was complicated but it was much better than Tomb of the King of Zhou. The two medics, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin passed this level the fastest. Others also passed it one by one. Finally, only Hua Ran, Mo Hantian and Xia Li failed. Hua Ran wasn’t very familiar with the map, Xiao Mo was nervous and went the wrong way and Xia Li directly got lost.

Jiang Shaoyu turned off the test program and glanced at the group. “After doing the test, what do you think?”

They thought: such a test is a nightmare!

Everyone had sweat on their foreheads. At first, they thought that Coach Jiang would make them all take the level ten difficulty, letting everyone get 0 points and then scold them. As a result, there were two rounds to the test. The first round was the most difficult while the second round was level eight. Fortunately, not all of them scored 0 points.

The results of the test were given on the spot. Pei Feng’s results were the best. He passed all the tests and got scores of 80, 100, 80 and 80 in all four items. Hua Ran was the worst. He only got one 80 and failed all the rest. Qin Xueyao, Mo Hantian, Xia Li and others failed two subjects. Old players like Ye Zi, Zhou Yiran, Captain Liu, Lao Lin and Shu Chen only failed one subject.

Was this result good or bad? Everyone was a bit confused in their hearts.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng who was sitting in the middle. “Xiao Pei, what do you think of your results?”

Pei Feng hesitated for a moment before saying with a smile, “Coach requires that we pass level eight. I should’ve reached the qualified level?”

“Really? Think about it. Are you really qualified?”

Pei Feng’s smile froze slightly as he heard Jiang Shaoyu say coldly, “You are the captain of the national team and the only one in the free person position. Your requirements for yourself should be full marks in all four items. Are you qualified?”

Pei Feng immediately lowered his head like a big dog accepting criticism from his owner. “No, I was wrong…”

The other players were frightened.

Oh my god, Pei Feng got the best grades but he was still lectured! Then what about them? They were even more unqualified!

Jiang Shaoyu saw them lowering their heads and said sharply, “Raise your heads for me!”

Everyone raised their heads. They sat up stiffly and straightened their backs.

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “Are you thinking in your hearts that such a test is too difficult? It is such a difficult map and has such terrifying intensity. Can a human pass?” He turned to sit in front of the administrator’s computer. “I’ll show you if you can pass. Put on your headphones and watch seriously!”

Everyone’s computers were taken over by Jiang Shaoyu and the level ten difficulties that they just experienced appeared on the screen. Jiang Shaoyu rested his left hand lightly on the computer while his right hand tightly held the mouse. The players put on their headphones and stared intently at the computer screen.

Movement event, level ten, City of Mist.

In the white fog, grenades rolled from different positions and exploded one after another.

On the map, a blue-haired man in a white vest and black trousers moved like a nimble fish through the fog. He sometimes slid sideways, sometimes rolled and sometimes leaped over obstacles. He was as fast as a master who knew how to use light footwork. It was like he opened a god’s perspective and could see where each grenade rolled down. He could always avoid the explosion range just right.

He was surrounded by the explosion of the grenades but he walked like a normal person and completed the map in just 30 seconds.

Score: 100 points.

The marksmanship project, the level ten difficulty.

The ten moving targets were so fast that it was almost impossible to see them with the naked eye, but Jiang Shaoyu took out the light sniper rifle, the MSG Aurora. He opened the scope, aimed and shot! There were clear gunshots in his ears as he fired the light sniper rifle with the momentum of an assault rifle, quickly shooting horizontally!

The ten moving targets were instantly smashed by him. He didn’t miss a single one and simply and neatly killed them!

Score: 100 points.

The reaction project, the level ten difficulty.

The Princess cruise ship sank at the bottom of the sea and five intelligent AIs quickly surrounded Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu dodged the sniper’s first shot, rolled to avoid the sneak attack of the scout and turned back 180 degrees. He directly killed the enemy sniper with a headshot! Immediately, he turned the muzzle and fired two shots, killing the scout that bypassed him.

He swam flexibly at the bottom of the sea and manipulated the intelligent AIs like dogs, moving and fighting.

In less than a minute, he solved the five AIs and passed the level smoothly.

The system score was still 100 points!

For level ten of the map project, it was the most difficult maze map, Tomb of the King of Zhou. Jiang Shaoyu seemed to have engraved this map in his mind. Every time the system reported a location, he could dodge the surrounding maps and rush to that position as quickly as possible. Even if the system counted down ten seconds, he could arrive in seven seconds.

The players looked at Jiang Shaoyu, who was even more terrifying than the intelligent AIs…

Everyone was stunned and couldn’t believe it.

In the corner, Mo Hantian even burst into tears. This was worthy of being his idol. He was still so handsome after retirement!

Four projects, all with a score of 100 points.

This was the national team’s coach, God Wing.

Were they convinced? At this moment, everyone was worshiping and admiring him from the bottom of their hearts!

Coach Jiang’s high requirements weren’t ‘unreasonable requirements’. Facts proved that it could be done. It was just that they couldn’t do it yet. They couldn’t complain and retreat just because they couldn’t do it now and felt it was difficult, right?

This test was equivalent to a test that allowed everyone to see their weaknesses.

At the same time, Coach Jiang demonstrated in person and told everyone: One day, you can do it as well!

Jiang Shaoyu took off his headphones, stood up and looked at everyone. “Do you still think this is a terrible difficulty that can’t be passed?”

The group stared at the four scores of 100 points on the screen and felt ashamed of their complacency.

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “I can get full marks in all four projects because I have undergone long-term training. Your results can’t improve in one or two days. I’m not asking you to finish level ten in two days. This is unrealistic.”

“However, you must have the correct attitude! I can responsibly tell you that the training methods of the e-sports teams in South Korea and the United States aren’t simpler than yours. They might be even more of a nightmare! You are the national team? Shouldn’t it be more difficult?”

“If you just want to play in the domestic competitions then reaching level six on this training software is enough for you. However, you have to go abroad to compete and will be facing the elites of the elites, selected by various countries. Do you think that level eight is enough?”

“Level eight is just passing, it isn’t excellent. In the past, we had a poor foundation and bad mentality. For every World Series, we soon went home. This year, I don’t want us to continue to be humiliated after going abroad. If you want to achieve results, you must start with the most basic daily training!”

“It is good that I have seen you consciously training more these days. However, you should recognize the meaning of your daily training, truly recognizing and accepting it. You should get used to it from the bottom of your heart, rather than complaining every day, feeling it is difficult and having nightmares.”

“It is only when your basic skills are solid enough that you can engrave this knowledge deep in your mind, forming a conditioned reflex-like speed. In the future when you go to the World Series, it doesn’t matter how powerful the enemy is. You won’t need to be afraid in your heart, understood?”

Everyone lowered their heads, their eyes slightly red. Mo Hantian had a low tear threshold and wiped his eyes uncontrollably.

It wasn’t until now that they understood Coach Jiang’s good intentions.

Daily training was enough of a nightmare to make them fearless of their enemies when it came to the difficult World Series.

Yes, what a simple truth!

Usually, the mock exam paper was particularly difficult. Then once it came to the college entrance examination, which really determined their fate, it didn’t matter how difficult the questions were. Their mentality wasn’t easy to collapse.

As the national team, shouldn’t their training be more difficult? If they still practiced like they were in the A-grade League, could their level improve?

Why complain? What right did they have to complain?

Jiang Shaoyu took a deep breath. “Okay. This test is just to let you realize your own problems. You can take half a day off. Go and rest your brains and think about what to do in the future.”

Everyone stood up silently. They turned around and walked out of the training room with their heads down.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Pei Feng, you stay.”

Pei Feng stopped. Once all the team members left, Jiang Shaoyu took him to the office and asked in a low voice, “Do you also think I am too strict?”

Pei Feng hurriedly said, “No, Master is right to do this. It is just that everyone didn’t understand your painstaking efforts. Training suddenly became so difficult and their confidence was hit, making them feel some small emotions. After your words today, they will understand.”

“Yes. Do you know why I set the levels so hard and use the unpopular five star maps?”

Pei Feng thought for a moment and made a guess. “You want to design some new tactics around these maps?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “That’s right. The coaching staff hasn’t been idle during this time. We’ve been working on new tactics and lineup configurations. I want to take advantage of these unpopular maps. However, the premise of my tactical concept is that each and every one of you becomes familiar with these difficult maps. It is only then that the new tactics will be realized.”

Pei Feng realized. “I understand.”

Jiang Shaoyu added, “The coordinate memory of the map is for the convenience of command. In the future, our national team will have a unique command system, such as outflanking at point A and ambushing at point C. Once everyone remembers these coordinate points, the command will be more concise and accurate.”

Pei Feng’s heart was extremely shocked. Master wanted to completely change the command system of the national team.

To do this, everyone had to form a map memory in their minds. It was only through training day and night that they would form this ‘conditioned reflex’ memory. In future games, if the commander said ‘assemble at point A’ then all the team members could reach the command position as quickly as possible.

How fast would such a national team be able to act and how strong would the cooperation between players be?

After long-term training, the strength of the national team would take a qualitative leap!

Pei Feng’s mood was extremely complicated. The players were just going through mechanized training but Coach Jiang wasn’t idle. He must’ve been thinking hard about various tactical plans during this time and many brain cells died, right?

Pei Feng looked at the calm and powerful person in front of him. In addition to admiration, he couldn’t help feeling a bit distressed. In the four projects, Jiang Shaoyu led by example and made all the players speechless with his full score. To be able to achieve today’s level, Master must’ve trained for a long time in private, right?

Pei Feng whispered, “Master, can I help you share some of the burden?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “I left you behind in order to say this. Starting from today, there will be two hours of individual special training every day. I will personally teach you my command ideas. You will have to learn some tactical concepts first before conveying them to others.” He gently patted his apprentice’s shoulder, his voice gentle. “Don’t take to heart what I said to you just now. You are my apprentice and the captain of the national team. I naturally have the strictest requirements for you.”

Pei Feng’s heart warmed and he said with a smile, “How can that be? No matter what Master says about me, I don’t mind. I am your apprentice and I naturally want to do my best.”

Jiang Shaoyu said with relief, “Okay, go back and rest.”

Basic training was difficult and tactical training would only be more difficult later.

This year’s national team would undoubtedly have the most brutal training ever… but it would also become the strongest ever.


  1. InnerDesperation says:

    Coach Jiang is the most handsome!

    I love it when coaches/managers/leaders lead by example. It’s always so awesome when they’re like: “Since I can do it, why can’t you?” Make yourself the benchmark, show them how it needs to be done.

  2. Your_Laoge says:

    I love them so much, they really smart and strength (and cute~)

  3. Souwmi says:

    Yes Coach Jiang is awesome! Since we are seeing from a third person perspective we can understand his foresight and planning for the competition. But if I am also a player undergoing the brutal training method, it would be difficult to think of the final destination and be stuck at practice matches. Leading them by example and guiding them would make them more powerful indeed..finally they would form the best team and would no longer be afraid of the elites like SK or USA etc.

  4. littlemonarch says:

    “Everyone looked at the completely unfamiliar map in front of them and became stunned.

    The test went beyond the syllabus. Was it so perverted?”

    I’M LAUGHING SO HARD 😭 but the way coach jiang emphasized that his skills were accumulated from rigorous long-term training to make the players understand that it’s only natural for them to not achieve the same result in 3 days. But that doesn’t mean it’s unachievable. If they put extra effort, they would accomplish the same thing.

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