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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 111


At noon on the third day of the national team’s training, the players gathered together in the cafeteria to eat. They saw Ye Qingming’s stunned expression and Lao Lin couldn’t help gloating with a laugh. “What’s the matter? Were you tortured into a dead leaf in the little black room?”

Ye Qingming scratched his messy hair and said with a bitter expression, “Old Chang is too perverted. Sometimes, I wonder if he is a mouse? He is able to enter a hole and hide, making me unable to find him for ten minutes!”

Zhou Yiran smiled at him. “I pity you for one second, no more.”

Ye Qingming: “……”

Pei Feng came over with a plate and happened to hear them chatting. He saw the dark circles under Ye Qingming’s eyes and couldn’t help saying sympathetically, “It seems that Brother Ye’s special training in the little black room isn’t very smooth?”

Ye Qingming rubbed his temples. “I’m okay. I’m just dizzy when going around various maps. Xueyao is the one who is miserable. Old Cui is teaching her to shoot and demanded that she must shoot the 10 ring on a static target and higher than the 7 ring on a moving target. She missed all of them and I saw that she was about to cry when she walked out of the training room last night.”

Pei Feng said seriously, “It is right for Master to be strict. We are players of the national team. Even if we can’t be an all-rounder, we can’t have obvious shortcomings. There is still time to practice now.”

Ye Qingming squinted at Pei Feng. “Are you starting to protect your master? In any case, in your eyes, everything he does is right.”

Pei Feng asked rhetorically, “Brother Ye, do you think Master’s punishment for you is wrong?”

Ye Qingming hurriedly waved his hands in acknowledgment. “I don’t dare, I don’t dare. I am convinced by his punishment. I will never dare say anything!”

They were chatting when Liu Shaozhou came over with a plate. Pei Feng moved to the side and beckoned to him. “Brother Liu, come and sit.”

Liu Shaozhou sat down. Then he turned and asked Pei Feng, “For the shooting training, have you completed level 10?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Yes, I got through last night. Shooting isn’t too difficult. You should’ve passed as well, right?”

“Yes, I also barely passed at midnight last night.”

Hearing this, Old Lin couldn’t help asking, “Are you going to practice the third item today?”

Pei Feng answered, “Yes, I am ready to start practicing the third item in the afternoon.”

Ye Qingming said, “I compared the assessment table sent by Brother Yu in the group. Snipers must pass level 10 of the second and third items while chargers, assaulters and scouts must pass level ten of the first and fourth items. In the case of medics, level eight in each item is considered a pass, right?”

Zhou Yiran nodded. “Yes. However, chargers and assaulters require passing level nine in the marksmanship and reaction training. The difficulty is quite high.”

Lao Lin sighed helplessly. “In any case, this national team must be prepared for hell training. If I do these items every day for the daily training in the future, I feel like I will go crazy.”

At the next table, the newcomers were discussing the training. Everyone felt that their prospects were dark and their brains were too confused these days.

Starting at 2 p.m., the players once again engaged in intense training.

Ye Qingming was locked up in the little black room to continue hide-and-seek with Old Chang. Except for Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou, who started to practice the third item, most people were practicing the second item, shooting. Some people even went back to practicing the movement of the first item.

In the quiet training room, the sound of the clicking keyboards rose and fell.

The expressions on everyone’s faces were very serious. They were afraid that if they had a bad attitude, they would be dragged by Coach Jiang to write a self-criticism.

Pei Feng opened the third reaction training and got stuck after successfully reaching level seven.

The training software made by Qin Bo was different from the official competition and all the data could be adjusted. For example, in reaction training, he enhanced the speed and marksmanship of the intelligent AI.

These intelligent AIs seemed to have opened three chat programs at the same time: acceleration, perspective and automatic targeting. Moreover, level seven was 1V3. He couldn’t see where the three of them were, but they could see where he was. They quickly locked onto his position and surrounded him from all directions.

An intelligent AI that randomly popped out of any location didn’t make sense. Their marksmanship was accurate and the map was very complicated. Pei Feng could care about the left but not the right. Sometimes, someone would pop out from behind him and shoot him in the back of the head!

He had never experienced such terrible pressure in all these years, no matter whether it was the high-end game of the international server or the Korean server.

Level seven was 1V3 and the map was the common Skyscraper. Out of these three people, one fought him head-on with an assault rifle, the other attacked from behind with a pistol and one sniped at him from a distance. He was sandwiched on three sides. Pei Feng challenged it several times but was killed within three minutes.

Level seven was already a nightmare. One could imagine how difficult levels eight, nine and ten would be. Once the time came, it would be a five star map and five super intelligent AIs would surround them at the same time. It was equivalent to facing 1V5… was this something humans could do?

Pei Feng started to doubt life after a few attempts and Liu Shaozhou was also at a loss.

To be honest, there wouldn’t be such a strong opponent in the official match. All the AIs directly turned on the perspective. No matter where they hid, they could be found instantly. In addition, they would surround them according to the problem and no one could hide.

In order to kill the AIs, they must not only choose the right method and respond quickly, but also have a strong psychological quality.

It was because the intelligent AIs, no matter whether it was the modeling or animation, were exactly like real people. It was as if they were officially playing a game.

Coach Jiang’s difficulty was a bit too perverted. Liu Shaozhou silently complained in his heart. In desperation, he had to skip the reaction training of the third item first. He went to the fourth item, the map training. Then… he was once again confused.

It was the largest map maze and a three-dimensional coordinate system appeared in front of him.

System: Please go to Point A within ten seconds (coordinates 7,15, 3).

Liu Shaozhou hadn’t learned geometry well in high school. He saw this coordinate system and wanted to cry. He looked for a long time to find where Point A was. By the time he ran over, the countdown had ended and a notification popped up on the screen: [You run so slowly. Do you want to come again?]

Liu Shaozhou: “……”

Gradually, Shi Xiaobin, Mo Hantian, Xia Li and the others also started to switch from shooting to reaction training. The newcomers were hit by the intelligent AI again and again and their mentality was about to collapse.

At 6 p.m., it was dinner time and the players didn’t look good when they came to the cafeteria. They ate a meal without energy before returning to the training room and opening the software.

In fact, the four hours of training time were completed in the afternoon. However, now the national team was extremely serious. Ye Zi and Xueyao were assigned by Coach Jiang to go to special training while Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou took the lead in training in the training room. The others were too embarrassed to go back to their dormitories. They didn’t dare!

Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou were the two with the best results in the national team’s tryouts with an average score of over 95. They both stayed up late in the training room. If the others went back to their rooms to rest, wouldn’t it be a ‘bad attitude’?

The top students were making up classes. How dare the scumbags rest?

After the official start of training, everyone practiced until the early hours for the past few days. The four hours of training every day unknowingly turned into eight hours.

Everyone practiced until they were dizzy and the nightmares at night were colorful.

Hua Ran dreamed that he was blown up by countless grenades. Mo Hantian dreamed that he was continuously shot in the head by snipers. Qin Xueyao dreamed that she was chased by her opponent and couldn’t find her gun…

The next day, everyone slept until noon. They headed to the training room after eating and unexpectedly saw Jiang Shaoyu sitting there. Everyone was originally chatting with each other and complaining. After they saw Coach Jiang, they immediately fell silent like a mouse seeing a cat. They hung their heads and sneaked into the room, sitting down obediently.

Pei Feng was the last to come in. As he walked in, he called out, “Everyone has trained hard. I will treat you all to drink milk tea. Tell me what flavor you like in the private group. I will order takeout.”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw Jiang Shaoyu sitting there and looking at him calmly.

Pei Feng’s smile froze slightly before he said cheekily, “Master… do you want to drink milk tea? Strawberry milkshake or mango pudding?”

The contestants: “……”

Pei Feng was so bold. He actually wasn’t afraid of Coach Jiang?

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t answer the question but asked sharply, “Do you have a private group?”

Pei Feng: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over everyone. “Is it a private group to speak ill of the coach?”

Everyone lowered their heads with a ‘it has nothing to do with me’ attitude. They let Pei Feng take the blame.

Pei Feng touched his nose in embarrassment. He coughed lightly and explained seriously, “No one dares to speak ill of you. We created this group to chat and exchange experiences. There are many coaches and staff members in the official group. We are afraid of disturbing you when chatting late at night.”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t make things difficult for him and pointed to the first seat. “Sit.”

Pei Feng sat down with a relaxed expression.

Master was very principled in his work. Building a group and ordering milk tea to drink didn’t violate the rules. He wouldn’t punish people for no reason.

Just as he was thinking this, he heard Jiang Shaoyu say calmly, “Okay, it is 2 o’clock. Everyone, turn on the computer and prepare for the test.”

Everyone: “……?”


Seeing the dazed expressions of the group of people, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help frowning. “When you came to the national team for a meeting on the first time, I said that a test would be held every three days. Did you forget so quickly?”

Everyone looked at each other.

They recalled the meeting at that time. Coach Jiang did say ‘a test every three days, but everyone thought it was similar to the saying ‘one small test every three days and one big test every five days’ that netizens joked about. It was an exaggerated way of saying ‘frequent tests.’

Unexpectedly, the three days that Coach Jiang mentioned were really three days!

Today was exactly the fourth day since they came to the national team and they had been training for three full days.

So there was nothing wrong with having a test today.

Everyone’s expressions changed. They opened the training software hastily and nervously, but they were panicked in their hearts. They were like students who didn’t study well at all, who were suddenly quizzed by the teacher in class!

Jiang Shaoyu said, “This afternoon’s test will be divided into four items: movement skills, shooting accuracy, reaction speed and map mastery. It is 100 points for each item for a total of 400 points. Next, let’s take the first test. Everyone, enter the account password and log into the software.”

Mo Hantian cried when he heard this. He hadn’t even clicked into the fourth item about map mastery!

There were a few people present who hadn’t seen the fourth event. Some people were still practicing the first movement item. It was over. Coach Jiang set a general subject exam but they naively only practiced one item?

Everyone entered their account password in fear.

On the screen, the avatars with their names lit up one after another.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at them. “Are you ready? I will start issuing the papers.”

He used the administrative authority to control someone’s computer. He directly opened the ‘Assessment’ portion of the training software and the test paper of the ‘movement skills’ appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone looked at the completely unfamiliar map in front of them and became stunned.

The test went beyond the syllabus. Was it so perverted?

Only ye Qingming thought it horror, ‘God Wing, it is worthy of you. Going directly to level ten?’

Due to the difficulty of the movement training, many people hadn’t reached level ten. At present, only Ye Qingming was stuck at level ten after passing level nine. The large group had only finished level eight and were stuck at level nine. Therefore, these people had never seen the map of level ten.

It was the five star difficulty map, City of Mist.

This map was even more perverted than Rainy Night. It was equivalent to a map covered in ‘smoke bombs.’ The thick white fog made it impossible to distinguish the direction and see the surrounding buildings. The visibility was only three meters so everyone could only rely on their hearing to distinguish the position.

This was the existence of the five star difficulty map, which was called the ‘blind map’ by netizens.

On this map, their eyes were almost useless. They could only play blindly and hitting someone or not depended on God’s will.

Once the City of Mist was made into a map for movement training, grenades would come from all directions and it was even more difficult for players to dodge because they couldn’t see the terrain around them. Those familiar with this map could rely on their memory to simulate the scene and move and dodge. However, those who were unfamiliar with it really didn’t know where to go.

A 10 second countdown appeared on the screen.

The test soon started. Everyone saw their characters on the screen and hurriedly manipulated the mouse and keyboard to move. Then there was a bang and one player after another was blown up!

Seeing the bright red notification on the screen that said ‘Assessment score: 0 points’, the players of the national team really wanted to cry.

What was the experience of the first assessment?

Should everyone kneel on the keyboard and collectively shout: Coach Jiang, please spare my life?


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