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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 106

First Training Camp

At 10 p.m. on June 15th, all the players of the sixth national team finally arrived.

Yu Mingxiang chatted privately with Jiang Shaoyu and said, “They are all here. Do you need to call everyone for a meeting?”

“Many people flew from other places. Let them rest first. After eating at noon tomorrow, they will gather in the meeting room at 1 o’clock sharp.”

Yu Mingxiang relayed Coach Jiang’s instructions and the players went back to their rooms to rest.

Xia Li packed his things and went to knock on the doors next to her. “Eldest Baby and Second Baby, are you here? What are you doing?”

Mo Hantian opened the door. “I’m cleaning up the room. Have you unpacked?”

“I don’t have many things with me so I’ve already unpacked.”

Shi Xiaobin opened the door and came out. He saw his two old friends and couldn’t help scratching his head with a smile. “We are living together again.”

Xia LI wondered, “By the way, is the previous group disbanded?”

Mo Hantian opened his phone and took a look. The national team’s cute newcomers group that he built last year all consisted of newcomers to the previous national team. Originally, the group was built thinking that everyone could exchange more ideas. Unexpectedly, it ended up being a group for chatting and gossip. They committed suicide together and were called ‘gourd babies’ by Coach Jiang.

Now Lu Xingyun, Tang Kai and Zhang Yue weren’t selected for the national team and no one had appeared in the group for a long time. Mo Hantian frowned and immediately disbanded the group.

Shi Xiaobin saw this and asked softly, “Brother Mo, do you want to build a new group?”

Mo Hantian coughed and his ears turned a bit red. “No, right? We won’t become the new Gourd Babies Squad again.”

The experience of them collectively writing a self-criticism when God Wing returned to China was still fresh in their memories. The new national team shouldn’t be so miserable, right?

Xia Li waved her hand. “You guys talk. I will go and see the other girl.” She came downstairs and knocked on the door of room 102. Qin Xueyao opened the door and was stunned for a moment. Then she asked with a smile, “Is there something wrong?”

“Hello, it is nice to officially get to know you. My name is Xia Li and I’m the assaulter of the SN team.” Xia Li took the initiative to hold out her hand.

Qin Xueyao shook her hand. “Hello, I am Qin Xueyao of the Snow Leopard team.”

Xia Li said enthusiastically, “At present, we are the only two girls in the national team. If you need any help in the future, just tell me! By the way, there is a large supermarket on the left when going out. You can buy all types of daily necessities and snacks there. If you need it, I will accompany you to buy it tomorrow morning.”

Seeing her ‘bold big sister’ style, Qin Xueyao smiled in embarrassment and said, “Thank you.”

At first, she felt she was too unknown to integrate into the national team. She didn’t expect Xia Li to be so enthusiastic and come to chat with her directly.

At this time, at the door of room 404 on the fourth floor. Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou, Ye Zi and Shu Chen came up to knock on Jiang Shaoyu’s door. Jiang Shaoyu was wearing loose pajamas and feeding Doudou. He opened the door and saw this group of ‘old teammates.’ He couldn’t help wondering, “It is getting late. Why are you looking for me?”

Ye Qingming smiled in a flattering manner. “Brother Yu, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Tomorrow will be formal training so let’s talk together tonight. I also brought you your favorite specialties to eat.”

At this time, the door of the next room opened. Pei Feng came out to see that his old friends from ACE had come to chat with Jiang Shaoyu.

Pei Feng smiled. “Don’t stand there. Everyone, come to me and talk.”

Zhou Yiran looked at Pei Feng thoughtfully. “You live next door to the coach?”

“Yes, it is convenient for Master to scold me at any time.”

Everyone: “……”

Then you are really self-aware!

The group walked into Pei Feng’s room. Pei Feng gestured for everyone to sit down in the living room and poured water for them. His room was neat and tidy, with a few soft throw pillows on the sofa and some anime figures on the TV cabinet.

Since Jiang Shaoyu was an omega and Pei Feng was an alpha, he had never entered Pei Feng’s room out of avoidance. There were many people present today and the awkwardness in his heart eased a lot. He calmly sat down on the sofa, took the water handed to him by Pei Feng and drank slowly.

Lin Haoyan took the initiative to speak. “I didn’t expect that after so many years, we could still get together and chat.” Lao Lin, who had always been bold, had slightly red eyes as he spoke in a hoarse voice, “ACE has been long gone but it is good to be reunited again.”

Zhou Yiran smiled. “However, now we are in the national team and we will be talked about by others if we form a small group in private. We should all cooperate with Brother Yu’s work and not make things difficult for him.” He paused and looked at Ye Qingming. “In particular, you. Don’t be lazy, sleep in and be late again.”

Ye Qingming smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry. I have recorded the voice of Brother Yu scolding me as an alarm. Every time the alarm rings, I will be particularly energetic and my sleepiness will be gone in an instant.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “………”

Was this Ye Qingming itchy? His style had never been serious.

Pei Feng unpacked all the snacks brought by everyone. He shared the food while saying, “It is good that we can reunite, but we can’t hold back. Netizens are staring at the performance of the old ACE players to pick on our faults. Then they will scold the national team.”

Lao Lin sighed. “Yes. Brother Yu has many fans but also many black fans. He offended a few super rich clubs before. It is right to be careful in the future. The two of us will lead by example.”

Jiang Shaoyu heard the conversation between them and his heart warmed slightly. “So you are looking for me to show your attitude?”

They all looked at each other and nodded. “Yes!”

“As old teammates of Brother Yu, we should set an example for young players.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “This is for the best. Next, the national team will undergo a rigorous round of training. You are veterans but you can’t ignore basic training. I will treat everyone equally. If you can’t complete the task then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

They nodded one after another. “Of course.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s words had a very good meaning.

The ‘rigorous’ training he mentioned must be terrible, right?

The few people who were tortured during their time in ACE silently lit a row of candles for the newcomers in their hearts.

At noon the next day, the team members came to the cafeteria of the national team one after another to eat.

The food here wasn’t bad. There were eight types of dishes to choose from every day. Everyone quickly ate and waited in the meeting room before 1 o’clock, chatting with each other.

At 1 o’clock sharp, Jiang Shaoyu walked into the meeting room with the members of the coaching staff. The chatting contestants immediately quieted down. They sat up straight and took on a serious and well-behaved posture, as if listening to a lecture.

Jiang Shaoyu walked quickly to the first seat in the meeting room and sat down. He wore a simple white t-shirt today and had an indifferent expression. His eyes were clear and his face looked a bit serious. The other coaches sat on his left and right in turn.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced around at the group. “Have you all arrived? Welcome to the national team’s base for the first training camp.”

Hua Ran took the lead in applauding excitedly. He clapped twice before realizing that the people around him didn’t intend to applaud. He awkwardly withdrew his hand. As a result, the moment he lowered his hands, the others clapped one after another.

This tacit understanding was too bad! No wonder why he always blew up his teammates. They weren’t in the same rhythm at all.

Soon, the applause stopped and Jiang Shaoyu continued. “Let me introduce everyone. This is Coach Chang and he will be responsible for map training. This is Coach Gui and he will be responsible for the supervision of basic training. This is the engineer Qin Bo and the training software of the national team was developed and made by him. If you find any bugs in the software, you can directly report it to him.”

He turned to a young girl with ponytails. “This is Anna, an assistant coach of the national team. She is proficient in eight languages. If you want to watch foreign competition videos or learn about foreign players, you can ask her for information.”

Jiang Shaoyu followed up by saying, “In addition, the national team has hired Coach Zhu from SN, Coach Xu from BM and Coach Gu from JZ as tactical consultants. They aren’t responsible for the management of the national team and will only participate in tactical meetings. Don’t be surprised if you see them at the base in the future.”

Everyone listened to the national team’s coaching staff, which was twice as large as the previous one. They couldn’t help feeling excited in their hearts.

There were so many coaches and the ‘hardware configuration’ of the national team was really amazing.

Jiang Shaoyu immediately opened a PPT. “This is the uniform of the sixth national team. The designer gave four sets of plans. The team uniform will be worn by everyone when going out for competitions. I respect your aesthetics so everyone can vote to decide.”

They all looked at each other in surprise. This was the first time that the team members themselves decided on the uniform! In the past, it was directly set by those above and some of the uniforms were ugly. For this season, Jiang Shaoyu let everyone vote to decide. The coach’s respect for the players made everyone feel warm.

Hua Ran sighed in his heart again. “Coach Jiang is so good.”

11 tickets were handed out to everyone and Jiang Shaoyu told them, “I will give you five minutes to discuss it freely. Then write down the plan you like on the paper. The one with the most votes will be the uniform of our national team.”

The four schemes ranged from the classic tomato scrambled egg color scheme as well as a simple red-white, red-black and other colors.

Hua Ran asked Shu Chen softly, “Brother Chen, which one do you like?”

Shu Chen had red ears. “I-I like C.”

“Oh, then I also choose C.”

Next to him, Ye Qingming smiled. “I think A looks good.”

Lao Lin complained, “Plan A is fancy and colorful. If we wear it out then we will be like your rainbow team.”

Ye Qingming raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t a rainbow beautiful?”

Everyone whispered for a while and wrote down what they liked. Qin Bo counted the votes and said, “Plan C got 7 votes, plan B got 3 votes and A got 1 vote.”

Everyone looked around curiously. Which aesthetically strange person chose A?

Ye Qingming shrugged. Wasn’t colorful a good look? He didn’t understand why they had to choose the simple red and white model.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It seems most people like C so let’s set it as this. Qin Bo, go back and determine the size of the staff and players of the national team. Let the manufacturer make it as soon as possible, two sets per person.”


Jiang Shaoyu opened another form. “You will participate in half a month of intensive training. This is the training schedule for the next half a month. Everyone, take a look at it first. I will send it to the group so you can check it at any time.”

Everyone looked up and saw that the training started at 2 p.m. every day and ended by 6 p.m. It was a total of four hours of basic training, including movement practice, shooting practice, reaction speed practice and map familiarization courses. It seemed to be similar to their usual training?

They gave a slight sigh of relief. It seemed that the training of the national team wasn’t so difficult.

The next moment, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly opened the training software. “Next, everyone will follow me to the training room. I will show you how to use the training software of the national team. This is what Qin Bo remade according to my requirements. It isn’t the same as the previous one and the old players will have to readapt.”

Everyone followed him to the training room downstairs. They found a place to sit down and turned on the computer.

Jiang Shaoyu directly opened the management mode so that his interface appeared on everyone’s computer. The name of the software was ‘National Team’s Daily Training Program’. After opening it, they found there were four items: movement exercise, marksmanship practice, reaction training and map training. Jiang Shaoyu explained it while demonstrating, “The first movement exercise is the breakthrough mode. You need to dodge the bullets and throwing weapons coming from all directions.”

They saw Jiang Shaoyu tapping quickly on his keyboard, controlling the character to dodge left and right. The grenades that dropped from all directions seemed to be ‘bombarding’ the battlefield. If they didn’t pay attention to it, they would become flying ash.

The players were stunned. Wasn’t this a bit too difficult?

How could there be so many grenades in a normal game?

Hua Ran couldn’t help feeling weak when he heard this… cough, please don’t ignore the possibility that teammates might throw grenades at them.

Jiang Shaoyu continued. “The second item is marksmanship practice. There will be moving targets in the shooting training ground. As the difficulty increases, the moving speed will become faster and faster. The most difficult level is 10 and the movement speed of a moving target in that level is 0.1 seconds. There are ten moving targets in total.”

On the screen, Jiang Shaoyu picked up the MSG sniper rifle. He fired continuously, smashing all ten targets! The speed was so fast that people’s eyes couldn’t react.

Everyone: “……”

F*k! One target in 0.1 seconds, 10 consecutive shots?

Too crazy! The targets they usually practiced their marksmanship on had a speed of 0.4-0.5 seconds?

Zhou Zhou, Lao Lin and Ye Zi exchanged looks with each other and sighed inwardly. ‘God Wing, is it worthy of you!’

This difficulty was one level higher than the training in ACE in the past.

Qin Bo saw the collective ‘cracked’ expressions of the players and pushed up his glasses, thinking in his heart, ‘Don’t blame me. This is what Coach Jiang asked me to do.’

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “For the third item, it is reaction practice. In-game characters will randomly appear in all directions. There might even be five people appearing at the same time. You have to kill all of them before the software makes them leave.”

The contestants: “………”

Judging from the demonstration, these characters were exactly the same as those in the game.

People with different skin and hairstyles might appear behind them at any time. They could even be surrounded and attacked by five people. Then they had to kill these people as quickly as possible? If they couldn’t kill these people, they would be killed. If they died, they had to start again. This would make people collapse, right?

Jiang Shaoyu opened the last item. “The map exercise is divided into two parts. The first part is to remember the coordinates of key intersections, sniper points and ambush points on the map, reaching the corresponding coordinates as quickly as possible. The second part will be completed by Coach Chang with everyone.”

A bad premonition rose in everyone’s hearts.

No way? Did they want to play peek-a-book on the map? This really was ‘The Affairs of the World are Impermanent!’

The road idiot Xia Li’s expression was even uglier than crying. By the time it was over, she already expected that it would be impossible for her to pass the map project.

Qin Xueyao looked at the interface of the marksmanship practice and reaction speed practice and her face turned slightly white… she was very weak in marksmanship!

Mo Hantian saw the map training and his heart couldn’t help trembling. Finding someone? He was the worst at finding people.

Just as the team members were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe it, Jiang Shaoyu added another knife. “From today on, everyone must complete the training tasks according to the course arrangement. Every three days, I will organize a test.”

Everyone: “??”

What? There was even a test?!


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    Lol, to the people who thought Coach Jiang was a very gentle person: are you thoroughly scared now?

  2. kinhime says:

    Lol Does he really have a pheromone disorder? ‘Cause, more and more, it seems like his pheromones are just nature giving fair warning, like those brightly colored bugs. The more his personality and the effects of his pheromones are described, the more it sounds like his pheromones are just himself condensed into a scent. And since scent signals go straight to your lizard brain…is it any wonder that poor, unsuspecting alphas jump in the opposite direction?

    1. Ju Ir says:

      You perfectly described it in words!!!!
      It’s simply ‘him’ – and with his personality this whole time, no alpha except his poodle’s brother can withstand him.

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