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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 105

National Team Gathering

On the Internet, the topic of ‘Shady scenes behind the Gun King national team’s selection’ continued to ferment. Netizens on major short video platforms, social sharing platforms, e-sports forums, etc., were all discussing the ridiculous deeds of the ‘brainless fans seeking proof.’

For the three star players, Lu Xingyun, Zhang Yue and Tang Kai, a large number of fans removed their fan status and backpedaled. In addition, passersby took the opportunity to scold them and the comments area of the three people were immediately filled with scolding.

“Why did I like you blindly in the first place? You want strength but have no strength. Your appearance is also ordinary.”

“How did you come up with those three kills or four kills records? Oh, I see, your teammates gave you the heads.”

“No one cooperated with you to act this time so you can’t play the game. Are you an actor?

“Congratulations to the three actors for winning the ‘Best Performance Award’ of the Gun King E-sports League. Scatter flowers!”

Ever since Lu Xingyun’s debut, he had never ‘enjoyed’ such treatment. The pampered young master was usually held up and supported by others. Now thousands of people ran to see that he was a weak chicken and Lu Xingyun’s mentality directly collapsed!

The young master’s mentality collapsed and the wealthy backer behind it naturally wasn’t happy. He asked TNG to find a way to settle this matter.

The hair of TNG’s crisis public relations team was about to fall out. Finally, they found a reluctant excuse. “TNG’s player, Lu Xingyun had a cold and fever during the tryouts and played abnormally. Thank you very much for your concern about @TNG-Lu. We will pay more attention to the players’ bodies in the future. At the same time, I am proud of Xiao Lu’s indomitable spirit for competing with his illness.”

Netizens: “Haha.”

“I believe you!”

“It doesn’t seem like he has a fever. It was more like he was playing while sleepwalking.”

Zhang Yue was too frightened to speak due to the overwhelming messages of ‘lazy medic’ but he didn’t dare to speak. He didn’t have the support of a wealthy backer. He just followed along after Lu Xingyun with his sweet mouth and received the attention of the club after that. TNG would protect Lu Xingyun to death but they wouldn’t necessarily protect him.

Sure enough, the TNG E-sports Club was bombarded by netizens. “Is TNG’s coach blind? Shu Chen is such a powerful medic yet he was sitting on the cold bench. A lazy medic like Zhang  Yue is the starter?”

“Looking at the results of the tryouts, TNG’s sniper and scout are ranked in the top while the charger and medic are terrible. As a result, the club wants to support Lu and Zhang. They must’ve been struck by lightning, right?”

“Okay, Lu Xingyun has a high fever then what about Zhang Yue? Did he also have a high fever?”

“I think the brains of those in TNG have never been sober!”

“@Pang Yu @Si Wenhui, you two capable players, quickly transfer!”

At the same time, the long cold RED Club was also pulled out by netizens and scolded. “Binbin’s medic is so powerful. He only practiced for two months yet he already entered the top two in the medic profession. This shows he has a very high talent for playing medic. Why has he been allowed to play charger?”

“The spicy chicken club even forged a fake chat history to slander him?”

“I feel sorry for Binbin. Fortunately, Coach Jiang rescued him or he would’ve had a dark future if he continued to stay in RED!”

“Is RED cold today? It hasn’t been disbanded yet?”

The two most popular clubs, TNG and RED, were affected by the tryouts and scolded by netizens. TNG forcibly insisted that Lu Xingyun had a high fever and made mistakes during the match, but few netizens believed it.

The ‘star players’ who were previously promoted now fell from the altar, while the outstanding players who were buried had emerged.

For the Snow Leopard team of the secondary league, the captain Qin Xueyao ranked second among the scouts while the team member Yu Feng ranked sixth among the snipers. This was better than many players of big teams. Soon, investors came to Qin Xueyao and wanted to invest in her Snow Leopard team.

Jiang Shaoyu was worried that Qin Xueyao would be deceived since she was young and had never seen the cruelty of money. He took the initiative to call Qin Xueyao and told her, “Xueyao, you and Yu Feng have done well in the trials and this will definitely attract the attention of investors. Don’t rush to sign a contract. There are many pitfalls in the contracts that investors give to e-sports players. Before making a decision, it is best to bring the contract to the national team and I will let the legal affairs team help you.”

Qin Xueyao was so excited that she gripped her phone tightly. She seemed to have grasped a life-saving straw and her voice trembled slightly. “Thank you, Coach Jiang! I had a headache and wanted to find a senior to help me look. You are so kind. You actually remember these little things.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “You’re welcome. You can find the national team if you need help.”

After she hung up, Yu Feng couldn’t help saying, “Coach Jiang is too gentle, right? He actually remembered unknown players like us.”

Qin Xueyao smiled. “He cherishes talents and is worried that talents will be buried. This is why he cares about us unknown players. The national team has such a coach. In the future, the level of Chinese e-sports will definitely get better.”

The Snow Leopard team received a lot of investment offers. Qin Xueyao finally chose a few with good conditions and went to Jiang Shaoyu with the contract. Jiang Shaoyu patiently asked the legal affairs team to help them look at the contract, checking the details one by one. Finally, a wealthy backer was selected. The other person generously invested millions of funds to help them.

Qin Xueyao and her teammates were happy that they finally didn’t have to squeeze into a low-rent house in the suburbs to eat instant noodles!

At the same time, other players with good results in the B-grade League received attention in the circle. In addition to the Snow Leopard team, there was the VV team, Happy team, etc., all of which received some investment. In addition, there were some teams with poor overall strength but relatively good players. These players received invitations from wealthy clubs in the A-grade League. They could transfer at the end of the regular season to develop on a larger platform.

Apart from the three star-making clubs of TNG, RED and FAD, who tasted the bitter fruit that they planted, the players of other clubs and the secondary league were happy. The Gun King e-sports circle was as lively as if it was the New Year.

At this time, the league finally realized how terrible the impact a powerful national team coach had on the entire e-sports environment!

Jiang Shaoyu showed thunderous actions. He had a ‘Rising Stars Cup’ for non-professional masters and a ‘national team tryouts’ for professional players. He didn’t pull investment, advertising or did too much publicity. He just achieved a fair and just competition system.

As a result, the cover of some ‘star players’ was torn off and the truly capable players emerged. These players might not be good-looking, popular or have a background. They were born into ordinary families but they worked hard due to their love of e-sports.

They shouldn’t be buried.

In mid-June, the regular season ended and the A-grade League team rankings were finally released.

The results of clubs that played seriously such as BM, JZ and HW were still stable.

Lu Xingyun had a ‘fever’ in the tryouts and he probably had a ‘high fever that doesn’t subside.’ His mentality collapsed and his performance in the competition became even worse. Pang Yu and Si Wenhui couldn’t support him at all. In addition, the later opponents were all stronger than the last and they lost several matches in a row.

Tang Kai, the captain of FAD, also had problems with his mentality and his command was messed up. The performance of the two teams seriously declined and they were at the bottom of the ranking.

The fans sighed.

Previously, the two teams might have average results but they were at least stable in 4-6th place in the A-grade League.

This year was good and they were directly ranked at the bottom!

Once the regular season ended, the first round of the transfer period opened.

The names of Pang Yu and Si Wenhui were listed in the transfer window. The major clubs excitedly contacted TNG and a round of fierce bidding began. It was only then that the boss of TNG realized that the value of this combination of fat and thin was actually far higher than the Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue combination they promoted.

E-sports still had to rely on strength. Vases would break when dropped!

Soon, news came from the circle that the fat and thin combination transferred to the HW team. The new owner offered a high price of tens of millions.

Once Pang Yu and Si Wenhui signed the transfer contract, they hugged and cried bitterly in the dormitory. They had been the stepping stones of the TNG Club for two years. Now their sky-high transfer fee was like slapping TNG in the face: the players you don’t value, leave it to us to value them.

For the former team fans of TNG, 80% abandoned the two vases of Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue and ran to congratulate them. “Congratulations, you have really been wronged in the past two years!”

“Go to HW and play well. We will pay attention to your continued development. Jiayou!”

The transfer of the fat and thin combination made netizens happy.

Many people went to TNG’s official Weibo to sneer at them. “Aren’t you disbanded yet?”

“Today is another day when TNG hasn’t been disbanded.”

‘Cool off as soon as possible!”

TNG’s management was about to vomit blood, but the league had rules that the club couldn’t prevent players from transferring. They couldn’t do anything. No matter how high the price they offered, Pang Yu and Si Wenhui refused to stay. Obviously, the two of them were completely disappointed in TNG.

Zhou Yiran, the captain of the HW team, was very gentle to the two new players. He took the initiative to hug the two of them and said with a smile, “Welcome to HW. Everyone will work together in the playoffs. I will report to the national team in a few days so the two of you will do some training with your other teammates to improve your tacit cooperation. Once I come back, we will have a unified training camp.”

Pang Yu and Si Wenhui were very moved. Captain Zhou was simply an angel compared to Lu Xingyun, who scolded them at every turn.

Once the dust settled on the transfer period, the league took two weeks off.

The two week vacation time from June 15th to June 30th was used by Jiang Shaoyu to gather the players of the national team for the first training.

In the group chat of the sixth national team, Jiang Shaoyu issued the notice: @All members, before noon on June 15th, come to the national team to report. Don’t be late.

Everyone replied: Received!

“I will be sure to report on time!”

“I’ve already booked my ticket. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.”

The team leader Yu Mingxiang said, “By the way, I will post the numbers of the vacant rooms. You can choose your dormitory first since it is good to arrange it in advance. You need to bring several sets of clothing this time. The beds are brand new and you can use it with confidence. If you have a favorite brand of toiletries, you can bring your own. If you don’t want to bring them, the base will provide them.”

Yu Mingxiang directly sent the dormitory form to the group.

The dormitory building of the national team had four floors and each floor had five rooms, ranging from 0 to 4. At present, the fourth floor was full. On the 3rd floor, Ye Zi lived in 301, Hua Ran in 303 and Shu Chen in 304. On the second floor, Shi Xiaobin lived in 203 and Gui Siyang lived in 100 on the first floor. The rest of the rooms were empty.

This was the first time Qin Xueyao was coming to the national team and she was too embarrassed to grab a room. Therefore, she typed and said: Everyone, choose first. I can live wherever.

Xia Li said bluntly: Then I choose 202. I have a good relationship with the number 2 and I was 222 during the tryouts.

Mo Hantian saw that Xiao Bin was living in 203 and said: I will live in 204. I also lived in this room last time.

The eldest baby, second baby and third baby all lived on the second floor.

Lao Lin and Zhou Yiran chose the third floor. They lived on the same floor as their old teammates, Ye Qingming and Shu Chen.

Liu Shaozhou said: I will continue to live in 104. I don’t want to climb the stairs every day [dog head.jpg].

Pei Feng joked: Are you so lazy: I live on the fourth floor and climb up and down every day to exercise.

Liu Shaozhou: You are also courageous to live in the coaches’ den [thumbs up.jpg.]

Qin Xueyao saw that everyone had finished choosing and said: Then I will also live on the 1st floor in room 102.

The rooms were quickly allocated and some were currently empty.

However, there would be more youth trainees coming eventually. At that time, there might not be enough rooms.

Jiang Shaoyu typed: Pay attention to bring your ID card and bank card. The information should be entered with our financial department. The salary of the national team isn’t very high, but if you go to the competition and get a bonus, I told the league that the prize money will be divided among all the players.”

Everyone joined the national team. It was naturally for honor, not money—the collective honor of the Chinese Gun King e-sports circle.

It had been five years since the national team started playing terribly at the World Series.

This year, each of them was a strong player from the tryouts. They had to go all out and they could no longer be laughed at!

On June 15th, the members of the sixth national team came to the base to report one after another. Jiang Shaoyu sat on the balcony of the fourth floor and watched the excited team members move into the dormitory building. He took a sip of tea and smiled slightly.

Welcome to the national team. Your hell training will begin in earnest soon.

The national team is heaven?

No. Don’t think so beautifully.


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    “Welcome to the national team. Your hell training will begin in earnest soon.

    The national team is heaven?

    No. Don’t think so beautifully.”

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