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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 107

Training Difficulty

Jiang Shaoyu finished demonstrating the use of the software to the players and told everyone, “Everyone, log into the software and try it first.”

Qin Bo stepped forward and explained, “Everyone, please open the ‘National Team’s Daily Training’ program on the desktop. Enter your name in the account column and the initial password is 66. After logging in, you can change the password yourself.

They all opened the software to log into their accounts.

Jiang Shaoyu’s administrator software interface could see the avatars popping up one after another. For example, after Pei Feng logged in, the avatar representing Pei Feng brightened and it would darken when he went offline. If Jiang Shaoyu wanted to watch a player, he could directly click on the player’s avatar and see the content of their training.

At the same time, the players’ avatars would show ‘today’s online time’ and ‘current training project.’ It could be seen who had practiced for a few hours and there was no way to be lazy. These functions were all done by Qin Bo according to Jiang Shaoyu’s requirements.

The 11 team members clicked into the software to familiarize themselves with it.

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “If you have any questions regarding the training software and course arrangement, you can ask them on the spot.”

Hua Ran took the initiative to raise his hand. “Coach, the schedule only writes the schedule of each training and doesn’t set a required level. Do we choose the difficulty or do you decide it?”

He had clicked onto the first movement exercise and found there were ten levels. Levels one to five were relatively simple while the difficulty of the later levels became more and more abnormal. What Coach Jiang demonstrated to them just now should be level six, which was already very scary. Level ten simply wasn’t something that humans could pass, right?

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “Everyone will start from the first level and proceed up step by step. There is no need to go to the highest difficulty immediately.”

If they went directly to the highest difficulty, the players would only be repeatedly killed and they wouldn’t improve. Jiang Shaoyu hoped that they could make progress during the half a month of training, taking each step very solidly.

Xia Li asked, “Coach, is the schedule the same for all of us? You aren’t going to divide us into professions?”

Her question actually asked the key point. The requirements for a medic and a sniper were naturally different and their biases were different.

Jiang Shaoyu opened a table form and said, “The difficulty will vary slightly according to different professions. For example, in terms of marksmanship accuracy, snipers have the highest requirements. They need to pass level ten. Chargers, scouts and assaulters will need to pass level nine. The medic can be considered a pass when reaching level eight. For movement practice, melee professions need to pass level ten while snipers and medics need to pass level eight. I will send the specific requirements to the group. Everyone can look according to your profession.”

Everyone: “……”

In any case, they had to pass level eight at the minimum?

Even the medic required their marksmanship accuracy to pass level eight. No wonder why Shu Chen could kill the enemy medic with a single headshot in the field. He was trained like this in ACE in the past, right?

Shi Xiaobin was terrified when he heard it and he wondered if he could keep up.

Liu Shaozhou coughed lightly and asked with a smile, “Coach Jiang, can I ask how the test will take place?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “The test will be divided into two parts: theoretical questions and practical operations. You will know when the time comes.”

Everyone: “……”

Theoretical questions as well?

How long had it been since they had taken a test? In particular, some learning scumbags simply trembled when they heard the word ‘test.’

Mo Hantian asked in a low voice, “If we fail the exam, will there be any punishment?”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him. “Of course. If there is no punishment, wouldn’t the test be for nothing?”

A chill went down everyone’s spine. They didn’t know what form of punishment it would be.

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over the training room. “Today, you will finish the movement training first. Practice for four hours in the afternoon. There are no requirements at night. You can continue to practice or you can form a team to play the rankings. After the first test, I will arrange a formal training match for you.” He stood up. “Okay, I still have something to do. You can train by yourself.”

Jiang Shaoyu took Qin Bo and left the training room. Once he left, the players all sighed with relief. Fortunately, God Wing didn’t watch them train behind their backs or many people wouldn’t be able to operate.

Ye Qingming smiled lightly. “Shall we form a separate group/ There are 11 players and it will be a small group without a coach.”

Everyone nodded. “It is very necessary!”

”Brother Ye, pull us in!”

The official group of the sixth national team was formed by Jiang Shaoyu and many things couldn’t be discussed in front of Coach Jiang. So Ye Qingming opened a small group alone. The name of the group was ‘National Team’s Victims Squad’ and he pulled everyone in one by one.

Hua Ran asked suspiciously, “Why is it called the victims squad?”

Ye Qingming gave him a meaningful smile. “You will understand once God Wing calls his first victim.”

Hua Ran wondered, “First victim? It definitely isn’t me, haha.”

Qin Xueyao didn’t dare to speak. She always felt that things didn’t seem to be so simple.

In the blink of an eye, it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Pei Feng gave them a reminder. “Today’s training should start. The first schedule is the movement exercise. Everyone, log into the software and prepare. The coach can see our training time so don’t be lazy~”

Everyone typed one after another, “Received!”

The group suddenly became quiet. Everyone opened the training software one after another and stared at the computer screen with full attention.

For the movement exercise, levels one to five might be difficult for ordinary players with poor hand speed and response, but it was very simple for professional players. A three star map would randomly appear and there would be ten grenades falling from all directions. Players needed to dodge grenades while quickly passing through the map. Once injured, they would fail to break through the level and would have to start all over again.

The first few levels were quite easy and allowed everyone to get the feeling. The difficulty officially started on level six.

It was also the first time for Pei Feng to use this software, which was much more difficult than ACE’s little black room in the past. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and the level of his movement was first-class. In the blink of an eye, he passed three maps in a row in level five and a notification popped up on the screen: Please choose. A: Practice the level again. B: Increase the difficulty and enter level six.”

Pei Feng chose B and continued to practice level six.

The grenade drop speed in level six was obviously much faster than level five. This still wasn’t difficult for Pei Feng, who moved in thrilling and rapid S-shaped movements. He passed three maps in a row and entered level seven.

Level seven was the dimly lit map ‘Rainy Night.’ The rainstorm sound would completely cover up the sound of the grenade rolling, plus the map area with no street lamps was dark. The grenade itself was black. If a player’s eyes weren’t good then they wouldn’t be able to see clearly where it rolled. By the time they saw it clearly, they would have no time to dodge.

Pei Feng had just taken two steps when there was a ‘boom’ from his side and his entire body was blown away.

A system notification popped up on the screen: [Your movement is really good. Do you still want to try?]

Pei Feng: “……”

Master, it is worthy of you.

It isn’t enough to blow people away. You even have to ridicule them.

At the same time, Lao Lin sitting next to him couldn’t help cursing. “F*k, is this okay?”

Pei Feng turned his head to look. It was also level seven and the dimly lit night map. Lao Lin was blown to pieces.

Zhou Yiran smiled and touched his nose. “Level seven is so difficult? Then level ten is unimaginable.”

Ye Qingming raised an eyebrow. “I knew he wouldn’t spare us easily.”

Shu Chen was blown up and silently pressed ‘one more round.’ He continued to practice his movement. He took advantage of the time when the system was loading the map to look at Hua Ran’s computer screen next to him. Hua Ran was also stuck in level seven.

Gradually, the other players passed levels five and six one after another. Then they collectively got stuck at the Rainy Night map.

Mo Hantian was blown up five times in a row and couldn’t help doubting life, “Can we really survive in this one?”

Shi Xiaobin analyzed it. “Maybe we can find a pattern? For example, the direction the first grenade came from and the seconds it took to explode. If we calculate it then won’t it be easier to pass?”

Mo Hantian nodded. “It makes sense!”

In dungeons of the online game, didn’t we need to calculate the timing at which the boss released skills to pass the level? The training software should be similar, right?

Mo Hantian raised his spirits when he heard this and started another round.

This time, he paid special attention to the direction that the first few grenades were thrown from and the timing of the explosion. He carefully remembered it in his mind. The next time he broke through, he silently calculated it in his heart. “In five seconds, the grenade will roll over from the front right. I can dodge it by hiding in the left corner.”

Mo Hantian ran to the road on the left with a sideways slide. He had just sighed with relief when suddenly—


There was a loud bang and his left side actually exploded!

Mo Hantian: “???”

What was this situation?

In the last game, the right side was bombed but it was changed to the left side in this round? Coach Jiang, why did he not play cards according to common sense?

At this time, Jiang Shaoyu was sitting in the office drinking tea. At the same time, he opened the administrator account to watch the training of the players.

Seeing Xiao Mo blown into black ash again, Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “You are thinking too simply. If I made the training program the same as a dungeon mode in online games, won’t you send guides to each other, remember how to proceed and complete all the levels in two days?”

No matter how difficult, the dungeon in an online game was a pre-set procedure. The skills that the boss used, going berserk once the health bar reached a certain amount, the range of skills, etc. As long as the group was destroyed for a few rounds, players could figure out the routine and find a way to pass.

However, the training software of the national team was difficult. It had no regularity at all.

Qin Bo said in a low voice, “All the characters and ammunition in this training software appear randomly. There is no shortcut if you want to pass a level. You can only rely on your instant response and movement ability. Level seven… it will probably take them a long time to pass it, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, let them adapt to the intensity of the training first. There will be more difficult ones later.”

In the training room, everyone’s computer screens were the dark night map with heavy rain.

One after another, they selected it and were blown up.


Your movement is really good. Do you still want to try?

The players weren’t only repeatedly blown up. They could also see the mockery of the system and it felt like their mentality was collapsing.

Hua Ran’s face was dull and it was more exaggerated than his wild bombing style. Even if he tensed up his nerves and moved carefully, there was no guarantee that a black grenade wouldn’t suddenly roll on the ground, exploding before they had time to dodge.

Even Pei Feng couldn’t help sighing. “This isn’t just practicing our movement, it is also practicing mentality, right?”

The training had such a high intensity and difficulty. If a player’s psychological quality was poor then they would probably collapse.

That afternoon, the 11 people spent the day being constantly ‘blown up.’

By the time they came to the dining room for dinner, their faces were no longer as vigorous as they were at noon. They all looked ashen and pale, like willow trees drooping after being exposed to the sun in hot summer.

The questions discussed during the meal were, “Have you passed level seven?”


“Continue to practice at night. I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t pass it.”

Ye Zi listened to the discussion around him and said with a smile, “It is just an appetizer. There is also marksmanship, reflexes and map training. There are all types of hell training later. This can make everyone’s nightmares change to different materials.”

Everyone felt even more depressed when they heard his gloating.

More materials for nightmares? He could really speak!

Sure enough, many contestants had nightmares that night.

In their dreams, they were repeatedly blown up by grenades in the dark rainy night that sent chills down their spine…

After having a nightmare, Hua Ran had doubts about Coach Jiang’s ‘gentleness’ for the first time. “IS this really a software that God Wing asked Engineer Qin to make? It is too torturous, right?”

Qin Xueyao was a bit apprehensive. “It seems that the national team isn’t as warm as imagined.”

The next afternoon, someone finally passed level seven for the first time. Ye Qingming dodged all ten grenades on the Rainy Night map with his light and flexible positioning that was like the wind, successfully reaching level eight.

Ye Qingming was the first to pass and smile. “It is up to me to proceed. After all, you walk with your feet while I float directly.”

Pei Feng asked curiously, “What is level eight?”

Ye Qingming opened level eight and the smile on his face froze. “…Desert Ruins.”

He hadn’t even taken two steps before he was instantly buried alive by a blown up house.

Ye Qingming’s expression was extremely ugly. “Isn’t this worthy of the level he designed? F*k, is this something that humans can do?”


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    HAHAHAHA training from hell has officially started

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    I don’t blame the younger ones because they don’t really understand how Coach Jiang operates. But I expected better of you, former ACE members lol

  3. Your_Laoge says:

    Ahah, I feel so sorry for you, really… (actually I’m laughing wickedly right now)

  4. Souwmi says:

    Haha it’s right for Coach Jiang to put them through hell training mode. They are going to fight head to head with the major powerhouses of esports from all countries. It’s good to be prepared as they are a relatively new team and need to improve their weaknesses and form a tacit understanding asap. Hopefully they would be like the ACE of the past rising like ashes from the grassroots level to champions!

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