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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 101

National Team List

The next morning, Jiang Shaoyu convened a meeting of the coaches of the judging panel to officially determine the list of the national team.

The World Series stipulated that the national team could have no more than 11 players. The last national team brought three chargers, two assaulters, two snipers, two medics and two scouts.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Qin Bo, can I trouble you to type out the report sheets of all the top players in each profession for the coaches to see?”

The score sheets were displayed on the big screen in the meeting room and Qi Heng couldn’t help laughing. “Sure enough, No 1 is Pei Feng and No 161 is Xiao Liu. Their scores have taken the lead among the snipers.”

Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou ranked first and second among the snipers with average scores of 95.4 and 95.3 respectively.

Third place was Mo Hantian with an average score of 89.5. Then it was Gui Siyang with 88.2, Pang Yu with 88 and Yu Feng with 87.

They recalled the last fierce duel of snipers on the Rainy Night map and the coaches felt it was very enjoyable. It was good that there were so many excellent snipers in China. At least in the next few years, the Chinese team didn’t have to worry about a ‘temporary deficit in manpower.’

However, everyone was a bit unfamiliar with the name Yu Feng. Qi Heng wondered, “Who is Yu Feng? I haven’t heard much about him.”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “The sniper of the Snow Leopard team of the secondary league.”

Everyone suddenly saw the light. “It turned out to be a player from the secondary league. No wonder why I haven’t heard of him!”

“The fact that he can stand out in the tryouts shows that he is serious about training and competition. This talent isn’t bad.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, let’s take a look at the other professions.”

First place among the scouts was Ye Qingming, with an average score of 92. The second place Qin Xueyao scored 89.8 points.

Third place was Little Ye Zi with 89.7 points. He was only 0.2 points worse than Qin Xueyao.

Fourth place was Si Wenhui of the TNG team with a score of 87.

Everyone looked at each other. “Who is Qin Xueyao, the second ranked scout?”

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “She is teammates with Yu Feng and also from the Snow Leopard team.”

Qi Heng touched his chin. “It seems that there are many buried talents in the secondary league!”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. In this tryout, several secondary league players appeared among the top ten of the chargers, assaulters and medics. On the contrary, some star players from the A-grade League had poor results.”

Everyone looked at the transcript on the big screen.

For the assaulters, first place was Zhou Yiran of the HW team with 94 points. It was a huge lead.

Second place was Xia Li and third place was the assaulter of the JZ team. The difference between the two of them was only around one point.

Coach Zhu Hong sighed with relief when he saw this. Xiao Xia’s state fluctuated a lot and she was affected by the environment and map, but her super fast reaction and accurate marksmanship in the last round of the zombie map melee duel convinced the harsh coaches. It seemed that she would be selected for the national team.

Among the medics, Shu Chen scored as high as 92 while Shi Xiaobin was second with 89. Shi Xiaobin’s score was surprising. He was one of the few omega players in the league and the ‘hot search gossip protagonist’ some time ago. He was caught by Coach Jiang and transferred to a medic after coming to the national team?

In just over a month, he could quickly adapt to the gameplay of a medic and even won second place in the tryouts. This showed how long this child’s talent had been delayed. RED was simply too outrageous. Not only did they delay Xiaobin’s talent but they dared to find a water army to blacken him? They deserved to be kicked out of the league!

Meanwhile, TNG’s star medic, Zhang Yue was actually ranked 15th!

For the chargers, the highest score was Lao Lin with 93 points. Second place was Hua Ran with 88 points and third to seventh place were all around 85 points… everyone looked down before finally finding a familiar name: No 16 Lu Xingyun.

Coach Gu Xiao used to play charger professionally. Once he saw this, he couldn’t help being curious, “What is Lu Xingyun’s situation? I remember that he did well in the A-grade League. Why is his performance in the tryouts so poor?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “There is no one to support him or give him heads so his original form was revealed.”

Qi Heng complained, “You probably don’t know but Lu Xingyun is the nephew of TNG’s wealthy backer. His achievements were all created by the club and Zhang Yue is his little follower. Usually when playing matches, the two of them have good records because Pang Yu and Si Wenhui give them the heads!”

It was no wonder why TNG could win. It seemed that the combo of fat and thin led the rhythm. All of Lu Xingyun’s heads were given to him after the fat and thin combo bloodied their opponents. On the surface, he had a good record but he was actually an embroidered pillow! Zhang Yue had always been Lu Xingyun’s bodyguard, repeatedly saving him and raising his match record.

Under the effect of the double blind scoring and the random matching, the two of them really showed their original skills and the results were ridiculous.

Similarly, FAD’s star player, Tang Kai only ranked 10th in the tryout when he was the substitute scout last year. It was slightly better than Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue but a score of 78 was too mediocre when compared with other excellent scouts.

The coaches looked at each other with mixed feelings.

No wonder why the previous national team failed to achieve results. Who were these people? They all chose a bunch of good-for-nothing!

Fortunately, Xiao Mo, Xiao Bin and Xiao Xia realized in time after being scolded by Jiang Shaoyu. They used the last few months to practice wildly to improve themselves. Otherwise, the previous Gourd Babies team would’ve been destroyed here.

Qi Heng said, “The results are out so how can we select the candidates to have better results this season?”

Old Xu suggested, “I think we can bring one more scout to play against South Korea. There are the Ye master and apprentice and Qin Xueyao, who is particularly powerful at support. If we bring all three then we can do some tactical cooperation.”

Coach Gu said, “I think we can bring three chargers or three assaulters. We can play against the European teams who are more focused on melee combat.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at everyone. “Why don’t you listen to my thoughts first?”

The group hurriedly said, “Yes, we will listen to Ah Yu.”

“We are just suggesting how to pick people. It is up to the head coach of the national team to decide.”

Jiang Shaoyu took the laser pointer from Qin Bo and pointed to names on the transcript. “Scouts Ye Qingming and Qin Xueyao, medics Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin, assaulters Zhou Yiran and Xia Li, chargers Lao Lin and Hua Ran and snipers Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian.”

The coaches were stunned for a moment. Pei Feng was obviously first place in the sniper rankings. Why did he directly skip Pei Feng?

Could it be that he wanted to avoid suspicion because Pei Feng was his apprentice? But this was too much avoidance.

The next moment, they heard Jiang Shaoyu continue to say, “The 11th person is Pei Feng. He won’t take the sniper spot. He is the best free person in my heart and is qualified for all positions.”

The coaches: “!!!”

A free person! An unheard of style of play!

Then immediately afterward, everyone remembered the Rising Stars Cup.

In the match between Fred and the streamer Brother Hai, Fred used four professions to beat the opponent 4:0. Everyone knew that he used different styles of play to pay tribute to the veterans of the ACE team but why didn’t they think of it as him showing his strength?!

He didn’t just play sniper.

He was the strongest youth trainee of ACE in the past and the apprentice raised by Jiang Shaoyu. He could imitate the playing style of everyone in ACE.

He was an all-powerful free person!

Qi Heng slapped his thigh in excitement. “Great! In this way, the free person Pei Feng can play any position and the national team will have too many tactical ideas. We can come up with three chargers or even three snipers at any time… there can even be a lineup of three medics!”

The other coaches were also excited when they heard this.

It was no wonder why Jiang Shaoyu recruited so many people as tactical advisers. The sixth national team has Pei Feng as the biggest variable and their tactical thinking could be completely freed up. The tactical consultants could fully exert their brains to help Jiang Shaoyu come up with more styles of play!

Old Xu’s nose was sore and he sighed. “Ah, the national team finally has the appearance of a national team!”

Everyone admired Jiang Shaoyu from the bottom of their hearts. From the club inspections to the selection of members, Coach Jiang personally didn’t hesitate to offend a group of people. The final national team selected was indeed the strongest ever.

The addition of Pei Feng, a free person, would make the Chinese team a fierce enemy that the opponents couldn’t ‘guess at all.’

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept over the coaches and he asked, “What do you think?”

Everyone raised their hands. “I approve!”

“I approve as well!”

“Okay, it has passed with a unanimous vote. The list of the national team will be officially announced at a later date.” Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo. “Put the results of this competition in a table format on the official website for everyone to see. Some people will say that we ‘violate their right to privacy’ so just use their number, not the name.”

Even high school students didn’t post the exam rankings now. It was indeed too ugly to post the rankings of some people directly.

At noon that day, the players came to the dining room for lunch and someone excitedly shouted, “The official website of the national team has announced the results! Everyone, go and check it!”

Everyone took out their phones and clicked on the score card.

Lu Xingyun opened it and took a look. No 266 was the number one charger and second place was No 199. He was number 16 and he was ranked…

Not fourth or fifth.

He wasn’t even eighth or ninth.

He was 16th place? Was there a mistake?

Next to him, Zhang Yue also had an ugly face. He was ranked outside the 15th place of the medics. Who was joking around?

Then an unknown player whose name wasn’t known ran over to join in the fun. “God Lu, Brother Zhang, the two of you must’ve been chosen, right?”

“The first place No 266 charger should be God Lu and the No 180 medic should be Brother Zhang Yue, right?”

“The two of you were part of the last national team and you will definitely be able to enter this one.”


Zhang Yue: “……”

Lu Xingyun: “……”

What f*ing congratulations!

They almost vomited a mouthful of blood!

At the next table, FAD’s most popular scout, Tang Kai also had an ugly expression. 10th place—should he say he was in the top 10? However, he was the substitute scout of the national team last time. This result was too terrible!

He was going to lose his reputation.

Not far away, Xia Li hugged her teammate excitedly. “Ahhhh, sure enough, the number 222 brought me good luck. Hahaha, good two, I like it!”

The people around her: “……”

This girl was crazy.

Lu Xingyun heard Xia Li’s voice and his face darkened a bit.

Shi Xiaobin didn’t squeeze together to eat with everyone. After the match last night, he and Shu Chen went back to the national team’s base. He silently opened the report card in his room and his eyes lit up. He excitedly sent a message to Shu Chen. “Brother Chen, you are No 180, right? First among the medics?”

Shu Chen replied, “Yes. Are you No 10?”

“Yes yes! This is great. If a profession takes two people, we can both be selected.”

Shu Chen was very happy for Xiao Bin. During this period of time, the two of them often practiced together and exchanged medic experience. Xiao Bin’s progress was fast. In addition to Old Chang taking him to play hide and seek everyday, Shu Chen also contributed a lot.

He glanced at the charger column and wondered if the purple-haired boy was chosen.

Just as he was wondering if he should send a message to ask Hua Ran, the phone suddenly rang. It was Hua Ran’s voice call.

Shu Chen struggled for a moment before picking it up. Then he heard a cheerful voice enter his ear. “Brother Chen, I am second among the chargers. Hehe, No 199! If I remember correctly, we met once in these tryouts?”

Shu Chen thought about it carefully. They really did encounter each other. He coughed in embarrassment and stammered, “Y-You are second? C-Congratulations.”

“Great. We can play together in the future!”

Hearing the young man’s excited voice, Shu Chen inexplicably became much happier.

Hua Ran was a talented newcomer and would definitely improve faster in the national team.

At this time, Qin Xueyao and Yu Feng were eating in the restaurant and listening to the lively discussion around them. The two of them had a calm attitude of ‘not caring about themselves.’ In any case, they wouldn’t be chosen.

Yu Feng said with a smile, “Check your results so you at least know where you rank.” He opened his phone to look at the sniper list and was a bit surprised. “F*k, I actually ranked sixth among snipers? No, are the snipers of the A-grade League so weak? A person from the secondary league scored in the top 10!”

Qin Xueyao took his phone in surprise and looked at it. “Are you No 300? You are really powerful to be ranked sixth.” She followed up by looking at the scouts column.

Second place… No 77.

Qin Xueyao froze for a moment. Her heart suddenly beat violently and she was so excited that she couldn’t even speak. “I-I…”

Yu Feng patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t be sad. It is normal for a support player like you to score low. Perhaps the coaches didn’t find your excellence.”

Qin Xueyao took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, “I am No 77. I seem to be ranked second…”

“Huh? F*k! Awesome, Sister Xueyao!”

At this time, Mo Hantian was crying alone in the bathroom.

He saw that the No 1 sniper and No 161 sniper had a large lead, with an average score of over 95. Meanwhile, he only had 89 points. It was a difference of as much as six points.

Sure enough, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t be compared to Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou. There were only two sniper spots in the national team and he couldn’t be selected.

The more Mo Hantian thought about it, the sadder he became. His tears were completely out of control, like an open faucet.

He was really unwilling when he thought about how he had dark circles under his eyes from staying up late training the past few months and how he took a translator to play the peak match against Koreans every day! However, he didn’t work as hard as Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng when he was a youth trainee. In addition, his mentality drifted last year and he didn’t play well. In terms of sniping, he had fallen behind too much. How could he catch up in just a few months?

Mo Hantian’s nose was sore and his eyes were red from crying.

This was until his phone rang.

The caller ID was an unfamiliar number. Mo Hantian wiped away his tears and answered the phone. Then he heard a cold voice. “Excuse me, is this Mo Hantian?”

Mo Hantian choked up. “Yes. Who are you?”

The other person said, “This is Jiang Shaoyu, the head coach of the national team. I am officially informing you that you have been admitted to the 6th national team. Please come to the national team’s base on June 15th, during the league’s offseason.”

Mo Hantian: “……?”

He was stunned and tears were still dripping from his eyes.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t hear a reply for a long time and couldn’t help chuckling. “Are you crying?”

Mo Hantian’s mind returned and his ears instantly turned red. “Ah, I-I… I thought it was hopeless…”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “You have made rapid progress and have been acknowledged by the coaches. Report to the national team’s base on June 15th. Did you hear it?”

Mo Hantian quickly wiped away his tears and his voice was extremely clear. “Yes! I will definitely report on time!”

He used to be a fan of God Wing. Now that he entered the national team with his own strength, he could finally ask for his idol’s autograph!

Jiang Shaoyu hung up the phone and continued to call others.

One after another, the players recruited to the national team received a call from God Wing himself.

Xia Li was very excited. “Received! The Third Baby will report on time!”

Hua Ran praised it. “God Wing is really gentle. He even personally called to inform us.”

Qin Xueyao couldn’t believe that she had a chance to join the legendary national team. What a dream! She asked seriously with some anxiety, “Coach Jiang, you aren’t joking? I’m really accepted?”


Qin Xueyao suppressed her excitement. “Okay, thank you, Coach Jiang! I will definitely report on time!”

Ye Qingming’s response was, “Don’t worry, Brother Yue. I won’t be late this time. All my self-criticism strategies are also in place.”

Zhou Yiran said with a smile, “Calling me in person? Brother Yu, you are really responsible. You worked hard. I will come on time.”

Lao Lin was excited. “ACE can be reunited in the national team!”

Pei Feng had run back to the national team’s base after finishing the match.

His master was staying at the hotel to score with the coaches and Jiang Doudou had been boarding with Sister Yu during this time. He was going back to feed Doudou and walk the dog.

Jiang Shaoyu saw this scene when he returned to the national team—Pei Feng was running around the exercise field with a dog leash.

Jiang Shaoyu stood by the exercise field and waved to Pei Feng.

A man and a dog ran toward him quickly. Jiang Shaoyu looked at the sweaty young man and asked, “Aren’t you looking at your results? You are instead idly walking the dog here.”

Pei Feng smiled. “I won’t look. I should be similar to Liu Shaozhou, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “You are quite confident.”

Pei Feng told him seriously, “I am the apprentice you personally brought out. If I can’t be selected, wouldn’t it make you embarrassed?”

Jiang Shaoyu slightly raised the corners of his lips. “Yes, congratulations. You have been selected.”

The master and apprentice looked at each other and smiled. Jiang Doudou was barking beside them to join in the fun.

The list of the 6th national team was officially determined. The new national team was finally about to set sail.

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