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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 102


Gui Siyang saw the ranking of the snipers and knew it was hopeless for him. No 1 and No 161 took the lead and No 250 was third. He was only in fourth place. Even if the national team brought three snipers, it was meaningless for him in fourth place.

Gui Siyang packed up the keyboard and mouse and returned to the national team’s base. He saw the familiar environment and his mood was extremely low. On the way, he happened to meet Hua Ran. Hua Ran ran over and asked with concern, “Xiao Gui, have you been chosen? Did Coach Jiang call you?”

Gui Siyang had a sore nose and he could barely raise the corners of his lips in a smile. “I’m ranked fourth. I must not have a chance.”

Hua Ran was stunned and didn’t know how to comfort the other person.

He was also from the Rising Stars Cup. Hua Ran was third place while Gui Siyang was second place. As a result, the third place was a passerby selected for the national team while the 2nd place strongest youth trainee wasn’t selected. If it was anyone else, they would be sad, right?

Hua Ran coughed twice and scratched his head. “Alas, the main thing is that the snipers in this season are too terrible. It is simply a devil field of hell difficulty! If you had played another profession then you might’ve been chosen a long time ago.”

Gui Siyang also knew how fierce the competition for snipers was, but he didn’t want to give up on being a sniper. It was his favorite profession.

Gui Siyang silently lowered his head and rushed to the dormitory of the national team. He was a bit confused in his heart and didn’t know what to do next. Did he want to go to Coach Jiang? However, he wasn’t selected and he was too embarrassed to talk to God Wing.

At this moment, Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng happened to come down from the dormitory building.

Once Pei Feng finished walking the dog, he accompanied the master back to the dormitory and sent Doudou back to the room to feed him some canned meat. After going downstairs, they saw Hua Hua and Xiao Gui walking side by side to the dormitory. The two people saw them and greeted them politely. “Coach Jiang, Brother Feng.”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Gui Siyang and saw that the young man might be pale but he was trying to maintain his calm. If it was changed to Princess Mo, his eyes would be red from crying. However, Xiao Gui was very strong. Jiang Shaoyu sighed softly in his heart before saying, “Xiao Gui, come to the office with me.”

Gui Siyang froze for a moment. Then he turned and followed Jiang Shaoyu.

Hua Ran asked from behind, “Coach Jiang, don’t we need to train today?”

“Yes, today is a holiday. Go back and rest.”

“Great! Thanks Coach!” Hua Ran rushed into the dormitory building like a gust of wind and went to find Shu Chen to play the rankings.

Jiang Shaoyu took Pei Feng and Gui Siyang to the office building and whispered to Pei Feng, “You go to the training room first and come to me later. I have something to say to Xiao Gui.” Pei Feng nodded and turned to go to the training room.

Gui Siyang followed Coach Jiang to the office.

Jiang Shaoyu pointed to the sofa. “Sit down and speak. Have you already seen the results of the tryouts?”

Gui Siyang lowered his head, not wanting the coach to see the loss in his eyes. “Yes, I am fourth.”

Jiang Shaoyu made two cups of tea and handed him a cup. He leaned on the table and said while drinking tea, “For this year’s national team, you failed to be selected. Do you know why?”

The boy bit his lip. He gripped the cup in his hand and whispered, “I-I have no experience in the game and my playing style isn’t flexible enough.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “It is good to be aware of your weaknesses. In fact, your talent is very good. You are the best among this batch of youth trainees, but you haven’t participated in an official competition and lack experience. Once you encounter unexpected situations, you aren’t good at handling them and fighting back. Experience is very important for e-sports players. It is only after experiencing the tempering of the competition that you can play better.”

Gui Siyang lowered his head and didn’t know what to say. Perhaps his decision at the beginning was wrong? Would it be better to sign a contract with an A-grade League immediately and play for half a year before participating in the selection? However, it might not be possible to play in the main team after signing. A rookie had to be a substitute for a period of time.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the little boy who was trying to control his emotions. His heart softened and his voice became gentler. “What are your plans next?”

Gui Siyang suppressed the sourness from his nose. “I don’t know. Can I continue training with the national team?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “You have two choices. First, sign with a club in the A-grade League. With your talent and achievements, many clubs will compete for you. Then you can go to play in the A-grade League and participate in the selection next year.”

He paused before adding, “Secondly, continue to stay in the national team for training and become the captain of the national youth team.”

Gui Siyang’s mind buzzed. He suddenly raised his head and looked at Jiang Shaoyu in disbelief. “N-National youth training team?”

Jiang Shaoyu took a sip of tea and said calmly. “Yes. When I proposed to the league to hold the Rising Stars Cup, I naturally didn’t plan to hold just one. I plan to make a formal national youth team. In the future, more and more excellent children like you will come to the national youth team. I will personally teach the youth team so that every player has a solid foundation and excellent tactical awareness. This will facilitate the transfer of talents to the national team.”

National youth team! The more Gui Siyang listened, the more excited he became. “You want me to be the captain?”

“That’s right. You are the runner-up of the first Rising Stars Cup and you are very talented. You will be the captain of the national youth team and lead children of your age abroad to practice. In addition to the World Series, Gun King holds various continental events where teams participate in the name of the country. The countries send their second team and youth training team to play in these small competitions but our country has been absent.”

Jiang Shaoyu put down the water cup. He stared into Gui Siyang’s eyes and said in a low voice, “There are tens of millions of e-sports players in China, but there isn’t even a decent national youth training team. It really shouldn’t be like this. It will be formed this year and you will lead the team. By March next year at the latest, the youth team will be officially established.”

Gui Siyang was flattered.

The youth training team represented the strongest force of the new generation. Those who joined the youth training team were all good seedlings of a young age. They were like pieces of blank paper with infinite possibilities. Jiang Shaoyu personally taught these good seedlings to lay a solid foundation… from now on, the national team will no longer have to worry about the level of decline.

Generations of outstanding youth trainees could stand out here and eventually stand on the field of the World Series!

Coach Jiang had already set his sights on the entire Gun King e-sports circle. He wanted to change the status quo of the e-sports circle from the root, rather than just caring about the World Series…the layout and courage of the national team’s coach made the young Gui Siyang admire it in his heart!

He nodded without hesitation and said firmly, “I am willing to stay in the youth training team! In the future, I will take my junior brother and sisters to train hard. Together with Coach Jiang, I will help the national team cultivate more talents!

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly and reached out to pat the man’s shoulder. “Xiao Gui, you are so young but you can refuse the temptation of the high salaries of major clubs and come to the national team to train with a firm goal. You failed to be selected for this season but don’t doubt yourself. You are actually very talented. You just need to accumulate enough experience and in time, you won’t be inferior to players like Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou.”

Gui Siyang heard Coach Jiang’s praise and was so happy that he was about to take off! He wasn’t selected as an official player but Coach Jiang still valued him very much. He would definitely live up to Coach Jiang’s expectations in entrusting the youth training team to him. It was the very important ‘national team’s talent pool!’

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Go back to your dormitory and have a good rest. In addition, tell your family that you will continue to stay in the national team.”

Gui Siyang’s face was clear. “Yes. Thank you, Coach Jiang!”

When he entered the room just now, the boy’s head was lowered and he was extremely depressed. Now that he was going out, his face was full of joy and his steps were much lighter. After all, he was too young. No matter how hard he tried to control his emotions, it was difficult to pretend like an adult.

Jiang Shaoyu stared at Xiao Gui’s back. This good seedling hadn’t formed a fixed playing style yet. A blank piece of paper with high talent could actually be cultivated into the next generation of a free person. He thought of this and sent a message to Pei Feng. “Come to the office to find me.”

Soon, Pei Feng opened the door and walked in. He smiled and asked, “Master, what did you say to Xiao Gui? He looks so excited.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “I asked him to stay in the national team and be the captain of the youth team.”

Pei Feng was slightly stunned and quickly understood his master’s deep meaning. For this year’s Rising Stars Cup, the winner, runner-up and third place winner were selected for the national team’s training camp. If this national team played well then more excellent seedlings would definitely emerge in the next Rising Stars Cup and they would come to the national team.

The formation of a regular national youth training team was also one of Jiang Shaoyu’s plans.

Xiao Gui was the runner-up of the first Rising Stars Cup and had outstanding talent and put in serious effort. He was indeed suitable to be the captain of the youth team.

Pei Feng smiled. “Master is really thoughtful. You called me over. Is there anything you want to discuss?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Xiao Gui has good talent and is very malleable. In the future, you can train him alone, just like when you were abused by various professions in ACE. This way, he can learn the playing style of different professions. The free person of the national team is also a position that needs to be inherited. In the future, our Chinese national team should have a free person in each season.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Okay. I like this kid. His goal is very clear despite his young age. I will teach him how to play in all positions. He is smart and serious. He should learn quickly.”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Yes. In addition, I would like to appoint you as the captain of the sixth national team.”

Pei Feng was a bit surprised. He thought that the captain of this season would be Lao Lin or Liu Shaozhou. Unexpectedly, his master wanted him to do it?

He was silent for a moment before saying in worry, “But I don’t have experience in official competitions and my qualifications in the e-sports circle aren’t as good as Lao Lin and Captain Liu. If you let me be the captain, I’m afraid it will be difficult to convince the public, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou, Ye Zi and Xiao Liu are captains of big teams and will lead their teams to play in the A-grade League in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, you are different. You aren’t a club player and domestic competitions have nothing to do with you. You can concentrate on staying in the national team to train players and prepare for world events. I also discussed this with the coaches and everyone agreed.”

Pei Feng suddenly realized. “So this is the case. Master, do you want me to serve as the captain of the national team full-time?”

Lao Lin and Liu Shaozhou were the captains of the team and would definitely be too busy leading the team to play games. On the contrary, Pei Feng was staying in the national team and could be the captain full-time. If the coaching staff had any tactical ideas then they could directly tell him. This was indeed very convenient.

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. You will be participating in the tactical discussions as the captain in order to know the tactical thinking of the coaching staff. This year’s national team is formed in June, unlike previous years when it was finalized in November. We still have half a year to practice various cooperations. You are staying at the base and it is most suitable for you to serve as the captain and chief commander.

Pei Feng smiled. “Understood! I will resolutely obey orders.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at his apprentice and said solemnly, “However, we have a master-disciple relationship. Once it is officially announced that you are the captain of the national team, it will definitely cause controversy among netizens.”

The master was the coach and the apprentice became the captain. Netizens would definitely feel it was the master’s favoritism that let the apprentice take the position.

Pei Feng shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I have been slandered more than once or twice and they can say whatever they want. Besides, Master is the head coach of the national team. Whoever the coach wants to be captain will be captain. Do the netizens have to agree?”

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help smiling slightly when he heard this. Xiao Pei had never been afraid of negative public opinion on the Internet. Last time when Xiao Bin was slandered, he handled it very well. Besides, Fred’s tens of millions of Weibo fans weren’t just a display. There was nothing to worry about.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at his apprentice and said seriously, “Many of my tactical concepts need to be realized by you in the arena. The lineup wasn’t decided before, so I couldn’t discuss many things directly until now. It will be easier in the future.”

He reached out and gently patted his apprentice’s shoulder. “Xiao Pei, you are currently the first free person and you need to cooperate with the lineup to switch between five professions at the same time. Once you become the captain, you will be under a lot of pressure. If we lose a match in the future, we will be scolded together. You should be mentally prepared. Being part of the national team isn’t just an honor but also a heavy burden. I am entrusting it to you because I believe you can do well.”

Pei Fei imagined the scene of their master-apprentice duo being scolded by the keyboard warriors and it seemed to be quite good?

At the very least, he could stand by his master’s side and help his master share some of the pressure.

Pei Feng smiled. “Master, rest assured. If there is anything in the future, I will accompany you to fight together.”

One was the coach of the national team and the other was the captain. They could share the glory if they got good results. If they didn’t get good results, it wasn’t a big deal to be scolded together. In any case, Pei Feng had a thick skin and Jiang Shaoyu had a poisonous tongue. He was invulnerable to all poisons.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Okay, go back. Prepare for the new team members to move in.”

On the evening of May 14th, Jiang Shaoyu created a group and added all the members of the national team. The group was named ‘the sixth national team.’

On the evening of the 15th, the official Weibo of the national team finally officially announced the results of the tryouts. “The results of the tryouts have been announced on the official website. The sixth national team is officially formed today. The captain: Pei Feng. The team members: Liu Shaozhou, Mo Hantian, Lin Haoyan, Hua Ran, Ye Qingming, Qin Xueyao, Zhou Yiran, Xia Li, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin. I welcome all players to join the big family of the sixth national team.”

Netizens: “!!!”

With the release of the official news, the e-sports circle seemed to have experienced a landslide and tsunami. The netizens collectively exploded!


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    — can’t be saved anymore (actually I’m exactly the same)

    “With the release of the official news, the e-sports circle seemed to have experienced a landslide and tsunami. The netizens collectively exploded!”
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