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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 100

Gunfire on a Rainy Night

Pei Feng saw the ‘network failure’ prompt on the computer screen and sighed in his heart. ‘Master, this is worthy of you.’

Even creating a network failure in order to test the mentality of the newcomers?

Mo Hantian saw the ‘network failure’ on the computer screen and felt like a basin of cold water had been poured on him, making his spine shudder!

He had been a bit dazed at first when he was matched to the 32nd room. A full sniper map with a five star difficulty and six snipers sniping each other in the night, what type of nightmare game mode was this? It was simply unheard of.

However, he made the comparison and found that the people around him were stronger than the other.

On his side, No 1’s commanding ability was one of the best in the A-grade League. No 93 had a quick response and accurate marksmanship. They were definitely a talented player. On the opponent’s side, No 161 was amazingly strong. Almost every time they shot, they killed with a ‘headshot.’ No 287 and No 300 also performed well.

Having played two rounds before, it was impossible for so many great snipers to appear randomly in the last match of the third round. The only explanation was that this seemingly ‘random’ competition wasn’t random at all but a selection match deliberately arranged by God Wing!

If he didn’t perform well today, would the judges eliminate him?

The continuous training of the past few months had been to prove that he wasn’t an ‘ambassador to persuade you to quit Gun King’ or ‘a fancy vase’ in the eyes of netizens. He had always regarded God Wing as an idol and he really wanted to join the national team!

Mo Hantian’s eyes were slightly red. He resisted the urge to cry as he quickly wiped the sweat from his palms and placed his fingers back on the keyboard.

No 93, Gui Siyang, also experienced great psychological pressure.

He was the best youth trainee this year and refused the invitation of the major clubs. He had the clear goal of going from the Rising Stars Cup to entering the national team. He only had one thought—he was going to the World Series!

If he wasn’t selected, it was equivalent to wasting a year where he could be playing in the A-grade League in vain. How could he be willing?

Gui Siyang took a deep breath and the emotions in his eyes finally calmed down.

Compared with the entanglement of Xiao Mo and Xiao Gui, Xiao Pang and Yu Feng on the red team were much calmer.

Yu Feng’s idea was very simple. In any case, he didn’t have the extravagant hope of being selected for the national team to play in the World Series. Being able to fight against the top snipers of the professional league was a rare and valuable opportunity for him. Fight well and don’t drag back his teammates. This meant he felt no pressure.

Xiao Pang also felt no pressure. He wasn’t valued at all in TNG previously, but God Wing saw his strength after an inspection. God Wing gave him encouragement and a chance. He came to the tryouts just to prove that he wasn’t weak.

After a short 30 second pause, Jiang Shaoyu’s basin of cold water was amplifying the psychological pressure of some players.

Being able to withstand the pressure, maintain their state and quickly regain the feel of the game was the talent he needed for the national team.

A notification popped up on the computer screen. [The match is about to start. Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang both stared nervously at the screen.

At this time, Pei Feng started to speak. “Fight well, jiayou.”

Mo Hantian was stunned for a moment and asked, “How to set up the formation?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Just do it yourself. Scatter and fight a guerrilla battle. I won’t command.”

The team members, “?????”

The judges: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu paused the match to test their mentality and Pei Feng also learned his master’s psychological warfare!

If he said this, wouldn’t the mentality of his teammates be even more broken?

On the other hand, Liu Shaozhou actually gave a similar order. “There are still 15 heads left. Everyone should work hard and adapt.”

The two conductors quit on the spot.

Yu Feng had never seen such a scene before and wanted to say, ‘Are you guys having so much fun in the tryouts?’

There was no need to mention the six snipers fighting in the rainy night. Just as the fighting became fierce, there was a pause. After the pause, the commanders stopped working?

Without the influence of Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou’s command, the next step was completely ‘relying on your own ability.’

The match resumed. At this point, the two sides had a heads ratio of 35:35.

From a god’s perspective, the players on the blue team’s side were more scattered and still maintained the ‘triangular defensive formation’ suggested by Pei Feng at the beginning. Moreover, the red side used an offensive formation.

This map area had only one dim street lamp that illuminated the cross-shaped street. The rear of the other buildings was a dark blind spot. The heavy rain continued and the sound disturbed the people listening.

Yet once they blocked this sound effect, the footsteps and gunshots wouldn’t be heard. Everyone could only endure the interference of this environmental noise.

Liu Shaozhou sneaked into the night. Pei Feng also sneaked into a building complex and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The thoughts of both commanders at this time were very simple. Their performance in the first half was already good enough. Out of the 35 heads, they scored 25 of them. Their performance was so bright that the snipers of the same team didn’t seem outstanding enough. They become the supporting roles to set off the two players.

Now they should take a step back and let the masters see the performance of these newcomers. The judges knew how good they were and there was no need to continue to show off. Let the young people take the stage.

Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou tacitly withdrew from the center. They started to detour from the side to watch the match.

Pang Yu chose to rush from the left to take away the resurrection point on the left. Yu Feng snaked around, switched to a dagger and bypassed from the right, imitating Xueyao’s scouting style. He wanted to find the opponent’s position as much as possible to shoot at them.

At the same time, Mo Hantian and Gui Siyang also made a decision. Xiao Gui switched to the MSG and jumped from the roof, hiding in the night. Mo Hantian also hid in the night, waiting for an opportunity.

Just now, there were gunshots on the map from all directions. Under the command of Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou, the sniping between the two sides was very fierce.

Yet at this moment, the entire map fell silent.

Torrential rain poured down and the snipers who disappeared in the darkness scattered around the city.

Everyone was hidden in the darkness and no figure could be seen in the street area illuminated by the street lamps. It was as if the entire city had become empty.

The coaches sitting on the judges’ bench didn’t dare to relax.

In addition to watching the big screen from the god’s perspective, they were all distracted by looking at the first person perspective of each player on the split screens.

Time passed minute by minute. From a god’s perspective, it could be seen that Mo Hantian and Yu Feng in the right area were just separated by a street corner.

The ambient noise of the heavy rain would cover up the players’ footsteps, but if they listened carefully, they could still hear some movement.

At this time, in order to facilitate movement, the two of them were holding the lightest dagger or smoke bomb. In the dark environment, they couldn’t see each other clearly. However, the moment they walked around the corner—

Mo Hantian suddenly switched to a gun and fired a sniper shot at 90 degrees!

[’No 250 Sniper’ has hit ‘No 300 Sniper’ with a MSG!]

In the dark, with no vision at all, Xiao Mo’s reflexive shot actually hit Yu Feng, who was walking his way.

Such an instantaneous reaction couldn’t be practiced overnight.

Jiang Shaoyu continued to watch the match with appreciation in his eyes.

After hitting the opponent, Mo Hantian didn’t hesitate to fire again and cleared Yu Feng’s health to zero.

At the same time, an encounter broke out on the left side. Pang Yu found Gui Siyang. The two people met at the intersection and fired at almost the same time. However, Pang Yu had rich experience while Gui Siyang was a youth trainee with no competition experience. In this wave of gunfire, Pang Yu simply and neatly killed Gui Siyang with two shots. Gui Siyang just hit Pang Yu and failed to kill him.

The two scouts didn’t do nothing either. After locking onto the gunfire location, Ye Qingming immediately went around and killed Pang Yu with a knife. Little Ye Zi also went to kill Mo Hantian.

The kill notifications popped up on the screen one after another. This type of nightmare was very convenient for scouts to lurk with a knife for assassination.

The heads ratio was 37:37.

After the resurrection, the group moved quickly through the rainy night.



The close heads ratio continued to rise, which also made the psychological pressure on the players of both sides reach its peak.

The heads ratio of both sides reached 47:47 and it would be decided in the final wave!

The moment Mo Hantian walked out, he was attacked by the enemy scout. This No 199 scout seemed to be targeting him. They came to assassinate him every time.

The heads ratio on the screen became 48:47 and the red side had the advantage.

Immediately after, the blue team’s Ye Qingming came to the place where Mo Hantian died and killed little Ye Zi, changing it to 48:48.

The last two heads!

Mo Hantian’s voice trembled nervously. “Medic, can you save me?”

If the medic didn’t save him then he might not be able to catch up to the last wave of battle when running from the resurrection point.

Fortunately, Shi Xiaobin wasn’t far away from him. Shi Xiaobin heard this and ran over as quickly as possible to help him up.

At the same time, there was a gunshot from the left side again. Yu Feng happened to meet Gui Siyang over there and the two people sniped at each other. The area was dimly lit. Yu Feng dodged in an S shape and it was this subconscious dodge that allowed the bullet to graze by his ear!

Yu Feng fired back and killed Xiao Gui.


Gui Siyang looked at the gray computer screen and felt a bit sad.

He was still too immature, right? He was young and inexperienced. He might’ve worked hard but he was still a bit worse than the pros who had played for a few years.

Pei Feng heard the gunshot and quickly went around to deal with Yu Feng, leveling the number of heads again.

49:49. Whoever got 50 heads first would win!

At this moment, Shi Xiaobin spoke. “I’ll lure them out. You have to seize the opportunity.”

Mo Hantian was stunned. Before he could reply, he saw Shi Xiaobin suddenly rush out quickly.

In the torrential rain, a small figure rushed out like a nimble squirrel in the wind. Shi Xiaobin was very familiar with this map. He ran all the way to the street lamp and Pang Yu instinctively fired.


A bullet instantly hit Shi Xiaobin’s head!

Shi Xiaobin didn’t die.

It was because the third piece of equipment he was wearing was the bulletproof helmet, which specialized in protecting against the first shot of a sniper.

The next moment, a clear gunshot rang out in the rainy night.

Mo Hantian, who was hiding to the side, immediately locked onto the opponent’s position the moment Pang Yu fired. He calmly pulled the trigger.


The bullet roared through the rain and accurately pierced Pang Yu’s head!

A headshot symbol popped up in the middle of the screen and the heads ratio finally became 50:49.

The blue side won!

Mo Hantian suddenly wanted to cry. He knew he was far behind the No 1 and No 161 snipers. However, he really tried his best in this round. In the last wave, the medic led the enemy out and he quickly killed the enemy.

Whether he could be selected or not depended on the decision of the judges.

At the end of the match, the ten people were kicked out of the room and they all couldn’t calm down for a long time.

This thrilling rainy night confrontation would have a huge impact on their future careers.

In the judges’ seats, Jiang Shaoyu withdrew his gaze and calmly said, “I believe that everyone has no doubts about No 1 and No 161. Their performance in the first two rounds was also very good. Let’s rank the remaining four snipers.”

Qi Heng sighed emotionally. “The four players each have their own characteristics and I’m really reluctant to part with them!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Coach Xu, the oldest one who had been coaching at BM for nine years. “Senior, why don’t you make a comment?”

Old Xu thought about it seriously. “No 93’s playing style is a bit immature. Perhaps they are inexperienced. But they are very talented. In time, they will definitely become a master! No 250’s instantaneous reaction ability is very strong. They have accurate marksmanship and very solid basic skills. It can be seen that they have been doing hard work behind the scenes. Their ability to seize opportunities is very strong.”

“For No 287, their performance is very stable. The overall view of the situation is good but their thinking is more conservative. I feel that they need to break through themselves. It can be seen that No 300 has a very relaxed mentality and their style of play is flexible. Their positioning is the strongest among the snipers but marksmanship needs to be improved.”

It was worthy of being a nine year coach. His eyes were very vicious.

No 93 was Gui Siyang. He was a youth trainee and was indeed a bit immature. He was too young and needed to gain some experience in competitions.

No 287 was Pang Yu. The reason he played conservatively was due to the mental habits formed by the oppression of the TNG Club. He wasn’t very good at taking the initiative to find opportunities to open up the situation. Jiang Shaoyu believed that Xiao Pang would have a better performance after his transfer.

No 300 Yu Feng was from the secondary league. He never thought he could be selected so he played with a relaxed mentality. He moved strongly because he was taught by his captain, Qin Xueyao. His marksmanship accuracy really had room for improvement.

On the whole, No 250 Mo Hantian was the best. He practiced hard during this time and made rapid progress. His solid basic operations and long-term instantaneous reaction ability trained in the Korean server was shown in the game, allowing the coaches to see it. He withstood the psychological pressure of Jiang Shaoyu suspending the match and pouring cold water on him, rather than having a mental breakdown and being beaten by the opponent like he did in last year’s World Series.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Old Xu evaluated it very objectively. Let’s score each one and give them to Qin Bo to summarize.”

All the coaches scored and gave the summary to Qin Bo. Jiang Shaoyu stood up, looked at everyone and said in a gentle voice, “You have worked hard. Go back and rest first. We will meet tomorrow to discuss it and determine the final list of the national team.”


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