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TFHS: Chapter 10

Bai Qiaomo might’ve been informed about the engagement by the head of the Feng family, but no one from the Feng family in Gaoyang County informed him. In addition, no one said a word after the marriage agreement, let alone the date of the wedding. He recuperated from his injuries in the village with determination, and practiced the technique called Yangyuan Classic at night.

This exercise had no purpose other than to warm and nourish the body, dantian, and meridians.

He might not be able to restore his dantian immediately, but after practicing day by day, the pain in his dantian was reduced a lot. This was quite effective.

Bai Qiaomo had thought that he was the one who caused the Feng family and Feng Ming to suffer. He heard that the Feng family’s ger had an extremely poor root and thin and fragile meridians. This made it impossible for him to cultivate.

Bao Qiaomo had nothing, so why not give this Yangyuan Classic to Feng Ming as compensation? It would definitely help Feng Ming’s body.

Bai Qiaomo had never left the village, but among the servants and farmers in the village, there would always be someone who left the village and went to the city. The news of the marriage had already been spread in Qingyun City. As long as someone came to the city, they could know about it without asking.

Thus, the people who entered the city brought the news back to the village. Soon, everyone in the village knew about it. It happened that Bai Qiaomo listened to them talking while he was walking around and knew that he was about to get married.

He was clearly the last one to find out. If he didn’t have the memories of his previous life and hadn’t experienced it once, he would definitely be sad and disappointed when he first heard about what the Bai family did.

Now when he heard these things, he only felt ridiculous.

Wasn’t it ridiculous? After the Bai family decided on his life-long event, they didn’t think of sending someone to inform him.

It was estimated that the head of the Bai family felt that the reputation of getting married into another family was too bad. They weren’t willing to do the preparation work, so he didn’t even have wedding clothes on the day he got married.

It was no wonder that the servants’ attitude toward him had changed in the past two days. They treated him as their master again. After all, his future backer would be the Feng family.

As long as they couldn’t figure out the Feng family’s attitude toward him, these servants naturally had to be more careful to avoid being retaliated against later.

Bai Qiaomo returned to the room, walked around the room twice and soon stopped again with a self-deprecating smile on his face. It was obviously a formal marriage forced  by the situation, but his mood actually had ups and downs. This shouldn’t be the case.

However, he couldn’t embarrass the Feng family. The Bai family didn’t prepare wedding clothes for him. Then he could prepare it himself and wear it when the Feng family came to welcome the spouse tomorrow.

As for the dowry, it was the net worth in his storage ring.

Before his accident, his status in the Kunyuan Sect and the Bai family wasn’t low. He also gained a lot when he went out to practice. Therefore, the net worth he accumulated over the years was much richer than the ordinary children of the Bai family.

Naturally, there were children from the Bai family who wanted to make plans in this regard when Bai Qiaomo was sent back from the sect. However, there was the name of the Kunyuan Sect. Even if they had ideas in their mind, they didn’t dare go ahead with it. This allowed him to keep the storage ring.

Bai Qiaomo sat on the chair and looked through the storage ring. His wealth, which made others jealous, was really worthless from his current perspective.

“Huh? There is a piece of red cloth. When did you stuff it in?”

Bai Qiaomo moved his hands and took out a piece of red cloth with dark patterns printed on it. It was suitable to be used as wedding clothes. He really couldn’t remember when he put it in the storage ring, but Bai Qiaomo took action on the spot.

At this time, Bai Qiaomo was very fortunate that he had learned weapon refining in Kunyuan. Not only did he have a heaven-grade root, but his talent in soul power wasn’t bad. It was at the upper level of the black-grade.

Many of the alchemists and other disciples in the Kunyuan Sect had worse soul power talents than him. So in his spare time, he chose to refine weapons.

He had made a robe for himself out of the wild animal skins he hunted. Now he would take this fabric as animal skin and use refining tools to make magic clothes. Bai Qiaomo took out the tools with great interest and got busy. Anyway, no one in the village would disturb him.

It took an hour for Bai Qiaomo to make clothes from the cloth. After putting them on, he looked in the mirror. The workmanship wasn’t the best, but it was enough to cope with tomorrow’s wedding. Bai Qiaomo took off the clothes and put them carefully in his storage ring. It was most secure to put it inside the storage ring.

The moment he finished all of this, a servant knocked on the door and announced, “Young Master, someone wants to see you.’

Bai Qiaomo walked over and opened the door, looking at the servant indifferently. “Who wants to see me?”

“It is a member of the Feng family.”

“Bring the person in.” After saying this, Bai Qiaomo turned around and entered the house again.

The servant didn’t dare to be perfunctory and went to invite someone. This was a person from the Feng family. If he offended a member of the Feng family, the Bai family might not be willing to protect him. It was better to be aware of the current situation.

Bai Qiaomo was curious about why the head of the Feng family had sent someone over now.

Not long after, a powerful guard from the Feng family came to Bai Qiaomo. He bowed and explained his intention in a straightforward manner.

Bai Qiaomo felt a bit embarrassed. The Feng family had considered things for him that the Bai family hadn’t considered.

“Young Master Bai…” The guard thought that Bai Qiaomo hadn’t reacted and was about to repeat himself.

Bai Qiaomo waved his hand and said he understood. “Thank the head of the Feng family for his kindness toward me. I have found out about this matter and have prepared the wedding clothes. I am just waiting for the person who will come to greet me tomorrow. I will wait here.”

The guard sighed with relief. He had been afraid that Young Master Bai would suddenly hear about this incident and cause a fuss. Fortunately, Young Master Bai was in a normal mood and didn’t show any disgust toward this matter. Tomorrow’s wedding could be held normally.

How could they be sloppy when it came to the big matters of the young master of the Feng family, letting other people see his joke?

“Then I will go back and report to the head of the family. This subordinate will leave now.”

Bai Qiaomo personally saw him off. He watched the person ride a second-level wildebeest before turning back.

Comparing the situation between himself and Feng Ming, Bai Qiaomo felt a bit envious of Feng Ming. Their situations were somewhat similar, but the way their relatives treated them was quite different.

His father, the head of the Bai family, only had interests in his eyes, while the head of the Feng family valued family affection the most.

No, apart from interests, his father actually valued Bai Qiaolan more because this was the son born to him by the woman he liked. However, he believed that in the face of major interests, the head of the Bai family would still choose interests over his own children. This was determined by his nature.

He admitted that compared to the Bai family, he had a somewhat favorable impression of the Feng family founded by Feng Jinlin, whom he had never heard of in his previous life.

The second day was the big day for the Feng family to marry their ger to the Bai family. Many people in Qingyun City got up early and came to the street outside, waiting to watch the happy event.

The Feng family had a happy event and it would definitely be a big event. As for the Bai family, there was no need to count on them. The Feng family had lights and decorations, but there was no movement from the Bai family.

As everyone knew, the Bai family was almost overwhelmed with work this morning because the wedding day was coming. No matter how reluctant the head of the Bai family was, he finally remembered his oldest son who had been left aside and made him lose face. He had to order his wife to prepare for the marriage.

The wife of the head of the family was stunned and said that the person involved was still in the village outside. Weren’t they going to the village outside to welcome the spouse?

The head of the Bai family immediately quarreled with his wife. He hadn’t wanted to take care of things and thought that his wife would handle these trivial matters.

It was time to welcome the spouse. If Bai Qiaomo wasn’t brought back from the village, wouldn’t the Bai family be completely reduced to a joke?

In addition, he finally remembered that the Feng family of Gaoyang County was going to send someone to attend the wedding and give gifts. If they knew that the Bai family was so perfunctory and negligent, would they think that the Bai family had objections to the Feng family of Gaoyang County?

That was a family that the Bai family never dared to climb before. How dare the head of the Bai family offend such a high-ranking family?

It was still his oldest son who hadn’t lived up to expectations. If it wasn’t for something happening to his son, if his son had been more cautious, it would be his turn to receive the jealousy of the people in the city. It was because the Bai family would’ve married the Feng family of Gaoyang County. Even if it was marrying in, the result would be ten thousand times better than the current result.

It was just a little bit close, but the result was too different worlds.

The wife of the head of the family was also angry. This biological father didn’t bother to ask questions, so why did she have to do so much as a stepmother?

She herself had a grudge against Bai Qiaomo. The moment Bai Qiaomo came back, she had an idea about Bai Qiaomo’s wealth but was stopped by the head of the Bai family. This made the wife extremely angry.

She might be the wife of the head of the family, but she actually had a monthly limit. She couldn’t use the family’s resources indefinitely.

In order to allow her own son, Bai Qiaolan, to obtain more cultivation resources, she desperately tried to find a way to get them. For this reason, she didn’t hesitate to let her son pursue the good-for-nothing ger of the Feng family.

It was because the Feng family was so rich. Many resources belonged to the good-for-nothing ger alone. Marrying him into the family was equivalent to marrying a golden treasure basin.

Of course, Feng Ming was a ger. The wife of the head of the Bai family was very disdainful. In her mind, he would just marry and become a wife.

But he couldn’t be allowed to have children. Who made his qualifications too poor? She would recruit several women with better qualifications for her son to give birth to offspring.

No matter how well she thought, she couldn’t withstand the changes in the situation. Not only did her son fail to pursue the ger, a good-for-nothing she despised, but Bai Qiaomo, whom she regarded as a thorn in her side, was going to marry into the Feng family.

He might be a useless person, but she still felt that Bai Qiaomo had taken away a large amount of the Feng family’s property.

With such a mentality, how could she arrange a wedding ceremony for Bai Qiaomo? If the head of the Bai family didn’t go to her personally, she would pretend it didn’t exist.

However, now the head of the Bai family had personally given the order so she had to get busy. The people of the Bai family also hurriedly moved around, decorating the mansion and sending people to the village to pick up the spouse. They couldn’t really let the Feng family go to the village to welcome the spouse.

Bai Qiaomo might be a son-in-law, but no matter what, the Bai family and Feng family were related by marriage from today on. It was okay not to give Bai Qiaomo face, but they had to give face to the Feng family.

The head of the Bai family didn’t want to show outsiders a joke. What he didn’t know was that the business of the Bai family early in the morning was seen by outsiders. Rather than a joke, the head of the Bai family looked too cold-blooded and narrow-minded.

Feng Jinlin was always paying attention to the situation of the Bai family. He sneered when he received the news that the Bai family had finally taken action. Don’t blame him for looking down on the head of the Bai family. With this behavior, shouldn’t people look down on him?

Of course, it was a good thing for the Feng family that the head of the Bai family had taken action. Otherwise, the Feng family would have to send people to welcome the spouse all the way outside the city. This would delay a lot of time on the way, and he wasn’t necessarily willing to let Ming’er go there in person.

It was easier now that Bai Qiaomo was in the city. Just let Feng Ming go out to greet him.

Feng Ming got up early in the morning to wash up and dress up. Of course, there was no need for him to do anything. There were servants to take care of him, so he just had to be a wooden man and let them manipulate him.

Feng Jinlin came to tell him in person. “The Bai family has taken action to bring Bai Qiaomo back to the city. In this way, the Feng family doesn’t have to go out of the city to welcome your spouse. Originally, I wanted to find someone else to meet him outside the city in your place.”

Feng Ming sweated. If this was the case, he didn’t know if Bai Qiaomo could stand it.

“The head of the Bai family has finally turned a corner?”

The head of the Feng family burst out laughing. Wasn’t this the case? It wasn’t easy.


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