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TFHS: Chapter 11

The head of the Feng family sent people to watch the Bai family’s movements. The head of the Bai family also knew he had to send someone to keep an eye on the Feng family’s movements. If the Feng family sent people to scatter wedding money at the door, the Bai family had to do the same. They couldn’t let the Bai family be compared to the Feng family.

The Feng family opened its door to welcome guests, and the Bai family also opened its door to welcome guests.

On this day, the main forces of Qingyun City were divided into two groups to attend the wedding banquet. Of course, the Sheng family and Ding family sent people to the Feng family and Bai family to congratulate each other.

Sheng Duo had come to the Feng family a long time ago and was jumping up and down. Sister Sheng followed in order to watch her little brother. Seeing this scene, she couldn’t bear to look at it. How could her little brother be so stupid? Fortunately, Feng Ming could bear it. She heard he was pretty good to her little brother.

In fact, after observing for a while, Sister Sheng realized that even though the two of them got along well, they didn’t have those types of feelings. They were just having fun together, even if her younger brother was aggrieved and felt that this marriage was too unfair.

Sheng Duo muttered bad things about the Bai family in Feng Ming’s ear. Sister Sheng couldn’t bear it and pulled him over. She apologized to Feng Ming, “My little brother has caused trouble to Young Master Feng.”

Feng Ming laughed. Sister Sheng and the head of the Sheng family were both women who weren’t inferior to men. In this world, there were men with three wives and four concubines. However, talented and powerful women and ger could also enjoy the same treatment. Feng Ming knew that Miss Sheng would follow her mother’s path in the future.

Compared with the Bai family, he felt that the Sheng family was more humane.”

“No, Younger Brother Sheng is innocent and endearing.”

Sister Sheng laughed happily. Sure enough, everyone could see through the essence of her little brother. However, her little brother’s focus was on the last sentence. He felt proud that he was indeed loved by everyone. D*mn Bai Qiaomo of the Bai family. He snatched away his favorite Feng Ming. Woo woo woo.

On the other side, when the people sent by the head of the Bai family went to pick up Bai Qiaomo in the village, the people of the village were startled. However, the person involved, Bai Qiaomo, was the calmest.

In his opinion, the head of the Bai family wasn’t so stupid that he would refuse to send someone to take him back. This would be enough to embarrass the Bai family.

Bai Qiaomo didn’t need to pack anything. He just fluttered his sleeves and got into the wildebeest carriage. The leading guard waved his hand, and the carriage immediately started moving. He wanted to return to the city quickly, so the speed on this road wasn’t slow.

Many people had gathered at the city gate when they returned to the city. Seeing the appearance of the carriage, everyone said clearly, “This is the convoy picking up Young Master Bai. The Bai family has finally brought him back.”

“Young Master Bai is really miserable. Such a good future was ruined in one day, and he was despised by his own father.” No matter how pleasant the words of the head of the Bai family were, no one believed that he had good intentions.

“In fact, I think marrying into the Feng family is a good thing for Young Master Bai. Look at when he stayed in the Bai family. He was left indifferently in a village so far outside the city. After entering the Feng family, he just has to please Young Master Feng and Young Master Bai’s life would be much better than staying in the Bai family.”

“That’s right. The Feng family really doesn’t lack healing pills. Young Master Bai should recuperate his body as quickly as possible. It is better to follow Young Master Feng and have a child as soon as possible in the future.”

Bai Qiaomo’s dantian might’ve been destroyed, and his cultivation abolished, but his five senses were much higher than those of people who had never practiced. They were even sharper than the cultivators in the body tempering realm, so he could hear everything. Bai Qiaomo didn’t know how to react to the discussions about him, especially the words about giving birth to a child.

It was an act of kindness for the Feng family to take him in. Young Master Feng should give birth to a beloved child with the man he liked, not with Bai Qiaomo.

After arriving at the Bai house, Bai Qiaomo was escorted into the temporarily prepared new house. As for the courtyard where Bai Qiaomo originally lived, it had the best location, so it had long been taken away by Bai Qiaolan.

Then a bunch of servants surrounded Bai Qiaomo, dressing him up and asking him to wear wedding clothes that came from nowhere.

The only thing Bai Qiaomo insisted on was that he must wear the wedding clothes he had brought with him. The servants thought this wasn’t an important thing as long as it was wedding clothes. Thus, they compromised.

During this process, some people kept whispering in Bai Qiaomo’s ears. They were things like how popular Young Master Feng was in Qingyun City. He had shallow relationships with the young masters of the Sheng family, Ding family, and Song family. They often met outside, and this was something the whole city knew.

Bai Qiaomo’s lips curled up slightly. How could he not know the intentions of these people? No, it should be called the intentions of those behind the scenes. He wondered if it was his stepmother or his good brothers. They wanted to give him a bad impression of Feng Ming before he entered the Feng family, leaving a shadow in his heart. Then how could their relationship improve after getting married?

It was a pity that these people didn’t know the head of the Feng family had negotiated this matter with him earlier. Who Feng Ming really liked and whether he would marry someone else in the future didn’t cause the slightest ripples inside him.

But the people behind the scenes were really working very hard. They didn’t let him go even though he was like this.

Of course, it was only after he was reborn that he saw through this. In his previous life, how could he know that these people were showing one thing on the surface and another thing behind the scenes?

He had been living so smoothly before that he suffered a bloody head when he fell hard. It was only then that he could see the real world around him clearly.

The time to welcome the spouse was coming soon. People along the way watched a play, betting whether Feng Ming would come to greet his spouse in person or not.

Some people didn’t think so. Who didn’t know that this marriage was forced on Feng Ming by the Feng family of Gaoyang County? Besides, Bai Qiaomo was a useless person and they never got along with each other before. How could he happily welcome his husband in person? Just let someone replace him.

Other people insisted that Feng Ming would personally pick up his spouse. In any case, everyone had their own reasons. They just had to wait for the welcoming team to come. Then they would know which one of them lost or won.

They might have been wronged by this marriage, and Feng Jinlin wanted to slap the Bai family in the face, but he wouldn’t make Bai Qiaomo look bad. Thus, he asked Feng Ming to go welcome Bai Qiaomo in person.

Feng Ming rode a tall horse and set off from the Feng house with a group of people. He was smiling, and his wedding clothes made him look like he was beaming with joy. It was as if he was really about to welcome his beloved into the family.

Feng Ming was actually in a pretty good mood. It was already a certain matter anyway. Why bother to make everyone unhappy? Since it was a happy event, everyone should be happy.

Moreover, this pomp was quite interesting. He had never seen such a thing in his previous life. The welcoming team alone consisted of two to three hundred people. From time to time, people threw wedding money on both sides of the road.

The head of the Feng family really spent a lot of money. The wedding money was mixed with yuan beads and pills. Even if they were low-grade pills, everyone who grabbed them would cheer. The scene was extremely lively.

Regardless of whether they grabbed it or not, the passersby said words of congratulations to the newlyweds as if they didn’t want money. Feng Ming would wave to the crowd when he heard it.

Young Brother Sheng followed the welcoming team and was extremely sad to see this scene. “Is Feng Ming so happy? Does Feng Ming really like that guy?”

Sister Sheng wanted to pat her younger brother’s brain to wake him up. She gritted her teeth and said, “Are you going to let Young Master Feng go to the wedding with a mournful face?”

In fact, she didn’t have much contact with Feng Ming before. She thought that this ger, who was doted on by the head of the Feng family, would be an innocent person. Unexpectedly, after getting in touch with him this time, she found that he was much more sensible and sober than her brother.

She also felt that since it couldn’t be changed, he should happily welcome the person in. Happy events should be celebrated.

The group of people who made bets finally saw the welcoming team and saw Feng Ming, who was beaming with joy. Of course, the winners were happy, but the losers couldn’t believe it. Feng Ming was actually really happy to welcome such a useless person into the house? But the smile on his face wasn’t reluctant at all.

Even City Lord Duan came to join in the fun. He stood at the window and watched the welcoming team passing by below, as well as Feng Ming who was waving to passersby. He couldn’t help feeling happy. “Does this little ger really like this marriage?”

The staff member said happily, “He is just doing it for show, but it is a bit more realistic. I can see that this young master is a sensible person.”

City Lord Duan smiled. “It is the blessing of Master Feng that he is so sensible.”

People from other powerful families were also watching and were somewhat confused about Feng Ming’s situation. Was he really happy, or was he just acting? Some people knew that Feng Ming preferred those who were good-looking. Could it be that he fell for Bai Qiaomo’s good-looking face?

Some people felt that they had discovered the truth.

The welcoming team arrived in front of the Bai house and someone went in to deliver a message. “The young master of the Feng family is here.”

Bai Qiaomo felt nervous for a moment when he knew that Feng Ming had come to welcome him in person. He didn’t expect the head of the Feng family and Feng Ming to do it to this extent. It was obviously fake, but at this level, it was enough to give him face. The people around him also said congratulations before pushing him out.

After all, it was a marriage between a ger and a man. Both parties were open and generously allowed people to see them. There was no need to cover up with a red veil, and no one stopped Feng Ming from picking up his husband.

After arriving at the temporary new house, the newlyweds looked at each other, and Feng Ming grinned. Then he stepped forward and took Bai Qiaomo’s hand to bid farewell to Bai Qiaomo’s elders.

Bai Qiaomo was stunned for a moment when Feng Ming held his hand. He knew Feng Ming was acting, but he hadn’t expected Feng Ming to do it to this extent.

Seeing the smile on his face, even Bai Qiaomo felt that Feng Ming came to welcome him sincerely and wanted to get married to him.

It seemed that his understanding of Feng Ming was wrong. This was a person who was broad-minded. Bai Qiaomo was stunned for a moment before showing a slight smile. He cooperated with Feng Ming. He couldn’t let Feng Ming do it all on his own.

His slight smile almost stunned Feng Ming. He had heard from Sheng Duo that the young master of the Bai family was born with good looks, but he was still shocked. He secretly thought it would be worthwhile to be a superficial couple with such a person. If they went back and got along as friends, his eyes would be blessed.

The slightly smiling Bai Qiaomo could clearly see the surprise in Feng Ming’s eyes. It was pure surprise. Bai Qiaomo’s smile couldn’t help deepening. This was a very interesting ger. Perhaps his stay in the Feng family in the future wouldn’t be too boring.

The two of them held hands, looked at each other, and smiled from time to time. This made everyone around them suspicious. Did they really have no contact with each other before and have no mutual affection?

Sheng Duo also rubbed his eyes fiercely and said to his older sister, “Sister, did I see incorrectly? Does Feng Ming actually like Bai Qiaomo?”

Sister Sheng hated that iron couldn’t become steel, so she dragged him out of the crowd. “What are you thinking about? It is obviously the first time these two people have met each other. How can they find time to develop feelings?”

It was just that both sides were rational people and wanted to make this scene perfect. Unexpectedly, they could really deceive a lot of people.

Sister Sheng thought in her heart that Bai Qiaomo was really good-looking even though he had lost his aura. If she had known this, she would’ve taken him into her own backyard if Feng Ming hadn’t married him. If he was in her backyard, just looking at him would be pleasing to the eye and make her feel better all day. What a shame.

Sister Sheng found out at this time that she had something in common with Feng Ming.


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