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TFHS: Chapter 9

After returning home, Feng Jinlin felt better when he saw Feng Ming and Sheng Duo sitting in the yard and talking.

Sheng Duo was actually a bit afraid of the head of the Feng family, but today, he had the courage to ask about the outcome of the meeting. Feng Jinlin said it wouldn’t take long for the news to spread outside.

Sheng Duo was stunned. They were actually getting married. He remembered what Feng Ming said about how his father would fight for the best conditions for him.

As expected, this was much better than marrying Feng Ming into the Bai family. If he stayed in the Feng family, the head of the Feng family naturally wouldn’t let Feng Ming be bullied.

Sheng Duo felt better after knowing the desired result. He hurriedly said goodbye and left.

The head of the Feng family could see that Feng Ming and Sheng Duo were like playmates. Sheng Duo, this child, hadn’t grown up yet.

“Father, tell me. I’m afraid the Bai family doesn’t want to see this result.”

Feng Jinlin raised an eyebrow. “Can the Bai family do anything? It is the fault of the Feng family of Gaoyang County. As long as the request I made isn’t too excessive, they will definitely be on my side.”

The result was obvious. This was why Feng Jinlin never thought he would fail when entering the city lord’s mansion today.

That was why he said that to Bai Qiaomo when seeing him this morning.

Feng Ming said regretfully, “It is a pity that I couldn’t see the face of the head of the Bai family at that time.”

Feng Jinlin thought about the ugly face of the head of the Bai family and laughed. In comparison, his son was much more rational than him.

“Father, when do you think the Bai family will inform Bai Qiaomo about this matter? They won’t wait until the wedding day, will they?”

“It is really possible. This Bai family…” Feng Jinlin shook his head. Fortunately, Bai Qiaomo didn’t have the temperament of the head of the Bai family. Otherwise, they would just remain a superficial couple. He wasn’t willing to accept that or compromise for his child.

“The wedding date has been set. It is in one month. I will ask Housekeeper Zhao to make the preparations.” Even if they were just a superficial couple, there must be the right pomp and show. He didn’t want Feng Ming to be looked down upon.

Feng Ming stood up and stretched. “Oh, I will be a family man in a month.’

Feng Jinlin was amused by him.

The next day, the result spread among several families. As expected, the city was full of an uproar again. The public followed suit to eat melons.

A month later, the abolished oldest son of the Bai family would marry into the Feng family. As expected, the head of the Feng family loved Feng Ming the most.

Of course, it was better to marry someone in than marry Feng Ming out. He could be the master of his own family and had his biological father to support him in everything.

Many women and ger were very envious of Feng Ming’s result. But for them, it wasn’t easy to get a man to marry into the family unless it brought in greater benefits or they were full of confidence.

The Feng family was busy, renovating Feng Ming’s yard to use it as a new house for welcoming the spouse and purchasing items needed for the wedding.

People in Qingyun City could see that Zhao Sheng, the housekeeper of the Feng family, often took people to purchase large quantities of items in various stores. Every time he came out, he scattered large amounts of yuan beads and yuan crystals.

Unlike the Feng family, there was no movement from the Bai family. Bai Qiaolan used to be active outside, but now his shadow couldn’t even be seen. The other Bai family members also weren’t willing to show up outside. If they showed up, they would be asked about the marriage of the Bai family.

In the village outside the city, Bai Qiaomo would’ve never known he was about to be ‘married’ if he hadn’t been informed in advance by the head of the Feng family.

Sixth Uncle Feng and his party were sent out of the city by City Lord Duan himself on the third day. After finishing this matter, they were about to return home. It was agreed that on the day of the wedding, the Feng family of Gaoyang County would send someone to give a congratulatory gift.

Feng Jinlin didn’t care about whether they came or not, or whether they gave a gift or not. It was even better if no one from the Feng family contacted him again and they completely cut off the relationship. This time it was an engagement falling from the sky, but he didn’t know what would happen next time.

Feng Jinlin spent more time on cultivation. He wanted to advance to the essence dan realm as soon as possible to support Feng Ming.

Feng Ming didn’t care about the marriage. In any case, the housekeeper had full authority to handle it. He spent most of the time on alchemy, diligently pulling out his soul power.

In the blink of an eye, the day of his marriage was approaching. Within this month, Feng Ming not only warmed and nourished the first meridian that needed to be opened in the meridians opening realm, but he also further loosened his soul sea. The soul power he could use was greatly increased.

On the tenth day, he finally refined a top-grade body tempering pill. After continuous practice, he upgraded all nine pills to top-grade on the 29th day.

On the last day before the marriage, he finally broke through the limit. Among the nine pills lying at the bottom of the alchemy furnace, a flawless best-grade pill finally appeared, surrounded by eight other top-grade pills.

Feng Ming happily put away this best-grade pill and stored it separately as a souvenir. This was the first time he had refined a best-grade pill. There would be countless times in the future, but the first time was the most cherished.

Moreover, he could refine the primary body tempering pill and become an alchemist. He was no longer an apprentice who could only refine powdered medicine. He wanted to find a suitable opportunity to tell his father and He Shu about this.

There was no time like the present. There was no need to worry about finding time. Just do it.

So on the day before his marriage, Feng Ming came to He Shu while surrounded by a medicinal fragrance.

Today, the Feng family was decorated with lights and colorful decorations everywhere. There was a festive atmosphere. Even He Shu was inevitably affected. He smiled and gave congratulations when seeing Feng Ming.

This happy event wasn’t actively planned by the Feng family, but after thinking about it carefully, He Shu felt that it wasn’t a loss. After all, it was Young Master Bai who was entering the family.

In his opinion, Young Master Bai was a waste, and it was difficult for Feng Ming to improve his cultivation. It was better to seek the development of the next generation. Maybe the child Feng Ming gave birth to could inherit Young Master Bai’s qualifications. Then this marriage wouldn’t be a loss.

On the other hand, Feng Ming didn’t look like someone who was about to get married. The celebration in the mansion seemed to have nothing to do with him. He happily accepted the congratulations and took out the pill he had refined, showing it to He Shu. “I just said that I am a genius alchemist. Uncle He, look. I finally made the body tempering pill.”

“Really?” He Shu’s first reaction was doubt. This was impossible. The chance of awakening soul power later was too small. It wasn’t one in ten thousand or even one in one hundred thousand. It might not even be one in hundreds of thousands of millions.

He took the pill and inspected it carefully. He had been immersed in this industry for many years. He could tell at a glance that it had been refined recently, and it was a middle-grade pill.

He sniffed Feng Ming’s body again. Feng Ming was tainted with the scent of the body tempering pill. He Shu was surprised and quickly took out the soul power test disk. “Come and test whether your soul power has awakened.”

“Okay. I was just looking for a soul disk to test it.”

Feng Ming pressed one hand on the palm-sized soul disk. Both of them stared at the reaction of the soul disk. After a while, the soul disk started to tremble and lit up with a light yellow light.

“Intermediate yellow level. You have really awakened! Wait, you haven’t eaten anything weird recently, have you?” Even though it was only a yellow-grade talent, He Shu still stared at Feng Ming with bright eyes. It was like he wanted to disassemble Feng Ming and study him.

This talent didn’t meet Feng Ming’s expectations. But in any case, according to his speculation, his soul power would increase little by little with the development of his soul sea.

One day in the future, his talent would reach the black level, the earth level or even the heaven level. He was confident.

Feng Ming laughed proudly. “Who am I? I am a genius alchemist. I never doubted myself. This is how my soul power awakened on its own. I have long had a hunch that this day would come. In addition, my soul power will increase little by little. You just wait and see. One day, my soul power will surpass you, Uncle He.”

He Shu blinked and blinked again. These words sounded so familiar. He had laughed them off before and just thought this kid was talking big words.

He heard it so many times that his ears got calluses. He never thought that this big talk would come true one day.

He Shu shook his head, wondering if he was affected by Feng Ming or if he really made a mistake.

Forget it, it was a good thing that this kid had confidence. If Feng Ming’s soul power and alchemy level really surpassed his own in the future, he would only be extremely happy.

“Wait, have you told your father?”

“No, I told Uncle He first when I came out.”

“Quickly, tell your father about this.” He Shu was quite happy in his heart.

“Okay, I’ll go and find my father. Uncle He, you go and do your work. Be sure to drink my wedding wine tomorrow.”

“It turns out you didn’t forget you are getting married tomorrow.”

Feng Ming waved his hand, turned around, and went to find his father. He also took He Shu’s soul disk with him. Yang Xin behind him felt dizzy. His young master had really awakened his soul power and became an alchemist. Why did it sound so unreal?

Yang Xin pinched himself hard and grinned in pain. It turned out to be true. What his young master said was true. His young master turned out to be a genius.

Yang Xin grinned and hurriedly went to chase the young master.

Feng Jinlin’s reaction was similar to He Shu’s. He was even more excited than He Shu. “This is a double blessing. It seems that this marriage isn’t too bad.”

Feng Ming had a dark expression. He developed his soul sea. What did this have to do with getting married? This connection was too far-fetched.

Forget it, let his father be happy. He knew that his father always felt that he owed him. Feng Ming originally thought it was because he didn’t have a mother. It wasn’t until his father revealed his identity that Feng Ming understood the source of this guilt.

Gers were different from women. It only took three months for the egg to be conceived. The next six months required both parents to incubate the egg. If one of them was missing, the fetus in the egg might not develop properly.

If they were both cultivators, using the cultivators’ yuan power to incubate the egg would have a better effect and could improve the child’s qualifications.

But his father had raised him alone. Since he had poor qualifications after both, his father blamed himself and thought he had caused Feng Ming to suffer. Therefore, when Feng Ming grew up, Feng Jinlin felt that no amount of compensation for Feng Ming was enough.

Feng Ming felt that his father really thought too much. His innate qualifications might be a bit lacking, but he could definitely make up for it later. Besides, this wasn’t what his father wanted. How could he blame his father alone?

If anyone was to blame, it was his other biological father, who was nowhere to be found.

“Father, there is something even happier.” Feng Ming had asked Yang Xin to stay outside when he came in. He and his father were the only two people in the room. He had half-revealed and half-hidden things from He Shu, but there was no need to hide it from his father. “Look at what type of pill this is.”

Feng Ming took out the best-grade pill from his collection and showed it to his father. Feng Jinlin stood up excitedly as soon as he saw it. “A flawless best-grade pill? Where did it come from?”

Feng Ming raised his chin and replied, “Of course, your genius son refined it myself. I invested a whole month and finally refined the first best-grade pill. Father, just wait and see. If there is the first pill, there will be a second and third pill. There will be many, many more pills.”

Feng Jinlin squeezed the jade bottle containing the best-grade pill tightly, almost crushing it. His breathing was stagnant, and his eyes showed ecstasy.

Feng Ming might not know it, but as a father, how could he not know how difficult it was to learn how to refine pills to the best-grade pill in just one month?

His son was indeed a genius and not a waste.

His son silently became a blockbuster.

His vision was wider than most of the cultivators in Qingyun City, but this was the first time he had seen such a genius in refining medicine.

“Okay, well done! I knew Ming’er wouldn’t be unknown. My child is as talented as me.”

Feng Ming said, “Of course, with a genius cultivator like Father, how can your son fall behind? I want to be better than my predecessor.”

Feng Jinlin was amused by Feng Ming, but he wasn’t unhappy at all. He wished he could be surpassed by his son.

After getting excited, Feng Jinlin calmed down. “You are getting married tomorrow. Go to bed early today. Don’t go to the alchemy room to avoid smelling of medicine tomorrow.”

Feng Ming remembered something. “Did someone from the Bai family go to inform Bai Qiaomo/ Does Bai Qiaomo know that he is getting married tomorrow?”

Feng Jinlin was dumbfounded. He didn’t know either. “The Bai family wouldn’t be so ruthless, right?”

Feng Ming sneered twice. It wasn’t because he was upset with Bai Qiaomo, but because he looked down on the Bai family’s actions.

Feng Jinlin also felt that he shouldn’t think too well of the Bai family, so he remedied it. “I will ask someone to go to the Bai family’s village to ask. If the Bai family really hasn’t prepared anything, we have to prepare wedding clothes for him. We can’t let him wear regular clothes to enter the Feng family.”

Even if they were just a couple on the surface, the necessary rituals must still be performed. Otherwise, it would just make people look down on the Feng family. As for how people viewed the Bai family, it wasn’t the business of the Feng family.

“Then Father, you can arrange it. I’ll go back.”


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