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PFRG: Chapter 59 Part 2

Under the extremely depressed atmosphere, only the voice of the rabbit was left. “Good evening, my dear friends. It is finally time for the pleasant game again. We are going to have two rounds of handkerchief throwing tonight. I am really looking forward to it!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Dong Zai and Chi Ting respectively. “Then let’s first determine who will play the first round of the game. In order to ensure the fairness of the game, the player participating in the second round should leave the handkerchief to me for safekeeping for the time being.”

“Me, me! I will go first!” Before Chi Ting could say anything, Dong Zai had already stood up.

Chi Ting was as leisurely as ever. “Then I’ll take the second round.”

He temporarily put the handkerchief in the hands of the rabbit gentleman.

The rabbit gentleman gave a final gentle reminder. “Please note that the person passing the handkerchief in the second round won’t participate in this round of the game. Please be careful not to throw the handkerchief behind him. Now, the first round will officially begin!”

The moment these words came out, the surrounding lights suddenly dimmed.

In the silence, the familiar sound of the children’s song sounded again.

“Throw~ throw~ throw the handkerchief~ gently put it behind the child.

Don’t tell them, everyone.

Catch them quickly, catch them quickly…”

The moment the lights dimmed, Dong Zai had already noticed the little girl who suddenly appeared in his seat in the darkness.

Even though it wasn’t the first time he saw Dong Zai, he still had an indescribable feeling of eeriness when he was glanced at by such hollow and dull eyes.

He took a deep breath and started to walk slowly around the round table, silently casting his sights on his target tonight.

Now among the four solo players, it had been determined that Wen Weng wasn’t the ghost hiding among them. The suspicion was concentrated on the other three.

Even though Dong Zai wasn’t sure whether he was a ghost or not, assuming that the last ghost wasn’t him, then there was a high probability that it was Tu Shuhuai.

It was known that ghosts could see during the handkerchief throwing process. Dong Zai wasn’t a fool. He wouldn’t risk his life for the life or death of those two weaklings. Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for him to throw it to Tu Shuhuai. As for the other Yue Ren, who didn’t have a mark on his body—just look at the reaction of the NPC. In some respects, this guy might be more evil than the ghost. If he really provoked this time, it was probably the same as sending himself to death.

These were all things that Dong Zai had already thought about a long time ago.

Regardless of whether he was a player or a ghost, he didn’t want to be ‘driven out.’

If he was a player, he would try his best to clear the level and leave. If he was a ghost, just step on the corpses of these people to win. Since he died in the instance a long time ago, why could anyone else leave alive?

Dong Zai was worried that he was a ghost, and he didn’t want to be voted for in the next round. Therefore, he wouldn’t commit the taboo of harming Wen Weng, whose player identity had already been confirmed, and arouse suspicion for himself.

At the same time, he was worried that there was no ghost hidden in his body. This was why he wouldn’t throw the handkerchief at Tu Shuhuai, who was most likely the ghost. He also wasn’t overconfident in provoking Yue Ren, whose strength was unknown.

In this way, the only option left was…

Dong Zai walked slowly like this, and his cold gaze fell on Fei Ying, who didn’t know what was about to happen.

Looking at the anxious expression on the girl’s face, there were no ripples in his heart.

He used to be a pig butcher. Then once he entered the instances, it wasn’t like he had never killed anyone. The biggest feeling that this place brought to him was that the weak would be eliminated in the instance sooner or later. It should be an honor that they could help the other players bear the pressure of two jealousy marks before they were eliminated. At the very least, it was considered to be the best use. Wasn’t this natural?

After leaving the instance, he would remember to help burn a few sticks of incense.

Dong Zai thought like this and came behind Fei Ying. Then he slowed down unnoticeably.

As the handkerchief in his hand fell silently, the cold and ruthless curve of his mouth gradually became clear.

However, in the next second, the smile on his face completely froze.

In the darkness, he saw the girl, who was supposed to be sitting there unaware of anything, suddenly turn her head.

The uneasy expression she had just a moment ago was gone, replaced by a sneer full of resentment.

The moment their eyes met, a stinging sensation immediately spread over Dong Zai’s head.

Almost out of survival instinct, he ran away with stiff limbs.

However, he soon heard footsteps behind him.

It followed him like a shadow, almost close to his ear. He couldn’t get rid of it no matter what.

Ghost! Fei Ying was actually a ghost?!

Dong Zai shouted and ran hysterically, but gradually fell into more complete despair. He found that the others didn’t react at all, as if they couldn’t hear his screams.

His mind emptied. It seemed that only the empty chair was left in his field of view.

Seeing that he was finally about to arrive, ecstasy was about to emerge in his eyes when a bone-chilling cold suddenly came from his wrist.

Fei Ying’s breathless voice came from behind him. “C-Caught you.”

Dong Zai looked desperately at the message that popped up on his virtual panel.

The handkerchief transfer failed. The two layers of marks tonight were left on his body.

[Jealousy mark 3/3]

[Hehehe, you are so pitiful. You are going to be driven out by the ghost!}

There was a snap, and the surrounding lights came on again.

The others vaguely hear the chase. At this time, they were a bit accustomed to the light suddenly coming on. Then they saw Fei Ying holding Dong Zai tightly with a pale face.

The vacant seat was just a stone’s throw away from them.

As if she finally realized that she had succeeded in chasing, Fei Ying lost her strength in a daze and fell straight to the ground.

Tu Shuhuai had already guessed what happened. Her expression was very subtle when she looked at Dong Zai. “You said you knew how to choose. Were you referring to Fei Ying?”

Dong Zai seemed to finally emerge from his stunned state.

He looked at Tu Shuhuai in a daze but felt that the other person’s words seemed to come from a distant time and space. It seemed like it took a long time for it to fall into his ears.

He felt that the distinct chill on his wrist had completely subsided at some point.

The moment he lowered his head and saw Fei Ying, it felt like he should’ve screamed. However, his reaction was so slow that even the movement of opening his mouth was as slow as slow-motion playback.

After noticing something strange about himself, Dong Zai’s uneasy feeling became stronger and stronger.

He took two steps back. At this moment, he vaguely saw Fei Ying smile toward him as her back was turned to the others.

The expression that only he could see was very similar to how he looked not long ago. It was cold, sarcastic, and without any mercy.

Dong Zai frantically wanted to reveal the true face of the ghost, but this body seemed completely out of his control. No matter how hard he tried, he only felt that everything in the world seemed to be moving away from him little by little.

Obviously, he was standing there very clearly just a moment ago. But at this moment, he felt that there was a very thick wall between him and the others.

Gradually, even his vision turned into a colorless black and white.

Immediately afterward, Dong Zai watched as the colorless world in front of him started to be dotted with strong color blocks one after another.

It was bright and scary, like the color of blood.

Dong Zai knew that he should escape and accuse, but he couldn’t make himself do any actions at all.

At this moment, only the bone-chilling cold was extremely clear.

“Hey, are you okay?” Tu Shuhuai didn’t hear Dong Zai’s reply for a long time after she finished speaking. She faintly felt that something was wrong.

She frowned and was about to step forward to ask when she saw Dong Zai, who had been frozen there, suddenly tremble with stiffness.

The burly man seemed to feel an unbearable pain. His entire expression gradually became distorted from the initial numbness.

Tu Shuhuai suddenly took a few steps back cautiously. She didn’t forget to drag Fei Ying, who had fallen to the ground.

It was as if there was something swelling inside Dong Zai’s face. It caused him to fall heavily to the ground while struggling with convulsions.

Finally, there was a banging sound.

Under everyone’s eyes, Dong Zai’s head exploded in a bloody mess.

The blood splattered thickly on the nearest empty chair. The whole ground bloomed with a shocking red stamen.

All that remained in the meeting hall were gasps and screams.

Even Chi Ting let out a low ‘ah.’

This was the force majeure punishment that he saw when he first came to this unlimited world. He hadn’t expected to see it again in this instance.


  1. ettoile says:

    Wow. I would have never guessed that!
    It would be great if Chi Ting tried to give the handkerchief to this girl as well, because he would definitely win, but I kind of doubt he’ll do that…

    1. Nancy says:

      It’s true! I have a felling that he’ll give the handkerchief to little girl 🤔

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