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PFRG: Chapter 60

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (13)

The players only felt as if the explosion effect seemed to affect them as well.

There was an uncontrollable current rushing to the top of his head. By the time he finally reacted, Wen Weng couldn’t help holding onto the chair next to him and retching.

Fei Ying’s expression was also very ugly. She instinctively wanted to reach out to Tu Shuhuai next to her with an expression like she couldn’t understand.

She looked back and saw that Tu Shuhuai had retreated to the side. Tu Shuhuai was staring straight at her with an expression that couldn’t be understood.

Fei Ying was very dazed. “Sister Tu, what’s wrong? Why are you… looking at me like that?”

Tu Shuhuai’s mood was indeed quite complicated.

There was pity, sympathy, and sadness. At the same time, it was full of scrutiny and vigilance.

She had just pulled Fei Ying out of the friendship between teammates who had been fighting side by side with in the past few days. Then after the temporary emotion, she quickly regained her composure.

Even if she couldn’t bear it, Tu Shuhuai still got straight to the point. “Fei Ying, how did you catch up to Dong Zai just now?”

“How did I catch up?” Fei Ying was obviously still a bit dazed and repeated it once before answering. “It was he who suddenly threw the handkerchief to me. It startled me, and my first reaction was to chase him desperately. What I didn’t expect was that I really managed to chase him in the end…”

Speaking of this, Fei Ying was silent. She obviously realized Tu Shuhuai’s intention behind asking such a question.

After being stunned for a long time, her face became paler. It was obvious that she was completely unable to accept the assumption behind it. “No, no, don’t doubt me! At that time, I just didn’t want to be driven away or die. Really. I tried my best to catch up with him… really! Think about if. If I was a ghost, why didn’t Dong Zai scream it? He should’ve screamed it a long time ago… right?”

Such words came out, but the only response to her was the deathly silence around her.

The strong smell of blood was still floating around, making the atmosphere even more eerie.

This obviously made Fei Ying feel more and more desperate. She scratched her head fiercely. “I’m really not a ghost… How can I be a ghost? I obviously entered this instance with everyone. How can it be possible? It really isn’t me. It can’t be me, it can’t be…”

Everyone just looked at her silently.

Her fellow players understood the despair of suddenly being told that she was suddenly dead, but at this moment, what was more important to them was to finally discover the last ghost. As long as the vote went smoothly again, there was no need to stay here for eight days before leaving the instance.

Such a scene made the players in the live stream room feel very emotional.

The barrage suddenly surged. Some people sympathized with Fei Ying’s situation, some lamented the instance setting that made people uneasy after death, and more people were praising Tu Shuhuai’s keen intuition. At the very least, she didn’t let this ghost fool them.

In the instance, Tu Shuhuai couldn’t bear to look at Fei Ying’s expression again. She sighed secretly in his heart. Then when she looked up, she resumed her usual neat and decisive style. “Everyone should have no other opinions about tomorrow’s vote, right?”

Chi Ting nodded. “Of course.”

The potential of a person to explode at the moment of death was unlimited, and he had seen too many miracles. However, when Dong Zai chose Fei Ying tonight, the same life or death situation was placed in front of both of them.

Fei Ying’s potential could burst, but Dong Zai obviously wouldn’t have a playful mentality. Considering the disparity in physical strength between the two of them, this was indeed not a result that could be explained with a few words.

Obviously, Dong Zai’s sudden action left the ghost with no other choice.

After all, Fei Ying already had one layer of marks on her body. Regardless of whether the ghost would be ‘driven away’ like the players after the three layers of marks were stacked, her identity was 100% certain to be exposed. She had to take the risk to win the game and then try to use rhetoric to fool the players.

Fei Ying’s words about Dong Zai not revealing the identity of the ghost after the game was indeed a doubtful point. However, Chi Ting preferred that in the process of throwing the handkerchief, as a native of this instance, the ghost had the advantage of hiding their identity. This was the main reason why she was willing to gamble.

As for the specific advantages, he was afraid only Dong Zai, who participated, knew.

Wen Weng didn’t have the convoluted brains of others. He could only listen to what was said. At this time, he instinctively kept a distance from Fei Ying and gradually revealed joy. “So, has the last ghost finally been found?”

“We will find out when the voting ends tomorrow. Now, let’s continue the second round of the game.” Chi Ting was about to stand up when his wrist was suddenly grabbed by the person next to him. He looked back strangely. “What’s wrong?”

Yue Ren pressed him back to his seat before letting go. “I take back what I said earlier. The original handkerchief plan might not be interesting. I think you can switch to a more appropriate delivery target tonight.”

They didn’t say it clearly before, but Chi Ting knew very well that Yue Ren knew he planned to throw the handkerchief to the little girl tonight.

Before the start of the first round of the game, there was a consensus between them. Yue Ren suddenly expressing his opposition at this time surprised him, but he also wasn’t very surprised.

After all, in their previous plan, they thought this ghost should be the one they needed to face next. But now, Dong Zai’s experience told everyone that once the game failed, the punishment would come from an unknown force majeure. This was undoubtedly very dangerous when it was uncertain if they could win the game against the girl.

So, was this man concerned about his safety?

Chi Ting silently glanced at Yue Ren. “I understand what you mean. But if I change my plan, who should I choose?”

He touched his chin, his expression faintly distressed. He thought about it and finally glanced at Fei Ying, who had collapsed on the ground.

As if capturing his thoughts, the rabbit watching the show from the round table suddenly reminded him, “To ensure fairness, the handkerchief passer and receiver in the first round of the game can’t participate in the next round. During the game, please be careful not to throw the handkerchief behind them!”

Dong Zai was dead, so it was self-evident who ‘they’ referred to.

The rabbit gentleman’s tone seemed to be gloating over the chaos at the scene. With Yue Ren’s glance, he suddenly fell silent.

“Then it can’t be passed onto the ghost.” Chi Ting felt even more regretful.

At this moment, he heard Yue Ren suddenly say, “Since you are really so hesitant, why don’t you pass it onto me?”

Chi Ting looked back and paused. He asked, “Why did you suddenly go crazy?”

“Didn’t I tell you to find a more suitable choice? Why am I crazy?” Yue Ren couldn’t help chuckling when he looked at Chi Ting. He looked very helpless. “Look, it is rare for me to say something like this. I want to do good deeds from the bottom of my heart, but you don’t want to believe it. I don’t have any marks on my body. I want to take this opportunity tonight to see the so-called ghost before the game ends. Isn’t it fitting?”

Chi Ting didn’t answer and looked down at Yue Ren, as if wanting to examine how sincere this statement was.

Yue Ren leaned back slightly under such a gaze. His tone of voice was calmly elongated. “Don’t worry. This time is definitely my own choice. I have never been someone who thinks about anyone else’s wishes. This time, I made such a request because I really want to do it.”

His fingers tapped lightly on the table. “Respecting everyone’s choice. This is your usual style, right? This time, I volunteer.”

After a brief silence, Chi Ting said, “Then do as you say.”

He stood up from his position and suddenly stopped as he was about to take a step forward. After a while, he spoke again. “Thank you.”

The moment he heard these two words, the smile on Yue Ren’s face paused slightly. Then he returned to his usual demeanor after an unnoticeable moment.

He watched Chi Ting go to the rabbit gentleman’s side to retrieve the handkerchief that he had left them. Finally, he let out a low ‘tsk’ in his heart.

It was just two words of thanks, and the attitude was overly polite, but he felt inexplicably happy in his heart. What was going on?

Tonight’s second round of the game officially began.

Due to Dong Zai’s miserable death, Wen Weng was extremely nervous since he already had a jealousy mark on his body.

It wasn’t until he clearly heard footsteps passing behind him and reached out to make sure there was no extra handkerchief on his body that he secretly sighed with relief.

On the other side, Tu Shuhuai was also paying attention to Chi Ting’s position nervously.

What surprised her was that unlike others, who tried to confuse the judgment of the players by going around in circles, Chi Ting seemed to have stopped behind someone in the first circle.

Chi Ting stood behind Yue Ren’s chair and put down the handkerchief.

In the seat next to him, the little girl sitting in his seat opened a pair of eyes with almost no whites. She looked at him with a somewhat surprised expression that didn’t show panic at all.

Looking at her, Chi Ting smiled slightly.

Then he took another step forward without haste.

The little girl was subconsciously about to follow Chi Ting when she heard a sudden voice beside him. “So you look like this.”

The moment she turned around, she happened to meet the eyes of Yue Ren, who was studying her as if she was a rare species.

This person’s behavior was obviously even weirder than Chi Ting’s. After receiving the handkerchief, not only did he have no intention of chasing Chi Ting, but he just sat there in a bored manner. He focused all his attention on her.

The expression on the little girl’s face became even stiffer for a while. Soon, she made an expression that she thought was very frightening.

Yue Ren found it even more interesting. “Hahahaha, so cute.”

The little girl: “……”

Fortunately, this type of research didn’t last long. Once Chi Ting walked around and came back, Yue Ren got up and made a ‘please’ gesture in a playful manner.

After the two people who were standing and sitting exchanged positions, there was a pop, and the lights in the room came on again.

At this time, Yue Ren turned around and saw that the petite figure had disappeared again.

“I really can’t see her in the light.” Yue Ren sighed emotionally, increasingly satisfied with the decision he made on the spur of the moment today. “Fortunately, I took the handkerchief before the instance ended or I wouldn’t have seen the ghost once. Then the trip to this instance would really be in vain.”

“……” Chi Ting glanced at him speechlessly and asked, “What’s going on with your statistics panel now”?”

Yue Ren confirmed it. “There are two layers of jealousy marks.”

Chi Ting nodded, stood up, and slowly straightened his clothes. “Then I wish you good luck in the evening.”

Yue Ren also stood up. “I’m looking forward to it. After all, this will be our last night here.”

These words made Chi Ting pause for a moment before he glanced at Fei Ying, who was still cowering there with tears in her eyes. He asked as if to confirm something, “Do you think this game will really end?”

Yue Ren just smiled back casually. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

“……” With such an expression, Chi Ting was finally sure that this man’s mind had drifted to the date with the ghost at night. He seemed quite impatient.

Well, he might’ve been full of the same expectations for this matter, but at least he made himself relatively reserved.

Chi Ting opened his mouth but didn’t say anything else. He turned around and left the meeting room in silence again.

Tonight, the players were obviously greatly affected.

The death of Dong Zai and Fei Ying’s despair and collapse due to her difficulty in accepting her ‘ghost’ identity were enough to affect everyone’s mood.

There was no need for any further discussion now. They just had to go back to their rooms and wait for the last day to come.

Of course, hopefully, it would be the last day.


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