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PFRG: Chapter 59 part 1

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (12)

Looking at Chi Ting’s virtual panel, it could be seen that his total vote count was 2 votes.

The first vote came from Tan Haobo, who left with hatred. The second vote added today was likely from the ghost whose hands were broken by him.

From all aspects, this seemed to be full of anger and revenge. But was it really just that, or was it a way to warn him?

The others were basically immersed in the fear of failing the vote. They didn’t notice the conversation between Chi Ting and Wen Weng.

Yue Ren was intrigued and looked over. “Someone voted for you again?”

Chi Ting nodded.

Seeing Wen Weng’s happy demeanor after surviving the disaster, his brow furrowed a bit. Finally, he couldn’t help giving a happy yet angry sigh. “I always feel that I am being targeted.”

He thoughtfully stroked the strange stone on his chest.

Vaguely, he could feel other eyes looking at him silently.

To be precise, they weren’t just looking at Chi Ting but also at Dong Zai.

The two of them were holding the handkerchiefs for the game tonight.

Just last night, all the players were still avoiding the possibility of the handkerchief falling on them. But this time, they had apparently realized that one the night when the voting failed and the number of marks was doubled, the person with the qualifications to choose was the one who truly had the initiative.

Among the remaining people, Wen Weng and Fei Ying had already received one layer of jealousy mark. If the two layers of marks fell on them tonight, it meant they would be completely ‘driven away’ from here. In other words, tonight’s two handkerchiefs could only be thrown to Yue Ren and Tu Shuhuai, two players without marks, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Everyone knew this truth, but they also knew that this might not be the final result.

In fact, what really trapped players in this instance was often human nature, not ghosts.

However, human nature was the most difficult existence to overcome.

It was just like Fei Ying at the beginning. She clearly knew what would be the best choice, but after actually starting the game, she still couldn’t overcome the fear in her heart.

Fear prevented her from throwing the handkerchief to Tan Haobo, the revealed ghost, despite it being the most beneficial act for the team. Instead, she chose Wen Weng, who was the easiest to win against.

As for Wen Weng, he already knew Fei Ying had a mark on her body but his first reaction wasn’t to accept it willingly but to catch up with her. He didn’t consider that Fei Ying would face the high-risk situation of having two marks if she failed in the game.

Facts proved that when people were truly facing life or death, their instinct was always to consider themselves.

Tonight, the players failed the vote. The one who got the handkerchief would receive two layers of the jealousy mark.

In a situation where it wasn’t confirmed that they would successfully pass the next round of voting, neither Fei Ying nor Wen Weng could open their mouths and ask Tu Shuhuai and Yue Ren to willingly accept this potentially fatal handkerchief.

After all, having zero marks could keep these two people relatively safe in the next two rounds. With only the last two suspected targets left, a stable and safe clearance could almost be guaranteed for them. They had no need to risk their lives for the other teammates they just met in this instance.

Unknowingly, Fei Ying tightened her grip on her dress.

At this moment, she saw that Wen Weng couldn’t help opening his mouth. “Brother Dong, I really don’t want to die yet. Tonight, can you…”

He couldn’t help glancing at Fei Ying. His voice became lower and lower, but it was still enough for people next to him to hear clearly. “Look, it has been proven that I am a real player. If I am driven away because of this, what will happen? You will be the one who killed me. You don’t want to be a murderer, do you?”

At his age, he already looked very humble when he called out ‘Brother.’

Fei Ying’s face turned even paler when she heard this. She looked at Dong Zai out of fear that he would agree.

After all, if he decided not to choose Wen Weng then the danger to the rest of them would be much greater.

Dong Zai was silent, but judging from his expression, he clearly enjoyed the feeling of holding the power of life and death over others.

He smiled and met Wen Weng’s trembling gaze. “Okay, don’t be so nervous. Don’t worry, I already know how to choose.”

Fei Ying asked in a low voice, “Can you tell me who you will choose?”

Dong Zai glanced at her. As he smiled, the scar on his face trembled slightly and made his smile look a bit ferocious. “It isn’t good to say it now, right? If that person knows, what if they are waiting to catch me? I also have one layer of marks on my body. I don’t want to be driven out because I failed the game with three layers.”

The other players also knew that what he said was the truth, but they still couldn’t help wanting to guess the answer.

Naturally, the hesitant gazes also fell on Chi Ting.

Regarding this, he spoke very frankly. “Don’t worry, I definitely don’t want anyone to be driven away.”

These words entered their ears, and Fei Ying and Wen Weng sighed with relief.

Tu Shuhuai glanced his way. It was hard to tell what her mood was, but she didn’t say much.

After Chi Ting answered like this, he suddenly thought of something. Just as he turned around, he heard Yue Ren say something before he could speak. “I know you don’t intend to pass it to me.”

Chi Ting asked, “Do you know who I want to pass it to?”

“Probably.” Yue Ren leaned back against his chair calmly and smiled slightly. “I would choose this as well. After all, it is quite interesting. However, you still have to pay attention to safety.”

He paused when he finished speaking. The curve of his mouth became a bit wider. “But your intention of not wanting me to be in too much danger has been conveyed. At least, I feel very good now.”

The sentence without any context made a question mark slowly emerge in Chi Ting’s mind.

Did he want this man to not be in too much danger?

It seemed that he really didn’t want Yue Ren to be pushed to the edge of the excessively dangerous red line due to two layers of marks. After all, this would most likely cause everyone in this instance to be on the verge of being wiped out by a madman.

Chi Ting thought about it like this and didn’t deny it. He naturally thought of another situation.

He glanced at Dong Zai and said to Yue Ren, “By the way, if Dong Zai passes the handkerchief to you tonight…”

Yue Ren raised an eyebrow slightly. The smile on his face gradually gained a deep meaning. “You want me to let him go and not chase him?”

Chi Ting looked at him in an amused manner. “If I don’t want you to do so, will you really not chase him?”

“That isn’t necessarily the case. Why don’t you give it a try?”

It was a tone that was clearly frivolous and full of ridicule. When it entered his eyes, Chi Ting was slightly startled.

His gaze stayed on Yue Ren’s expression. He couldn’t tell if it was true or not. He was silent for a moment before saying, “No, I hope you can act according to your choice.”

This time, Yue Ren was a bit surprised. He also gave a special reminder. “Captain Chi, the current situation is that Dong Zai will definitely die if he fails the game. But in the current situation, I can stack two more layers. At best, it is estimated that I will see the ghost with severed hands at night. Even so, aren’t you going to try your best to appeal to my kindness?”

As he spoke, he looked at Chi Ting several times as if to confirm whether the person in front of him was a fake. “This type of irrelevant approach doesn’t seem like your style.”

“What type of style do I have in your eyes?” Chi Ting was a bit puzzled when he heard Yue Ren say this. “Dong Zai’s life or death depends on fate, and your life or death also depends on fate. Tonight might indeed be safe for you, but I can’t guarantee that no one will die due to the two layers of marks in the next few days. If such a thing really happens, who will be able to bear this responsibility?”

Yue Ren touched his chin and thought about it. “It makes sense.”

“It is certainly nice if you are willing to do it once, but it must be that you really want to do it, not because of my wishes.” Chi Ting stopped talking here and slowed down his tone slightly. He made a final summary. “In the final analysis, everyone can only be responsible for their own lives. Respecting every choice is my consistent style.”

“I seem to understand.” Yue Ren laughed silently. He paused before asking one final question. “What if these choices don’t feel acceptable to you?”

Chi Ting thought about it for a while before saying, “It depends on how unacceptable it is. If it is at the level of Li Hou in the Love Apartment, you should’ve seen the result.”

He looked at Yue Ren and smiled slightly. “My subjective consciousness might not be absolutely correct, but everyone has the right to make their own choices. I respect that. But at the same time, I should also be able to make my own choices.”

Yue Ren sighed sincerely. “…It is really a thorough implementation of the equality of all beings, Captain Chi.”

Chi Ting shrugged in a noncommittal manner. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Just then, there was the sound of footsteps in the distance.

The door opened, and the familiar figure of the rabbit appeared in front of everyone again.

The instance continued to advance. It was only tonight that the players felt the pressure from the jealousy mark so clearly for the first time.


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