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MGAG: Chapter 70 Part 2

Shen Yuhuai didn’t hang up and kept talking, “I checked some information on the aromatherapy control and sent it to you.”

“Wait a minute.” Chen Qizhao turned on the speaker and put the phone aside. He went to the shower to rinse off the foam on his body.

He washed quickly. Then he turned off the shower and said, “I’m fine. Tell me.”

The man’s steady voice came from the phone, mixed with a bit of a smile.

Shen Yuhuai said, “In fact, there is no need to be in such a hurry. I checked the market companies that controlled the flow of goods before. I don’t know if you need it but I will send it to you first.”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao pushed back the wet hair on his forehead. “Thank you, Brother Huai.”

He checked his phone and found that there were indeed documents sent by Shen Yuhuai in the VX.

At this time, there was a knock from Yan Kailin on the door.

“Brother, how are you?”

A voice came from the phone. “Yan Kailin?”

“Yes, he asked me to go out to dinner.”

Chen Qizhao withdrew from his thoughts and noticed that the call between the two of them was still continuing. “I will read the documents later… Then I will hang up?”

Shen Yuhuai snorted.

Chen Qizhao didn’t move.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Aren’t you hanging up?”

“I’m hanging up.” Chen Qizhao hung up the phone and the voice in the bathroom suddenly disappeared.

He wiped his hair with a bath towel. His eyes rested on the phone interface and the look in them was slightly deeper.

Chen Qizhao’s finger tapped on the screen and he looked at the name in the call record.

Since there was no hurry… why call?

The door opened. Yan Kailin, who was leaning on the door, stumbled twice.

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “What are you doing?”

“You didn’t answer me just now.” Yan Kailin asked curiously. “Who were you talking to just now? I thought I heard you talking to someone.”

Chen Qizhao threw the dirty clothes into the washing machine and took a coat casually. “You are hallucinating.”

Cheng Rong’s pool party was at his villa. It was some distance from S City and was a 40 minute drive away.

They arrived at the place and saw many people. There were many unfamiliar faces mixed in during this period.

Chen Qizhao looked at the big cake near the pool. He frowned slightly and asked, “Is it Cheng Rong’s birthday today?”

“It isn’t his birthday but didn’t he find a girlfriend a while ago? It is a little star who is mixed in the entertainment industry.” Yan Kailin handed a glass of champagne to Chen Qizhao and said, “Today is his girlfriend’s birthday. Don’t you see many stars?”

The light by the pool wasn’t very bright. Chen Qizhao mixed in with the group of people and wasn’t very interested in the faces of the others.

He did hear a while ago that Cheng Rong had a girlfriend, but Yan Kailin told him too much gossip and it didn’t matter to him that Cheng Rong had a girlfriend.

Birthday… Chen Qizhao suddenly thought of something. However, his attention was soon diverted by other sights in the field.

There was a mixed flow of people and there were many faces. This meant there were many people who didn’t know each other present.

Chen Qizhao shook his wine glass and there were other emotions hidden in his half-lowered eyes.

At this time, Cheng Rong brought his girlfriend over to say hello.

Chen Qizhao turned to look at them.

Cheng Rong made the introductions. “This is Mr Chen whom I told you about before. Do you remember the drama that became popular before? He invested in it and made several stars popular.”

Yan Kailin corrected him. “It is called Mind Eyes.”

“Yes yes, that’s it!” Cheng Rong exclaimed.

The little star was indeed pure and beautiful. Her face was a bit familiar. Chen Qizhao thought he might’ve seen this person when looking at gossip with Zhang Yazhi. He gave Cheng Rong some face and raised his wine glass slightly.

Cheng Rong took his girlfriend to walk around and there were more people who came to say hello.

“I don’t want to join in the fun just yet. Let’s go over to that sofa and stay for a while.” Yan Kailin was stunned when he saw a young man recording a video not far away. “Why do these people like to film so much? Are they here to drink or to take photos/ It really isn’t interesting. Cheng Rong said it would be some fun.”

“Did you deal with your brother before coming here?’ Chen Qizhao clinked glasses with him.

Yan Kailin said, “How can I tell my brother? Before I came, I sent him several photos in a row. He probably thinks I am studying with you in the bedroom.”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Where did you get the photo?”

“The last time I took photos, I changed several angles and took continuous shots,” Yan Kailin said. “Don’t worry, I won’t reveal anything. Hasn’t Brother Shiming been staring at you recently. I will send it to you later and you can use it to deal with him. It is easy to use when dealing with Brother Shiming.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Yan Kailin noticed Chen Qizhao’s eyes and said in a dissatisfied manner, “It really is easy to use. After I sent it last time, Shen Yuhuai gave me a like.”

Chen Qizhao’s expression changed slightly. “He gave it a like?”

“Otherwise? Ever since I added him as a friend, I haven’t seen him in my Moments very much. I thought he was the type of person who disdained playing with the Moments.” Yan Kailin pulled Chen Qizhao away from the flashing lights and said as he walked, “I didn’t see him like my photos when I posted in my Moments before. Then didn’t I post that fake photo? Shen Yuhuai gave me a like.”

Yan Kailin occasionally liked to call Shen Yuhuai by his name in private. He mentioned this and was proud. “Sure enough, I should use this to deal with my brother and Shen Yuhuai. Only these types of photos can make them give a like.”

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. “He gave you a lot of likes?”

“Of course. Don’t you believe it?” Yan Kailin took out his phone. “Recently, he has been giving me likes every day. Take a look. Oh yes, this one is a second like. I was shocked to see it but he didn’t leave me a comment. I suspected that he received my brother’s request and is checking my Moments every day to see if I am doing anything wrong.”

Chen Qizhao took Yan Kailin’s phone and scrolled through it to see several Moments recently posted by Yan Kailin, all of which had records of Shen Yuhuai’s likes.

He lowered his eyes slightly. He thought of Shen Yuhuai’s like in his Moments a while ago and he threw the phone back to Yan Kailin. “It is very good but don’t send it next time.”

“Why? Isn’t this quite effective?”

Chen Qizhao’s tone was indifferent. “If your brother can’t even see that you are wearing the same clothes in your Moments for three consecutive days, there is no need for him to return to China to develop.”

Yan Kailin: “?”

Chen Qizhao added another sentence. “Of course, I wouldn’t say anything if your Yan family is as stupid and sweet as you.”

Once he finished speaking, he took two steps. He saw Yan Kailin stop in place and looked over suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

“I deleted the day in the middle so I’m not wearing the same outfit for three days in a row.” Yan Kailin quickly processed his Moments. “Once we go back, let’s change clothes and take a few more photos.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Yan Kailin said with regret, “I took a lot of photos before, but now I can’t use them.”

“Which ones were taken?” Chen Qizhao wondered. “Show me.”

At 10 o’clock in the evening, the lights in the Chen family’s study were bright. Chen Shiming stood in front of Chen Jianhong. The desk was full of surveillance photos of the company and Chen LIyao’s figure was very obvious.

Chen Jianhong finished looking through the photos and his eyes were slightly heavy. “What else is there besides these?”

“According to the current investigation results, Chen Liyao should be the spy that the other person planted in the group. His department has little impact on the group and he isn’t conspicuous enough. In addition to tracking Xiao Zhou, he passed by the 6th floor several times,” Chen Shiming explained. “It is understandable for him to go to the 6th floor because his work requires going to the 6th floor to deliver documents. However, Manager Qi on the 6th floor is my focus. After discovering his problem, I adjusted the surveillance to focus on him during this period of time. I found that he has entered Manager Qi’s office several times on the pretext of delivering documents.”

“Your third uncle’s family… forget it. This matter will proceed according to your plan.” Chen Jianhong said, “For the sake of safety, check all the projects that your third uncle’s family has been involved with over the years. If Chen Liyao has a problem then we can’t rule out that your third uncle is fine.”

“I am arranging this matter but there is one more thing…” Chen Shiming looked at Chen Jianhong and his tone was a bit heavy. “A while ago, I received a document from Qizhao. I checked several companies in the southern district. The Chen family started from the southern district. I remember that the Chen family decided to develop in the southern district because there was a municipal project in the southern district that year.”

The Chen Group during Chen Shiming’s grandfather’s generation only had a dozen or so companies under it. Compared to the nearly 100 companies in the group now, the Chen Group hadn’t gone smoothly back then.

Later, the Chen family divided up the family property and the brothers parted ways. The ones assigned to Chen Jianhong’s side were the Chen’s business and assets in the southern district. Chen Jianhong relied on the heritage of the southern district to develop rapidly, taking advantage of that opportunity to make the Chen family bigger and stronger. This meant that most of the Chen Group’s current business was in the south district of S City.

“There is indeed such a thing. Why are you asking about it?” Chen Jianhong wondered.

In order to ask this question, he naturally saw something from Chen Qizhao’s documents.

Chen Qizhao’s investigation was very purposeful. He had determined one direction and he would check in that direction. In the matter of the business in the southern district, Chen Qizhao investigated the incident 30 years ago when the Chen family first started to develop rapidly and also mentioned the overlapping parts of the assets of the Lin family and Chen family.

Chen Shiming said, “I saw something mentioned in that information and went to the group to check. It is difficult to check the situation in the early years but I learned something.” He followed this matter to check and found that the Lin family showed a trend toward the real estate industry as early as 30 years ago. However, at that time, a certain project meant the Lin family didn’t proceed smoothly. It was almost dragged down by its investment in this project. It was only after rapid rectification that it developed rapidly in the medical field.

After he told Chen Jianhong about this situation, he hesitated slightly. “I think this matter is a bit strange. The Lin family hasn’t touched the business of the southern district since then. However, the projects found in the group show that the people behind these operations have been touching the Chen Group’s core business.”

In other words, the Lin family had nothing to do with the southern district on the surface but it had actually been staring at the Chen family.

Chen Shiming said, “Are you sure that there were no problems with the project of the Lin family in the southern district?”

“Not necessarily.” Chen Jianhong’s face sank slightly. “At least, I’m not sure about what happened before the Chen family entered my hands.”

The father and son talked for a long time in the study. Chen Shiming had a bit of fatigue on his face when he came out late at night.

Chen Shiming stood at the entrance of the study. He glanced at the end of the corridor and found that there weren’t many lights on in the villa.

At this time, Chen Shiming’s phone vibrated.


Special Assistant Xu said, “Boss, the information of the southern area has been integrated and sent to your inbox. The rest…”

Chen Shiming walked out while making a phone call, “I know. It has been hard on you. Rest early.”

“There is one more thing.” Special Assistant Xu stopped talking.

Chen Shiming frowned. “Tell me if you have something to say.”

“The Cheng family is holding a party tonight and the second young master came over.” Special Assistant Xu said while paying attention to the status of the boss on the phone.

“Hasn’t he gone back to school? he…” Chen Shiming just started talking when he stopped again.

Special Assistant Xu immediately understood the boss’ intention and he immediately said, “If necessary, my side will prepare a car to pick him up.”

Chen Shiming suddenly said, “No need.”

Special Assistant Xu: “?”

Chen Shiming was silent for a moment before pinching between his eyebrows. “…Let him play.”


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