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MGAG: Chapter 71 Part 1

The lively music by the pool continued. Among the young people who were becoming more and more excited, a man was sitting on a beach chair by the pool and looking at the excitement on the opposite side. The man in blue casual clothes shook his champagne and his gaze fell steadily on Chen Qizhao on the sofa opposite the pool.

Yan Kailin didn’t want to be in front of other people’s cameras, so he pulled Chen Qizhao to sit on the sofa. He sat and greeted the people who came. Then he saw some stars throwing glances at them not far away. “Why are these people always winking at us?”

“Maybe they are interested in you.” Chen Qizhao lowered his head and picked and chose from the photos sent by Yan Kailin. He chose one that was okay but hesitated slightly on the sending interface.

Yan Kailin looked over. “Brother, what are you doing? Posting on Moments? What are you posting?”

Chen Qizhao’s fingers stopped slightly. Once he sent it, he checked that only Shen Yuhuai could see it. Then he answered, “I didn’t send anything.”

Yan Kailin glanced at his Moments in disbelief but he really didn’t see anything from Chen Qizhao. He found it strange but then he saw a person not far away walking toward them.

“Kailin, long time no see.” The man sat next to him. A beautiful woman who came with him sat comfortably beside Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao, who was looking at the interface of his Moments, raised his eyes slightly. He saw the beautiful woman next to him with the champagne glass but didn’t speak. He just looked at the man who was communicating with Yan Kailin.

At a glance, he remembered who this person was.

The relationship between the Sun family and the Chen family was just average. There was no business contact and they usually had little contact. However, the Sun family and Lin family didn’t have an ordinary relationship. The transportation line of some products of the Lin family was run by the Sun family. The two of them had cooperated several times and the relationship between the two families was pretty good.

“Qizhao.” Young Master Sun raised his glass slightly.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak but he didn’t refuse. He clinked glasses with him.

After this, the champagne was drunk. Then Chen Qizhao raised his glass toward Young Master Sun again.

Young Master Sun’s shallow movements stopped. He had to bite the bullet and finish the words. “Qizhao is a good drinker.”

Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin were originally sitting on the sofa. People saw Young Master Sun coming over and the few people wanting to chat also followed. They gradually surrounded the sofa. Cheng Rong originally took his little girlfriend around. Then he saw that Yan Kailin’s place was bustling and came over to join in on the fun.

Young Master Sun mixed in among them and looked at Chen Qizhao, who was clinking glasses and drinking with Yan Kailin next to him.

Once it was lively here, the drinking games started. Young Master Sun had come to this side and it wasn’t good to withdraw at this time.

Young Master Sun usually had a relationship with Cheng Rong and had participated in Cheng Rong’s drinking games a few times. He knew how crazy this group of people was at playing games. However, it was this type of game. If there were too many people present, he might not necessarily have to drink too much.

Everyone shook the dice and Young Master Sun silently observed Chen Qizhao.

He glanced at Chen Qizhao and found that Chen Qizhao was occasionally looking at him with a clear look in his eyes. Other times, Chen Qizhao avoided his eyes.

“It isn’t interesting to drink so much,” Chen Qizhao suggested. “How about drinking a bottle?”

Yan Kailin liked liveliness. “Okay!”

Chen Qizhao looked at Young Master Sun. “Sun Shaoxing?”

“Okay.” Young Master Sun came to Chen Qizhao this time. Sometimes, it was always better to talk when drunk and playing games was his opportunity. He looked at Chen Qizhao from time to time. Every time it was Chen Qizhao’s turn to call, he tried to find a way to roll his dice.

However, he soon realized that this was just his illusion. It was because every time he rolled the dice, it was always his side that was unlucky. The key was that this group of people played around a lot. Every time he lost, he was faced with a whole bottle of champagne next to him.

“Why are you so boring when drinking?” Yan Kailin was dissatisfied.

Liu Kai joined in the fun. “Young Master Shao, you should be able to afford this much, right?”

Young Master Sun’s eyes noticed Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak and was looking at him calmly.

As if noticing his gaze, Chen Qizhao raised his glass slightly. “Drink.”

After several rounds, Young Master Sun learned to be smart and didn’t take the initiative to touch Chen Qizhao.

He didn’t take the initiative but Cheng Rong and the others chased him. In the end, the person who drank a lot inexplicably became him. Before he could get Chen Qizhao drunk, he vomited first.

The bustle by the pool was seen by the man sitting on a bench chair not far away.

He shook his wine glass and watched Young Master Sun being helped as he vomited, expression unchanging.

In the crowd, his gaze stopped on the young master of the Chen family who was talking to Yan Kailin in the middle. He saw that the other person was skillfully shaking the wine glass, drinking in a lazy posture. He was obviously playing with the people around him.

Silently, the phone placed next to him lit up.

The man picked up the phone. He drank wine and listened to the voice of the man on the phone. Then his eyes narrowed slightly. “Tonight? Then send a car to pick me up.”

“Me? I happened to be at a party and saw Chen Qizhao.” The man withdrew his gaze and put down the champagne glass in his hand. “I didn’t see anything. Chen Qizhao plays really well with this group.”

“Is that so?”

The man loosened his collar slightly. “It might be my delusion.”

By the pool.

“There is something wrong with this person surnamed Sun. He opened his dice against us twice in a row and instigated us to open ours. Do you think we can’t see the situation?” Liu Kai saw that this person had left to vomit and gloated. “He doesn’t even know how to play and engaged in targeting us.”

Yan Kailin said, “I was wondering why he kept targeting my side.”

“I’ve been organizing games for so long. How can I not see who is targeting me in front of me?” Chen Rong’s relationship with Chen Qizhao has been quite good recently. Last time, Chen Qizhao helped him and Liu Kai a bit. “Drinking is playing. It isn’t interesting to engage in targeting.”

“Really? Isn’t it good to play? It is a pity that he left.”

Chen Qizhao finished the champagne. Once he poured the wine, he kicked the dice at his feet under the sofa. He glanced at the beach chair next to him and saw a man standing up from the chair.

Just now, they had played a game here and quite a few people watched curiously from the sidelines. It wasn’t easy to find him among the people blatantly watching the game. The man on the opposite side seemed to be drinking, but in fact, he looked toward them frequently. He seemed to be watching them all the time.

Chen Qizhao couldn’t help focusing on him.

If it was before, Lin Shizong might’ve tried to do something to him like last time.

He came here on a temporary basis. Even if Lin Shizong wanted to arrange it, he would be too late. In addition, the party wasn’t hosted by him and there were too many uncontrollable factors. Lin Shizong was also busy cleaning up the mess and didn’t have time to deal with other matters, especially on this type of occasion involving many people.

It was just that Chen Qizhao was curious. There were too many people following him.

Lin Shizong was indeed shrewd, but he wouldn’t arrange too many people to follow Chen Qizhao at this critical moment. This was too alarming and it was easy to make the Chen family vigilant. There was Chen Liyao in the company, there used to be someone at school and now someone from the Sun family came… counting the sight in the darkness, he always felt this was a bit strange.

Was it necessary to have so many people check him?

What went wrong?

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Chen Qizhao said.

Yan Kailin was playing well with others and just waved his hand when he heard this.

Chen Qizhao walked toward the bathroom, always paying attention to the sights behind him. Then once he got near the bathroom, some gazes suddenly stopped. He was entering the bathroom when he accidentally saw someone. The beauty was helping the young master of the Sun family, who was holding the door of the toilet cubicle and vomiting.

He finished washing his hands slowly while watching Young Master Sun behind him through the mirror.

He suddenly remembered an unexpected thing from his previous life. Lin Shizong liked to use people and he also liked to provoke contradictions between others so they bit at each other. The relationship between the Sun family and the Lin family was indeed good, but Lin Shizong was just using the other person’s channels. After the Chen family went bankrupt, Lin Shizong got the channels himself and kicked aside the Sun family in the blink of an eye. Their ending was ugly.

There was some illegal transportation involved. Lin Shizong escaped cleanly but the Sun family suffered a lawsuit and went bankrupt. At that time, Lin Shizong didn’t even see them, let alone help them. He even stepped on them several times in secret. In short, it was ugly.

Chen Qizhao had heard about this a few times in his previous life but his memory of the Sun family wasn’t very deep.

Lin Shizong’s means were too much. It included the vicious competition methods he used now, devouring opponents and strengthening himself. He always waved his hand and strategized, finally becoming the biggest winner.

The beauty alone couldn’t help Young Master Sun. Once she saw Chen Qizhao, she cast him a look asking for help.

Chen Qizhao didn’t look at her and wiped his hands with a tissue after washing his hands. He looked at the embarrassed man kneeling on the ground with interest. Finally, he threw the tissue into the trash can and left the bathroom directly.

At midnight, the man at the table finished drinking the warm water in his hand and swiped on his phone.

The message on the interface was still on the previous conversation. The email he sent was accompanied by Chen Qizhao’s short reply below. He stared slightly. Then he noticed that Chen Qizhao had updated his Moments an hour ago.

[Zhao: Recent [Photo]]

It was a similar photo to what he saw in Yan Kailin’s Moments not long ago, but this photo was more realistic than the previous one. Shen Yuhuai gave a like under the Moments. Then once he switched back, he noticed a new message popping up on his conversations list.


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