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MGAG: Chapter 48

“Beautiful,” Chen Qizhao replied. “It is more beautiful than the night.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “I think so too.”

Chen Qizhao took a few steps back and avoided the rising waves. He stood quietly next to Shen Yuhuai. The fireworks in the distance were blooming and Chen Qizhao listened to his heartbeat slowly calm down. His hand hidden in his pocket clenched tightly and the tingling reminded him of the reality in front of him.

The two of them waited until the fireworks finished before finding a restaurant in the resort for dinner.

By the time Chen Qizhao arrived home, it was already past 10 o’clock in the evening.

Chen Qizhao asked as he got out of the car, “Brother Huai… do you want to go in and sit?”

Shen Yuhuai shook his head. “It is too late. Next time.”

Chen Qizhao said goodbye and Shen Yuhuai nodded.

He looked at the figure of Chen Qizhao leaving and thought about what Chen Qizhao said in the afternoon. It seemed that through the figure walking further away, he could recall Chen Qizhao in front of his desk with wild childhood thoughts, saying he would develop intelligent robots in the future that were as powerful as the sci-fi movies on TV.

He really liked it. It wasn’t just a small interest.

Shen Yuhuai stopped recalling it. He looked at the figure of the person who disappeared and started the vehicle to leave.

Chen Qizhao entered the villa and walked to a place far from the entrance. He waited for a few minutes before hearing the sound of the vehicle leaving. His eyes darkened a bit and he stopped thoughtfully for a while. Then he turned around to enter the garage once the headlights disappeared into the night.

In the garage, the vehicle that had been recently sent for repair had returned. Old Lin wasn’t in the garage. He should’ve gone to rest.

He tried the tires of these cars and found that none was tilting or leaking air.

He checked all the cars that Chen Shiming used frequently. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped. He looked at the vehicles in the inner position. There was a car that Chen Jianhong often used when he went out.

Chen Qizhao thought about it. He went to the place where the spare key was placed but he didn’t see the key for the car.

“Second Young Master?” The housekeeper turned on the garage lights and looked at him doubtfully.

“What other cars are useless in the garage at home?” Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. “The keys here aren’t complete, right?”

“It might’ve been taken away by Old Lin. He will take away in advance the keys of the car to be used tomorrow, so as to not occupy the car in other situations.” The housekeeper paused for a moment. “Second Young Master, do you need to use a car? I’ll arrange a driver for you tomorrow.”

“Uncle Zhang, arrange a car for me tomorrow, a commercial car.” Chen Qizhao casually pointed to one, his tone a bit irritated. “I can’t take Chen Shiming’s car every time. Who wants to get up early with that workaholic?”

The housekeeper sighed with relief. “Okay, I’ll arrange it for tomorrow.”

He thought that the second young master wanted to drive himself. However, that wouldn’t work. The second young master hadn’t received their license yet.

Chen Qizhao glanced thoughtfully at the garage. Then he left the garage and returned to the villa.

There was only Zhang Yazhi in the living room. Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong weren’t here. He greeted Zhang Yazhi and was about to go upstairs when the latter suddenly stopped him.

“Can you go to a physical examination with your mother next week?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

Chen Qizhao was originally thinking about something. Then he heard Zhang Yazhi ask this and immediately frowned. “What about Dad?”

“Your father said he would come with me next week but it seems he has something he has been busy with in the past two days. He went to the study with your brother after eating and hasn’t come down yet.” Zhang Yazhi dismissed her husband with a few words. “I don’t know what they are talking about. They didn’t work overtime today…”

Chen Qizhao looked upstairs thoughtfully. Chen Jianhong’s physical examination definitely had to be done. Compared to Zhang Yazhi, Chen Jianhong’s body was more like a time bomb. “The physical examination has to be done. He hasn’t stabilized his blood pressure. What reason does he have not to do the physical examination?”

“His blood pressure has stabilized a bit recently. He just told me that he has a tendency to become sleepy.” Zhang Yazhi thought about it for a moment. “It might be that he isn’t getting enough rest.”

Chen Qizhao’s frown deepened. “Does he not know how old he is this year?”

Zhang Yazhi heard Chen Qizhao’s stern voice and paused. “Your father didn’t say he wouldn’t go. He just said he would have to postpone it for a few days…” She just casually talked about her husband and stopped Chen Qizhao in order to make the child go with her. She always felt that the child was too thin recently and wanted him to go for a physical examination with her.

Chen Qizhao also realized that his tone might be too much and he slowed down slightly. “I hope you can pay more attention to your body. My classmate’s father…”

“I know.” Zhang Yazhi said with a smile. “Don’t talk about this. Where did you go today? Your brother said you went to the Shen Group’s company. Why did you come back so late?”

Chen Qizhao was silent for a while. Some time passed before he replied, “We went to the beach at night… and watched the fireworks.”

Zhang Yazhi asked, “Did you have fun?”

“…It was fun.”

He talked to Zhang Yazhi in the living room for a while before wanting to go to the study to take a look. Then he thought that Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming were probably talking about something important and planned to find out later.

After taking a shower, he lay on the bed and sent a message to Shen Yuhuai, asking if he had gone home.

Shen Yuhuai quickly replied and said he had arrived home.

Chen Qizhao lay on the bed and looked at the message from the other person. However, the face of Shen Yuhuai standing on the beach appeared in his mind. He didn’t reply to Shen Yuhuai and just flipped to the photo he had taken in the restaurant during the day. His fingers touched the photo to zoom in and out.

In the dimly lit restaurant, Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes.

Chen Qizhao suddenly turned off the phone screen. He lay on his back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

After a long time, he closed his eyes and the sound from his chest made his shoulders tremble slightly. He opened the palm of his right hand, which had several nail marks embedded in them, and said to himself, “It is beautiful but too unreal.”

Chen Qizhao worked in the Chen Group for a few days but he didn’t stay in the office all day. During this time, he went to the car yard to settle the so-called driver’s license instructor. The person he was looking for was an old safety officer of the car yard who was also surnamed Chen. Every day, he spent half a day in the company and half a day at the car yard. This was also convenient for observing the movements of others.

The matter of the cooperation with the Shen family had basically been finalized and the proposed plan would be handed over to the people of the Glory project team to discuss and negotiate. Special Assistant Xu brought the news to the office and also told Chen Qizhao something else.

“Second Young Master, the assistant you mentioned earlier can start work today.” Special Assistant Xu passed the information to Chen Qizhao. “He just came to the company in the morning to go through the entry procedures.”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly. He took the information and flipped through it. Then he saw the familiar face on the ID photo. “Where is this person now?”

“In the office area outside. His workstation will first be set in the administrative area and then will be adjusted to this side,” Special Assistant Xu said while carefully observing Chen Qizhao.

Once it came to finding an assistant, Special Assistant Xu was very attentive. Long ago, Chen Qizhao had asked him to pay attention to the headhunting company in order to recruit an assistant. He looked through the candidates and it wasn’t until the end of last year that the second young master paid attention to a person and asked him to dig this person over.

In fact, there was no need to dig them over. The other person’s surname was Zhou and he had been working at an administrative post for less than two years after graduating from graduate school.

It seemed that he didn’t do very well in the original company. It was basically determined after the headhunter company contacted him. This person left the company after the year-end bonus and just came to the company today.

Special Assistant Xu didn’t quite understand why the second young master finally decided on a newcomer with only two years of work experience. There were many employees in the company who had the ability to be better than this newcomer. Even the boss said that he could give the second young master more manpower.

In the end, the second young master refused everyone and asked for this person surnamed Zhou.

Chen Qizhao asked, “Where is the person?”

Special Assistant Xu replied, “I’ll go and bring him here.”

After a while, Special Assistant Xu brought the person in.

Xiao Zhou worked in an ordinary administrative post and his ability was quite good. However, in his original company, his ability was too good so he was ostracized by his colleagues. He originally planned to resign and change his position, but he didn’t expect to encounter such a pie from the sky.

Someone came to him and offered him a job as a personal assistant. In addition, the place of employment was the Chen Group.

The various certificates given by the other person were very real. He came to the group for an interview and was informed that he would go to work in the next year. Today, he had been in the company for so long and hadn’t seen his body. He didn’t know who he would be assistant to until he saw the boy sitting in front of the office.

The young man’s eyes had stayed on him from the moment he entered.

The other person was too young, far different from the boss he imagined. However, the eyes of this person were serious.

Xiao Zhou instinctively straightened his waist, just like when he greeted President Chen.

Chen Qizhao looked at Special Assistant Xu. “Are you very idle?”

“No.” Special Assistant Xu gave Xiao Zhou a ‘good luck’ look, turned to leave and closed the door.

The moment he left, the office fell silent and Xiao Zhou felt a bit nervous.

The other person didn’t say any greetings and directly handed him a document.

“Xiao Zhou, right?” Chen Qizhao glanced at the documents from the corner of his eyes. “Go to Feihong. The project documents are all there. Then go to the Sheng Group with the technical department to continue the follow-up work.”

Xiao Zhou stopped and immediately took the materials. “Okay, I’ll do it right away.”

“If you don’t understand anything in the beginning of your work then ask Special Assistant Xu directly.”

Chen Qizhao noticed that his phone was lit up and said, “Okay, you can go if there is nothing else.”

Xiao Zhou didn’t dare slack off and left immediately after receiving the task.

Chen Qizhao waited for the other person to leave before closing the document.

There were too many things he had to deal with and it was difficult to find a person who could be trusted. In the end, he thought Xiao Zhou was the most suitable.

In his previous life, he had changed a lot of assistants in order to find the right candidate. In the end, the person who stayed by his side the longest and was the most trusted was Xiao Zhou. Needless to say, the most important thing was that this person had a good temper, simple social relations, never asked too much about things that shouldn’t be asked and always over-fulfilled what he was ordered to do.

If he wanted to deal with Jiang Yuze, he had to send someone to follow the Shen family. Xiao Zhou was just right.

He opened his phone and saw that there was already an email in his inbox. The moment he opened the email in the anonymous inbox, he received the investigation results about Sheng Ming.

Chen Qizhao downloaded the file.

Surface information on Sheng Ming could be found on the Internet. Chen Qizhao had entrusted these people to investigate the relationships behind Sheng Ming as well as the past legal shareholders. As one of Lin Shizong’s pawns, Sheng Ming must have problems or it wouldn’t have brought so much trouble to the Chen family later. Yet in his previous life, the Sheng Ming project had problems later on. Now it was taken out by Lin Shizong in advance and Chen Qizhao had to determine what Lin Shizong wanted to do with Sheng Ming.

He originally thought it would be difficult to check. Then he opened the information and found that the information on Sheng Ming at this stage was relatively clear. It wasn’t as difficult to trace as it was later on.

He kept looking down until he saw Sheng Ming’s shareholder changes in the last two years… then he saw a familiar name.

Qin Yunxuan.

Qin Xingfeng’s half brother?


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