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MGAG: Chapter 46 Part 1

A few days after the New Year holidays, the Chen family started work one after another on the seventh day of the new year. Chen Qizhao originally planned to stay at home until the start of school. However, once Chen Shiming resumed work after the seventh day of the new year, Chen Shiming woke him up early in the morning and asked him to go to the company.

Chen Qizhao still hadn’t woken up when he got in the car and he was still a bit dazed. In the past two days, he had been looking at the information of the car yard. It wasn’t enough to just read the information. He also asked people to check the social experience of the workers of the car yard. However, he didn’t find anyone who was related to Lin Shizong. It could be said that there were no gains.

Chen Qizhao and Special Assistant Xu in the front seat exchanged glances before looking away. Then Chen Qizhao looked at Chen Shiming, who started to read documents as soon as he got in the car. “Why do you want me to go to work?”

“I’ve discussed it with Father and we are going to hand Feihong over to you.” Chen Shiming didn’t even raise his head. “So you have to come to headquarters in the next year.”

Chen Qizhao was puzzled. “Then shouldn’t I go to Feihong?”

Chen Shiming explained, “The Glory project is a key project in the new quarter and you will inevitably run to headquarters often. I asked Xiao Xu to free up an office for you at headquarters. Today, there is the first meeting of the year and you need to go over to meet people.”

Chen Qizhao paused when he heard the words. Chen Jianhong had told him to practice at headquarters but he thought about it and felt that going to headquarters would seem too goal-oriented. It wasn’t conducive to his private actions and he originally planned to do things slowly.

Now Chen Shiming’s actions gave him a suitable reason to enter and exit the group headquarters…

Chen Qizhao thought for a moment. “A key project? Have you considered the matter of a smart home?”

Chen Shiming glanced sideways. He thought that Chen Qizhao would ask more questions but he didn’t expect the topic to change so quickly. “Yes, the partner has been determined. I will let you sign the contract once it is confirmed.”

After he finished speaking, he observed Chen Qizhao carefully. He found the latter looking out the window, as if he was just casually asking these questions.

In fact, he had suggested this matter to Chen Jianhong after consideration. He didn’t completely think the signing of Nie Chenxiao was a coincidence, especially once Fu Yanyu’s revelations were released later. It always made him feel there were things he couldn’t figure out. Then he went to investigate again but couldn’t find any connection between Chen Qizhao and the Fu Yanyu incident. One coincidence could be called luck but too many coincidences couldn’t be luck.

He felt that Chen Qizhao knew something but there was no evidence.

The car soon arrived at the company.

Chen Shiming had to go to the office to prepare for the meeting. Chen Qizhao headed to his new office under the guidance of Special Assistant Xu.

“Second Young Master, call me if you have any other questions.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He looked around the office and found that the privacy was good. No surveillance was installed.

However, just because it wasn’t obvious on the surface didn’t mean that someone else hadn’t privately installed listening equipment in the office.

It wasn’t on the same floor as Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong’s office but the administrative office area could be seen outside the glass wall of this place. For Chen Qizhao, such an office location was indeed convenient for him to recognize people. Chen Shiming prepared the location carefully and it was obviously specially prepared for him.

It was just that Chen Shiming probed everywhere instead of asking directly. It could be seen that Chen Shiming just suspected it but there was no evidence.

Chen Qizhao thought about it but had other ideas in his heart.

He had a keen potential teammate so what he should think about was how to take advantage of this good opportunity to get Jiang Yuze out.

Jiang Yuze hid too well. He wasn’t even dragged into the water by Yu Jie, who was close to him. It could only be said that this person was careful in everything he did. He never did it himself when he could take advantage of others. Chen Qizhao had noticed the announcement made in the group some time ago that involved a lot of people in the Feihong incident. In addition to the internal rectification after the Ruizhen Electronics incident, some of the names he was familiar with had already been dealt with vigorously and resolutely by Chen Shiming.

There were also some people who had nothing to do with Lin Shizong but who affected the interests of the group.

He checked the remaining personnel list of the group and found that the biggest hidden danger was Jiang Yuze.

The other high-level officials had contacts in the outside world but they weren’t bold enough. Lin Shizong could only arrange a limited number of people. Jiang Yuze might not have that many people. When he did things, he calmly used others to achieve his own goals. There might be many links in the process but in the end, the biggest problem was Jiang Yuze.

Sooner or later, Chen Shiming would find other problems and he would pay attention to those who targeted him within the group.

Foreign thieves were difficult to prevent against. As long as the Chen family recruited people from the outside world, it would be completely impossible to eliminate emissions. However, it would be difficult to hit the Chen family in a short time. In his previous life, Lin Shizong’s method of bringing down the Chen family was to create many man-made project accidents in a short period of time, cutting off the Chen family’s supply and putting the Chen family’s capital chain in trouble. At that time, Chen Jianhong had passed away and Chen Shiming was paralyzed. The thieves outside the Chen family were waiting for the inside thieves to make trouble, which was why the group fell so quickly.

Yet in the current situation, Lin Shizong had lost several years of planning and some potential hidden dangers had been pulled out…

In the end, the most important one was Jiang Yuze.

It wasn’t a secret that Chen Qizhao had entered the headquarters and there were people discussing it in the company within the day. Chen Jianhong had two sons. It had long been spread that the oldest was excellent while the youngest was a waste. Now the youngest master of the Chen family was parachuted to the group headquarters and there were external rumors that the brothers weren’t compatible. Most of the people were originally just watching and waiting, but after the victory of the Glory project last year, some people were ready to move.

Most of the high-level executives didn’t feel that Chen Qizhao played much of a role in the Glory project. Add the fact that Chen Shiming was involved in the Glory project and the pressure in the meeting room at that time, they thought that Chen Shiming would take charge of this matter to achieve a perfect result. As for Chen Qizhao, he was a useless idiot and the success of the project was mostly due to luck.

However, no matter whether Chen Qizhao was just lucky or a bit skillful, many people welcomed him when he came to headquarters.

Chen Shiming’s actions were too big and there were few people at the top who dared to say that they were completely clean. They didn’t collude with others while disregarding the interests of the group but they had more or less done things for personal gain. Chen Shiming had been acting vigorously and resolutely in the company for a long time and it was a lie to say that they weren’t uncomfortable. Now that Chen Qizhao came over, they wanted to see the two brothers arguing and to use Chen Qizhao to contain Chen Shiming. This way, Chen Shiming wouldn’t have time to check this or that.

The meeting was held at 10 o’clock in the morning. Chen Qizhao followed the other people into the meeting room and met many people who greeted him along the way. He raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw the enthusiasm of these people. Then he thoughtfully sat in the back row of the meeting room and observed them one by one.

There were many acquaintances but it was strange seeing them from this angle.

Chen Qizhao remembered the days when he struggled after bankruptcy in his previous life. The Chen Group had gone bankrupt too quickly and there were indeed people who divided up the profits and ran away. There were also some of Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming’s old followers who stayed to help him. It was unfortunate that he really couldn’t support things in the early days and recognized a thief as his father, wasting a lot of people’s efforts. Now that he thought about it, there was a reason why Chen Shiming was disappointed with him later.

But it should be different in this life…

Chen Shiming had come to this point. As long as Jiang Yuze was revealed…

The regular meeting of the new year was nothing more than summarizing the past and looking forward to the future. Chen Qizhao felt that today wasn’t a waste of time. At the very least, the key projects in the group for this year were more or less mentioned at this meeting. This way, he could carry out the next plan and determine the projects to pay attention to and the projects that should be promoted. It was also convenient to see Jiang Yuze’s actions.

Chen Qizhao listened to several items and ruled them out one by one. He couldn’t help looking in Jiang Yuze’s direction.

If his memory was correct, preparations for several projects should’ve started at this point in time. Those projects were also projects that Lin Shizong operated on later… except that there were some departments that lost some chess pieces due to Chen Shiming’s investigation and Lin Shizong didn’t dare to arrange it. There were two other departments that hadn’t been affected and should be fine for Lin Shizong to act on, but Lin Shizong still had no arrangements.

Lin Shizong had become cautious.

He didn’t dare to do anything at this point in time.

Chen Qizhao was thoughtful. Was Chen Shiming’s actions so big?

The old fox was so frightened that he tucked in his tail. This made things difficult. If Jiang Yuze didn’t act, how could he find evidence?

At this time, the PPT on the screen switched to the next page.

A familiar name appeared in front of Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao’s expression suddenly changed and his eyes stared straight at the project—Sheng Ming.

The Sheng Ming project was a transformation plan carried out by the Chen family after the acquisition of the Sheng Ming company. The Chen family started as a real estate company and would face the future impact of the market and other factors. It had always been the development goal of the Chen family to seek transformation and expand business. Shen Ming was one of them but this project was a big project of Lin Shizong’s. The preparation period for this project was the longest. Lin Shizong had been planning from the time when the Chen Group acquired Sheng Ming and finally detonated it.

The keynote speaker of the meeting was still explaining it but Chen Qizhao’s heart sank. Something was wrong. According to the timeline, the Sheng Ming project should only be mentioned and arranged two years later… not now. Lin Shizong started this plan after he was spread all over the Chen Group’s internal network. Now his chess pieces in the Chen family had been dismantled. How could Lin Shizong suddenly want to use this project?

Chen Qizhao rolled his eyes, looked around and noticed that Chen Jianhong was looking at Sheng Ming.

Sheng Ming was indeed a good opportunity for the Chen family to seek business expansion. Chen Jianhong originally had this plan but now the acquisition of Sheng Ming required more funds and energy than two years later. It wasn’t easy to successfully acquire Sheng Ming. If it wasn’t to take advantage of Sheng Ming in the future… Lin Shizong’s idea should be to consume the Chen family when proposing this plan at this time.


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