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MGAG: Chapter 46 Part 2

Sure enough, after Sheng Ming, there were several more acquisition targets on the PPT.

Chen Qizhao became even more certain of Lin Shizong’s plan. He didn’t dare to directly attack the Chen family but threw a number of good hooks to the Chen family one after another to consume them… so he sought other opportunities for himself. After all, the more projects that were carried out, the more people that could be mixed in. It would become very easy for him to place more people.

The meeting was still ongoing and multiple plans were mentioned one after another.

Jiang Yuze quietly looked at Chen Qizhao as the keynote speaker continued speaking. This person was very sloppy. Even when coming to this type of occasion, he only wore a casual outfit and didn’t pay attention to the screen. His eyes were moving randomly and it wasn’t known what he was looking at. He seemed distracted.

Jiang Yuze thought of the next arrangement in the Chen family and couldn’t help looking sideways at Chen Qizhao.

Qin Xingfeng and Yu Jie fell by Chen Qizhao’s side one after another. There were more things to do in the future. No matter what Chen Qizhao’s temperament was, it was more suitable for Chen Qizhao to be under his nose.

At this time, the Glory project appeared on the screen.

Jiang Yuze saw the name of the person in charge of the project and his pupils shrank slightly.

“The preliminary formulation of the Glory smart home plan is a key project of this quarter and the responsible party for the project is Feihongl. The main person in charge will be handed over from Chen Shiming to Chen Qizhao.”

The moment the speaker finished speaking, many people in the meeting room started discussing it. They all looked at Chen Qizhao, who was sitting at the back of the meeting room.

Chen Qizhao didn’t even flip through the notebook in front of him, let alone move the pen on the meeting table. He wore clothes that were out of place in the meeting room and there were two holes in his coat. He looked very informal. At this time, he didn’t restrain himself in the face of other people’s gazes. He even opened a bottle of mineral water like this project had little to do with him.

Several high-level officials frowned when they saw this. It was as if they hadn’t expected Chen Shiming to release this project to Chen Qizhao.

“The Glory plan has no problem as a while but do we have enough technical reserves?” A high-level executive raised an opinion.

At this time, Chen Shiming stood up and said, “Don’t worry. Feihong will cooperate with the Shen Group and we will work together to solve any technical problems…”

The moment he finished speaking, a cough suddenly came from the meeting room.

Chen Qizhao choked on water. Once it eased up, he noticed the gazes of others in the meeting room and looked toward Chen Shiming, who was still standing.

“I accidentally choked.”

Chen Shiming asked, “Have you finished coughing?”

“I’m fine. Go on.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

Some people looked at Chen Shiming. They saw him frowning and were even more sure of the rumors that the two brothers didn’t get along.

In the first meeting of the year, Chen Qizhao interrupted Chen Shiming like this?

Other people were already speculating on the relationship between the two of them and talking about how Chen Qizhao interrupted Chen Shiming with a fake cough.

After leaving the meeting room, Chen Qizhao immediately went to Chen Shiming’s office.

Several high-ranking executives who came out behind him couldn’t help looking at each other. It was as if they were anticipating what would happen in the office.

Jiang Yuze told a person beside him. “Go to Chen Shiming’s office floor and pay attention to what they are doing.”

Chen Qizhao choked because who would’ve thought that Chen Shiming would actually move the big Buddha that was the Shen family for Feihong. However, he later deliberately coughed. This project was transferred from Chen Shiming to him. It would be strange if someone didn’t suspect it.

He walked to the office and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about the cooperation with the Shen family?”

“Isn’t this something I should know since I took over the project?”

Chen Shiming told him, “Didn’t you read the documents I asked Special Assistant Xu to put in your office in the morning?”

Chen Qizhao was very calm. “I didn’t read them.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

He sighed and continued to look at the documents. “Have you decided on your driver’s license instructor?”

Chen Qizhao looked around Chen Shiming’s office and found nothing unusual. Therefore, he just replied casually, “I’m still picking.”

Chen Shiming wondered, “…Chen Qizhao, are you picking a teacher or a wife?”

“Do you take seven days to pick your wife?” Chen Qizhao frowned with disapproval.

Outside the office, Special Assistant Xu’s knock on the door paused and he took two steps back thoughtfully. He preferred to stand and do nothing rather than discussing with his boss and the boss’ brother how many days it took to pick a wife.

“Special Assistant Xu, are you standing as a punishment?”

Special Assistant Xu: “……”

He saw that the person who came was Xiao Jiang, a subordinate of Brother Jiang, and smiled awkwardly. “Yes, I’m standing for a while.”

Xiao Jiang glanced at the office. He heard slightly loud voices inside and nodded. “Then good luck. I will continue to deliver documents.”

Special Assistant Xu watched Xiao Jiang disappear from his field of view. From the corners of his eyes, he glimpsed the sympathetic eyes of several colleagues at the secretary desks. He moved to the side and tried to stand inconspicuously. Finally, the voices inside seemed to fall silent. He straightened up and was about to knock on the door when the door suddenly opened.

Chen Qizhao came out of the office and saw Special Assistant Xu. He nodded at this person and soon returned to his office.

On the desk, he did find the Glory and Shen family’s plan from a bunch of documents. It was still the early stages and contact with the Shen family during this time was probably indispensable.

He thought about this and planned to send a message to Shen Yuhuai to ask. He had just opened the chat box when he saw the words ‘the other party is typing’ appearing in it.

Chen Qizhao’s hand that was about to type stopped.

At this time, Shen Yuhuai’s message was received.

[Are you at Feihong?]

[Zhao: No. Brother Huai, are you looking for me?]

Shen Yuhuai stopped at the door of the Chen family’s villa. He had just come out and found that only Aunt Zhang was at home. He sat in the car and was about to enter an inquiry when the other person directly made a voice call.

“Hello?” Chen Qizhao asked, “Brother, are you near Feihong?”

Shen Yuhuai fastened his seat belt. “I originally came to find you for something today. I thought you were at home and came over directly. Aunt Zhang said you went out to work.”

“I came to the Chen headquarters today.” Chen Qizhao paused for a moment before adding, “It is in the downtown area.”

“Then are you busy this afternoon?” Shen Yuhuai asked with a smile.

“There is time.” Chen Qizhao glanced at the documents on his desk. In fact, he had nothing to do. He came here today mainly for the annual meeting. In addition, this trip wasn’t in vain. At the very least, he set the goal for Lin Shizong’s follow-up actions. He just needed to lock onto these projects and Jiang Yuze.

He had just looked at the schedule on Chen Shiming’s desk. He estimated that several meetings would be held in the afternoon and had no reason to enter such occasions. Jiang Yuze wouldn’t make small moves in these meetings. Rather than wasting time in the company, it was better to go directly to the car yard to take a look. Sheng Ming’s affairs also had to be checked in advance to find out what was going on.

“Then send me the address and I’ll come and pick you up.” Shen Yuhuai asked again, “Have you eaten lunch?”

“Not yet.” Chen Qizhao noticed that it was already past 1 o’clock. The morning meeting had gone on too long and it was actually already this time.

Shen Yuhuai paused for a moment before saying, “That is just right.”

Chen Shiming continued to do his work after Chen Qizhao left.

There were many files accumulated on the desk. Chen Shiming was putting some files back when he saw a certain folder. He saw the words on it and his eyes suddenly changed. He immediately called the person in charge of this investigation.

“What is going on?” Chen Shiming pointed to the words. “Fang Chengjie? How could this person be found?”

“Boss, Fang Chengjie is a detail we found when investigating Yicheng, mainly Fu Yanyu.” The assistant in charge of the investigation explained. “Fang Chengjie was the financial backer of Fu Yanyu and a part of the entertainment industry. His status in the entertainment industry wasn’t low. Then after Fu Yanyu’s accident, he quickly distanced himself from it… we found out about this because Yicheng has also been chasing Fang Chengjie recently. We followed Fang Chengjie’s line to check. After investigation, it was found that Fang Chengjie was recently taken away for investigation on suspicion of drug smuggling.”

Chen Shiming frowned. “Drug smuggling?”

“Yes.” The assistant continued. “It is said that the police found Fang Chengjie through the investigation of Fu Yanyu’s drug use. Fang Chengjie tried to erase the evidence but a lot of evidence was found from Fu Yanyu’s agent. Through Fang Chengjie, they locked onto the drug-addicted artists in the circle. This matter has Yicheng’s handwriting…”

Chen Shiming lowered his eyes and continued reading the investigation’s details. He saw a familiar drug name among the drugs that Fang Chengjie was suspected of smuggling.

He looked stunned and searched the Internet for the information of the drug. The first word that popped up was ‘hallucinogenic.’

This drug was mentioned by the attending doctor when Chen Qizhao was hospitalized earlier.

Now he saw it in the drugs smuggled by Fang Chengjie…

Chen Shiming asked, “You said that this matter has Yicheng’s handwriting? Do they suspect that Fang Chengjie and Fu Yanyu are messing with them?”

“We are still investigating the specific reason.” The assistant thought for a moment. “In the process of the investigation, we heard a small piece of news that Yicheng found Fang Chengjie due to the incident with Fu Yanyu. Yicheng’s senior management received email information about Fang Chengjie.”

The assistant finished speaking and noticed Chen Shiming’s silence.

She stood there for a while before asking, “Boss, are there any other questions?”

Chen Shiming waved his hand and the assistant quickly went out.

He sat and pondered on it for a long time. Then he finally left the office to go directly to Chen Jianhong.

Chen Jianhong had just finished a remote video communication when he saw Chen Shiming coming in and withdrew.

“You are so anxious. What happened?” Chen Jianhong wondered.

Chen Shiming handed Chen Jianhong the information on Fang Chengjie. Chen Jianhong frowned slightly after reading it. He also noticed the same drug name. Chen Jianhong always remembered how Chen Qizhao was drugged at the charity party. Ever since that incident, the police didn’t stop investigating but the final result was that it was a personal problem with the waiter. The only answer seemed to be given by his friend Lin Shizong who said that it was done by the business competitor, Yicheng.

That was why he didn’t let go of any news about Yicheng during this time.

It wasn’t until he saw this information that he had another idea in his heart and his eyes sank slightly. “Is there any action on the police side? What about the people involved with Fang Chengjie?”

“At present, they are still investigating and there are no other news.”

Chen Shiming continued, “Fang Chengjie didn’t explain the buyers of the smuggled drugs. The buyers shouldn’t be Yicheng. If it was Yicheng, they wouldn’t have anything to do with Fang Chengjie at this critical juncture, let alone assist the police…”

“The buyers.” Chen Jianhong stared at the information. He thought of Yicheng’s recent actions and a terrible conjecture appeared in his mind. He closed his eyes slightly but didn’t dare think about the result. The hand holding the folder tightened and the veins bulged.

Some time passed before he said, “It might also the Lin family…”


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