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MGAG: Chapter 36 Part 2

In the middle of the meal, Chen Qizhao received a phone call. It was from Nie Chenxiao.

He had left his contact information when discussing the cooperation during the day. This way, the other person could contact him directly if there were any questions. Chen Qizhao just hadn’t expected him to call here. He stopped slightly, said something to the people at the table and turned his back to answer the phone.

Nie Chenxiao mainly called to confirm a small problem in the contract with him. After the two parties confirmed it, Nie Chenxiao said that the contract could be signed the day after tomorrow. Chen Qizhao was naturally very happy. After finishing the call, he sent a message to Special Assistant Xu and asked him to follow up.

“Maybe it is a call from the school?”

Liu Sui said, “I heard him say Teacher Nie. What time does S College close its gates? We shouldn’t make the child locked out of his dormitory.”

“11 o’clock.” Shen Yuhuai replied while his eyes stopped slightly on Chen Qizhao.

He saw Chen Qizhao return and quickly retracted it.

The night deepened and the group dispersed after ending the gathering.

The car turned smoothly into the campus of S College. Chen Qizhao sat in the passenger seat. The heating in the car made him feel a bit stuffy. He stared straight ahead and could see the man’s slender fingers on the steering wheel.

The nails were trimmed short and the bone joints were good-looking when slightly flexed.

Chen Qizhao thought of the time when he was hospitalized and Shen Yuhuai held the knife.

Soon, the car turned into a temporary parking space.

Shen Yuhuai told him, “We’re here.”

“Brother Huai, thank you for sending me back.”

Chen Qizhao gave polite thanks and got out of the car. Just then, a cold wind blew toward him. The cold came suddenly and the night wind became stronger.

He had just gotten out of the car when he saw Shen Yuhuai also coming down from the driver’s seat.

Shen Yuhuai closed the car door. “I’ll walk you there.”


He was just about to refuse when he heard Shen Yuhuai locking the door.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him doubtfully. “What’s wrong?”

Chen Qizhao lowered his head and found he was still wearing Shen Yuhuai’s jacket. “Nothing.”

The two of them walked in the direction of the dormitory building. The short road seemed to take several minutes.

They arrived at the building and Chen Qizhao removed the jacket, handing it back to Shen Yuhuai. “Then I’ll go up first. It is windy tonight. Be careful on your way back.”

“Okay, good night…”

Chen Qizhao retreated after speaking. However, he ignored the steps behind him and accidentally stepped on air. His entire body staggered and he fell back two steps.

At this time, a hand grabbed him and pulled him up.

Chen Qizhao couldn’t stop and his head slammed into Shen Yuhuai’s body. He hurriedly grabbed the other person’s arm.

The arm under his palm seemed taut, steady and powerful.

“Are you so careless?”

A laughing tone was heard above his head. Chen Qizhao raised his head to meet Shen Yuhuai’s slightly narrowed eyes under his glasses. Chen Qizhao instinctively avoided this look and hurriedly let go. “Sorry, I didn’t notice the steps behind me.”

Shen Yuhuai let go and helped him stand firm. “Go in quickly. You are wearing thin clothes.”

“Yes. Goodbye, Brother Huai.”

Chen Qizhao quickly went upstairs. He just passed through the entrance of the building when he looked down and noticed that Shen Yuhuai was still in his original position.

As if noticing his gaze, the latter raised his head and nodded slightly before turning away.

However, Chen Qizhao stopped and watched the other person step into the night and into the thick, unclear darkness.

“Good night, Shen Yuhuai,” he repeated.

Shen Yuhuai walked back to the parking lot.

He got into the car and looked down at the jacket in his arms. He couldn’t help thinking of Chen Qizhao’s appearance of wearing this jacket while sitting among the group. Then the corners of his eyes became an imperceptible red.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were actually very good-looking.

Shen Yuhuai came to his senses and put the jacket on the seat.

After a moment, he seemed to smell a faint scent from the jacket.

It was a bit like the smell of mint.

The PR department’s emergency PR due to this matter and the fact that Assistant Yu was watching meant this matter was handled quickly and well. Soon, a statement was issued on the official Weibo and the heat was urgently withdrawn.

At night, Assistant Yu went to the rest room and called Jiang Yuze. He truthfully reported what happened at Feihong to his superiors.

There was only one light in the lounge and this made the assistant’s face even gloomier.

“I asked Fu Yanyu’s agent and he said that the cause of this matter might be that something went wrong with the news on the fan’s side. This made it like this in advance and the PR on Feihong’s side had to act. Brother Jiang, it isn’t good for me to be exposed so I could only follow Chen Qizhao’s requirements in this matter. However, this matter might…” Assistant Yu continued, “Should I keep going according to the original plan?”

“It is okay. Chen Qizhao is stupid but he has grown his brains to a certain extent. It isn’t surprising that he noticed the problems on the Internet. You do the business over there. If they want PR then just do PR. Now Feihong’s publicity plan can’t be changed and things are a foregone conclusion. During this week, pay attention to lead Chen Qizhao so that he targets Yicheng.” Jiang Yuze walked to a corner where no one was present. “There is something you need to do at next week’s meeting.”

Assistant Yu hesitated. “What’s the matter?”

“Chen Shiming’s actions are too big and we have do some tricks to his projects. There are shareholders who will challenge this matter at next week’s regular meeting,” Jiang Yuze explained. “Once the time comes, you need to set two fires. Someone will naturally blame Chen Shiming for the failure and we will relieve him of his power.”

Meanwhile, the recording venue of a variety show.

The boy dressed in trendy clothes was resting. He was very enthusiastic in front of the fans around him as he gave out autographs. Then he restrained himself when he saw the agent with a slightly nervous face not far away. He returned the signature pads to the fans and walked toward the agent’s position.

The agent saw him coming and handed over a tablet. “Feihong made an announcement on their side.”

Fu Yanyu grabbed the tablet and saw Feihong’s PR announcement. “Didn’t we say it was good to warm things up? Why did they make an announcement so quickly? This isn’t what we agreed upon in advance.”

The agent glanced at him. “It is a problem on the side of the fans. I originally released some news to your big fans in advance so they would cooperate with us to raise the heat in the future. I didn’t expect the news to leak to the marketing accounts. Feihong saw that the comments under the marketing accounts were wrong and had to do PR. I just received a call from the person in charge on their side.”

“Geez.” Fu Yanyu threw the tablet back. “Then what should we do now? Should we buy the articles according to the previous plan?”

“The notice given from that person is for us to keep buying it,” the agent answered. “The effect might not be as good as before but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Feihong invested so much to promote it at the end of the year. Once things are reversed, they won’t have time to react.”

Fu Yanyu wasn’t very happy. He originally planned to market a script where they took advantage of his popularity to hype themselves and he was bullied. The wealthy backer behind him had a bit of a conflict with Feihong and had asked Fu Yanyu to cheat Feihong in the cooperation. He promised to help Fu Yanyu reach a cooperation with Yicheng Medical. Yicheng had a good momentum recently and also invested in two large-scale medical dramas. If the endorsement effect is good, he might even get a male lead role.

It was originally arranged like this. Who would expect for Feihong to actually do PR at this critical moment so that half of the press releases he originally planned couldn’t be done.

“The matter is like this for now. Don’t say anything in front of fans and we will handle the rest.” The agent looked at Fu Yanyu and explained something else. “Take care of your own affairs. I just suppressed the hot search for you two days ago. Don’t forget that during this period of strict reviews, some things might break out. Even I can’t protect you.”

Fu Yanyu’s expression darkened when he heard this. “How big can it be? I didn’t do anything.”

The agent emphasized it again. “There were paparazzi waiting at the bar last time. Fu Yanyu, I am telling you this seriously.”

“Don’t worry. Even if something happens, Mr Fang will block it for me.” Fu Yanyu patted the agent’s shoulder and looked at the other person in the venue. “This variety show isn’t very good. We agreed to it only to do publicity for our drama. As a result, a small online drama appeared on it as well.”

He looked at Nie Chenxiao on the other side of the video. “Prepare some press articles for me during the holiday. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by a broken online drama.”

Fu Yanyu finished speaking and returned to the venue. The agent looked at Fu Yanyu’s back and his original good expression disappeared. He had already cleaned up too many of Fu Yanyu’s messes while Fu Yanyu was complacent and thought he had his original fame. Fu Yanyu didn’t think much about the changes during this time and didn’t know that President Fang was tired of him and had found a new lover.

Night fell over the land and several people coming and going were reflected on the French windows. The temporary work meeting was coming to an end.

At this time, there was the sound of high heels outside the door. This was followed by a knock on the door that broke the relaxed atmosphere.

The words ‘come in’ were heard and a female assistant hurried into her boss’ office with some documents.

Chen Shiming’s eyes fell on her with a bit of doubt in his eyes.

“Boss, something happened.”

The female assistant looked anxious. “There is a problem with Project 456.”


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