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MGAG: Chapter 37 Part 1

A storm was brewing silently and everything seemed to be a prelude to the outbreak.

After Feihong’s PR actions, the Internet briefly entered a moment of tranquility. Then two days before the agreement was signed, Fu Yanyu took the agent to the headquarters of Yicheng in Y City to meet with the humble and friendly head of the publicity department.

“This is the content of the endorsement contract. The electronic version has been sent to you before. If there are no problems, we can sign it and proceed to the next step.”

The agent was about to take it but the other person suddenly held down the contract. The person from Yicheng’s publicity department smiled. “I’ve heard a lot of rumors on the Internet recently. I heard that you have been in contact with the Chen Group’s Feihong. Is this matter true or false? My project can only have one spokesperson. If your team signs two contracts at the same time during this schedule, it will be difficult for our side.”

“This matter is a misunderstanding. Feihong has indeed contacted us but the schedule hasn’t been discussed. The online press release was also bought by Feihong. They wanted to cooperate with us but were rejected, but they wanted to use it to gain some popularity. However, we have already talked to the people in their company about this. Didn’t Feihong send a public relations article some time ago to clarify?”

The agent put on a professional smile. “Yanyu also wants to develop. The team has negotiated and compromised and finally chose Yicheng Medical. In addition, this was written in the contract. We won’t break the contract, right?”

The person from Yicheng’s publicity department was suspicious. Recently, he had indeed seen many marketing accounts on the Internet stating that Fu Yanyu and Feihong were about to cooperate and they heard some news in the industry. However, this doubt was refuted by Fu Yanyu’s team. Then last week, he saw Feihong’s announcement Weibo post to clarify the rumors of the marketing accounts. Thus, he was relieved enough to call Fu Yanyu to sign the contract.

It was common in the industry to compete with several companies for endorsements. If the person couldn’t be signed then it could only be said that Feihong’s conditions weren’t good enough.

“Okay, sign the contract first. Then we can start cooperating with the publicity in the next few days.” The head of the publicity department let go of his hand and the contract slipped to Yu Fanyu’s side.

The agent took a look at the contract and made sure that the details were in line with the electronic version before signing it.

He stretched out his hand. “Then Department Head Li, let’s have a good cooperation?”

The person in charge of the publicity department nodded. “Happy cooperation.”

After leaving Yicheng, the agent sent Fu Yanyu to his next schedule.

Fu Yanyu said as he got out of the car, “The rest will be left to you. Don’t let Feihong’s dirty water touch me.”

The agent replied, “Don’t worry, the end of the year will go smoothly.”

Fu Yanyu left after these words. The agent watched his figure leaving the underground garage and put away the disdain in his eyes. He closed the door, instructed the driver to drive and called someone.

“Yes, the public opinion on the Internet can almost be released and the marketing accounts have been prepared. If there is a problem, it will all be pushed to Yicheng.”

“Don’t worry about other things beforehand. Get things done first.”

“The black materials on Fu Yanyu? Suppress them first. The drama hasn’t aired yet. Let’s wait until the drama is over.”

“Hire more people to muddy the waters.”

In the S College Gymnasium, young people were moving back and forth on the basketball court.

There was a three step layup to the basket and the onlookers burst into enthusiastic cheers.

After a round of substitution, the sweating Yan Kailin sat next to Chen Qizhao. “It is exciting. This group of people from the sports department is really crazy. My physical strength isn’t comparable to them.” He looked at Chen Qizhao next to him. He was sweating and his face was hot and red. Meanwhile, Chen Qizhao was white and clean like nothing was wrong. The only thing that marked him was the scar under his sleeve.

“You can do it by drinking less alcohol and going to the gym more,” Chen Qizhao casually replied while drinking mineral water.

The scar was shallow but it could be wide, especially on the white arm.

Yan Kailin couldn’t help taking a second glance. His brother didn’t know anything but Yan Kailin was on the school forum every day. There were many rumors about his brother. He heard that in his physical education class in the beginning, some people said his brother had a problem when wearing a coat on a hot day at school. Later, they accidentally saw the scar on his brother’s hand several times. These people used their own mind to make up what happened.

Then the He Shuhang incident broke out last time in the chemical engineering department. He heard that his brother beat the person and it spread in the school for a while. This time, the people from the sports department at the school were playing basketball and it was estimated that some of these onlookers were here to see his brother.

If it was changed to him then he would also want to take a look. In particular, his brother’s arm was cooler than a tattoo!

“That is because you are too good.” Yan Kailin wasn’t convinced so he tried to persuade Chen Qizhao. “As a child, I thought I was going to die but it was you who saved me in the end. You are the strongest in my eyes.”

Chen Qizhao played with his phone and raised his head doubtfully. “I saved you? When did that happen? Why don’t I remember it?”

“No, how could you forget this?” Yan Kailin looked at him in an exaggerated manner. “When I was seven or eight years old, I often went to your house to play. At that time, there was a big lake by the villa. Have you forgotten?”

Chen Qizhao’s memory of his childhood was very vague. He could even forget that he met Shen Yuhuai in primary school. After Zhang Yazhi mentioned the matter to him last time, he had gone home to look through the photo album and a few photos of him when he was a child. He vaguely regained some memories.

Yan Kailin hadn’t expected Chen Qizhao to forget about this. “It is the big lake at villa. We went to play with that boat and I fell in. It was winter and the water was freezing to death. Brother, you jumped down to save me.”

During his childhood, Yan Kailin admired Chen Qizhao very much.

In particular, he was rescued when he fell into the water at that time. This directly pulled his worship of Chen Qizhao to the extreme and he still had a deep impression of that incident when he grew up. At that time, there was a gathering and a group of people went to the Chen family’s villa. The adults were having a barbecue in the yard and a group of children ran to the back of the villa to play. The fence around the big lake was being repaired. It wasn’t known who suggested playing with the boat but then something happened.

He was the one who fell into the water and Chen Qizhao went into the water to save him.

He still remembered that his brother jumped down and dragged him to the edge of the boat. Then he clung onto the boat and the two of them stayed there waiting for someone to rescue them. Finally, his older brother Yan Kaiqi saw it with his friends and called someone to save them.

The party that day was chaotic. He ended up fine but Chen Qizhao got a high fever because of it.

“I was probably too young to remember.” Chen Qizhao was briefly curious. Then after thinking carefully, he couldn’t remember anything. There was just a vague feeling that there was such a thing.

“No, how can this be forgotten? I shared trials and tribulations with you.” Yan Kailin let out a long sigh. “I was scolded by my father later and wasn’t allowed to play with you for two or three months. Still, I am curious. I remember that someone pushed me at that time, but everyone else said that I didn’t stand firmly and was shaken off.”

Chen Qizhao was surprised when he heard this. “Someone pushed you?”

Yan Kailin shook his head. “Maybe it was a mistake. I just remember that you saved me.”

The two of them talked for a bit before the others on the basketball court urged them.

Yan Kailin called out, “I’m coming.”

Chen Qizhao put down his phone and was about to go over, but a notification popped up on his phone screen. It was posted by the official Weibo of Yicheng Medical, who he followed.

“Brother, hurry up,” Yan Kailin shouted from a distance.

Chen Qizhao picked up the coat next to him. “No, you guys should find someone else.”

The drama was starting.

The moment the contract was signed, Yicheng Medical officially announced it with a spokesperson poster on the same day. This caused a big publicity wave on the Internet. The moment Fu Yanyu posted on Weibo, a large group of marketing accounts appeared and said sarcastically that Feihong was rubbing his popularity some time ago. Many of Fu Yanyu’s fans were misguided and went directly to Feihong’s official Weibo to make trouble.

The moment Feihong received the news, it immediately contacted Fu Yuanyu’s team, but the team just said that Yicheng’s conditions were better and completely refused to communicate. It wasn’t common for the entertainment industry to suspend endorsements but they had already negotiated to the early stages. It was rare for the contract to be negotiated only for the person to regret it two days before the promotion. The people from the Feihong Glory Series project team had worked overtime to create a plan to match the holiday promotions…

Fei Yanyu’s actions affected not only Feihong’s reputation but it also directly disrupted the preliminary work of the entire Glory Series project. If there was no spokesperson, it meant them contacting the signed advertising channels in advance were all useless. They would have to pay penalty damages to the advertisers and the investment of this early publicity would be lost.

The people of the Glory Series project were in a daze and they hurriedly contacted the artists who were free in the New Year’s schedule. However, the artists who were a bit famous during the drama broadcast period already had publicity arrangements. It was more difficult to find people now and the candidates that were originally proposed couldn’t be used at all.

“Can’t we look for it again?” The person in charge looked anxious. “Contact Lin Yirou again. If it really doesn’t work, we can only use her to fill this schedule.”

“Boss, Lin Yirou’s New Year drama hasn’t been aired and our publicity effect might not come out.”

“Ah, originally our publicity arrangement for Liu Yirou was in March of next year but we moved it forward for Fu Yanyu. Now that it is vacant, we can use Liu Yirou to plug the vacancy but the other person might not be able to fully cooperate with our schedule.”

The person in charge turned pale. “Then find an artist who has a schedule and can promote it at the end of the year. Are there no movies or dramas? If not, find someone who is a bit more popular right now.”

“The ones with high popularity have already been robbed and the ones with low popularity will make our products feel too cheap. The publicity effect won’t come out. It is better to contact Liu Yirou.”

The department was full of trouble. Some people were busy dealing with public opinion and doing PR online while others were trying to find ways to contact the advertising channels… in this chaotic office, someone hurriedly ran in and spoke with an anxious tone, “Boss, the second young master is here…”

The person in charge was dumbfounded when he heard this. How did this ancestor get the news so quickly?

The people in the office had heard a lot about the gossip of the second young master. After all, the reputation of the little tyrant had spread far and wide. In particular, they saw him talk about inviting the most expensive person some time ago and could see the straightforward spirit of the second young master.

The person in charge of the public relations smiled bitterly. “This time, it is thanks to the second young master’s actions some time ago. The publicity warm-up was stopped and we wrote an article and did PR in advance. We didn’t announce the spokesperson. This allowed us to control the public opinion on the Internet and there is little impact on us.”

Public opinion could be controlled but who could be found to replace the vacancy of Fu Yanyu? Did they really have to bear this loss?

Their schedule had been arranged. They had been working on Glory 2.0 for several years and this time was the most appropriate time for publicity. If they delayed it to next year then they would bump into other electrical companies announcing new products and this was very unfavorable for them.

It was supposed to be a very smooth battle but it had now become a mess.


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