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MGAG: Chapter 2 Part 2

The car window was closed so Chen Qizhao felt a bit stuffy. He groped around and pressed the switch to open it. Suddenly, he turned his head to meet Chen Shiming’s eyes.

Chen Shiming was watching him.

“What happened to your hand?” Chen Shiming’s gaze moved downward.

The boy’s jacket was rolled up and there were two or three red marks on his exposed arm that seemed to be blood. This was unusually obvious on his thin white arm. This young man smoked and drank before he fully grew up and inexplicably got a hand injury.

Chen Qizhao had a bit of a headache but he felt more awake after the cold wind blew. He heard this question and replied casually, “The glass was broken and I accidentally got cut.”

Chen Shiming couldn’t help frowning. “So careless?”

“Oh. I drank a bit too much and my hands slipped.”

Chen Shiming’s eyes swept over the location of the injury. “It is really slippery enough.”

Chen Qizhao saw that he cared and raised the hand to show him. “It’s fine. It didn’t slip to my artery.”

“You still expect me to pick you up if the artery was cut? The ambulance would be waiting for you at the door of the bar.” Chen Shiming suppressed his temper, not wanting to argue with this person. He asked, “What about smoking? Who taught it to you? Can you be a bit more reliable?”

Chen Qizhao told him, “I don’t smoke.”

Chen Shiming didn’t know what to say for a moment. “…You just took it and played with it?”

Chen Shiming was angry but also found it laughable. What wasn’t good to play with that he had to play with cigarettes?

The conversation between the two of them came to an abrupt end and there was no more talk.

After so many years, Chen Qizhao found that he was still talking to Chen Shiming in the same manner. He didn’t believe in this far-fetched reason, let alone Chen Shiming.

Sure enough, the two of them stopped talking and silence returned to the car.

The scenery passed by outside the car window while Chen Qizhao slightly glanced sideways, silently watching Chen Shiming.

It was different from the man who was covered with stubble and depressed after the car accident in his previous life before finally swallowing medicine to die on a rainy night. This Chen Shiming was full of energy. He had already gained a foothold in the Chen Group and his means and wisdom were convincing. He was the leader of the younger generation.

The proud son of heaven, arrogant and conceited, admired by everyone.

He deserved a better life, not a depressed ending. But now…

His parents hadn’t been diagnosed with their serious illnesses and his brother hadn’t experienced a car accident. The Chen family was still prosperous and the culprits who caused the bankruptcy of the Chen family were shrinking back in the gutter and targeting them.

Chen Qizhao lowered his head and silently laughed.

He was 18 years old, the age when nothing had happened yet.

At night, the Chen family’s villa was quiet as the car slowly drove into the garage.

Chen Shiming had already gotten out of the car. He saw that Chen Qizhao hadn’t moved and asked, “What is it? You don’t plan to get off?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak and followed him out of the car.

It was quiet at night and next to the garage was the back garden. The street lights shining on the cobblestones were bright and illuminating this corner. Chen Qizhao’s eyes involuntarily stayed on this scenery and it seemed that many years had passed.

Chen Shiming was talking to the housekeeper. He had just taken a few steps when he found that Chen Qizhao was still standing in the garden, eyes slightly dark. If nothing else, tonight’s Chen Qizhao was a bit too quiet. He was quite righteous and confident when arguing with him during the day. Then in the bar, there were several parts of the conversations that had signs of an argument. The past Chen Qizhao would’ve already argued with him.

“Young Master?” The housekeeper saw that Chen Shiming didn’t move and looked back.

Chen Shiming said, “His hand is injured. Treat the wound again for him.”

It wasn’t known if the wound was treated seriously in a place like the bar.

By the time Chen Qizhao’s mind returned, Chen Shiming had already gone far away.

The brightly lit villa seemed lively. His eyes stayed on a spot of light for a moment before he walked over quickly.

A conversation was heard the moment he pushed open the door. A beautiful woman was sitting on the sofa in the living room and talking to Chen Shiming. She seemed to notice the movement on this side and looked over. The moment she saw it was Chen Qizhao, she immediately waved. “Zhao Zhao, come quickly.”

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth slightly. Strange emotions poured out his heart and he found it hard to move his feet, like they were filled with lead.

The person sitting on the sofa was none other than his mother, Zhang Yazhi. She was nearly 50 years old but she was beautiful. She looked like a young woman in her 30s and didn’t seem old at all.

Chen Shiming glanced at Chen Qizhao, who was still standing in a frozen manner on the other side, and told Zhang Yazhi, “I will go upstairs to rest first. You go to bed early.”

Zhang Yazhi didn’t keep her oldest son and she beckoned to Chen Qizhao. “Zhao Zhao? Why aren’t you coming in?”

Chen Qizhao controlled his emotions slightly and walked over.

This person was very energetic and could still talk and laugh. Such a Zhang Yazhi only lived in Chen Qizhao’s memory.

He hadn’t seen Zhang Yazhi for many years. Now when he saw her healthy appearance, he would always think of the thin and sick woman in bed in his previous life.

The housekeeper came over with the medical kit and Zhang Yazhi learned that Chen Qizhao’s hand had been injured at the bar.

“How did it become like this? Has it been disinfected?” Zhang Yazhi took the medical kit from the housekeeper and didn’t forget to give more orders, “Old Zhang, bring me my glasses and the bottle of anti-inflammatory water I brought from abroad.”

Chen Qizhao told her, “It is just a small wound. It isn’t that exaggerated.”

Zhang Yazhi glanced at Chen Qizhao. “What small wound? This small wound will leave a scar if you aren’t careful.”

She suddenly coughed as she spoke.

Chen Qizhao’s expression froze and it sank instantly. “Why are you coughing?”

Zhang Yazhi didn’t look up as she helped him wash the medicine off his arm. “It is a small cold and my throat is a bit itchy when I talk. Don’t move. Wait for me to wash this off.”

Chen Qizhao stared at Zhang Yazhi, his tone slightly deep. “Have you seen a doctor?”

“I’ve taken medicine.” Zhang Yazhi pressed against his arm. “Don’t move. Once this wound is cleaned up, I will apply medicine.”

Chen Qizhao’s expression was ugly and his tone became a bit stronger. “Go to the hospital with me tomorrow for a physical examination.”

“What is the point of a physical examination? I’m not sick.” Zhang Yazhi felt somewhat resistant to Chen Qizhao’s sudden tough tone and she found it strange. “It will get better soon. It is just a bit itchy and I cough a little bit. It will be fine in two days.”

Chen Qizhao realized that his tone was wrong. He hadn’t communicated with his family for many years and he couldn’t remember how he talked to his parents back then. The only thing he remembered was making his family angry.

He was used to being tough and later on, he was accustomed to giving orders. He was never soft when speaking to people.

Now he saw Zhang Yazhi and remembered how he had been angry with her in his previous life. He couldn’t help his emotions and tone softening. “Mom, a serious cold can cause pneumonia.”

Zhang Yazhi knew Chen Qizhao’s personality. This child spoke in a straightforward manner and was in the rebellious period. He had just quarreled with Chen Shiming during the day and she was angry that the child was causing trouble outside without knowing the severity of it. Therefore, she became a bit emotional at this nonsensical request. She was about to say something to Chen Qizhao when she saw the boy in front of her bowing his head slightly. This made her emotions ease.

Chen Qizhao originally looked well-behaved but many times, his personality overwhelmed the first impression that his appearance gave.

Now his voice no longer had the tone of no refusal and there were some concessions and compromise. Zhang Yazhi’s emotions immediately went down. “Why so serious? I just coughed twice and it is a serious cold? Child, don’t think about things that you shouldn’t think about.”

Zhang Yazhi was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his last life and it deteriorated very quickly. Not long after his father Chen Jianhong died, she followed after him. This person who was usually very healthy and loved to dress up was gone. If they had noticed Zhang Yazhi’s abnormality and taken her to do a comprehensive examination two years in advance, it wouldn’t have dragged on and reached that result.

Forget the small cold. Even if Zhang Yazhi was perfectly fine, he would have to drag her to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

Chen Qizhao saw that Zhang Yazhi’s stubborn attitude wasn’t relaxed and remembered the way the young people he met in the future talked to their parents. He tried to lower his tone as much as possible. “My classmate’s parents found there was a problem some time ago… I’ve also been feeling unwell for the past two days. So go with me to the hospital tomorrow for a physical examination, okay?”

Zhang Yazhi selectively ignored the first half of the sentence. She heard Chen Qizhao saying that he didn’t feel well and immediately noticed that his face seemed a bit bad. She instantly became nervous. “Why are you uncomfortable? You went out to drink while feeling uncomfortable. Don’t you care about your own body?”

Chen Qizhao sensed that Zhang Yazhi’s attitude had relaxed and continued to lie without changing his expression, “My heart was uncomfortable but it is fine now.’

Zhang Yazhi became even more nervous and hurriedly shouted, “Old Zhang, make an appointment with Dr. Li tomorrow morning.”

Uncle Zhang, the housekeeper, had just brought the anti-inflammatory water. Then he immediately called to make an appointment.

Chen Qizhao asked, “Then will you come with me tomorrow?”

“You have said all of this. How can I not go with you? I won’t feel at ease if I don’t go with you.” Zhang Yazhi spoke in a hurry and coughed another two times. “You should fast tonight if you want to have a physical examination tomorrow. You didn’t drink too much alcohol, right? Rest early and don’t stay up late. Mom will go with you tomorrow.”

Then she took Chen Qizhao’s hand. “Don’t move. This child, you don’t care about your body at all. If the wound treatment isn’t done properly then it will be infected. Disinfect it at night and get some anti-inflammatory water. Then when we go see the doctor tomorrow, we will ask him to take a second look… Chen Qizhao, are you listening?”

Chen Qizhao stared at Zhang Yazhi. It was as if he had returned to many years ago when he was annoyed by Zhang Yazhi’s nagging.

Later when he was hospitalized with a stomach hemorrhage, he had to continue working non-stop when he woke up the next day. There was no one to care if he was injured or not feeling well.

“I’m listening.” Chen Qizhao watched the medical swab rubbing against his wound. “You continue.”


  1. Anon says:

    Poor baby TT_TT

  2. rainbowhearthome says:

    I quite like the start of this so far. CQ hasn’t exactly adapted to the past, and he’s not able to get along with his older brother easily, especially because they both have stubborn tempers. It’s personally fresh air since I’m used to protagonists immediately having the goal of saving and being nice to their family. The steady pacing is pretty good for CQ being subtle about his concerns.

  3. urqueen says:

    i can’t stop crying

  4. Xião says:

    Aw this is so cute. I suddenly miss my mom’s nagging too.

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