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MGAG: Chapter 3

The bathroom was brightly lit. The young and immature face in the mirror had a bit of baby fat. The ends of his wet hair covered half his eyes and the originally small and well-behaved appearance was covered by his forehead hair. His entire appearance looked less energetic.

Chen Qizhao looked at himself in the mirror and examined his current appearance. The feeling of being reborn became more and more real. He casually recalled that in his early years, he indeed had such an appearance that was prone to bullying. He looked very weak. Later, he ran around to clean up all the messes and the bit of flesh on his face was gone. He barely gained a bit of prestige.

His hair was too long.

He didn’t know where his 18 year old self got this haircut.

He soon retracted his gaze and looked over the tool cabinet on the sink. He found a pair of scissors and neatly cut off the forehead hair that blocked his eyes.

After cutting his hair, he washed his face. He found a hat in his dressing room and put it on. Then he went downstairs.

The weather was fine today. Chen Qizhao went downstairs and found that Chen Shiming was no longer home. His father Chen Jianhong was away on a business trip recently. The house was a bit cleaner without Chen Shiming and there were only him and Zhang Yazhi in the house.

Zhang Yazhi had made an appointment with the doctor yesterday to examine Chen Qizhao. Chen Qizhao. She was also asked by Chen Qizhao to not eat or drink in order to accompany him for the physical examination. She knew the temper her child had and was afraid that his child’s temper would rise and he would refuse to do the check-up. Thus, she had to agree to accompany him.

The two of them went to the hospital.

Chen Qizhao asked the nurse for a sheet and filled out Zhang Yazhi’s information. He made the decisions for her without saying anything. “I have checked off all the examination items that can be done.”

Zhang Yazhi was slightly stunned when she saw it. “Why did you select so many?”

“It isn’t much.” Chen Qizhao showed her the physical examination list for him. “The time is almost the same. In the end, you will have to wait for me so you might as well do everything that can be done.’

“It will be noon after we finish this examination set.” Zhang Yazhi looked down at her mobile phone. “We won’t go back to eat at noon.”

A set of physical examination procedures would take a lot of time and some of them required a few days before the results reports were issued. Chen Qizhao’s examination was much faster than Zhang Yazhi’s ones. He went to the doctor’s office and Dr. Li used his electrocardiogram to explain it to you. “At present, it seems normal but young people shouldn’t stay up late so much and you should maintain a regular schedule.”

Of course, Chen Qizhao knew that his body was fine. He was the one who lived the longest in the Chen family.

He put his report aside and asked, “What about my mother? Is there a problem with her?”

The doctor saw he didn’t care about his own situation and asked about Zhang Yazhi’s physical examination. Therefore, the doctor patiently explained it to him, “At present, there are small problems. However, it is normal for Mrs Zhang to have small problems at this age. It can be adjusted and it isn’t a big problem.”

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. “What about the rest? Is there a problem with her liver?”

“Judging from the current report, there are no big problems.” The doctor noticed Chen Qizhao’s expression. “Are you worried about your mother’s body? You don’t have to worry. Your mother is in good health.”

Chen Qizhao’s expression didn’t look very good.

Zhang Yazhi found the problem three years later. Chen Qizhao thought she had a problem with her body so the sooner she found it, the sooner she could control her disease. It should be at almost this point in time according to the time. It might take months or years for cancer to develop from the early stage to the late stage, but Zhang Yazhi’s performance was normal and her body was still quite healthy…”

“However, what you did was a comprehensive examination. It is more accurate to discuss it after combining all the results.” The doctor continued, “There are still a few reports that haven’t come out yet. You should wait for 30 minutes or so. Sit down first and wait for the nurse to print it out later.”

Chen Qizhao listened in the consultation room for a while. Then he said he was a bit bored and went out for a walk.

The hospital was plain white. The doctors and nurses were hurrying and there were other patients in the corridors.

He habitually touched his pocket but retracted his hand without touching the cigarette. Forget it, this time he wouldn’t smoke.

The results of the examination differed from the time he reduced, so the period between physical examinations could only be shortened.

An annual physical examination was fine. The Chen family had a health examination every year and it wasn’t a problem to add a few more examination items to the annual examination. Zhang Yazhi had always condoned his requests. It was just that Zhang Yazhi would inevitably ask questions once this physical examination cycle was shortened.

Chen Qizhao wasn’t afraid of Zhang Yazhi asking. He had many excuses to fool her.

He was just afraid that Zhang Yazhi would feel it was troublesome and not do it. After all, a set of physical examinations was time-consuming and labor-intensive.

He had gone quite far. Chen Qizhao was thinking about things and accidentally left the consultation room in the distance. He ended in the more lively lobby. He was scanning his phone. The information on the reports hadn’t popped up yet so he planned to go to the other clinics to find Zhang Yazhi first.

He had just reached a corner of the lobby when he suddenly heard a piercing cry.

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. He followed the sound and saw a man dragging a little girl at the door of a clinic in the corner. The girl was grabbing onto the rest chair outside the clinic and refused to leave. She was crying very badly.

The man said, “Baby, be obedient. Dad will take you for an injection and we will go back after the injection, okay?”

The little girl looked to be four or five years old. She was crying until she was breathless and she kept calling for her mother.

There were many children at the hospital and crying was a common occurrence.

A person who was waiting for a consultation from the doctor couldn’t help saying, “Give your child a hug and trick her with some candy. Children don’t like injections and you can’t do it like this.”

The man smiled and said that he knew, but the strength in his hand was great and he was still dragging the little girl.

Chen Qizhao originally planned to go to the left. Then after noticing the man’s movement, he glanced at the sign of the consultation room and changed his direction, walking toward the man’s position.

The people around them saw the ‘father’ finally pull the child’s hand off the chair. Unexpectedly, a young man walked to the father’s side and grabbed his hand without saying a word.

The man exclaimed, “What are you doing?!”

“It is strange. Most of the clinics here are for the gynecology department. What type of inspection are you going to do that you would bring a child here when you are a man?” Chen Qizhao pressed down hard and the sudden force exerted made the man involuntarily release his hand. The little girl pulled by him was released and ran away, crying constantly for her mother.

The man saw the situation around him and his expression gradually became gloomy. “Why do you care about controlling what I do with my child? Let go.”

“I can’t control it but I suspect you are a trafficker.” Chen Qizhao’s expression didn’t change as the strength he used to hold the man’s wrist increased. “You brought the child here to check, so where is the medical card? What number is it? Let me take a look.”

Then he looked at the person next to him. “Please call the doctor and nurse for me.”

The people around him reacted immediately and went to call the doctors and nurses.

The man saw this and started to panic. His eyes dodged around as he tried his best to remove Chen Qizhao’s hand. He saw that he couldn’t break free and a nurse was coming over so he suddenly pulled out a scalpel from his clothes.

“Be careful!”

There was a cry from the surroundings as people saw the scalpel about to stab the young man. The next moment, there was a muffled sound.

The young man looked thin and weak but the strength of his hands was very high. They saw him clamp the other person’s wrist and reverse it, unloading the person’s strength. Then the man was directly slammed against the wall.

At this time, a few passersby heard the movement and came to help. Some helped suppress the man while others took the scalpel away.

There were too many people and the man was subdued at once. Chen Qizhao let go and stepped back. He watched as the hospital’s security guards rushed to suppress the man while the little girl was protected by the nurses.

In the midst of the excitement, someone picked up his hat. “Your hat has fallen and your hand is bleeding. You probably need to deal with it.”

Chen Qizhao looked down and saw that his clothes had been torn. His arm had a large cut and blood was dripping onto the floor of the hospital.

The nurse next to him said, “Come here, I’ll help you deal with the wound.’

Chen Qizhao had just taken the hat. Before he could thank anyone, he was taken away by the nurse.

Chen Shiming received a message from Zhang Yazhi that they should have a meal together when he was free after work.

He asked about it and found out that Chen Qizhao and Zhang Yazhi went to get a physical examination today.

The voice on the phone continued. It seemed that Zhang Yazhi had just finished her examination and was going to get the result. She said, “I told Zhao Zhao that there was no need to be so troublesome but he filled up the medical checklist. It just finished. I don’t know where he ran off to. Have you arrived at the hospital?”

“I’m here and I’ll go to Dr. Li soon.” Chen Shiming got out of the car and asked his assistant to wait in the parking lot. He told Zhang Yazhi while walking, “It is fine to have a physical examination. You didn’t have one at the beginning of the year due to work.”

Then Chen Shiming hung up the phone.

He didn’t think that Chen Qizhao was someone who would take the initiative to come to the hospital for a physical examination if he felt unwell. It was more likely if their mother escorted him over. However, he heard from the phone that Chen Qizhao took the initiative to mention the matter of the physical examination. In addition, he pulled Zhang Yazhi to do a physical examination together.

The elevator arrived at the lobby. Chen Shiming had just taken a few steps outside when he noticed a different type of liveliness in the lobby.

Several police officers passed by him and there was a mother holding her child to wipe her tears.

He had only taken a few steps when he saw a man coming out of a certain clinic in front of him.

Chen Qizhao had just finished treating his wound when he received a call from Zhang Yazhi. Not long after he started walking, he was stopped by a large wall in front of him. Chen Shiming had a cold expression and was staring directly at his hand.

It was summer and he only wore a light-colored, thin coat when he went out. In order to make it easier to bandage his wound, he had rolled up his sleeves. Now he had several layers of medical bandages on him and his clothes were dyed red. It was particularly eye-catching.

Zhang Yazhi told him, “I’ve already received the report. Your older brother said he wanted to come pick us up. He is probably almost here.”

Chen Qizhao looked at Chen Shiming standing in front of him and his tone was casual, “I know, I saw him.”

He hung up the phone and said to Chen Shiming, “What a coincidence. Did you just arrive?”

“It isn’t a coincidence.” Chen Shiming’s expression was cold. “Chen Qizhao, will your arm be directly abolished if I see you a few hours later?”

“My arms aren’t made of paper…” Chen Qizhao was only halfway through his sentence when he saw a young man standing not far behind Chen Shiming.

The young man wore a black coat and silver-rimmed glasses. At first glance, his figure was long and tall.

He seemingly noticed Chen Qizhao’s gaze and lowered his head slightly in greeting. Then he withdrew his gaze.

Chen Shiming was lecturing Chen Qizhao. He had just finished saying a few words when he found that the boy in front of him had slightly lowered his head. Chen Qizhao wasn’t looking at him and didn’t say a word.

Chen Qizhao’s complexion was originally white. He skipped meals for the physical examination in the morning and suffered a small injury, making him look pale. There were nurses passing by at this time. Once they saw Chen Qizhao, they kindly asked about him using a few words. It was only then that Chen Shiming found out how Chen Qizhao got this injury.

However, Chen Qizhao didn’t explain it to him, or didn’t want to explain it to him.

It was acting heroically for a just cause. In the past, Chen Shiming wouldn’t have associated these words with his thoughtless little brother who only caused trouble. He was silent for a moment and thought about how Chen Qizhao and Zhang Yazhi came to the hospital. He didn’t know if it was his delusion but he seemed to feel that Chen Qizhao was a bit different.

He saw the pale faced Chen Qizhao in front of him and Chen Shiming’s tone eased a bit. “It seems that you acted heroically for a just cause. Where else are you injured? Do you want to go for an examination?”

Chen Qizhao heard Chen Shiming’s warm words when his mind returned. He had never heard Chen Shiming speak in such a good voice since he was reborn and he looked up with surprise. “Have you been drinking?”

Chen Shiming, “?”

He was puzzled. “I went to work at the company in the morning.”

Chen Qizhao narrowed his eyes slightly. In the afterglow, he saw the young man gradually walking away from the corner of his vision. Then his eyes returned to Chen Shiming. “No, I think you have to have a few drinks to say such things in the daytime.”


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