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MGAG: Chapter 18

Shen Yuhuai said casually when he heard the words, “Do you have time? The homework is due in the afternoon.”

“I have time.” Chen Qizhao exited the group chat. “I’m finished.”

People were coming and going from the cafeteria. Chen Qizhao was interrupted when ‘doing homework’ and put his phone away with a guilty conscience. He suddenly realized that playing with his phone while eating wasn’t good behavior. It was easy to leave a bad impression on people.

The process of eating was quiet. If Chen Qizhao didn’t act then Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak.

It was just that his phone kept buzzing and vibrating, which was a bit annoying. He had to pick up the phone and directly turn on flight mode. He explained simply, “They are discussing their homework very seriously.”

Shen Yuhuai wondered, “Is it difficult to do homework?”

Chen Qizhao was stuck for a moment. “…It shouldn’t be hard?”

The lunch was quite pleasant. Shen Yuhuai returned to the research institute after eating. Chen Qizhao returned to his bedroom to see Yan Kailin’s sad expression.

Yan Kailin asked, “Did you bring me food? Why couldn’t I call you? I thought you hadn’t paid your phone bill and your phone was shut down!”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

“I’ve ordered takeout for you. Here.”

After calming down Yan Kailin, Chen Qizhao returned to his bedroom to open the inbox. Then he downloaded the emails sent by Special Assistant Xu one by one. Then he glimpsed another email, which was the result of something he had privately investigated.

“The C City matter is coming soon.” Chen Qizhao read it and cleaned up all traces of the email while murmuring, “There is almost movement.”

Ruizhen Electronics had been in the limelight for the past two weeks. First of all, several projects were profitable. Since it was related to the Chen Group, things were going more and more smoothly like a fish in water.

The science and technology park were opened up and many things could be done in the name of Chen Qizhao. The escort of insiders meant their projects had basically achieved their previous goals without encountering any obstacles.

After all, Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming were busy people and there was no time to manage a small company in the science and technology park. It was only a matter of time before the time was right.

Mr Wang had already discussed the next plan with the internal spy. The moment he entered the call, he received a call from Qin Xingfeng.

“Something went wrong with your project?” Mr Wang was surprised. “The one in C City?”

Qin Xingfeng’s voice was a bit irritable. “Yes, do you have any way to get some money for me to turn things around? I invested all my funds in the early stage.”

He had been doing the C City project for a few months. He even invested a large amount of money into it. Then the bidding was successful and he completed all formalities. The money that should be given was given. As a result, just as the project was about to be launched, the National Environment Bureau of C City issued a report. It said that it was considering the environmental pollution problem and the development license wasn’t passed. He asked someone to inquire about the situation and found that this force majeure couldn’t be solved at all.

It meant the entire project couldn’t be implemented. All the money he invested in the early stage had been lost.

This was completely different from what he investigated in advance. Such a flaw couldn’t be made up using the company’s accounts at all and it even caused the company to enter a financial crisis.

It was no exaggeration to say that if his funds couldn’t be collected then he was about to face bankruptcy. However, it wasn’t impossible right now. He just needed enough money to turn around and maybe there was still a chance for this project.

The focus was still on money.

Mr Wang was a bit hesitant after hearing the amount reported by Qin Xingfeng. “Why did you put so much into it? It isn’t impossible to give you the money, but recently all the money…”

Qin Xingfeng’s voice was a bit anxious. “You have to help me. Previously you said you would give it to me if I didn’t have enough money.”

MR Wang said, “I just didn’t expect you to ask for so much money. Just wait, I’ll call and ask.”

He hung up on Qin Xingfeng and was about to call to ask the other person’s opinion. However, as he called, he received a reminder that the number wasn’t in service. He looked at the mobile number in surprise.

In order to contact this person, both people were very cautious in their interactions. The numbers at every stage were provided by the other person.

He thought he had called the wrong number. He was about to re-enter it when he was interrupted by a group of people who broke in with documents.

The person who knocked on the door of the office of Ruizhen Electronics was none other than the investigators who had received the relevant reports.

Mr Wang was confused and looked at the investigators. “Comrades, did something happen with my company?”

“We have received the relevant reports and evidence. There are doubts about your company’s accounts and taxes. Please cooperate with the investigation.” The investigator glanced at Mr Wang and spoke in an ordinary tone, “In addition, you must come with us. There are some things we need your cooperation with.”

‘The problem with Ruizhen Electronics wasn’t just the accounts. A group of investigators entered the financial room to seize and take away the computer server for a detailed investigation. The process was smooth and completely enclosed. No news about it was leaked. Mr Wang hadn’t known about this in advance. No one informed him that there was a temporary investigation and it was too late for the finance team to take away the ledger before the investigation. He could only watch the things in the finance room being taken away.

Mr Wang, who couldn’t make the call, looked pale as he listened to the reminder that the number wasn’t in service over and over again.

The person who contacted him had canceled this number.

The C City project couldn’t be implemented. If things weren’t turned around, all the investment would be wasted.

It would take some time for Mr Wang to get back to him. Qin Xingfeng’s mood was becoming more and more chaotic. The sudden situation made him anxious so he had to contact Cheng Rong and the others.

He urgently needed a large amount of money to turn things around or else his company would go bankrupt and he would have to bear a large amount of debt. However, once he started making the calls, he found that all the good friends he had made in the circle rejected his calls one by one.

“None of them comes in handy at critical moments.” Qin Xingfeng scolded them with a few words. In desperation, he had to call Chen Qizhao.

He originally heard about the project of C City from Chen Qizhao’s mouth. During this time, his relationship with Chen Qizhao wasn’t bad due to the project cooperation. It was just that Chen Qizhao didn’t know about his investment in the C City project.

Qin Xingfeng didn’t think about Chen Qizhao when this project accident happened. The development prospects of this project were really good and he had checked a lot of the information himself. No one expected the development approval not to be received. In addition to him, many companies were pitted, many of which were well-known large companies in the market. They must have more information than the good-for-nothing Chen Qizhao. This type of unpredictable thing couldn’t be known by Chen Qizhao.

“Brother Xingfeng?”

The phone on the other hand was quickly connected and Chen Qizhao’s voice was heard.

Qin Xingfeng controlled his tone, “Qizhao, I’m in a bit of trouble… I might need to borrow some money from you to turn things around.”

He added, “Don’t worry, I will be able to repay you in two months at most.”

The phone stopped for a while and Chen Qizhao suddenly smiled.

“Brother Xingfeng, you can really joke. Didn’t I listen to you and pour all my money into Ruizhen Electronics? Where can I get this spare money from?” Chen Qizhao’s voice was a bit innocent. “Brother Xingfeng, you have such a wide network of connections. It is better to go to Brother Wang to borrow it.”

Qin Xingfeng remembered this. He really did deceive Chen Qizhao into giving a lot of money.

He heard that in order to train their children, the Chen family didn’t give their children much pocket money. Chen Qizhao’s savings were basically used up.

“You don’t even have a million?” Qin Xingfeng wondered. “My situation is a bit difficult.”

Chen Qizhao said again, “I really don’t.”

Qin Xingfeng saw that he couldn’t borrow money so he had to say, “It’s okay, I’ll think of a way.”

He hung up the phone and didn’t hear the noisy background sound on Chen Qizhao’s side at all.

At a bar near S College, a group of young people sat around and drank.

Chen Qizhao hung up on Qin Xingfeng’s call and the group of people around him sneered.

“He came to me to borrow money.” Chen Qizhao looked at the others with an innocent face. “You aren’t wrong. He is really borrowing money from everywhere.”

There were four or five people at the table. Three of them had received calls from Qin Xingfeng. Cheng Rong’s face was livid as he looked at Chen Qizhao. “What borrowing nonsense? He is a hypocritical villain.”

Yan Kailin looked at Cheng Rong. “Didn’t you have a good relationship with him before?”

“What nonsense.” Cheng Rong’s tone was a bit dismissive. He drank half a glass of wine and said, “This time, it is thanks to XIao Zhao reminding me or else Liu Kai and I would be pitted without knowing the reason. I was wondering how my business got messed up. It turned out that Qin Xingfeng was behind it. I feel sick when I think about him messing with me while acting all brotherly. with me.”

Liu Kai, “The two million I invested into the bar was almost lost. If it wasn’t for Brother Rong telling me, I wouldn’t have known at all.”

He added, “Wasn’t it just a video? I apologized to him. I didn’t expect his heart to be so scheming that he still messed with me behind the scenes. I have been upset for a long time when looking at Qin Xingfeng. What is the point of pretending to be noble?”

Yan Kailin exclaimed, “You were wronged!”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. His eyes swept over these people and he felt amused in his heart.

Qin Xingfeng’s secret actions against Cheng Rong and Liu Kai were within his expectations. Don’t look at Qin Xingfeng who was innocent like a white lotus. In fact, this person would always repay his grudges. Ever since the video from the Moments were seen by the Qin family, Qin Xingfeng definitely wouldn’t let go of the initiator.

It just so happened that Special Assistant Xu had been paying a lot of attention to Qin Xingfeng during this period of time. He often mentioned Qin Xingfeng’s problems to Chen Qizhao and even used Qin Xingfeng’s matter with Cheng Rong and Liu Kai as an example to warn him. Chen Qizhao was very interested in this type of dog eating dog drama. Cheng Rong and Liu Kai’s business just so happened to have problems at this time and Chen Qizhao pretended to casually mention a few sentences. He pushed this drama to the peak.

Cheng Rong said, “Qin Xingfeng isn’t a good person. Several times, he asked me to form a drinking party so he can develop a relationship with Xiao Zhao.”

He told Chen Qizhao, “This matter is because I didn’t see people clearly before. I will first apologize to you. You should be careful about the project with Ruizhen Electronics that you invested in. This man can do things behind our backs then he might also hold a grudge against you.”

“That is hard to do… I just signed a new contract with Ruizhen Electronics last night.” Chen Qizhao looked distressed as he shook his glass of alcohol, but his tone didn’t fluctuate much. “I’ll ask someone later if there is a way to suspend the cooperation. However, if it is suspended too early then it will be a breach of the contract, right?”

Cheng Rong heard this and said, “Wait… I’ll ask people to see if there is a way.”

Chen Qizhao watched the movements of the others before his eyes stopped on his wine glass.

Breach of contract? It should be Ruizhen Electronics who breached the contract and needed to pay him a large amount of money in damages.

On the other side, Qin Xingfeng hung up the call with Chen Qizhao and called someone else.

His road to borrowing money wasn’t smooth but it was okay. He could gather together a little bit. Add it with the amount that he would get from Mr Wang and… Qin Xingfeng’s calculations were good but it wasn’t long before he received the news that Ruizheng Electronics was being investigated.

The assistant’s face was pale. “If something is found over on that side, it is estimated that they will soon find out about our side…”

Their company had too many accounts involved with Ruizhen Electronics.

Qin Xingfeng’s expression changed. If Ruizhen Electronics had an accident then where could he get the money to plug up the hole of the C City project? “Have the finance side move the computer…”

Before he could clear the company’s accounts, the investigators came to the door with a search warrant and directly sealed their finance room.

“How can this be…” Qin Xingfeng looked at the messed up situation and looked around blankly.

Not only was there a problem with the investment of the C City project, but once the news that he used a fake business to transfer funds was found out, the amount owed was enough to make him directly bankrupt and even bear a huge financial fine. All of this happened so quickly that he was completely unprepared. He was still trying to find ways to fill up the holes in the C City project. How could so many things suddenly break out…?

It was like someone was behind it.

Qin Xingfeng had no choice. He could only find people to use their relationships. However, forget borrowing money. The moment people received news of the accident, they avoided him one by one like he was a snake or scorpion.

Even the Qin family directly announced that they had severed ties with him.

He was unable to borrow money and his private accounts were exposed. He was about to face jail time.

During the time when Qin Xingfeng was deeply involved in the turmoil, there were also undercurrents surging within the Chen family.

From the moment the net was closed, the person who played chess was destined to collect the results that belonged to him.

Special Assistant Xu came out of the meeting room. He had long been prepared for the Ruizhen Electronics matter. Due to the cooperation terms and default conditions of the initial signing, the accident of Ruizhen Electronics meant Ruizhen Electronics needed to pay Chen Qizhao a large amount of damage fees. The detailed accounts needed to be checked with Ruizhen Electronics one by one.

After the meeting, he entered the boss’ office and saw that the boss was talking to the Second Young Master of the Chen family.

“Then can I get back the money I invested?}” Chen Qizhao only cared about his own money. “I remember that Ruizhen Electronics is very rich. They should be able to afford my small amount of damages right?”

Chen Shiming looked at his happy brother and for a moment, he didn’t know whether to lecture this person to be wary or to praise him for his luck. “I told you to stay away from Qin Xingfeng earlier, but you were still insistent on signing a contract with them for the science and technology park. If it wasn’t for the problems they had this time…”

“I got it.” Chen Qizhao threw the information in his hand onto the desktop. He played with his phone while saying in a relaxed tone, “Qin Xingfeng will soon be imprisoned, right?”

“The wicked gets retribution.” He smiled and said, “Everyone is happy and satisfied.”

It wasn’t just being imprisoned. He had nothing and his reputation was ruined.

Qin Xingfeng wanted this project of C City but he didn’t calculate whether he could afford it or not.

This was indeed a good project. In his previous life, it attracted a lot of people throwing money at it. Finally, it was abandoned due to force majeure. Chen Qizhao remembered that this project was still unfinished at the time when he was reborn. Qin Xingfeng was an illegitimate child and he had been involved in several circles with the rich second generation. On the surface, he seemed to have a bright and successful career. Yet in fact, he often inquired about information with people and went to drinking parties to investigate the investment trends of some bigshots. He always wanted to follow others and take a share of the pie.

The C City project was one of them. Chen Qizhao only mentioned a few words and this person bit the bait.

It wasn’t that Qin Xingfeng had no discerning eyes. It was because his eyes were too deep that it was impossible for him to be unmoved by a project with such a great future. He even became reckless because of it.

Chen Qizhao had seen such gamblers many times in his previous life.

He had just given a small push.

“You can still smile?” Chen Shiming looked at Chen Qizhao and felt that this person’s tone was a bit strange. “There are other things that need to be finished about this matter, but there won’t be much of a loss in the end. The other things will be told to you after Xiao Xu finishes handling things.”

Chen Qizhao was playing with his phone and ignored the words of concern around him. He looked at the concern of his ‘group of friends’ who later avoided him and felt that this world was really kind of funny.

He read through the messages and saw the message sent from the present prince of the Qin family.

This person’s name was Qin Yunxuan and he was suddenly added as a friend not long ago. It seemed that due to Qin Xingfeng’s video that was widely circulated, this person came directly to him and asked to be friends.

This time, Qin Xingfeng fell into trouble and this person almost cheered and applauded in his Moments.

Chen Qizhao ignored his messages and applauded slightly. “Then I will go first?”

“You are going now?” Chen Shiming looked at him. “Dad asked if you wanted to eat at the company at noon.”

“No,” Chen Qizhao replied. “I have a class in the afternoon.”

Chen Qizhao left and only Chen Shiming and Special Assistant Xu were left in the office. Chen Shiming put away the files on his desk and asked, “Did you find the person who connected Ruizhen with the science and technology park?”

“I found it.” Special Assistant Xu had a lingering fear when he thought about it. This time, it was fortunate that the Second Young Master entrusted the project to them from the beginning or he wouldn’t have found such a terrifying thing. The science and technology park was originally a transformation and development point of the Chen family and the group didn’t pay much attention to it. Usually, they wouldn’t care about it at all but the cooperation between the science and technology park and Ruizhen Electronics was too smooth and too strange. Under the boss’ instructions, he carefully checked it and a major problem was found.

Someone cooperated with Ruizhen Electronics and stole confidential documents from the science and technology park.

Special Assistant Xu said, “However, Chairman Chen let go of this matter or they wouldn’t have dared be so blatant.”

“It is thanks to my dad letting go or we wouldn’t have found them so easy to catch. It is fortunate. They thought this would be convenient but it was just the knife that sped up their exposure.” Chen Shiming’s eyes were indifferent as he thought of his conversation with Chen Jianhong in the morning. “You continue to investigate.”

Special Assistant Xu paused. “President Chen, what do you mean?”

“There are people in companies as small as the science and technology park acting out. Do you think the other companies have no problems at all?”

Chen Shiming’s tone was a bit serious. “Act in a hidden manner and do an internal investigation. I’m afraid there are still ghosts that we don’t know about.”

“Yes, I’ll arrange it right away.”

Chen Shiming put the documents aside and caught a glimpse of where Chen Qizhao had been sitting out of the corner of his eye.

He rubbed between his eyebrows. “It is probably my illusion. How is that possible?”

It was as if this person had been walking in the dark from the beginning, waiting to uncover some shady secrets.


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