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MGAG: Chapter 17

It was a surprise to Chen Qizhao that Shen Yuhuai took the initiative to add him as a friend. He didn’t hesitate to agree when he saw the friend application.

It was just that the chat between the two of them stayed at a simple but polite hello on the day of adding each other as friends.

Chen Qizhao didn’t ask Shen Yuhuai why he took the initiative to add him and Shen Yuhuai didn’t explain .It was as if they just knew each other and naturally added each other as friends.

However, Chen Qizhao was satisfied with the result. He was originally thinking about a reason to add the other person as a friend. Now he had time to think about it.

If he hadn’t thought about that incident when seeing Shen Yuhuai’s Moments, he probably would’ve kept a distance from Shen Yuhuai until he solved the mess. Then it would be easier to re-acquaint himself with his friend.

Shen Yuhuai’s Moments didn’t block others from seeing it. He originally wanted to find Yan Kailin but after adding Shen Yuhuai as a friend, Chen Qizhao immediately made a copy of the previous photo and sent it to Special Assistant Xu.

Special Assistant Xu was puzzled when he received the message but he quickly checked the people in the photo according to Chen Qizhao’s instructions.

An ordinary college student was very easy to check. The next day, the information of the other person was sent to Chen Qizhao’s inbox.

The man’s surname was He and his name was He Shuhang. He was a junior of chemical engineering at S College. He received scholarships from S College for many years and had won many important awards at home and abroad. In addition to He Shuhang, Special Assistant Xu briefly checked the information of the other people in the photo. This allowed Chen Qizhao to recall the beginning and end of this incident according to this information.

There was a scandal of a leak from a laboratory and that laboratory happened to be Shen Yuhuai’s project team.

This incident happened a long time ago. In his last life, Chen Qizhao only learned about this matter after he knew Shen Yuhuai. Shen Yuhuai participated in an important laboratory project during his graduate studies. In the middle and late stages of the project, the secrets were leaked. Due to the wide range of influence, it spread in the college circle at the time. The result of the preliminary investigation was that a student had leaked the secrets.

The situation was serious. The project at that time was a key cooperation project with the institute and involved a wide range of projects.

After the incident, all students who participated in the experiment were called for questioning. For a period of time, all three students, including Shen Yuhuai, were important suspects of the project team. It was just that after a long investigation, there were no clues and the commercial company that stole the secrets used this technical data to apply for relevant copyrights. Finally, the entire project was forced to be suspended.

It wasn’t until several years later that a piece of surveillance data, which should’ve been corrupted, appeared in the official forum of S College.

It turned out that one of the students who collaborated to commit the crime had a disturbed conscience and finally chose to expose it on the Internet. This way, the truth of the matter was revealed.

Chen Qizhao heard about this and it just so happened that his friend was a graduate of S College. Thus, he saw a photo of He Shuhang at the time. It was said that He Shuhang’s project and Shen Yuhuai’s project were fighting for an important award and this was related to his guaranteed quota at S College. Thus, He Shuhang took the risk of cooperating with outside companies.

Shen Yuhuai had never told him about this but Chen Qizhao knew from his friend that He Shuhang was a good junior Shen Yuhuai had been friends with during his postgraduate semester.

He Shuhang’s recommendation to the postgraduate study was only a matter for his third and fourth year and Shen Yuhuai was now a graduate student.

Not surprisingly, this leak should occur in the next two years but he wasn’t quite sure when it was.

Shen Yuhuai had helped him a lot in his previous life. If he could, he didn’t want Shen Yuhuai’s hard work to be wasted.

“He Shuhang is indeed working on a project recently.” Special Assistant Xu was a bit puzzled when he received the call but he still explained the redundant investigation materials. “This project seems to be very important to him. I heard that it has been prepared for more than half a year. If there is no accident, he will participate in the competition at the end of the year.”

It wasn’t long after Chen Qizhao left class and students around him were coming and going.

The school was full of people so he had to find a corner with few people to stand in. He continued to ask, “Is he ready to participate in the competition due to the guaranteed quota?”

Special Assistant Xu paused for a moment. “It seems that there is such a thing. Second Young Master, why are you suddenly interested in him? He Shuhang doesn’t seem to be a finance major.”

“I know a friend who is sending his resumes around and wants to find a suitable project to join. He is interested in He Shuhang.” Chen Qizhao casually lied. “Does his game have a high profit margin? Are there any competitors in the same period? Help me check.”

Ever since Special Assistant Xu was asked by his boss to help Chen Qizhao with the project, he added running errands to his daily work.

The scope of the business was so wide that Chen Shiming’s assistant group often received various requests from Chen Qizhao. For example, Second Young Master wanted to invest in a project on a whim. The range was so wide that he suddenly jumped to the next door C City. Then after the assessment, he suspected that the investment amount was too large and chose to give up. For example, the Second Young Master wanted to recruit assistants so he had to go to the headhunters to check the talents of certain companies. Then in the end, he didn’t want to recruit them…

Now the Second Young Master wanted to check something else.

It was very common for children from aristocratic families to send around their resumes in college. Special Assistant Xu had a bit of a headache but he obediently complied. “This is easy to check. I will send it to your inbox later.”

Then he remembered one thing. He thought of his superior’s instructions and gently mentioned it. “Second Young Master, the science and technology park and the contract with Ruizhen Electronics…”

Chen Qizhao’s tone was relaxed. “I know. Didn’t I let you watch them? The legal side looked at the contract and conditions were added. It is very beneficial to our side.”

Special Assistant Xu was ashamed to say he helped. In fact, it was strange that it was too advantageous. There wasn’t such a good thing as a pie dropping from the sky.

During this period of time, the boss had found out many things but there were even more things involved. It took a week or two to prepare the evidence submission. The boss didn’t want to startle the enemy but he was worried that Second Young Master would be deceived by Qin Xingfeng and other villains during this time. Thus, the boss had him stare at this person and let him say a few more words euphemistically.

It was just that he mentioned it to the Second Young Master for nothing. The Second Young Master still had that idle attitude and was defenseless against the people around him. He even helped his friends with their college resumes.

Special Assistant Xu thought for a moment. “Second Young Master, I happened to find out something about Qin Xingfengs’ side recently.”

Chen Qizhao had wanted to hang up the phone but he became interested again when he heard Special Assistant Xu’s words. “Tell me.”

Special Assistant Xu told him, “Qin Xingfeng took a fancy to the project in C City that was investigated earlier. He added a large amount of investment in it.”

Chen Qizhao sighed. “I’m not investing in it any longer so he can invest if he wants to.”

“…The prospects of that project are very good. It is a pity that the Second Young Master didn’t invest at that time.”

Second Young Master, shouldn’t you think about the fact that this project might be cut off by someone?

Chen Qizhao laughed. “Really? But I think it will be unlucky.”

Special Assistant Xu didn’t understand.

In order to let Second Young Master know that Qin Xingfeng wasn’t a person he should have a deep friendship with, Special Assistant Xu used a recent incident as an example. “Qin Xingfeng isn’t a good person to communicate with. I heard that he was looking for someone to interfere with another person’s project. You also know that person. It is Cheng Rong from the Cheng family who often plays with you…”

Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Really?”

The flow of people after class was large. It just happened to be meal time and many people were coming and going.

Not long after Shen Yuhuai came out of the library, he noticed a slightly prominent figure. The young man was standing in the shade of a tree not far from the library. He was leaning slightly against the bulletin board beside him with his head half lowered, as if he was on the phone.

The young man wore a hat and a coat. The students passing by him looked back from time to time.

Shen Yuhuai looked sideways slightly as if judging something.

The boy who came out of the library next to him said, “Brother Shen, I will invite you to have a meal as thanks for your help in the past few days.” The boy spoke in a sincere tone while still holding a pile of information in his hand.

Shen Yuhuai briefly retracted his gaze and spoke to the person beside him, “I didn’t help much. You can do the rest of the data yourself.”

The boy said again, “I still have to thank Senior Brother. If it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have found such a good breakthrough…”

Chen Qizhao was still listening to the gossip of Special Assistant Xu on the phone. He glanced around casually before suddenly seeing the location. The teaching building where he took classes today wasn’t far from the library and happened to be on the same road back to the dormitory… this random glance happened to see the door of the library.

There weren’t many people at the door of the library so it was clear who was standing there.

He was all too familiar with Shen Yuhuai’s black and white coat. He had seen it when they first met at the bar.

“I’m hanging up,” Chen Qizhao said suddenly.

Special Assistant Xu only managed to speak halfway, “Wait…”

At the scene of the bidding meeting in C City, Chen Shiming was sitting in a high rise building of the exhibition hall and looking at the situation below. The bidding was over. Some people were frustrated and some were happy.

Qin Xingfeng socialized with others with a fake smile. He was modest and polite on the surface, but he was actually secretly shouting for his victory.

Special Assistant Xu came in after finishing the phone call. Chen Shiming looked at him. “Are you finished?”

“It is finished. Second Young Master inquired about some things at school,” Special Assistant Xu replied. “I mentioned the matter of Qin Xingfeng so some vigilance should’ve been raised in the Second Young Master.”

Chen Shiming withdrew his gaze. “It is best if he listens.”

Then he said expressionlessly, “After watching the play… it is almost time to close the net.”

“Okay.” Special Assistant Xu looked down at Qin Xingfeng below. He saw the person below with a smug expression and almost lit three candles for this person in his heart.

It was easy for uninformed people to be pleased with small results. He heard that Qin Xingfeng had stolen Second Young Master Chen’s project and thought of a way to raise Qin Xingfeng’s bid and quietly disturb the muddy waters.

It wasn’t good to provoke people. If Qin Xingfeng wanted to move against the little tyrant of the Chen family, didn’t he know that the Chen family would protect their shortcomings?

Chen Qizhao hung up and immediately ran to the entrance of the library.

Shen Yuhuai wasn’t alone. There was another person standing with him. Chen Qizhao got closer and directly confirmed the target. He had been looking at this person’s photo often these days. Even if he didn’t take the photo, he also recognized at a glance this person who looked like a good student.

“Brother Huai.”

Shen Yuhuai cocked his head. Chen Qizhao had already taken off his hat, revealing the trimmed bangs and the particularly eye-catching eyes.

He Shuhang saw the student who had come here and couldn’t help being attracted by the other person’s face.

The boy wore a coat and had fair skin and a delicate and handsome face. After looking for a while, he glanced at the book in the boy’s hand. It was a textbook for a first year general education course. He took the initiative to ask, “Senior Brother, do you know this freshman brother of our school?”

Chen Qizhao thought to himself, ‘Should he know only you alone in the school? You are thinking too much of yourself.’

He didn’t show it on his face and politely said, “Hello.”

He Shuhang was a bit displeased. He was probably used to being called Senior Brother politely when others saw him. He always felt that this junior brother in front of him seemed polite but cold to others. He wondered, “Which major is this Junior Brother?”

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth at the same time as him and directly shifted the topic to Shen Yuhuai, “Brother Huai, have you eaten? I will invite you to a meal.”

He was worried that Shen Yuhuai would refuse so he had to add one more sentence, “It is embarrassing to always let you treat me. There is a cafeteria at school that is very tasty.”

He Shuhang opened his mouth, “That is just right. We just planned to go to the cafeteria…”

“Let’s eat next time,” Shen Yuhuai interrupted. “You should be able to get the rest of the data. If there are problems then let me know through VX.”

He finished speaking and looked at Chen Qizhao. “You finished class?”

Chen Qizhao nodded. “It is just after class. I was passing by when I saw you here and came over to say hello.”

He Shuhang was a bit embarrassed to hear this but he still said, “Yes, I can solve the rest of the data.”

He saw that Shen Yuhuai had already spoken to Chen Qizhao and there was no meaning in staying here. He told Shen Yuhuai he was going first and quickly left.

“Did he want to invite you to a meal just now?” Chen Qizhao saw that this person was gone and suddenly asked. “Did I bother you?”

“I didn’t agree.” Shen Yuhuai looked at Chen Qizhao. “I’m more curious about the cafeteria you mentioned. Let’s go.”


The two of them walked side by side. Shen Yuhuai wanted to ask which cafeteria it was but looked sideways to see Chen Qizhao playing with his phone. He seemed to be chatting with his classmate and the other person was replying quickly.

He had no interest in peeping at other people’s chats so he just said, “The stairs are ahead. Pay attention to where you are walking.”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao was chatting with Yan Kailin. The excuse of the cafeteria was just his nonsense. Who knew if the food at the cafeteria was delicious. He usually directly ordered takeout to his bedroom or went out to eat. The last time he dined in was at a small restaurant Shen Yuhuai took them to eat on the day they registered for school.

Yan Kailin: Why are you suddenly asking this? I haven’t eaten at the cafeteria!

Chen Qizhao: ……

Yan Kailin: [Recommended food at S College], [Top 10 Best Stores of S College]… look at these. Wait, why do you suddenly want to eat at the cafeteria? I’m still waiting for you in the bedroom to order takeout!

Chen Qizhao had to choose a random one from these recommendation links. “We will be going to the Third Cafeteria to eat. There is chicken rice that is delicious.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him. “If it is the Third Cafeteria, we just passed the intersection for it.”

Chen Qizhao explained, “…I’m not very familiar with the paths in school.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at the next path. “Go this way and turn around.”

They arrived at the Third Cafeteria and it was full. The chicken restaurant was full of people.

The two of them finished ordering and barely found a place to sit in the corner.

“Brother Huai was in the library with that senior brother just now?” Chen Qizhao asked casually. “Are you from the same research institute?”

“Almost.” Shen Yuhuai handed the sterilized tableware to Chen Qizhao. “He isn’t my junior brother. I met him somewhere else and happened to encounter him at the research institute this time.”

Chen Qizhao wondered, “He is also going to the research institute?”

“The Ninth Research Institute and S College have a jointly established laboratory. It is very close and some projects of the Ninth Research Institute will be done there,” Shen Yuhuai explained simply. “It is close and today he was looking for me for help.”

Chen Qizhao listened thoughtfully. He wasn’t good at judging Shen Yuhuai’s attitude toward He Shuhang but at present, it seemed as if their relationship was ordinary.

Yan Kailin was still bombarding him with messages. He learned that Chen Qizhao had gone to the cafeteria to eat and begged Chen Qizhao to bring him back something to eat.

He didn’t stop after sending the message and continued to gossip with Chen Qizhao about things in the circle. The biggest thing was that Liu Kai’s bar had trouble recently. Yan Kai had said a few days ago that they would have a good time there after the bar was finished. Now it seemed there was no way.

Chen Qizhao clicked to open the group. Sure enough, he saw that Liu Kai was blowing up in the group.

His eyes rolled as he remembered something. Then he casually typed a few words in the group.

Chen Qizhao typed quickly. The sound of his fingernails hitting the screen could be heard when typing with one hand.

Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes slightly.

There was no extra space around them and there were even the books on the table. Chen Qizhao, who was sitting across from him, was wearing a hat and had a strand of hair sticking to his forehead that came out from under the hat. Cold air in the cafeteria blew and the upturned hair was raised.

There was a type of clever cunning in his eyes.

Chen Qizhao looked up after finishing typing and met Shen Yuhuai’s gaze.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m watching others go bankrupt…”

Chen Qizhao blurted out instinctively before changing his words in the next second. “I am watching others discussing homework. It will be handed in this afternoon.”

He fell silent as he watched Qin Xingfeng’s name appear in the group chat.

Ordinary bad luck was just a small thing, but some people became unlucky and bankrupted their families, ending up with nothing.


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