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MGAG: Chapter 136

Later (4)

They met many people when they walked out.

There were already a lot of people who got off work. Shen Yuhuai had been famous in the institute for a while. Many people habitually greeted him when they saw him. Chen Qizhao followed by Shen Yuhuai’s side, watching him talk to people and not disturbing him.

Shen Yuhuai’s appearance hadn’t changed much in recent years. However, the sharp spirit of his youth had become more restrained. He treated people with worldly wisdom.

“What is it?” Shen Yuhuai looked at him.

Chen Qizhao glanced at the few people in the distance who were looking back. “Teacher Shen is very popular.”

In his previous life, Shen Yuhuai also often went on business trips. He traveled from place to place. Sometimes, it would take half a month to one month after he left. The longest one was nearly three months.

At that time, Chen Qizhao was also busy with work. Even if he wanted to meet this person, they could only make an appointment through VX. He waited until Shen Yuhuai saw the message, replied to him, and then chose a free time. The two of them met less often and didn’t stay long every time… In particular, they might not even see each other once a month when they were really busy.

Chen Qizhao didn’t feel anything when he hadn’t seen this person for half a month previously. Now when he lived alone during this period of time, he always felt that something was missing.

The wind was particularly cold on autumn nights. G City’s research institute was in the suburbs and a bit far from the city. Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai vaguely saw many people waiting for a car after they came out. The two of them first went back to Shen Yuhuai’s residence to put things away. Finally, they took a car to the city together.

In the evening, the two of them had a meal in the city. After eating, Shen Yuhuai took Chen Qizhao to visit several local night scenes.

Shen Yuhuai had been here for so long. In fact, he rarely went to the city area. He basically stayed in the laboratory when he had time, wanting to solve this matter as soon as possible and return to S City. However, Liu Sui and his colleagues often went out. He occasionally saw the Moments they posted.

The two of them walked by the stream. The cool autumn breeze was filled with the smell of water, and there were other people walking on the embankment.

There was no city noise. The countryside of G City was quiet. At night, there was only the sound of insects and the faint smell of cooking smoke.

It was almost 11 o’clock when the two of them returned to the hotel.

Chen Qizhao’s hotel was half an hour away from the research institute. Shen Yuhuai didn’t return to the research institute. On the way, he received a reply from Xiao Zhou, Chen Qizhao’s assistant. He realized that Chen Qizhao handled part of the work in advance in order to come to G City for a few days. He even took two days off from school.

There was a big bed in the room, and the lone suitcase was pushed into the corner.

“This outfit should be wearable,” Chen Qizhao picked from the suitcase and threw two pieces to Shen Yuhuai. “Go and take a shower.”

Shen Yuhuai saw that the suitcase was full of things. He took Chen Qizhao’s bath towel. He glanced at the things pressed to the bottom of the suitcase and asked, “Should I wash alone?”

Chen Qizhao glanced up at him from where he was crouching down.

The two of them stared at each other. Shen Yuhuai took the bath towel and entered the bathroom first. “Then I’ll go in first.”

The hotel’s bathroom had a frosted door that was a bit transparent. Shen Yuhuai’s silhouette could be seen when he entered.

Soon, the sound of dripping water was heard. Chen Qizhao stopped for a while before taking something from his suitcase.

The warm water in the bathroom was adjusted, and hot air floated to the mirror.

The tightly closed frosted door was pushed open. Just as Chen Qizhao walked in, a wet hand pulled him, holding his hand against the frosted glass. The heat that spread made a hazy light float in the bathroom.

Chen Qizhao raised his head and kissed Shen Yuhuai. The water from the shower splashed over the two of them.

They retreated a little bit. Finally, the two of them collided with the shower wall. The falling water completely drenched Chen Qizhao. Chen Qizhao was about to open his eyes, but he didn’t have time to breathe between kisses. The smell of the other person enveloped him.

The warm water flow followed their rising body temperature. The feeling of not seeing each other in half a month seemed to be provoked at this moment.

The flow of the shower stopped. Chen Qizhao opened his eyes, and his sore eyes caught a glimpse of the mirror outside the shower. The mirror reflected the embarrassing figures of the two of them. Strangely, he saw himself in the mirror, and it was as if he had returned to a long, long time ago.

He had been reborn for so long, and some memories were about to be put behind him.

During this time, he didn’t manage his hair much. His forehead hair had grown a bit and stuck wetly to his face. It overlapped with his reflection in the mirror, just like his previous life. Seeing such an embarrassed self and thinking of the absurd past, he didn’t have the same mood swings as before. It was like looking at another person’s life through the mirror.

“What are you looking at?” Shen Yuhuai slightly let go of him.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze moved from the mirror to the face that was close to his. He didn’t answer.

The eyes of the two of them were slightly red due to the stimulation of the water flow. The heat in the bathroom gradually increased the temperature.

The hazy and painful past wasn’t worth mentioning at this moment.

Chen Qizhao blocked Shen Yuhuai’s mouth. His hand moved to the shower next to him, and cold water fell down.

The kiss went all the way down. Finally, he bit Shen Yuhuai’s neck.

The next morning, it was still early when Zhou Yaoyao arrived at the tutor’s office. She saw several teachers discussing something. The tutor asked her to print out the materials needed today. She stood next to the printer, listening to the teachers while printing it.

It shifted to Shen Yuhuai being picked up yesterday. It turned out that many teachers had already seen it.

She learned from other people that Teacher Shen’s lover came here from S City on purpose. Zhou Yaoyao inexplicably thought of the appearance of the boy she had seen yesterday. They had been waiting there for a while, and the boy waited on the opposite side without calling Teacher Shen.

She couldn’t describe the feeling. She just felt that the other person was used to waiting for Teacher Shen to leave work. He wouldn’t call to urge Teacher Shen, nor would he be in a hurry.

She didn’t know why, but when she looked at it, she had a very special feeling.

It was as if waiting wasn’t an irritating thing, but he was full of anticipation.

“Yaoyao, is it ready?” Someone asked.

“It will be ready right away.” Zhao Yaoyao sorted out the documents.

“Teacher Shen hasn’t come over yet?”

“Today is really strange. Teacher Shen usually arrives very early in the past.”

It was only at this time that Teacher Shen hadn’t come to the office today. Teacher Shen’s team had been in the institute for more than half a month. Zhou Yaoyao could see Teacher Shen working at the station every time he came over. Teacher Shen always came early. Many people came to the office at the right time. Meanwhile, Teacher Shen arrived half an hour or an hour earlier than the others every time.

She glanced at the wall clock in the office. She noticed that it would be 8:30 in a few minutes.

At this time, there were footsteps outside the door.

The footsteps were a bit faster than before. The people in the office looked out. They saw an unfamiliar figure and were stunned for a moment. They only reacted after a while.

“Teacher Shen?!” A researcher close to him was surprised.

The attention of other people in the office shifted to Shen Yuhuai. He wasn’t holding a suitcase today. He wore a somewhat trendy jacket. It was black and white with a few English prints. The zipper was almost pulled to the top, and the inner lining couldn’t be seen.

Shen Yuhuai’s previous clothing was very monotonous, and his dressing style was simple. He would wear a monochrome coat with a light-colored inner lining.

But today, his style of clothing was very different from usual. It was as if he suddenly came alive.

“I am late, “Shen Yuhuai said.

“You aren’t late. It is just right.”

It was just time for work.

Shen Yuhuai replied and went to the workstation to take some documents, “Has Liu Sui come over yet?”

“He went to the laboratory. He said he would bring the laptop over for you,” a bystander said.

The moment this person came over, the pace in the office became faster. Seeing Shen Yuhuai go to the laboratory, the others stopped chatting and followed one after another.

Zhou Yaoyao printed things and hurriedly sent them to the tutor. Then she stood outside the glass window, waiting for others to arrange it.

“Teacher Shen went out with someone last night. In the morning, Teacher Liu helped bring the laptop over for him.”

“I stepped into the office in the morning. A few old professors were still teasing him.”

“Don’t you feel that Teacher Shen is in a good mood today?”

Maybe it was because others were discussing it, but her attention fell on the man in the laboratory. She saw that the inner lining under his white coat was also quite special. It was white print on a black background. White marks seemed to crawl out of the collar and were especially special. Teacher Shen had never worn this style of clothing before.

Zhou Yaoyao thought to herself. Then she saw several teachers come out to discuss the data. The tutor called her over.

This time, Shen Yuhuai was standing right next to the tutor. She looked back and saw a shallow red mark on Shen Yuhuai’s side and shoulder. She suddenly realized as she thought about Teacher Shen’s dressing style today.

This style… was more like the person in the hall yesterday.

In the next few days, Zhou Yaoyao would see Teacher Shen leaving work when she left work.

The matter in the laboratory was settled. Teacher Shen didn’t stay at the laboratory for other results but went back and forth from work on time. Zhou Yaoyao occasionally went out early. She could see Teacher Shen’s lover sitting in the hall on time. Once Teacher Shen came over, the two of them walked shoulder by shoulder.

She heard a colleague, who had added Teacher Shen’s VX account, say that Teacher Shen went out with his lover after class these days. He posted a few times on his Moments, but he didn’t take any photos of this person.

The weekend before last, she had seen Teacher Shen and his lover shopping in a famous specialty store in G City. It seemed they wanted to bring things back for people, and they bought a lot.

In a flash, it was the day of the return trip. The Ninth Research Institute helped a lot during this time. On the flight back, Zhou Yaoyao followed her mentor to the airport to see off the group. She saw Teacher Shen standing in the outer position, looking down at his messages like he was waiting for something.

Soon, Zhou Yaoyao noticed Teacher Shen’s gaze looking out. She looked over and saw a young man pulling his suitcase over.

The two of them stood outside the crowd. Teacher Shen said a few words to the other person. The young man was smiling. It looked different from when he stood in the hall of the institute with an indifferent expression. He was relaxed, and everything became different.

Teacher Shen’s eyes were gentle. He also had a bit of a smile on his face when he spoke.

Speaking of this, Teacher Shen suddenly adjusted his position. He lowered his head and leaned extremely close as if kissing the other person.

Zhou Yaoyao immediately avoided looking over. Once she looked over again, the young man had already pulled his suitcase to the security check first. Teacher Shen returned to his gentle appearance, but he had lost his smile when interacting with people.

It was like a spring breeze. Once it passed, it could no longer be seen.

Obviously, they didn’t show much, but she felt they must love each other very much.

Above the clouds, there was silence.

In the quiet cabin, Shen Yuhuai looked sideways slightly. The person next to him was sitting in a relaxed posture, looking out the window in fascination.

He didn’t make a sound to disturb the other party. He just followed the other person’s line of sight and stared into the distance.

After a long time, Shen Yuhuai retracted his gaze. He hadn’t turned a page in the book for a while.

His eyes were a bit dry. Shen Yuhuai pinched between his eyebrows and adjusted his posture slightly. The fatigue of catching up with the progress in the last few days rose little by little.

Chen Qizhao turned his head and found that Shen Yuhuai was already asleep.

The man’s hand was still pressing on the book. His eyes were closed, and there was the faint sound of steady breathing.

Chen Qizhao suddenly relaxed his movements. He gently called out into Shen Yuhuai’s ear, but Shen Yuhuai didn’t respond.

He asked the flight attendant for a blanket before relaxing his movements. He took the book from Shen Yuhuai’s hand. and carefully took off this person’s glasses.

As he moved inch by inch, Chen Qizhao noticed the man’s slightly long eyelashes and the small blue color under his eyes. His gaze stayed on the other person’s eyes for a long time. He had seen Shen Yuhuai’s eyes many times. He knew how good these eyes looked when they were open.

The glasses had been taken off. Chen Qizhao turned slightly sideways and kissed the other person’s forehead.

The moment he kissed, Chen Qizhao’s hand pressed on his. The man didn’t open his eyes, but Chen Qizhao inexplicably felt that Shen Yuhuai was still looking at him.

The movement of kissing the forehead shifted down. He kissed the corner of the eye and the corner of the lips.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t open his eyes as he followed the other person’s movements and responded to the kiss.

Chen Qizhao let go of him. His voice was so small that only the two of them could hear it. “My mother said that she asked Uncle Zhang to pick us up. Go to my house for dinner tonight.”

Shen Yuhuai replied, “Yes.”

Chen Qizhao said again, “After eating, let’s go back to the apartment. I asked Xiao Zhou to find someone to clean it yesterday.”


Chen Qizhao put his things away. Once he sat back, he asked in a low voice, “Are you sleepy?”

Shen Yuhuai’s voice was a bit hoarse. His hand changed from pressing down to their fingers interlocking. The overlapping hands were placed between the two of them. “I’m sleepy.”

Shen Yuhuai leaned slightly against Chen Qizhao, his voice a bit lazy. “Sleep for a while?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao also seemed to be sleepy.

The body temperature of the two was conveyed through their overlapping hands. The presence of the person beside him was particularly real.

The truth seemed to dilute all the haze. It wasn’t a fantasy, nor was it illusory. What was left was only a long-term, smooth road.

The people he loved were still here, and he was no longer alone.

-End of the Full Text-
Author’s Note: The life of Xiao Chen’s family will continue. They might be awkward, but they have learned to give in and adapt. Everything will get better and better.

Brother Huai and Xiao Chen will also keep continuing to the long-term future. The story has come to an end here!

TL: And that’s it for Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai’s story! Thank you to everyone for joining Chen Qizhao on his journey of revenge, saving his loved ones, finding love, and recovering from the trauma of his previous life.


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