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MGAG: Chapter 135

Later (3)

On the outskirts of G City, somewhere in an advanced research institute.

Several researchers in white coats gathered together to have a fierce discussion on the new data results, Zhou Yaoyao stood next to them while holding a record board. facing such a discussion, she was really at a loss. She had to look at the calm-looking man next to her.

She came here with her mentor to participate in the research group. Now her mentor had quarreled with people. Only this Teacher Shen from S City had a gentle temperament. He didn’t participate in the heated discussions of others.

It was said that he was gentle-tempered, but Teacher Shen was very rigorous in the treatment of experiments. He didn’t allow sloppiness.

This closed experiment brought a lot of researchers from all over the country. It lasted for a few days and was about to end, but this Teacher Shen found a big problem last night. This triggered a discussion with the experimental group. The current plan needed to be overturned. Several old professors blushed.

She didn’t participate in the internal experiments. She was only responsible for laying hands on various researchers. After a few days, she had some understanding of the situation of the experimental group. She had heard about the reputation of this Teacher Shen.

Teacher Shen became famous at a young age and brought out several outstanding students. He was currently working at the Ninth Research Institute of S City. This time, their experimental group encountered a problem. Teacher Shen’s paper last year happened to mention this problem. Therefore, their experimental group asked for help from the Ninth Research Institute and invited Teacher Shen’s team.

It was originally said to only be a week. Then due to problems in the experiment, it had been delayed nearly half a month.

However, Teacher Shen didn’t express any dissatisfaction. He negotiated with the Ninth Research Institute and stayed here a bit longer.

The debate lasted around half an hour before Teacher Shen joined the discussion. The atmosphere in the room suddenly improved.

Zhou Yaoyao had seen many researchers who argued when encountering problems. It was the first time he had seen someone with such a good temper as Teacher Shen. The debates like today had happened many times in the past half a month. Each time, Teacher Shen waited for others to argue a result before grasping the problem point in the discussion. During this period of observation, the discussion was almost over once Teacher Shen spoke.

She followed along to help record things. After seeing the group of researchers discuss it, she planned to go to the laboratory to try out the new variables.

The researchers started to change places. She couldn’t go into the laboratory, but she followed the others over to see if there was anything she could help with. She arrived and saw that Shen Yuhuai had entered the laboratory. He was discussing things with the researchers in the laboratory. After the discussion, he went to check the instruments. Then the other researchers followed him inside.

“Teacher Shen has to check several times before entering the laboratory.”

“Yes. I feel that Teacher Shen has simply imprinted the rules of the laboratory in his head. This is too standardized.

Zhou Yaoyao listened to the discussion of the people next to her. She couldn’t help thinking of hearing Shen Yuhuai talk to other researchers in the institute before. At that time, it was Shen Yuhuai who passed their experimental group and stood in front of the glass window to observe. Zhou Yaoyao was busy with other things with the seniors in the laboratory. Then they were called to stop the experiment after a while.

It turned out that Shen Yuhuai discovered that the parameters of an instrument were turned up. He suggested that they turn it down a bit.

At that time, the engineer who led the team communicated with Shen Yuhuai. Zhou Yaoyao listened from next to him and heard Teacher Shen talking to Teacher Liu.

Teacher Liu said, “You still have to correct your problems before entering the laboratory. It doesn’t matter if the parameter value is turned higher. The efficiency is high.”

Shen Yuhuai replied simply, “The machine load is also large. Overloading can easily cause machine failure.”

“IT is a new machine… Alas, I can’t talk to you,” Teacher Liu said helplessly. “Ever since that incident a few years ago, you have been too nervous.”

“Yes, people can’t break their promises.”

Later, the two of them walked further and further away. A researcher in the laboratory asked the engineer who led the team. The engineer explained, “Teacher Shen? He is indeed like this. I heard your Teacher Wu Say it. He is this strict at the Ninth Research Institute. He will repeat it again and again when entering the laboratory. Why? It is because he tries his best to eliminate hidden dangers every time. He isn’t sloppy at all.”

The engineer who led the team understood some things, so he talked about the past of the Ninth Research Institute.

He heard there was a problem with the instrument cooperation between the Ninth Research Institute and Yueze Chemical a few years ago. If it hadn’t been discovered by Teacher Shen in time, the instrument problem would’ve really caused a disaster. The impact of that incident on the industry was still quite large. It was said that Teacher Shen’s lover came to the scene at the time and went crazy. Since then, Teacher Shen had become very cautious. He never had a problem with the laboratory again.

Zhou Yaoyao often went in and out of the laboratory. She knew that some rules were written. It was just that the risk factor wasn’t large, and they didn’t follow it so strictly.

Meanwhile, this person could practice such a rule for several years. Zhou Yaoyao thought to herself that Teacher Shen must love his lover very much.

It went on for a long time after entering the laboratory. During this time, people came in and out. By the end of the experiment, it was already past 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Zhao Yaoyao followed her tutor to record some things. Once she finished her work, it was late. She had just walked out of the office when she heard a gentle voice in the office. She stopped in her tracks. She noticed that at the desk on the left side of the office, the man had already changed out of his white coat and was wearing simple, casual clothes. He was clearing things on the table while talking on the phone.

She walked in and listened to the instructor’s words while glancing to the side out of the corner of her eyes.

“I found a problem halfway. I might go back a few days later.” The man’s eyes slightly curved, and he spoke easily and naturally. It was completely different from the rigor in the laboratory. “Is that so? How many did you catch? Are there any large fish?”

“You caught it too?”

“There are many mosquitoes in the wilderness. Did you spray some medicine before you went out?”

“I saw the photo. The pots on the left of the balcony should be watered less.”

“What’s for dinner?”


The man’s voice was average, but Zhou Yaoyao could still hear the patience and gentleness contained in it. Shen Yuhuai was chatting about everyday things, but this type of gentleness unique to the person on the phone was too special.

“Teacher Shen, are you talking to your family?” The researcher next to him asked. “I am hungry after listening to your words.”

The things on the table had already been packed. Shen Yuhuai lifted his laptop while replying, “Then leave work early.”

The researcher smiled. “I have to wait until this form is filled out. You go first.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded slightly and walked toward the door while talking on the phone. “Now I’m going back to the dormitory to rest. I just talked to my colleagues… Do we have a cafeteria? Yes, though it isn’t as big as S College.’

He left, and the researchers in the office started talking.

“I haven’t met Mr Shen’s lover yet. He doesn’t post much in his Moments.”

“I heard his lover is studying artificial intelligence and computers. Hey, the young couple are both high-quality students. Last time, there was a problem with my computer. Teacher Shen called and helped ask for me.”

“Why did I hear that his lover runs a company? When Teacher Shen called some time ago, his lover seemed to be on a business trip to do some projects.”


In the next few days, the institute was busy. In particular, the experimental group. The progress was very fast.

Teacher Shen’s team would leave next week. The progress on their side had entered a new stage.

“What’s the matter? Qizhao didn’t answer your call?” Liu Sui changed into a white coat. He sat Shen Yuhuai standing beside him with his phone. Shen Yuhuai hadn’t closed the door of the storage cabinet for a long time. “He must be busy, right? Didn’t you say the other day that he was on a business trip?”

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly. Chen Qizhao hadn’t replied to the message he sent an hour ago, and his phone was turned off when Shen Yuhuai just made a call.

The two of them had a video chat last night, and Chen Qizhao didn’t mention any business trip arrangements for today… If his phone was turned off, it might be a meeting. He sent a message to Chen Qizhao’s assistant, Xiao Zhou, before closing the door.

Liu Sui continued, “I haven’t seen you in the past few days. You can’t do without even one call?”

“It has been 18 days.” Shen Yuhuai’s tone was light as he looked at his watch. “Let’s go. Get off work early after we are done.”

“Why leave work early?”

Shen Yuhuai said, “Go back and bring him something.”

The weather today was nice, and the sun outside the institute was clear.

Things in the laboratory ended early, and tomorrow was Saturday. Zhou Yaoyao and her colleagues made an appointment to go out to watch a movie tonight. After finishing other things early, their mentors waved their hands to give them an early break. In addition to them, there were also people from the experimental group next door. They gathered at the entrance of the institute, and she followed her colleagues to swipe the access control card and go out.

The weather was already autumn. The wind outside was a bit strong, so they didn’t go out and waited in the reception hall of the institute.

Soon, a young man came in from outside. As he pushed open the door, he brought a small gust of wind with him. Zhou Yaoyao followed the sound and looked over. The person who came in was around her age. He wore a black and white suit and carried a shoulder bag casually. There was a bit of indifference in his eyes.

Once he came in, he chatted with the person at the front desk before quickly sitting down on a lounge chair.

Young people seldom came to the research institute. Usually, they were either the leaders of the institute or people who came from outside to talk about the cooperation. The young man’s temperament was a bit inconsistent with the research institute. The aura around his body was special. Zhou Yaoyao chatted with her colleagues. They couldn’t help looking in his direction.

Once the young man came in, he looked at his phone and typed quickly. His fingers were white and long.

In addition to replying to his phone messages, he went out to answer one or two calls. It wasn’t long before he came in again.

“He is here to wait for someone, right?” The colleague asked. “He is quite handsome.”

Zhou Yaoyao nodded. “Could he be the son of a teacher?”

“I haven’t seen that face before,” the colleague said again. “Lily and the others haven’t come out yet? It has been so long.”

Zhou Yaoyao said, “It should be soon.”

The others in the institute had already left work one after another. Zhou Yaoyao’s friends hadn’t come out yet. Neither had the person that the young man was waiting for.

Every time there was a sound from the door, the young man would always look up. Then he quickly turned his head away.

Finally, a voice from the other side of the door was heard again.

Zhou Yaoyao raised her head. She said it was Teacher Shen and Teacher Liu.

“Teacher Shen came out?” The colleague asked. “Lily and the others are too slow. I will go in and take a look.”

Zhou Yaoyao was about to follow him over. Then she saw the young man sitting on the lounge chair suddenly move. She couldn’t help looking sideways, only to see that the young man’s steps had become much faster. He passed by her and walked straight toward Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai listened to Liu Sui while looking down at his phone.

The message sent to Chen Qizhao wasn’t returned. The other person also didn’t call him.

The voice next to him stopped. Shen Yuhuai was about to put away his phone, but before he raised his eyes, he suddenly saw a pair of shoes that appeared in his field of view. He couldn’t help stopping.

The owner of the shoes didn’t move. This person just quietly blocked his way.

“The plane was delayed. I was worried that you would’ve already left work when I came over. Fortunately, I made it in time.” A familiar voice came, wrapped in the smell of the wind. In fact, he hadn’t seen this person for over half a month, but it seemed to be a long time.

Liu Sui said, “I suddenly remembered that Brother Zhang seemed to be looking for me for something. Yuhuai, you go first. I’ll go back to the laboratory.”

After saying that, his feet moved first. He disappeared in an instant.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Why didn’t you tell me before you came?”

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “I told you last night that I wanted to see you.”

“How long have you been waiting?” Shen Yuhuai said.

Chen Qizhao replied, “I just came. I didn’t wait long.”

The two of them walked out as they talked. The autumn breeze poured in through the glass door.

Zhou Yaoyao and her colleagues didn’t dare look at them too much. They were very surprised. They didn’t dare to discuss it until the figures of the two people disappeared from sight. In particular, when they just opened the door, they saw Teacher Shen holding the young man’s hand. The two of them behaved intimately and familiarly. They had seen Shen Yuhuai interact with others. They knew he was gentle but often kept his distance.

This was the first time since they met that they saw Teacher Shen take the initiative to approach someone.


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