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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 6

Obviously, Jian Yue wasn’t his father so he wasn’t so easy to fool.

Li Shaoxi changed the subject and said frankly “Cough, it is the system that forced the transmission. I really didn’t mean to hinder you.”

He finally managed to say something human but the next sentence revealed his original form. “Brother Yue, you see that your attack power is full. Can you protect a poor teammate who has no strength to even tie up a chicken?”

After speaking, Li Shaoxi looked at Jian Yue with sincere and innocent eyes. In any case, no one was broadcasting live at this time.

Of course, even a live broadcast couldn’t stop Li Shaoxi from wanting to hug a big thigh.

What a joke. Other people were playing a game but he was playing for his life.

Li Shaoxi was afraid that Jian Yue wouldn’t understand so he explained, “Yes, it is me.” Your pitiful teammate who is right in front of you, not far away.

Jian Yue: “……”

After enduring it, the 17 year old God Jian couldn’t bear it and asked, “A hand that has a weight of 80 doesn’t even have the power to hold a chicken?”

Li Shaoxi couldn’t react to what he said.

This was the longest sentence Jian Yue had said since he entered the game.

His voice was clear and cold, like the air of a winter morning blowing against his ears. It was clear, condensed and a bit frozen.

Li Shaoxi’s ears twitched and his mind returned.

That’s right. He was full of weight so his ‘strength’ in this game could be called unprecedented. It could be said that there was no one before him and there might not be anyone after him. Even if a second person was recognized, that player wouldn’t dare to even enter the top 10. He was really too modest if he said he didn’t even have the power to bind a chicken.

“Still, I can’t stop myself from being weak inside.” Li Shaoxi spoke a bunch of nonsense. “Have you heard a saying?”

Jian Yue had never met someone his age like this. “What?”

Li Shaoxi pointed at himself firmly and sincerely. “King Kong Barbie.”

Jian Yue: “……”

“Eh?” Li Shaoxi quickly followed as Jane strode away. What a joke. He even recognized himself as a King Kong Barbie. How could he let this person run away? There were five levels in this ghostly game. If he had to pass it himself…

When would he make it through? It was silly to have a thigh and not hug it. Even if the thigh’s attributes were slightly cold, he couldn’t let go.

Li Shaoxi and Jian Yue were teleported to a passageway that they had to walk through in order to enter the first level.

Fang Yihuai had briefly explained that each level had a gem element. For example, the first ‘room’ was a pearl element.

The passage wasn’t short. Jian Yue was in front and Li Shaoxi behind him. The two boys had long legs and fast steps. They walked for around a minute or two. Halfway through, Li Shaoxi suddenly asked, “Brother Yue, have you ever played this game?”

Jian Yue obviously paused. “No.”


Jian Yue didn’t look at him. “Why are you asking this?”

Li Shaoxi pointed to a black pattern on the ground of the passage that occurred every three steps. “This is a spawning point, right? Generally, the game will arrange a practice point for the players before entering the main chapter. This passage is obviously to familiarize us with the way to fight monsters.”

It was because it was used to practice that Fang Yihuai didn’t mention it before. There was no need to waste time mentioning mobs that could be easily killed. After all, the preparation time was only three minutes.

The mobs in the passage were unlikely to hurt the players so they were a waste of time for veterans clearing the game again. They could be bypassed directly.

Jian Yue’s positioning seemed random but every step was just right to step on a floor tile that was almost the only correct one. It was only these tiles that didn’t trigger the monsters spawning. It was only these tiles that allowed them to reach the room in the fastest and most convenient way.

Therefore, Li Shaoxi asked if he had ever played the game. Otherwise, how could he move so accurately?

After hearing these words, Jian Yue stopped and turned to look at the teenager following closely behind him in a scrutinizing manner. This kid had a carefree smile and didn’t close his mouth but in fact, his mind was quick and his skills were very good.

It was true that Jian Yue had never been here before but he had gone through so many ‘fields’ that he couldn’t be caught by this novice level at all. This ‘field’ had at least an S grade difficulty for Li Shaoxi but he actually keenly noticed the places Jian Yue stepped. It was very unusual.

Li Shaoxi didn’t want to trigger the monsters refreshing so he had followed the other person closely. The moment Jian Yue stopped, he could only quickly brake.

Li Shaoxi sensed Jian Yue’s gaze and looked at him curiously. “Brother Yue?”

Jian Yue seemed to be watching him seriously for the first time. “What is your name?”


“Your name.”

Li Shaoxi blinked. “Juduoduo.”

Jian Yue: “……”

“Or…” Li Shaoxi’s lips curved in a grin and his small tiger teeth were white and pleasing. ”You can call me King Kong Duoduo.” He had an obligation to remind this bigshot at all times that he was just a King Kong Duoduo who had a lot of weight but was actually fragile!

Jian Yue: “……”

He was thinking too much. This was by no means the person he was looking for!

Jian Yue continued to walk forward. Li Shaoxi wasn’t aware of his thoughts and continued to whisper exaggerated praise. “You actually haven’t played it before. It turns out that you are just usually gifted…”

Jian Yue: “……” The corners of his tight mouth inevitably loosened a bit.

In the face of this nagging, Jian Yue’s temper wasn’t bad for once. It should be known that Fang Yihuai just greeted him and his response was to ‘get out of the way’ and ‘get lost.’

Under the leadership of the precise stepping, they reached the first level with no difficulty.

Fang Yihuai said there were a total of five levels here, each of which was a gem-themed room. It was beautiful but also dangerous.

The first door was close at hand. Li Shaoxi just needed one glance and he couldn’t help scolding the game planners in his heart.

F*k, why was there an upper limit to weight? Otherwise, this beautiful pearl would change its surname to Li!

The gemstone theme for the first level was pearls. The door was very delicately designed and was a large unfolding shell. The background color was white and the surroundings were set with a circle of high quality pearls. The color of the pearls was different so they formed an exaggerated rainbow.

The shell door was curved and the rainbow made of pearls fit perfectly. This was called a ‘noble air.’

Li Shaoxi seriously pondered the possibility of putting this door into his backpack…

Oh, there was no way because—

He only had 80, points, of, weight!

He couldn’t look. The more he looked at it, the more painful it was. Li Shaoxi could only use words to soothe his little heart. “It is very good-looking.”

Jian Yue didn’t speak.

This didn’t prevent Li Shaoxi from talking to himself to disperse the huge disappointment that he couldn’t take away the money. “Do you think that the setting of this theme room is like marriage?”

His mouth was full of nonsense while his heart was full of, ‘Rainbow pearl shell door, f*k!’

The 30th anniversary is a pearl wedding, the 40th anniversary is a ruby wedding, the 45th anniversary is a sapphire wedding, the 50th anniversary is a golden wedding and the 60th anniversary is a diamond wedding.”

The five levels of the game corresponded to five themes: pearls, rubies, sapphires, gold and diamonds.

Li Shaoxi hadn’t been able to help slandering it when Fang Yihuai first introduced it. Didn’t it correspond exactly to each wedding anniversary?

There was a creak as the rainbow pearl shell door was pushed open and they entered the first level.

Li Shaoxi controlled his mind and prepared for a bigger blow. The door was so good that the pearls inside must be…


Li Shaoxi couldn’t hold back. “What the hell is this?”

Jian Yue sneered. “Pigs.”

Li Shaoxi, “……” He suspected that the bigshot was scolding him but he didn’t dare refute it.

The so-called pearl was a real pig. (Pearl = zhen zhu, pig = zhu)

Deduct money for the homophone joke! How could it be played like this?

He didn’t see the more expensive big pearls but seeing the real pink pigs all over the room made him… want to self-isolate.

The pearls level wasn’t a room filled with pearls but real pigs.

These pigs also had fat heads and big ears. One of them could crush three of Li Shaoxi.

“Speaking of which…” Li Shaoxi suddenly had a thought. “There seems to be pigs in Treasure Miner?” He was talking about the computer version where the white-haired old man dug out gems. There were a lot of levels and there was indeed a small animal running around with a diamond in its mouth.

“That isn’t right,” Li Shaoxi shook his head. “Why do I remember that it was a mouse?”

At this moment, he couldn’t be sure so he asked Jian Yue, “Is it a mouse or a pig?”

Jian Yue replied, “A mouse.”


“The planners are afraid of mice so they replaced it with pigs.”

Li Shaoxi: “……” This was okay!

Wait. Li Shaoxi caught the key point. “How do you know the planners are afraid of mice?”

“It is a guess.”

Li Shaoxi: “……” Like I would believe you.

Facing this room full of real pigs, Jian Yue kept standing by the door and didn’t move. Li Shaoxi obediently hid behind him and whispered, “Brother Yue.”


Li Shaoxi reminded him. “Shouldn’t you go first?”

It was time to fight the big boss. Pick up the weapon and rush!

Jian Yue didn’t move.

Li Shaoxi’s heart thumped and he cautiously said, “You see, my defense is zero, attack power is zero and my health…”

Jian Yue added for him, “It is 30 times more than mine.”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

‘Brother, you don’t have to calculate it like that. Even if it is 30 times yours, it is still only 30 points.’

Li Shaoxi realized the ‘deep meaning’ in the words and tried to persuade the other person. “Brother Yue, you don’t want me to grab the aggro, right?”

The so-called virtual reality was for other people. What Jian Yue saw was always only the real thing so the young man’s timid voice was also real and entered his ears very realistically.

“No.” He turned around and looked at LI Shaoxi.

Li Shaoxi sucked in a breath.

It was rare to be able to oppose the general’s army. Jian Yue had a shallow smile in his eyes that he wasn’t aware of.

He knew that Li Shaoxi was very afraid. The newcomers who entered the ‘field’ for the first time were usually so frightened that it was normal to doubt life. Li Shaoxi’s performance was already a rare big heart.

Jian Yue asked him, “Do you have a magic attack?”


“Is there a physical attack?”


Jian Yue’s eyelashes lowered. “You have no output so you can’t grab the aggro. What can you do?”

Li Shaoxi was only a few centimeters shorter than the other person and didn’t need to look up at him. It was just that the two of them were so close that he felt it was a bit oppressive.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid of Jian Yue. He was afraid of dying here and making his parents cry. The desire to survive made Li Shaoxi very smart and he whispered, “For example… don’t get in your way?”

Just then, there was a bang and an explosion sounded in his ears.

Jian Yue turned back but LI Shaoxi was looking straight ahead.

The big pink pigs all exploded and the overwhelming fire illuminated the whole room like it was daylight.

This was a scene that was hard to see in reality and it was so real that Li Shaoxi was stunned.

Explosions, flames.

A scorching heart that burned the skin and the pungent smell of gunpowder.

Fear gripped his heart. Li Shaoxi truly felt that this wasn’t a game for him but the reality of life or death.


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