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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 7

This scene was like an explosion scene in a movie. One of them looked straight ahead while the other had his back to the flames. The heat wave blew up the short hair on Li Shaoxi’s forehead, revealing a smooth and flawless forehead. In the brief, fiery light, his facial features were incomparably clear.

His slightly curved eyebrows, the not too deep eye sockets that were just right to neutralize the roundness of his eyes and the thick eyelashes that floated in the light, trembling with the unconcealed fear in his eyes.

The habitually curved corners of his mouth were tight and his dimples and small tiger teeth were gone…

Jian Yue didn’t think much of it. He took a step forward completely instinctively and blocked Li Shaoxi.

Li Shaoxi: “!”

In the end, he was a bit shorter than Jian Yue. The previous position of the two people had still blocked his field of view. Now that Jian Yue was so close, how could he still see the flames soaring into the sky?

All he saw was the tall boy guarding in front of him, outlined by smoke and fire.

In the firelight, his cool-toned black hair was dyed a thin red and his backlit face was hazy and blurred. Only the lines of his face and neck were clear and sank with the heat wave into his bulging lapel.

Between the electric light and the firelight, Li Shaoxi spoke in his heart, “You already knew they would explode.”

Jian Yue who heard it clearly: “……”

Li Shaoxi couldn’t see Jian Yue clearly but Jian Yue didn’t want to see this person too clearly. If there was fear in those round black eyes…

Li Shaoxi exclaimed, “Good guy, if you say that you don’t have a script in your hands then even dogs won’t believe it!”

Jian Yue: “……” He regretted it. He should’ve scared this person to tears.

Li Shaoxi didn’t understand it yet so he thought clearly every moment about what was going on.

No wonder why Jian Yue stood still the moment he entered the room. Li Shaoxi thought Jian Yue wanted to use him to attract the monsters but it turned out, he was waiting for the pigs to self-destruct.

If he didn’t know it in advance and entered, it wouldn’t only be roast pork on the ground!

Li Shaoxi was really cowardly when it came to other people’s games where his life was at risk.

Of course, Li Shaoxi soon thought of another layer.

Jian Yue knew it would explode but deliberately stood in front of him. Wasn’t it, wasn’t it to… protect him?! His Brother Yue used this body with a single point of health to come forward and protect him!

A stream of heat surged in his heart and Li Shaoxi burst into tears!

“Brother Yue.” This cry contained his real emotions. “Y-You are a good person!”

Jian Yue who was inexplicably issued the good person card: “……”

Li Shaoxi knew that Jian Yue didn’t like to talk and explained for him. “I understand, I know.  You are a real man with a cold face and a warm heart, a tough guy who protects his brother in the face of danger. You can rest assured… later, you… you will be my dear brother…”

Jian Yue couldn’t continue listening. “That’s it.”

Li Shaoxi was obedient. “Okay, Brother.”

Jian Yue: “……”

Li Shaoxi suddenly remembered something. “By the way, Brother… how old are you and where are you from…”

Before he could finish speaking, the explosion in the room dissipated. He heard a loud bang as something fell from the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

The roast pigs were scattered in all directions. Li Shaoxi cleverly followed by Jian Yue’s side and perfectly avoided this wave of minced meat attacks.

This was a health-locking bigshot. Who would be afraid?

Li Shaoxi stood up again!

He knew that the explosion before was just a precursor and the real boss was the one coming out now.

The smoke cleared and Li Shaoxi saw the true face of the boss. There were only these words left:

It is hard to put into words.

The big lump in front of him was undoubtedly a big, pink pig. The boss was around two meters vertically and horizontally while the weight was at least 900 kg. One strike from the pig’s hoof and Li Shaoxi would die 10 times with his health.

This image was shocking enough in a VR experience, not to mention that Li Shaoxi was now completely immersed. The feeling of oppression was even greater.

This wasn’t abstract but figurative. The sense of horror that he could be crushed to death at any moment was real.

It wasn’t only the image of the pig monster that was difficult to describe but also the name floating above its head: Pearl.

Yes, the boss of the first level was a real pig named Pearl.

The game planners had too much money to be deducted and were addicted to playing this type of homophonic game!

Don’t look at the evil design of Pearl. Its body was also covered with pearls. The scene in front of him perfectly described what it meant by ‘not knowing how to use things sparingly.’

Even Li Shaoxi, who was crazy about money, didn’t want to touch the black pearls embedded in the pig’s nostrils. No matter how good the color or how valuable it looked, it couldn’t stop the fact that it had been soaked in pig snot!

In a game, the boss appeared and there would be a declaration of battle, such as this Pearl brother in front of him. His big mouth opened and drool flowed down as he shouted, “Bod thief, you dare to steal jewelry!”

The moment these words ended, he rushed over with a wolf fang club.

In the cabin, the failed trio hadn’t quit the game yet.

Fang Yihuai thought about it. “It is estimated that they will come out soon and perhaps we will have another chance.”

The two girls were fine with it. This cabin might be shabby but the gems were gorgeous. It was pleasing to the eye to stay here and it was good to become familiar with the VR operations as well.

Fang Yihuai sighed, “Unfortunately, the time just now was too short. I didn’t have time to tell them that the pigs would explode.”

He said this to the girls but the barrage fans saw it and they didn’t help saying ‘huh’ to him.

“Old Huai, you didn’t say it on purpose!”

“You want the newcomer to experience the trap you stepped on.”

Fang Yihuai cleared his throat and replied to the barrage, “It really wasn’t intentional. I didn’t think about it.”

“I believe you…”

“….What nonsense!”

Fang Yihuai exclaimed, “Hey! It is the same whether I say it or not. They will definitely be cold.”

No one in the audience had any doubts about this.

Just now when Fang Yihuai was trying to clear the instance, the entire process was streamed live and everyone had jumped in shock.

There was no need to mention how pitted the later levels were. The first level alone was completely different from before.

Fang Yihuai had cleared the game three times but he had never encountered the pigs exploding. He had rushed up to clear the piglets and the big pig every time.

This time, he had just hit a piglet halfway through when it exploded. His thick-skinned tank only had half his health left. Fortunately, the girls were standing behind him or they would’ve died in minutes.

The barrage sighed. “One point of health and 30 points of health really isn’t enough. The explosion range is really large. They will both die unless they stand in the outermost circle.”

“One of them can’t attack and the other is a pure physical attack. They must’ve rushed up for a melee battle.”


“Hey, it is good to think about it from another angle. We can see the cold brother and cutie Duoduo again soon!”

Fang Yihuai looked at the time and wondered, “They should’ve exploded by now. Why haven’t those two come out yet?”

The barrage said, “You can’t rely on other people’s dumb luck….”

“It is hard to say. If they were cowardly and didn’t go in, choosing to wait and see first, they might have avoided the pigs exploding?”

There was only one possibility. Fang Yihuai continued to sigh. “That is useless. The attack of the boss in the first level isn’t high but his health is extremely thick. Even if Jian Yue’s attack is high, it is impossible for him to kill the boss without any injuries.”

The barrage was gloating again. “Say, they can’t even pass the first level. Will cutie Duoduo be wronged and cry?”

“He must definitely regret it now.”

“What is the use of weight? Can he stuff an old pig into his backpack and suffocate it to death?”

The barrage was full of ‘hahahahaha.’

Suddenly, one barrage message reminded Fang Yihuai. “Old Huai, aren’t you the captain?”

“Yes, what about it?”

The barrage was full of people with a lot of brains. “Can’t you check their status? Let’s see if you can check how they are doing now.”

Fang Yihuai was stunned. “This…” He hadn’t tried it before because he never encountered a split team to clear the instance.

Fang Yihuai had the intention of trying it out as he clicked on the team page and pointed to the team of Juduoduo and Jian Yue. Really…

The barrage audience exclaimed, “Old Huai, you can watch the live stream!”

Fang Yihuai: “………”

Little Bear Pudding and Don’t Annoy Your Old Mother looked over.

Fang Yihuai hurriedly released the team panel and showed it to them.

The captain’s authority was really good. Even in the cabin, he could track the whereabouts of his teammates and watch them remotely.

As a result, the audience in Fang Yihuai’s live streaming room experienced the strange experience of watching the streamer and a live stream in a live streaming room.

Needless to say, the opening was exciting enough!

Fang Yihuai was also very curious. What were these two doing that they hadn’t come out in so long? The pigs exploding could be avoided through luck but the real boss couldn’t be avoided. Old Pearl could stomp these two small bodies to death with one foot.

The live stream screen appeared in thin air. The Fang Yihuai trio took the audience in the live stream room to watch it together.

The two people were indeed at the first level.

There was a room full of roast pork, which was normal. The two little ones were lucky enough to avoid it. Then… the excitement came. They heard cutie Duoduo’s clear, clean and youthful voice. “Brother Yue, you are a really big and thick…”

The audience: “…………?”


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