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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 5

There was a carrot called the ‘gifts’ so Fang Yihuai was full of fighting spirit. He really thought calmly. First of all, he had to tell his ‘immortal’ teammates about the game.

“Don’t look at the name Treasure Miner. The bad old man isn’t the embodiment of the player but the demon that the player wants to kill…”

Fang Yihuai had cleared the game three times and had enough detailed knowledge about the game. The reason why he played it so many times wasn’t because the game was interesting but because the streaming effect was very good.

The moment he entered, it was full of gems and it was eye-catching. Each level was designed with a certain gem as the theme and the style was gorgeous and dreamy. This was even more eye-catching.

Furthermore, the small boss of each level had a certain killing skill. Once he had cleared the level once, it was very fulfilling to bring new recruits. Not only would he be respected by his teammates but he could be handsome in front of fans. How could he not enjoy it?

Finally, the last boss of the game was different the three times he played it. This was also the fun of the player repeating the game. The time of the level itself was short and there was a new experience at the end every time. This made people addicted.

Appropriate repetition and an unpredictable surprise. It was the password to rise on top.

Playing three times was nothing. As long as the final boss kept changing, he could play it another 30 times!

The girls listened without understanding and Fang Yihuai told them, “Don’t worry, I will at least show you the five themed rooms.”

Li Shaoxi tried to endure it but he couldn’t hold back. “Are there any gems in the room?”

Fang Yihuai cleared his threat. “It indeed corresponds to a gem!” He deliberately left it as a surprise.

“What about the quality?”

“Um… I don’t quite understand this but it should be similar to the ones here?”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

His flesh hurt. Why was there an upper limit on weight? He couldn’t even hold a gem the size of a grain of rice.

Fang YIhuai realized he was being led astray. “Brother, these gems are really useless. Can you believe me?”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

I can believe you but can you help me with the debt of 80 million?

The audience in the live streaming room heard their conversation and was amused again. In the midst of the jokes, occasionally one or two different ones popped up.

“Can I just say, is there a possibility that cutie Duoduo is a bigshot with a script?”

“Script, what script?”

“For example, weight is very useful. Collecting gems will give… something?”

“That’s right. Old Huai might’ve cleared the instance three times but there is a random level. Perhaps a certain boss this time will… have to be smashed with gems?”

The moment these words came out, they attracted a bunch of ‘hahahahas.’

“Then you don’t need to pick up the gems now, right? The boss of the final level might change but the room doesn’t change. If you really use gems to smash it, you can go directly to the room, pick up the gems there and smash them!”

“Wait, even if you have to smash the boss with gems, do you think Duoduo will be willing to smash it?”


The audience thought of Juduoduo carefully selecting the gems and putting the ones with the right appearance in his pocket and they all agreed. “He, can’t, bear, it!”

Finally, the fans summed it up. “There is no explanation. We don’t need to explain. He is just a simple and unpretentious little money fan. He simply wants to give the gems a home!”

For a moment, Streamer Fang was jealous. Who was the streamer of this live stream room? Why did it seem to have been replaced?

Don’t look at Li Shaoxi ‘acting arbitrarily’ when it came to the attribute points. Out of the four people here, he was the one who listened most seriously to Fang Yihuai’s words about the game.

There was no way. It was a game for them but it wasn’t necessarily the case for him. It was about life and money. It was silly not to be serious.

Li Shaoxi wasn’t interested in clearing the game. What he wanted to know most was about the time.

His task was to survive for three days. How exactly the three days would be defined was debatable.

If it was three days in reality then the difficulty really wasn’t low. Li Shaoxi might have to play this game more than once, playing it all the time for three days. If it was three days in the game then it was easy. Perhaps he just needed to play one round of the game and he could get through it.

Of course, was it really as simple as the latter?

Li Shaoxi had an optimistic personality but he was also a pessimist. He didn’t mind thinking about the worst situation.

The worse he thought, the stronger his vigilance and the more adequate his psychological preparation. Even if he really encountered a very bad situation, he wouldn’t collapse.

For example, this 80 million debt. If Li Shaoxi was really an innocent and carefree child then he would be crying desperately on his bed.

Li Shaoxi asked Fang Yihuai, “Is there the concept of time in the game?”

Fang Yihuai was stunned. “Huh? Are you talking about the clearance time? Rest assured. This game is short and generally one hour is enough to pass it.”

Li Shaoxi explained, “I mean in the game, is there a setting such as the first day, the second day etc.?”

Anyone who had played a lot of games, especially role playing games, would understand this.

Players played a role and usually followed an in-game time. Otherwise, did the players really have to train for ten days in reality if they encountered the task of training for ten days?

Fang Yihuai understood and waved his hand. “This game isn’t so complicated. It doesn’t use the concept of time.”

Li Shaoxi was stunned. It couldn’t be three days in reality, right? He wouldn’t starve to death in three days but his parents would be in a hurry if they saw him not moving for three days.

It was no use worrying about this. If he really had to be hungry for three days, he would bring back millions of yuan to make it worth it!

Fang Yihuai really didn’t want to ask but he couldn’t stop the audience from wondering. “Why are you asking this?”

Li Shaoxi was kind. “Of course, I want to bring the gems home as soon as possible.”

Fang Yihuai: “………”

As expected of you. You have a lot of tricks!

The three minutes of preparation time passed quickly.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yihuai introduced so much but the game slapped him in the face at the beginning.

A door appeared on the wall of the cabin. Beyond the door was a black swirl that was obviously a teleportation formation. It was estimated that once they entered, they would enter the dungeon and start fighting monsters to clear the level.

This was normal in Fang Yihuai’s introduction but it soon derailed. The system sound appeared out of thin air and rang in the ears of the five people.

[The teleport passage is open.]

[On the first day, Fang Yihuai, Little Bear Pudding and Don’t Annoy Your Old Mother should go to the mining area and defeat the demon king.]

Fang Yihuai was stunned.

Little Bear Pudding was stunned. “J-Just the three of us?”

This was a situation that Fang YIhuai had never encountered before. Previously, he broke through the level with five people. Why did it only name three players this time?

Li Shaoxi’s eyes lit up. It didn’t matter if the game was derailed or not. The important thing was the time.

The first day.

Sure enough, there was a set time in this game. As long as this first day was over, he could make a judgment based on the progress of the task.

Fang Yihuai was also stunned for a moment before he said, “It is okay, the three of us can do it. Perhaps the difficulty of the monsters in the level will be reduced accordingly.”

In any case, they might seem to be five people but in fact, they were three people. It was the same whether these two strange people went or not. If the difficulty of the monsters was really reduced due to the number of people then he actually could take the two girls to fly.

It was a good thing!

Fang Yihuai shook his fists. He completely ignored the strange duo and only carefully instructed the girls, “Don’t be afraid. Watch me lure the monsters and you can output remotely.”

Little Bear Pudding replied, “Y-Yes!”

Annoyed Mother had a cold face. “Yes.”

Fang Yihuai was happy but the barrage wasn’t so happy.

“Ah, I wanted to see Duoduo being chased by monsters!”

“If there is no Duoduo then what is the point of this game?”

“Trash game, you’re discriminating against players. Why look down on 1 point of health and full weight?”

“Ahhh, who wants to see the streamer look after girls? I want him to bring the two troubles with him.”

Fang Yihuai: “………”

He didn’t know which audience boss begged him to take good care of the beautiful girls at the beginning.

In any case, he couldn’t do anything. It was the system arrangement and Brother Huai was innocent. He had to be happy about getting rid of the two strange teammates.

It was a pity about the show’s effect but… it wasn’t that he didn’t want to bring them. It was that the system wouldn’t let him!

Fang Yihuai took the two girls to the wooden door and disappeared into the black vortex.

There were only two ‘great gods’ left in the cabin full of gems.

From beginning to end, Jian Yue had perfectly played the role of ‘wallflower.’ Li Shaoxi couldn’t be blamed for his evaluation of this person. He was as quiet as a plant and he looked good, so he was a wallflower.

Jian Yue closed his eyes and rested, looking like a stranger who shouldn’t be disturbed.

Li Shaoxi didn’t want to talk to him either. There was no free time, no time!

He had to use this time to take advantage of his gem identification ability to try and pick out the most cost-effective gems. He had limited weight and unlimited IQ. Li Shaoxi should bring as much money home as possible!

Thus, it was a silent cabin and two silent people.

Fortunately, there was no crowd of onlookers so no one complained. As long as one person ignored it then the other ignored it. It could be called ‘getting along well.’

Li Shaoxi was focused on studying the gems but he didn’t ignore the time. He had been counting the time in his mind. He had just counted to 1,800 when the system voice was suddenly heard. [It is the next day and the heroes haven’t returned yet.]

Li Shaoxi’s eyes lit up. He clicked on his task bar and saw that the progress bar had moved forward by one third.

Great! He had survived for a day. Couldn’t he get away with lying down and winning if Fang Yihuai and the others passed the instance?

Li Shaoxi didn’t dare to be happy too soon. He could only pray a bit. ‘Brother Huai, Bear Pudding, Annoyed Mother… you can do it!’

He counted to 1,700 and saw that the next day had almost arrived.

However, rather than hearing the system announce the arrival of the third day, the three disgraced heroes were brought back instead.

Fang Yihuai sighed. “No, we can’t fight.”

Little Bear Pudding, who changed her equipment, said in an embarrassed manner, “I-I didn’t play well.”

Fang Yihuai waved his hand. “I don’t blame you. It is too difficult, too difficult for three people to beat.”

He had thought that arranging three people to clear the level would reduce the difficulty but the difficulty didn’t drop at all. In fact, it increased slightly. Forget the last boss. He didn’t even get past the second to last boss.

It was too wrong to lose like this. Fang Yihuai wasn’t convinced. “There is still time. We will take a break and go again.”

The moment he finished speaking, the system voice was heard. [On the third day, Juduoduo and Jian Yue, the two heroes should go to the mining area and defeat the demon king.]

It was the third day!

Li Shaoxi was happy for half a second before pouting. Sure enough, he wasn’t allowed to just pass the three days so he was arranged to die.

Survive for three days—surviving was the key.

He didn’t believe he would have the good luck of returning to the cabin after ‘dying’ like Fang Yihuai and the others.

Jian Yue, who had been leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, finally moved. He didn’t look at anyone and headed straight to the wooden door. As he approached Li Shaoxi, his eyelashes lowered slightly.

Li Shaoxi opened his mouth. “That…”

Jian Yue glanced at him. “Don’t get in the way.”

Li Shaoxi blinked, his face full of sincerity. “Or should I not go?”

In the small wooden house, Juduoduo’s cowardly words echoed at a volume that wasn’t too loud or too soft.

Fang Yihuai, Bear Pudding and Annoyed Mother who clearly heard it: “………?”

The audience in the live stream room also filled the screen with ellipsis and ‘hahahaha.’

“Sure enough, there is a lot to see.”

“This one sentence is better than Old Huai working hard for half an hour.”

“Treasure Duo, why play this game if you don’t want to clear the level?”

“Obviously, he only has that pile of useless stones in his eyes!”

Li Shaoxi was quite serious. He knew that Fang Yihuai was streaming but what did Juduoduo have to do with him, Li Shaoxi?

Besides, what was the use of having shame? Could he survive with it or use it to exchange for money? Young Mater Li was clearly poor!

The more Li Shaoxi thought about it, the more reliable he felt it was. He just needed to fool Jian Yue and let it drag out past the third day. Then wouldn’t he lie down and win?

He didn’t underestimate Jian Yue. He incomparably believed in this person.

Forget dragging it out past the third day. He believed this brother could play well enough to take them through the instance.

Oh, it didn’t matter if the game was cleared or not. The important thing was to survive the third day!

Li Shaoxi’s gaze toward Jian Yue became more sincere. “Look at me. I have no attack power at all and my health is ridiculously low. My presence will only hinder you. It is better to…”

Li Shaoxi’s mouth curved, revealing two small tiger teeth. He shouted ‘Brother’ without any psychological burden. “Brother Yue, it is better for me to stay in the cabin obediently and wait for you to come back.”

It didn’t matter who was older or younger, the one who could take him to win was his brother!

Jian Yue: “……”

Unlike Fang Yihuai and the others, Jian Yue knew about Li Shaoxi’s situation. He knew that Li Shaoxi was the one who was chosen and that he was doing this to survive, but…

Jian Yue was still shocked. No one had ever called him that growing up.

Li Shaoxi was still smiling at him in a sweet and sincere manner.

Sweet, what sweet?

Jian Yue looked away and said in a forced cold manner, “It is best if you don’t go.”


He was so happy that it infected everyone in the room.

Poor Li Shaoxi was only happy for less than a second.

Obviously, only Jian Yue walked to the wooden door while he stayed in front of the pile of gems but unfortunately, the system didn’t intend to let him go. He saw darkness in front of his eyes and was forced to teleport.

The trio: “…..”

The live stream room: “Hahahahahahaha!”

Two people entered the game dungeon.

Jian Yue looked at Li Shaoxi.

Li Shaoxi: “……”

F*k, it was really hard to earn a lot of money!

This couldn’t defeat Li Shaoxi, who was poor and short of ambition. He didn’t collapse. “If I said that I took the initiative to follow you because I was worried about your safety and worried you would be lonely, would you believe it?”

If you believe it, you must protect me well, Brother Yue!


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