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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 4

Li Shaoxi was so sad that it could be called a true feeling.

This wasn’t fair. Why could the other attributes break through 100 but not weight? What happened to weight? Why was it being discriminated against?

He wanted to complain!

Fang Yihuai was speechless. If it wasn’t for the live stream, he would’ve cursed these people. This was a team game. Could they stop fooling around?

Then he glanced at the barrage and his mood changed in an instance. Ah, this…

The effect of the show seemed to be unexpectedly overwhelming.

The barrage was watching the fun. There were a few ‘hahahaha’ mixed with gloating words.

“I’ve gained knowledge. It turns out that weight originally has a maximum limit.”

“If it wasn’t for this Juduoduo, I’m afraid Old Huai wouldn’t know such hidden knowledge even after clearing it a hundred times.”

“That is true. Apart from this strange person, there is no second player who would fill up on weight.”

“What is he trying to do by putting the points in weight?”

“He wouldn’t be… naive enough to… think… that this pile of gems is of great use?”

“Old Huia, Old Huai, hurry up. Tell cutie Duoduo that this pile of gems is useless except for looking good, hahaha.”

“Yes yes, tell him quickly. Sister wants to see Duoduo cry.”

Fang Yihuai didn’t want to pay attention to this stupid Juduoduo! However, he couldn’t stop the 20 rocket launchers given by the audience masters. Yes it wasn’t easy for a little streamer to live. Fang Yihuai gave in.

Fang Yihuai took a deep breath and told Li Shaoxi, “Brother, it is my fault.”

Li Shaoxi, who was in pain, looked up. “Huh?”

Fang Yihuai saw the soaring popularity of his live stream and didn’t mind going deeper into the act. He blamed himself. “I forgot to tell you that this pile of gems is useless apart from looking good!”

Li Shaoxi: “……” The use of the gems really wasn’t great but it didn’t stop him from being able to exchange them with money.

Fang Yihuai continued to explain, “Really. Based on my experience of clearing the game three times, I’m telling you that they can’t be exchanged for equipment or medicine. Even if you throw them at the head of the monsters, the damage value is zero!”

Was this detailed enough, accurate enough? Isolate yourself, silly Duoduo!

Li Shaoxi: “……”

He knew all of this. Fang Yihuai had previously explained it to the girls and he heard it.

Still… What did the use of the gems in the game have anything to do with him? He just wanted to take it out.

Fang Yihuai glanced at the barrage. Okay, the task was complete.

The density of ‘hahahaha’ in the barrage was even higher and it was followed by 50 rocket launchers dropped by a sister. “Wuuuuuu, little Duoduo is so cute. His silly expression is even cuter!”

Fang Yihuai was a bit jealous. It was really good to be handsome. It was a pity that his appearance was average and his teeth weren’t good, so he wasn’t worthy of eating soft rice. (Refers to men who rely on his wife/girlfriend to live)

Fang Yihuai saw the rocket launchers and comforted Li Shaoxi. “Brother, just do what you want. This time, I…” He was about to vow to take them through the instance but thinking about his own team, his heart became cold and he changed his words. “I will try my best.”

It wasn’t that Old Huai was cowardly but that this lineup couldn’t be saved by anyone.

The two girls were playing games for the first time and they weren’t even familiar with the various operations of the VR equipment.

The two brothers were even more bizarre than the other. Originally, 1 point of health was shocking enough. Now there was the ‘full weight’ as a foil and it became slightly normal.

Oh, this was against his will.

How was it normal?! This… this…

Clear the instance? See you in the next game!

If Li Shaoxi didn’t know that Fang Yihuai was streaming live, he might feel that this person was really good. Fang Yihuai could still comfort his teammates in the face of such pitted teammates. He was really the number one holy father.

However, he knew that Fang Yihuai was streaming so… he guessed why Fang Yihuai came to comfort him. It was either to maintain the character setting or the live stream effect.

Still, this was normal. Li Shaoxi was a gamer. If he randomly matched with such silly teammates, he would deliberately speak in a yin-yang manner to force the other person offline. (yin-yang= internet term for people who like to speak words that seem normal but often conceal an ironic/sarcastic/mean meaning to make others feel unpleasant. It is more indirect scolding).

It was fair to scold people when doing such nonsense in a team game. He was also undoubtedly a good teammate who was willing to help others.

It was just that he wasn’t playing a game this time. He couldn’t touch the VR device, couldn’t quit the game and he had a different mission.

“Survive for three days and you can take away anything you can carry from the game with you.”

It wasn’t known how many times this sentence had been repeated in Li Shaoxi’ mind. He broke it down over and over again and came to two points.

First of all, he needed to survive for three days.

Second, he could take away things from the game.

He didn’t need to play the game. He just wanted to stay for three days and take as much as possible with him.

Therefore, weight was the most meaningful to him out of all these attribute points.

He wouldn’t be able to take anything with him without weight.

The second most important thing was health. It might be his life in the game or his real life. After all, he was trapped in the game and it wasn’t impossible to die inside it.

His seemingly ridiculous distribution was the best solution for him.

If there wasn’t a maximum limit on weight, he would’ve added a full 100 points to weight.

Based on Jian Yue’s distribution of points, he could see that attribute points could be distributed, such as transferring 9 points of health to other attributes.

Of course, Li Shaoxi wouldn’t do this.

10 points of health was the bottom line. As a good gamer who almost cleared ‘Old Days’, Li Shaoxi had a lot of experience with VR games.

Unlike keyboard games, players were no longer manipulating characters with a mouse and keyboard or mobile phone screen. It was closer to integrating themselves into the game.

Therefore, some values could be raised through physical fitness such as the evasion value and agility value. These death values in old games had a much more comfortable operating room in VR games.

If their physical fitness was good in reality then the evasion value and agility value would increase a lot accordingly.

Li Shaoxi’s ability to stay up all night playing ‘Old Days’ wasn’t just due to his playful heart but also his excellent physical fitness. To put it bluntly, if they weren’t physically fit when playing VR games then they would be collapsed on the ground after an hour of playing.

Fang Yihuai disliked Jian Yue’s distribution of points but Li Shaoxi was shocked.

Such an extreme distribution was either blindly struggling out of arrogance or extreme confidence in his physical fitness in reality. He was confident enough to dodge more than 99% of the damage in the game.

If it was the latter then this person was a bit scary in reality.

He must be at the SWAT level. Would a SWAT officer come to play games? In addition, would a SWAT member look so… so… delicate? Cough, nor would they be so pretty. In any case… this person looked good!

Li Shaoxi’s mind moved slightly. Just then, he said, “I want to…” He seemed to be talking to Fang Yihuai but in fact, his eyes were peeking at Jian Yue.

Fang Yue was thanking the barrage for the gifts when he heard Li Shaoxi’s voice and asked, “What are you thinking?”

It is too late to feel regret. You lost your mind over money. This game is a no-clearance experience.

Li Shaoxi paid attention to Jian Yue’s expression and said in a low voice, “…I want to take these gems out of the game.”

Li Shaoxi glanced at Jian Yue extremely quickly when he finished speaking.

The young man happened to be standing in front of the pile of gems. In the midst of all the vulgar gems, he stood out like a piece of green bamboo. He wasn’t tacky at all and even seemed to purify the turbidity of the cabin.

Li Shaoxi retracted his gaze with regret.

Jian Yue was indifferent. This man was prettier than a gem but colder than a stone.

Tsk… it was useless to look good. It couldn’t be sold for money!

Li Shaoxi was also indifferent.

Both of them were indifferent except for Fang Yihuai. He laughed heartily and tears were about to come out. “Brother, you… you… hahaha, you’re really humorous.”

Li Shaoxi maintained a polite and sincere smile.

Fang Yihuai couldn’t help laughing. “To be honest, the first time I played this game, I also thought about what would happen if I could take these gems out of the game? Wouldn’t it be a big jackpot? I would no longer have to stream live. Oh, I could stream live while selling these goods!”

This would be a real live stream with goods!

Not only did he laugh until he was out of breath but the barrage was also livelier due to Li Shaoxi.

“Hahahahaha, our Juduoduo has expressed the thoughts of many players.”

“Seriously, if this could be brought out of the game…”

“Wake up! This is a string of code. Can the art of Lanhai Technology by the magic pen Ma Liang that makes anything it draws real?”

“Still, it isn’t bad to have a dream.”

“I’m suddenly envious of cutie Duoduo. I’m so old that I don’t even dare have such a dream!”

“Duoduo looks like a high school student.”

“It is nice to be young.”

“He is innocent.”

“I admire it, I admire it… wuu.”

An opportunity came again unexpectedly. The audience started to give gifts again, putting pressure on Fang Yihuai.

“Old Huai, here are some deep water torpedoes. Take cutie Duoduo to clear the game!”

“Go Old Huai, you can drag four with one.”

“Hahaha, it is funny and interesting. I’ll add some as well.”

“Old Huai, if you clear the instance then I will give you 100 deep water torpedoes!”

Fang Yihuai: “!”

100 deep water torpedoes was 10,000 yuan!

The little streamer Fang stood up! Damn, this really fit the saying that life was impermanent, the large intestine wrapped around the small intestine. He thought that since he ran into two cut newcomers and two pig teammates, this game would be cold. Who knew that there would be sudden riches?

The traffic handsome man didn’t work but silly Duoduo caught the audience. There was something! Could it be the legendary stupid but lucky man?

Don’t panic, Brother Huai will cover you!

Fang Yihuai replied to the barrage, “Okay, I will take them to fly in this game.”

Fang Yihuai saw the number of people in the live stream room soar and his small panic flapped its wings and flew away. What was there to panic about? He just had to try his best and everyone would see it. They couldn’t blame him if it didn’t work.

In addition, the effect of this show was already unexpected, even if there was no follow-up gift profit.

He had been streaming for a month and the traffic wasn’t as good as today’s 10 minutes!

What was the use of being scared? Just go straight ahead and it was over.

City A, an underground building.

A man wearing a military uniform but with long hair stared at the screen in front of him. “Oh, little Jian Yue went to the novice level again?”

A tall girl stood next to him. She had short hair and wore glasses with rigid black frames but she couldn’t hide her good looks. She just seemed a bit serious. “This time, the novice level is very difficult.”

“It seems that the quality of the newcomer is good.”

“His initial physical fitness is judged to be grade A.”

“How old?”

“He just turned 18.”

“An ordinary person?”

“There is no special training.”


“Li Shaoxi.”

“Okay. Why was he chosen by the ‘rift’?”

“His family has a debt of 80 million yuan.”

“….This can be faced positively. He has a good heart.”

“Speaking of which, is this the first time little Jian Yue has gone to the novice level?”

“The eighth time.”

“Then this little friend…” The long-haired man’s mouth slightly curved up and his voice was neither light nor heavy. “Is he the person little Jian Yue is looking for?”

Eight… this number wasn’t very auspicious. It looked like he was going to make an offering.


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