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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 3

The trio didn’t notice Li Shaoxi and started to exchange names.

The boy spoke first. “My name is Fang Yihuai.”

It was just a game but he directly reported his name. The girls were obviously a bit surprised.

Fang Yihuai explained, “You don’t need to say your real name. I am a game streamer. My name has long been hanging in the live stream.” Thus, there was no need to hide it.

The soft-voiced girl was obviously timid. She heard that Fang Yihuai was actually a streamer and immediately became nervous. “You… are you streaming live now?”

“It is on.” Then Fang Yihuai comforted her, “It is okay. You are so beautiful and everyone is praising you.”

The girl panicked even more. “T-This…”

The other girl with the colder voice sneered. “What is the point of being so pretentious? It is common to encounter a streamer when playing games. The character isn’t you and it isn’t your real name. Why are you pretending?”

The gentle girl: “……”

Fang Yihuai saw that the signs were wrong and changed the topic. “By the way, have you just encountered Lanhai’s VR equipment?”



Fang Yihuai continued, “Treasure Miner is quite a scam. At first glance, it looks like a small game that was ported over but in fact, this game… really isn’t for beginners!”

“Still, it is okay. I’ll take you through the instance.”

Li Shaoxi wasn’t idle. He was picking up the gems and putting them in his pocket while listening to their small talk and getting the information he needed.

How to put it?

The amount of confidence wasn’t small.

The ID of the gentle girl was Little Bear Pudding while the cool girl’s ID was Don’t Annoy Your Old Mother. Li Shaoxi automatically reduced their IDs. One was called Bear Pudding and the other was called Annoyed Mother.

As for why he reduced it like this…

It could only be said that Li Shaoxi was single until he was 18 years old for a reason!

Fang Yihuai was a streamer who had cleared the game three times and was a veteran.

The two girls were new to VR devices and entered to experience it. They saw the name of the game and thought it was the VR transplanted version of the small game, Treasure Miner. They thought it was an easy game to start with.

Based on their conversation, Li Shaoxi could know that they were indeed playing a game.

None of the three of them seemed to be lying. In particular, Fang Yihuai was obviously live streaming and would fall into a state of stiffness from time to time. He was presumably replying to the barrage messages.

The latest VR equipment supported live streaming. After all, it was an excellent sales method. Lanhai Technology’s research and development was very careful.

Bear Pudding and Annoying Mother were obviously new to playing the game. If they ‘transmigrated’ into the game, they wouldn’t be in this state. That type of anxiety, fear and desire to communicate would be difficult to suppress.

Therefore, only Li Shaoxi was special.

For a moment, Li Shaoxi also doubted if something was wrong with his mind that he would feel like he had ‘transmigrated.’

How could he transmigrate into a game that others were playing?

Was it data for the players while real for him?

What a bad sci-fi movie!

However, he was indeed different.

His VR equipment was also from Lanhai Technology and Old Li had bought him the high-end version.

Li Shaoxi was very certain that this VR equipment had no gloves. There was just realistic vision and didn’t have such a rich sense of taste and touch.

Li Shaoxi touched the fiery red gem that was like a small sun in his hand. The real touch and faint moisture in the air were silent reminders for him.

Everything in front of him was real.

It wasn’t just a game.

So why was only what he saw real?

It was  like this.

Li Shaoxi had always been a broad-minded person or he would’ve collapsed and cried in the face of the 80 million yuan debt.

If all of this was real, it meant he could really take the gems out.

If it was fake, it didn’t matter. He didn’t have the energy to care about winning or losing the game.

The trio approached the pile of gems and saw Li Shaoxi.

Fang Yihuai had known that this was a game with five players so he wasn’t surprised. He greeted Li Shaoxi very kindly and stated his own name.

Li Shaoxi was also busy. The weight wasn’t enough. It was full and the sad thing was that he could only hold 1% of everything here. This was hardly human!

Fang Yihuai wondered,  “Brother, what are you called?”

Li Shaoxi paused before smiling. “Juduoduo.” (Juduoduo: Gather a lot)

Li Shaoxi saw that the trip was stunned and added, “Just call me Juduo.”

Li Shaoxi’s original game ID naturally wasn’t this but now…

He changed his name.

Thinking about the name Li Shaoxi, it was really unlucky that Old Li and Sister Yun gave him such a name.

It was rare and once the surname Li was added, it meant…

Without, few, rare.

Too unlucky!

Originally, Li Shaoxi didn’t believe in metaphysics but now he had experienced a mysterious thing and wasn’t afraid to be more mysterious.

What was wrong with Juduoduo? He had restrained himself well by not calling himself Jubaopen! (source of wealth/gold mind, cornucopia etc).

Fang Yihuai endured it but in the end, he couldn’t hold back. “Why didn’t you call yourself Pinduoduo?” (A social e-commerce company)

Li Shaoxi grumbled. “Yes, I accidentally missed tens of billions of subsidies.” Wouldn’t it be nice to pay off all his debts?

The girls: “……”

This was a very handsome little brother but why was he so funny?

Fang Yihuai burst out laughing and instantly felt close to Li Shaoxi. “Have you ever played this game?”

“Just the computer version.”

“Have you just started playing with VR equipment?”

It was true that Li Shaoxi hadn’t bought the VR equipment for a long time but he had grown up playing various games and his understanding of games… he would probably be able to mix into the level of the top streamers if he went to the game area to become a streamer.

So as soon as he got the VR equipment, he bought a AAA rated game and didn’t even think about trying out such a simple game. (TL: AAA is an informal classification used to categorize games produced and distributed by mid/major publishers that generally have higher development and marketing budgets than other games.)

Li Shaoxi answered, “Yes, I bought it not long ago.”

However, he had almost cleared the hardest game loaded onto the device, ‘Old Days.’

Fang Yihuai told Li Shaoxi the same thing he told the games. “It is okay, this game is a team pass. You can just follow me.”

Li Shaoxi was happy to save some trouble. “Okay, Brother Huai.”

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised at just the right curvature, making his already handsome face look more clean and bright.

Fang Yihuai was stunned before he felt overjoyed.

Well, this person was on the right track!

Who wouldn’t like being called a brother?

Okay, Brother Huai will protect you.

Fang Yihuai was indeed streaming live. The VR live streaming equipment was quite cumbersome but the effect was better.

The audience could directly see what Fang Yihuai saw and they could also change their perspective to see Fang Yihuai himself.

There wasn’t the immersion of playing VR games directly but the details were more realistic and refined than computer and mobile phone games. In particular, the VR equipment wasn’t fully popularized and most players couldn’t afford the price. This meant that the live streams had a lot of traffic.

At this moment, Fang Yihuai was dancing wildly in front of the barrage.

Initially, the audience were praising the girls for their good-looking appearance selection and their sweet and cool voices.

Now the spearhead had turned and all attention was on the appearance of the new Juduoduo.

“This little brother isn’t bad. He is two  centimeters taller than Old Huai.”

“He is so cute when he smiles. He has little tiger teeth.”

“It is a pity.”


“We all know that Old Huai has the attribute of a loyal dog. This isn’t compatible with a little puppy!” (Slang for young, clingy, cute and sunny boys)”

“Wait, is the little brother really a little puppy!”

“Someone called Juduoduo is a little puppy?”

“Emmm, this ID is really disappointing.”

Fang Yihuai saw that the style of the barrage was becoming crooked and didn’t dare to place an arm around Li Shaoxi’s shoulders.

In the next instant, the barrage exploded even more fiercely.

“This this this…”

“Old Huai! Back! Turn back quickly!!”

“F*k, what type of immortal appearance is this?”

“No, I can’t hold it. How much money is this set of equipment? This old lady is going to go and customize my appearance!”

“The minimum price is… 30,000….”

“Emm, I’m gone. Let’s go to work for Lanhai!”

Due to his perspective, Fang Yihuai wasn’t as informed as the viewers. He looked back and saw the ‘culprit’ who made his live stream room explode.

No matter how HD the live stream room was, it was flat and not immersive.

The steely straight man Fang Yihuai with 100% immersion: “………”

Okay. There was truth to the saying that gender wasn’t necessarily impassable.

The game required five players and a white light fell as the fifth player appeared.

For games, even if it was virtual reality, there were very few players who would use their appearance in reality in the game. Most of them were aggressive in the initial customization interface so that even their mother couldn’t recognize them.

What level 10 beauty, what 20,000 meter filter? It wasn’t worth mentioning in front of independent face customization.

Of course, customizing the appearance also required a certain aesthetic.

The quality of technology determined the level of appearance.

If the technical score for Juduoduo’s face was 80 then the one in front of him obviously approached 100.

Fang Yihuai was a bit jealous. ‘This person, your skills have gone in the wrong direction!’

At this time, Old Huai didn’t know that his words were a prophecy.

Li Shaoxi also saw the fifth player…

This person should be around the same age as him and was a bit taller than him. The other person was also in much better shape than him. There weren’t the obvious signs of exercise but there was a sense of strength and weight that belonged to real power.

Like a young cheetah, this person had the icy composure of waiting for his prey and a sharp spirit that could burst out in an instant.


Li Shaoxi’s gaze moved along the simple and casual ‘novice equipment’ on the other person’s body to his cold, white neck. This person’s jawline was cold and hard. His lips were thin but the unexpected color was very bright. It was especially striking against his cool skin tone. Of course, he wasn’t feminine. There was a sharpness that could cut through blood vessels.

The bridge of his nose was high and the proportions were perfect. The most eye-catching thing was the pair of black eyes under heavy eyelashes. They were long, narrow, deep and mysterious. There was a layer of transparent silver light floating there, like a cluster of snow under the moon at night.

They could see it but not touch it.

One touch… burned.

“……” F*ck, who wanted to touch this person.

Li Shaoxi looked away.

The other person was indeed handsome, with impeccable facial features in line with the definition of handsome.

He also didn’t look easy to get along with.

Li Shaoxi didn’t look at him again.

It didn’t matter if this person was handsome or not if they couldn’t get along well.

As for the two women… There was no shortage of people but it wasn’t common to see a floor full of gems!

The social expert Fang Yihuai went up to talk to the last person but he encountered an iron plate this time.



“My name is Fang Yihuai. You…”

“Get out of the way.”

Fang Yihuai, “………”

The thing that made him feel even more aggrieved was that the barrage didn’t comfort him. They praised the pronunciation of ‘get out of the way’ and asked him to make this person say another sentence!

Okay okay, the audience was the biggest.

Good, this person looked handsome and attracted traffic. He would endure it!

“Excuse me…”

Fang Yihuai had just opened his mouth when a huge silver panel appeared in front of them with a line of words on it.

[Welcome Fang Yihuai, Little Bear Pudding, Don’t Annoy Your Old Mother, Juduoduo and Jian Yue to the eighth mining area.]

Good guy, the system announced it directly before this person introduced himself.

Jian Yue?

It was a pretty normal ID.

[The eighth mining area is facing a serious crisis. I hope that all heroes will defeat the demons, save the mining area and give justice to those who have died in vain.]

[The task is about to start. The preparation time: 3 minutes.]

[This game is a team mode. Please vote for the captain.]

This wasn’t controversial. Fang Yihuai was a veteran who cleared the game three times and won the captain’s position with an absolute advantage of four votes, um… Jian Yue abstained.

Fang Yihuai stopped caring about this person who attracted traffic and focused on taking the girls and younger brother to clear the game. He said, “We need to allocate our attribute points. Clearing the game requires cooperation and our attributes points must incline a certain way, such as…

He carefully and earnestly taught the two girls. Based on their preferences, he had them be responsible for long-range magic attacks while he was responsible for tanking the monsters. For the remaining two boys, they needed a melee output and vice-tank to cooperate with him…

The captain had the permission to view the team’s attributes.

The busy Master Fang clicked on the attribute panels of the two boys. He thought that they had played the game before and should be easy to teach…


“What nonsense!”

Don’t blame him for being coarse. Who the hell added points so weirdly?

[Team member: Jian Yue

Physical attack: 109.

Health: 1.

Weight: 1.]

Everything else was zero!

[Team member: Juduoduo.

Weight: 80.

Health: 31.]

Everything else was zero!

Fang Yihuai couldn’t breathe and almost pouted. “Brother, you have 1 point of health and will die if you get pricked. 109 points of physical attack is useless if you die!”

He finished scolding this traffic person and looked at Li Shaoxi. “Brother… you… you…” It was better to increase the attack then weight!

What was the use of such a high weight?

Did he see this place as a mountain and wanted to ask  an old man to move mountains?

Li Shaoxi asked back, “There is no upper limit for physical attack?

Fang Yihuai: “???”

Li Shaoxi wasn’t happy. “Why is there an upper limit on weight? I wasted 20 points for nothing.”

If he hadn’t been stuck at 80 points, would he have wasted those 20 points on health?

What did 20 points of weight mean? It meant 20 superb emeralds the size of pigeon eggs!

Li Shaoxi’s heart was bleeding.

Fang Yihuai who didn’t understand what was going on: “……………”

Were these f*king… human… words…?!


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