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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 2

A normal person who saw this would think: What nonsense is this? Who are you fooling?

Li Shaoxi was a normal person and he clearly felt like he had been targeted by big data. It knew he was now poor and crazy and deliberately engaged in this thing to lure him in and let him continue indulging in the game.

It was true that he liked Treasure Miner. Anyone who loved gems would find this game very attractive. In particular, the blessing of virtual reality meant that the bright and beautiful stones were even more deadly than they were in reality.

Not only were they purer and more beautiful but they were also bigger.

Who could endure this?

Li Shaoxi took a breath and forced himself to take off his glasses.

No matter how much he played with it, there was no real data. What he was lacking now was real money!

The moment his fingers touched the glasses, the picture in front of him turned and dense scrolling words appeared.

It was actually a game description.

What was the point of this?

The game was simple, rough and straightforward with instructions.

However, it was this type of text that went straight to the eyes that was difficult not to look at.

[Game Name: Treasure Miner

Game description: Old Jack is a miner in Noah City’s eighth mining area. He was born in the eighth mining area and started to learn mining at the age of 10. He has been mining for 56 years now. His seniority in working years has given him an amazing sensitivity to gems. He can find the biggest gems even through a lot of dirt.]

Li Shaoxi frowned when he saw this. He didn’t know that old man had a name and he didn’t know this mining area belonged to Noah City…

Noah City—it sounded a bit familiar.

The text continued to scroll.

[Clearance conditions: Protect the eighth mining area.

Playing time: Three days.

Number of players: 5.]

Li Shaoxi was stunned.

Was this still an online version?

What was so good about this broken little game? See who could dig the most treasures in a competition between five bad men? No, the clearance condition was to protect the mining area…

Wasn’t the core of this game about the fun of gem mining and digging? How could there be a setting to protect the mining area?


Li Shaoxi scolded himself. What time was it? He still had the heart to study this rubbish? Playing a game was nonsense. He wanted to sell this equipment for money!

Li Shaoxi resisted his surging curiosity and cruelly started to remove the equipment. He was just about to touch the back of his head when a cold voice was heard again.

“This game is a bound level and it can’t be canceled.”

Li Shaoxi’s heart sank.

At this time, he still didn’t think too much. He just thought it was a setting of the game.

Bound level? Couldn’t be canceled? He would find out after forcibly cutting off the power! He was about to get rid of this device. Would he care about a small game?

Okay, Li Shaoxi still cared a bit. However, he was weighed down by the burden of life. He couldn’t be greedy for a bit of pleasure.

Goodbye, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, agates, onyx and diamonds in virtual reality…


Li Shaoxi touched empty air.

There was no lock on the back of his head.

What was going on?

Not only was he unable to fear a lock but the headgear and glasses that should be hanging in front of him were gone. Even his back was empty. The main machine he should’ve been carrying was gone.

This incident made Li Shaoxi’s fingers tremble slightly. HIs palms were a bit damp and his heart thumped uncontrollably.

Something was wrong!

He waved his arms wildly, touching nothing but darkness.

It was reasonable to say that he was standing in the fence of the VR equipment and he would reach the ‘border’ after taking a few small steps. However, he walked for a long time without reaching the border.

His room was quite spacious and the circled game area was five square meters, but he had already taken five, six, seven and then eight steps?

He already… completed the 100 meter sprint!

The game description in front of him gradually faded away and was followed by a huge countdown.

“The game is about to start. Please get ready.”

10, 9. 8…

The countdown of red writing against a black background gave people an inexplicable sense of oppression. It was difficult for Li Shaoxi to treat this as an ordinary small game.

6, 5, 4…

In three seconds, Li Shaoxi recalled all the rebirth-related web articles he had seen and games, movies, television dramas and even short videos with related themes.

3, 2, 1.


There was a burst of white light in front of Li Shaoxi and the only words that came to him were: I am transmigrating?

Wait! What about his parents if he transmigrated?

They just received a debt of 80 million. What would Old Li and Sister Yun (Mother Chen) do after seeing their son’s sudden death?

In today’s society, which teenager hadn’t imagined transmigrating? Li Shaoxi was no exception but… he only thought about it. He never actually wanted to transmigrate.

What about the problems he would leave behind if he transmigrated?

He was afraid that the old Li family would be destroyed!

The dazzling light dissipated and there was a faint sense of vertigo before Li Shaoxi clearly saw the scene in front of him.

As someone from a ‘rich family’, this scene really made Li Shaoxi’s eyes widen.

This was a wooden house that was around 10 square meters in size. It wasn’t too big or too small. The wooden walls and floors exuded a slightly damp and musty smell.

There wasn’t even a set of tables and chairs in the wooden house. The only thing that could be regarded as furniture was the lamp above his head. It swayed and scattered a yellow light, barely illuminating the corners of the wooden house.

No matter how he looked at it, this must be a mountain hut linked to poverty but… yes… there must be a turning point here…

In a corner of the moldy wooden house, there were countless gold, silver and jewels scattered.

Golden and shiny.

Bright and dazzling.

Li Shaoxi just glanced at it when he saw the translucent sapphire, the rounded and flawless deep sea pearls…

In addition, there were the large gold nuggets still randomly scattered on the wooden floor like stones lining green leaves and red flowers!

Bright? Flashy? Beautiful? The point was that it was money!

“Survive for three days and you can take away anything you can carry from the game with you.”

Li Shaoxi stood up!

Survive for three days.

Take things away.

He might’ve transmigrated but he could transmigrate back.

He could even transmigrate back with all the sparkling gold and gems on the ground to solve the urgent needs of his family!

Was this scientific? Was this reasonable? Wasn’t this really a daydream?

Li Shaoxi: “……”

In any case, he couldn’t take off the equipment. Even if it was a dream, he needed to wake up from the dream.

He would do his best to obey destiny.

He had no regrets even if he woke up with nothing!

Li Shaoxi didn’t hesitate at all. He rushed to the gold, silver and jewels. He would rely on his sharp eyes to pick up the most valuable treasure first.

Look at this emerald. It was rich but not flashy. The color was soft but just right. The front was a clear emerald green and there was a faint green-blue light from the side…


Thankfully, Li Shaoxi was born with handsome eyebrows, clear eyes and a youthful air. If he was a bit more sophisticated than this expression could be called ‘wretched’ and ‘obscene’!

His slender fingers touched the beautiful emerald and the slightly cool touch made Li Shaoxi excited. This wasn’t just a small virtual reality game. His equipment didn’t include gloves and there was no such realistic touch. In other words…

His Li family was really going to turn a corner and make a comeback?

Bring it on, big baby!

Li Shaoxi picked up the emerald in order to stuff it into his pants pocket.



Li Shaoxi actually… couldn’t move it!

It was literally.

He was an adult with a height of 1.83 meters. He was a bit thin due to his age but he was still an athlete who could join the school team. Yet at this moment, he couldn’t grab an emerald the size of a thumb.

Did this make sense?

Oh, everything in front of him didn’t make sense in itself.

There was a dinging sound and a silver-gray translucent screen appeared in front of him. It was similar to the system panel commonly found in computer games but it was a bit more advanced in virtual reality.

There was a row of buttons on the left side of the screen but only the first three were unlocked.

The first button was a miniature bust with the word ‘attributes’ below it.

The second button was two hand held together and there was the word ‘friends’ below it.

The third button was a small white envelope and it had the word ‘mission’ below it.

Okay, it was a game.

Li Shaoxi was young and had played many games. He was familiar with it so he clicked directly to check his details.

There was no doubt that the attributes button was his personal attributes. This frightened Li Shaoxi slightly because apart from some obviously unscientific values, the other values were completely true.

[Name: Li Shaoxi.

Gender: Male (Initial)

Age: 18 years old

Height: 183 cm]

What did ‘initial’ for the gender part mean?

Li Shaoxi, “……” Thinking while panicking!

The following were the unscientific categories:

[Magic attack: 0

Physical attack: 0

Magic defense: 0

Physical defense: 0

Attack range: 0

Penetration damage: 0

Luck value: 0

Mental strength: 0

HP: 10 (once below zero, the game will end).

Weight: 1.

Basic attribute points: 100 (players can allocate it themselves apart from the luck value)]

These values were familiar to anyone who often played games, especially RPG games. Most were the opening values and the attributes were all cut.

He could understand attack, defense, range and penetration very well. They were the combat attributes used to fight monsters.

Luck was estimated to be related to the rewards and his was actually zero…. Well, it was true. There was a debt of 80 million. It was due to the accumulation of virtue from the Li family’s ancestors that it wasn’t a negative number.

The specific role of mental strength was temporarily unclear.

HP was easy to understand. It was health.

Weight… weight!

Li Shaoxi raised an eyebrow slightly as he realized.

It was no wonder why he couldn’t grab the emerald. It turned out that his weight value in Treasure Miner was only ‘1.’ The weight of the game was probably more than 1.

It wasn’t that simple.

What was his purpose in this game?

Make money!



Li Shaoxi had just finished allocating the attribute points when he heard voices coming from behind him. The sudden voices shocked him. He realized that this wasn’t a stand-alone game but there were five players, including him.

The one who spoke was a boy with a slightly local accent. He didn’t sound very old and he was probably around 20 years old.

“Not bad. This game has been revised to be very exciting.”

“Don’t mess around. Attributes are important.”

“See this. Look at the weight. Right, right, this weight attribute. Don’t slip your hand to it. This is a trap.”

A girl with a soft voice asked, “What do you mean by weight?”

Another girl with a colder voice asked her, “You haven’t played games before?”

The soft girl’s voice became even quieter. “I just played for fun.”

The boy told her, “It’s okay. This game isn’t very difficult. Just follow me well and you will surely pass the level steadily!”

He finished speaking and explained, “Weight means you can carry multiple things. The heaviest weapon in the game only has a bit of weight and there is no need to waste points on it.”

The girl understood. “That’s it.”

The boy said, “It is set to fool people. See these gems? You need points in weight to take them but the problem is that they are useless.”

The girl asked curiously, “Can’t you use gems to buy things in the game?”

The boy shook his head firmly. “No.” Then he added, “I have cleared this game three times and I can tell you with certainty that they are useless!”

The girl replied, “Then this weight is indeed a trap.”

The boy was happy and told the beautiful girl a few more words. “Right. It doesn’t matter how good or realistic the gems look. They are just a bunch of data in the game and can’t be brought out. Only a fool would put points in weight.”

Li Shaoxi who put all his points in weight: “……”

Brother, your words don’t need to be so fatal.


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