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HMPS: Chapter 26


In the bathroom that the two people were sharing together for the first time, this word fell vividly into Chi Xueyan’s ears.

He Qiao really remembered what he said during the day.

He was like a good student who meticulously reviewed a textbook before class.

He was a good student who didn’t like to play games but liked to watch the news.

This weird yet appropriate imagination made Chi Xueyan smile.

He raised his chin slightly and reminded He Qiao with a smile, “Your shirt sleeves are wet.”

It was only then that He Qiao looked down at his arms that were splashed with water.

Then he lowered his rolled up cuffs without much concern and replied, “I’m going to take a bath as well.”

Through the steaming mist, he politely left space for Chi Xueyan and took the initiative to say, “Good night.”

The moment he passed by, Chi Xueyan said seriously, “Good night, I owe you a detail.”

The other person turned around in surprise and he added in a light tone, “I am really lazy to learn anything other than cooking.”

Chi Xueyan felt that in their relationship, fairness should be emphasized, just like splitting the housework in half.

He Qiao was very serious about maintaining the appearance of love in front of their parents and spent extra energy on this. Therefore, he should also pay something, such as trying his best to complete the details that He Qiao mentioned to his family.

It took a lot of detail to make love or marriage look believable.

He Qiao understood what he meant and didn’t refuse. He just said softly, “Okay, I’ll tell you when I need it.

He left the bathroom and carefully closed the outermost door of the bedroom.

The master bedroom, which was rarely visited tonight, returned to silence.

Chi Xueyan retracted his gaze. Before taking off his clothes, he reached out and touched the full water in the bathtub.

It was the temperature he liked.

A bath was the most suitable activity to relax and wander off.

Trapped in the warm water and foam, Chi Xueyan lay lazily in a daze. Then he suddenly remembered something that had just been ignored.

He Qiao not only remembered his casual joke during the day, but also remembered his fixed bathing time every day.

Perhaps after noticing his gaze on the office bathtub for a long time, He Qiao guessed that he would temporarily change from a shower to soaking in a bath tonight.

Or perhaps the other person just thought that a bathtub was more intimate than a shower.

Chi Xueyan wasn’t sure.

His previous impression of He Qiao was calm and reasonable. He was good at taking advantage of the topic and had a strange tacit understanding with Chi Xueyan.

Now there was one more thing: meticulousness.

No wonder why the identity of ‘He Qiao’ could be played so well that none of the people close to him noticed his abnormality.

The He Qiao in Chi Xueyan’s eyes were mysterious and had an unknown origin. His motivation for using the information in the book to develop a career was unknown and it was obvious that he kept some secrets alone.

But in his opinion, He Qiao was a reliable partner and ally no matter what.

Once Chi Xueyan confirmed that the novel story told by the other person wasn’t a joke, he subconsciously started to trust He Qiao.

Trust and affection between people were wonderful things. It was almost a naturally occurring magnetic field.

In many cases, there was no need to work hard. Just one detail made it already predestined.

For example, he would stay away from the colleague who took the initiative to come over because of the scent of the perfume that pretended to be refreshing.

He would recall the casual joke he made at the first meeting due to a clear and sincere look and suddenly decide to seriously ask the other person if that person would like to marry him.

Thinking of this, Chi Xueyan realized that the originally hot water temperature had become slightly cooler.

He sank into the water with ease, fully enjoying the bath one last time.

On this night, he had a good dream that made people feel happy.

When he woke up the next day, the days passed as usual.

Chi Xueyan got up first. He casually made breakfast and left for work. Before leaving the house, he casually greeted He Qiao, who had just walked out of his room.

The two people’s current work route was the same and they could theoretically go together, but there was a full hour’s gap between their work hours.

Moreover, Chi Xueyan didn’t plan to go in and out with He Qiao in an upright manner near the clinic where he worked.

The scene of a group of people gossiping collectively was really scary.

Today, he stepped out of the elevator and saw his colleagues gathered at the front desk to chat.

Everyone gathered around the window and stared at the opposite office building while talking. Before the busy work began, they enjoyed a bit of fun in his ordinary life.

“It is the first time I’ve seen so many people coming in and out of this building. It is pretty fresh. There are people behind every window.”

“It seems that there was a ceremony yesterday, but I didn’t see the legendary young master. I don’t know if he usually goes to the company.”

“It is useless for you to see him. You don’t even know what he looks like, so you can’t recognize him.”

“Didn’t Xiao Xu go to his wedding? It is a pity that he wasn’t allowed to take photos in the venue, but he can be called to identify the person. By the way, he hasn’t come to chat in the past few days. He is always staying in the consultation room…”

Someone heard the movement of the elevator and turned to greet him. “Good morning, Doctor Chi.”


Chi Xueyan finished greeting them and walked into his office with his usual expression.

It was another ordinary day.

He received children and parents with different personalities. He dealt with different teeth and told about a mermaid or other stories.

He washed his hands, ordered lunch takeout, closed the blinds for a nap and chatted casually with his colleagues who showed up at the door.

The only difference was that Chi Xueyan used to go to the window to look into the distance to rest. Now the office building opposite him was no longer empty and there were figures walking behind the clear glass windows from time to time.

He Qiao was behind one of the windows.

This thought made the ordinary flowing time become tinged with a touch of specialness.

Although Chi Xueyan remembered that his desk was some distance from the window, not directly facing it. Therefore, He Qiao couldn’t see directly to the opposite side.

However, Chi Xueyan always felt that among the many unfamiliar panes that were neatly arranged, a familiar figure seemed to have appeared.

Did that figure also look at the opposite clinic?

Who could see more clearly?

Inside the glass window, a young doctor with special colored hair carefully removed a broken tooth, placed it on a tray and praised the child lying on the chair for the 1001st time.

In the daily life that he was familiar with, he started to have a fresh curiosity.

A blurry figure like a window screen flashed in his mind, as well as a white shirt soaked in running water under the light.

Novelty and unknown secrets.

The never-ending light and shadows flowed and shifted over the surface of the city. The sun rose and the moon set. A new day came.

This morning, He Qiao walked out of the room and found that the huge house was exceptionally quiet.

There was no one around and there were changed slippers at the entrance. Chi Xueyan had already left early.

He Qiao was a bit surprised. He paused for a moment before walking to the kitchen as usual.

This was the first time since living together that Chi Xueyan had deviated from his usual schedule on weekdays.

Usually, their communication was already very little. Today, even the simplest greetings were omitted.

Without that calm good morning, the warm-looking home seemed lonely.

The wind passing by the window frame blew the silent colors around it.

The driver waited downstairs on time to take He Qiao to the company.

The smooth and stable back seat, the paper documents, the pedestrians outside the window, the rose scented bags and the flashing alternating traffic lights.

The dark underground garage, the elevator, the employees who gave him unsolicited greetings, the busy cubicles and the spacious and bright president’s office.

The only difference was that before he officially started today’s work, the phone on his table rang with two special tones in succession.

The nickname displayed in the message box was in English.

[Shahryar: Are you free now?]

[Shahryar: If you are free, which window is your office?]

He Qiao retracted his gaze from the scenery outside the window. Once he saw these two messages, he couldn’t help being stunned.

After reacting, he restored the exact position of the window and consciously walked to the window.

There were many companies or institutions in the opposite building and he looked toward the floor that the clinic belonged to.

He Qiao saw that behind one of the windows, there was a dentist in a white coat. He had a slender figure and beckoned when he saw He Qiao appear.

The two windows, one of the left and right sides of the roads, coincidentally located in almost symmetrical positions.

However, due to the dazzling sunlight, He Qiao could only see the more obvious movements of the other party, such as waving and moving his right hand to his ear.

Soon, his phone rang.

It was Chi Xueyan’s phone call.

He was separated from He Qiao by a road but they were talking face-to-face.

“I just spoke,” Chi Xueyan on the other end of the phone asked with interest. “Can you see my lips move?”

He Qiao replied seriously, “No, the glass is a bit reflective and I can’t see your face clearly.”

“But I can roughly see your expression,” Chi Xueyan said. “Sure enough, my view here is better, at least in the morning.”

He Qiao understood instantly.

He guessed that the other person left early today to test the different effects of light angles on the vision of the two buildings.

This was something that Chi Xueyan would do.

Below was the noisy and busy road. The stores were opening up one after another and there were pedestrians who knew nothing about the stories happening in mid-air. The shade of trees were immersed in the sunlight and it was the most ordinary scenery.

On the opposite side, a gaze was looking at him intently, straight through the air that was beginning to be dyed with the coolness of the early morning.

Behind the glass pane, He Qiao stood cooperatively. He quietly stared at the other person’s white coat and short crimson hair.

Occasionally, bright light would flash from the black stud earrings that seemed to be both real and unreal.

He couldn’t see clearly, but Chi Xueyan’s face appeared clearly in his mind.

The light-colored lips that became gorgeous after kissing.

It was like a rose in the sun.

Before this purposeful phone call was hung up, He Qiao suddenly asked about the other person’s opening remark. “What did you say?”

He inexplicably remembered that long, soft kiss.

In the next second, the summer memories intertwined with the sea breeze and the fragrance of flower petals, together with slightly distorted sounds, drifting across the ocean and riding the turbulent radio waves.

This was a slight chuckle, but at this moment, it could only be described by imagination.

“I said, good morning.”

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of loneliness =3=


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