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HMPS: Chapter 25

At noon on Sunday, a black luxury car stopped in front of the Chi house on time.

Once the doorbell rang, Chi Xueyan went straight downstairs through the living room to the entrance. He glanced at the video screen and pressed the microphone button. “I’m coming.”

He lowered his head and put on his shoes. Then he shouted to the noisy room. “Dad, Mom, He Qiao is coming to pick me up.”

His parents were watching a movie in the small theater dedicated room in the house. It was a lighthearted romantic comedy.

Han Zhenzhen replied very simply, “Bye bye.”

This was immediately followed by Chi Zhongyuan’s voice. “Are you coming back tonight?”

Chi Xueyan thought for a moment before replying, “No, I’m going over there to live.”

He Qiao’s family members would be present today and it was inappropriate for the two of them to separate after the ceremony was over.

He still had to do the superficial work.

Chi Zhongyuan’s tone immediately became more relaxed. He seemed to be happy as he grabbed a large handful of caramel popcorn and ate it. “Don’t forget to close the door. Bye.”

Chi Xueyan: “……”

It seemed that his parents enjoyed not having their son as a life bulb.

Unlike his false husbands relationship with He Qiao, the two of them were truly loving partners and their relationship had been the same for decades.

Today, Han Zhenzhen and Chi Zhongyuan chose to watch a movie at home instead of attending the moving ceremony of Wanjia Media. It was because this matter was separated from them by one layer and this company had nothing to do with Chi Xueyan.

He Qiao was their son’s husband, not their son. They couldn’t suddenly close the distance due to an acquired marriage relationship. This would just make things awkward.

It just so happened that Sheng Xiaoyue thought the same as them.

The two families treated the marriage surprisingly consistently.

Apart from being a parent or a child, everyone should have their own lives.

They gave Chi Xueyan and He Qiao the greatest freedom as well as the right amount of care and love. They hoped that their son and his other half could achieve the best happiness in this marriage.

Correspondingly, Chi Xueyan and He Qiao naturally didn’t want to make the two pairs of parents sad.

Therefore, they meticulously maintained that superficial love in front of others.

The driver leaned out the driver’s side window and greeted Chi Xueyan walking toward the side of the car with a smile.

Every time he went to pick up his boss’ husband, it wasn’t his turn to open the door.

It was because He Qiao would personally get out of the car and wait. Once his lover bent over to get in the car, he would naturally reach out to block the top of the car door, lest his lover accidentally touch it. Then He Qiao would sit next to him.

Once the doors closed and the car slowly started, they would sometimes chat and other times just quietly look out the window.

But no matter what, their hands were always intertwined like a subconscious habit.

The soundproof panel wasn’t raised today. As the driver drove, he heard a low conversation from the rear.

“When I came out just now, my parents were watching a movie at home. This is the seventh time they have seen this movie.”

“Is it good?”

“I think it is okay, but they both think that popcorn is most delicious when watching this movie. So every time they want to eat popcorn, they will bring out this movie.”

He raised the corners of his mouth as he added details. “Today, they ate the caramel flavor.”

The boss sitting on the left laughed and asked the name of the movie from the person next to him. Then he asked, “Did you go out with Su Yu yesterday?”

“Yes, he broke up with his girlfriend and asked me to drink alcohol with him to relieve his worries.

“At a bar?”

“No.” The boss’ lover often uttered startling words. “On the sea.”

“…On the sea?”

“Yes, a blue sea and a white yacht,” he said in a leisurely tone. “In addition, three wine glasses that were shattered by the waves.”

In this strange and wonderful atmosphere, even the driver holding the steering wheel couldn’t help smiling.

He thought, ‘It really deserves to be the period of passionate love.’

The car soon arrived at its destination, a wide street called Maple Leaf Road.

The new office building on the left side of the road was already bustling. The private pediatric dental clinic on the right was also busy.

Some clinic employees took the time when they were drinking water and going to the toilet to curiously look at Wanjia Media on the opposite side, who had finally settled in.

It was rumored that the youngest son of the He family had taken over it.

It was just across from the clinic where they worked.

They didn’t know what type of person he was, but they heard he was very young.

The two buildings were close together. Would they meet by chance during their usual commute?

Under their unaware eyes, the black luxury car drove smoothly into the underground garage of the office building.

Through the one-way glass, Chi Xueyan looked at the passing scenery on the opposite side and the familiar clinic where people were constantly entering and leaving. He couldn’t help sighing. “Fortunately, I don’t work on weekends.”

Fewer patients came in on weekdays.

He Qiao laughed and seriously agreed with his words. “Fortunately, our days off are the same.”

There was obvious love in his smile.

This was until the door opened.

This time, it was the driver who came to open the door. He held the door and watched them leave hand in hand toward the elevator.

The two figures were well-matched.

Almost every employee of Wanjia Media present felt the same.

Today’s moving ceremony process wasn’t complicated. There weren’t many superstitious links. There were mainly staff representatives from various departments and a few high level employee speeches.

The company had a new boss and moved to a new address. It should also have a new outlook.

The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. There were sumptuous self-service snacks and drinks. They ate and drank while listening to the bosses talk about future plans in a normal chatting time. They could also communicate with each other at any time.

The presence of He Huali, the biggest boss of the group, made everyone feel uneasy at first and didn’t know how to act.

However, his attitude was always approachable and there was no arrogance. In addition, his wife who attended with him was always smiling.

Once He Qiao, who was dressed in a suit, gave his speech, Sheng Xiaoyue immediately took out her phone to record a video of the new appearance of her son, who was once playful.

Next to her, Chi Xueyan saw her screen and took the initiative to reach out and help adjust it slightly for her. He told her softly, “This angle is better.”

She stared at the adjusted screen as if she was reluctant to blink for even a moment. Then she said excitedly, “You are so careful.”

He Qiao, who was the focus of everyone’s attention, noticed his mother and lover whispering together and his already gentle tone became gentler.

It was clear that he still continued to speak to the employees in a serious manner, but it made people smell a wisp of happiness that had nothing to do with work.

Among the other leaders or department representatives who spoke after He Qiao, the most eye-catching one was Teacher Xiao Huang.

The colleague in charge of the show smiled and introduced him, “Next is the representative of our music department, Teacher Xiao Huang.”

In fact, he really wanted to say the full name. But on such occasions, the introduction of the full name was just for official matters.

Immediately, a colleague fulfilled this common wish for him.

Xiao Huang was introducing the department’s third quarter summary and fourth quarter planning in an overly steady tone when someone below couldn’t help calling out, “Huang Man!”

“…There is a long-term cooperative relationship and he has accumulated a lot of original songs that fit the brand’s tone… I think these songs…”

Once ‘Huang Man’ was called out unexpectedly, he really froze. His expression gradually became steadier and he seemed to have fallen into deep thought.

Then after a long time, Xiao Huang slowly said, “They are… excellent.”

The surrounding colleagues had long been laughing crazily and they applauded warmly, “Good! Excellent!

The entire moving ceremony was really good.

The moment the stable Xiao Huang stood still like a sloth, the red-haired lover next to the next president laughed particularly nicely.

The president with a gentle expression consciously took the shaking glass from his hand. The sweet grapefruit juice in the cup had been almost shaken out.

Not long after, the ceremony came to a perfect end and announced that a new future would begin.

The air was filled with lively laughter and employees gathered in pairs to chat.

He Huaili patted his youngest son’s shoulder with a pleased face. “I didn’t expect you to do so well at first.”

Before moving to the new location, He Qiao had been in charge of Wanjia Media for a month. The strategy he adopted when he first arrived allowed He Huaili to see his son’s attitude and ability.

He was seriously learning how to make the company better and better.

The He Qiao who said he didn’t want to have a prefix any longer after fighting with someone wasn’t doing it on a whim.

To the side, He Xiao told him, “That is why I said you should trust him more.”

He said this and turned to look at He Qiao with a smile on his face. “However, I was also a bit surprised. I didn’t expect you to have such a talent for managing a company.”

He Qiao’s face showed excitement when he was praised by the brother he always admired, but he didn’t forget to be humble. “It isn’t talent. I can’t compare with my brother.”

He subconsciously looked sideways at his lover beside him and responded softly, “I was just lucky.”

For example, meeting true love at first sight on a blind date.

For example, meeting an entrepreneur with business talent who was in a slump on the night of a typhoon.

For example, taking over a high-quality company that was already thriving and had no defects.

Hearing He Qiao’s words and seeing the place where his eyes fell, He Huaili and Sheng Xiaoyue both thought he was taking the opportunity to confess his love. One person shook his head with a smile while the other was full of teasing.

He Xiao seemed very happy for his little brother who had finally grown up. The cover of his lenses made the emotions contained in his eyes seem less distinct.

Only Chi Xueyan understood the true meaning of this sentence.

He met He Qiao’s eyes and smiled as he smoothed out the other person’s slightly wrinkled collar. “You are the luckiest person I have ever met.”

It was as if responding to that vague and passionate love.

Once the crowd dispersed, Chi Xueyan used the excuse of a tour to follow He Qiao into his office. He closed the door and his first words were, “How do you plan to deal with He Xiao?”

He didn’t ask if He Qiao would deal with this person, but how.

He Qiao wasn’t surprised by his sharpness and his tone was as usual. “Use the way he will treat He Qiao in the future.”

The moment he thought everything was going smoothly, he would suddenly realize that everything was like a mirage. However, he couldn’t reveal any secrets because he didn’t want to break the illusion of happiness in his closest family, so he had to endure it alone.

Chi Xueyan raised an eyebrow. “An eye for an eye?”

He Qiao said honestly, “This is the fairest way I can think of.”

He wasn’t ‘He Qiao’ and he had no hatred for He Xiao. He didn’t have the emotions to really take revenge on his brother, so he had to seek a more objective fairness.

“It sounds good.”

After getting the general answer, Chi Xueyan didn’t ask any more questions. He decided to keep some interesting suspense for the days ahead.

He instead turned around and walked in a leisurely manner around the extraordinarily spacious new office.

The word ‘room’ probably shouldn’t be used to describe it.

In addition to the regular office area, there was a rest room similar to an ordinary bedroom, a kitchen and even a bathroom.

The rest room had a TV, bookcase, double bed and blackout curtains.

Open flames couldn’t be used in the kitchen but it was equipped with a variety of commonly used appliances and kitchenware.

…There was also a large bathtub in the bathroom.

The evening light diffused gorgeous colors on the porcelain white surface, like a quiet oil painting. Chi Xueyan’s gaze couldn’t help lingering on it for a while.

It was a home away from home.

The office building was designed and decorated according to luxury standards and the rent was very expensive. Therefore, it was vacant for a while before it was rented.

The advantage was that the basic facilities were all available and the decoration style was simple yet elegant. There was no need for any secondary construction. They could move in directly after purchasing all types of furniture and office facilities.

Chi Xueyan circled around and asked the person who was quietly accompanying him, “Is this restroom your mother’s idea?”

In the marriage house personally supervised by Sheng Xiaoyue, there was also a large bathtub of the same style in the master bedroom’s bathroom.

He hadn’t tried that bathtub yet.

It was because so far, he had only entered the master bedroom on the night of the wedding.

He Qiao nodded slightly. “She said that considering it is a place where the two of us work, you can use this place as a second home. This way, you can come and rest at any time.”

The big bed in the bedroom did look very comfortable.

At the very least, it was more comfortable than taking a lunch break in his office.

Chi Xueyan started to think carefully about the possibility of occasionally coming over for a nap.

He could even take a relaxing bath after waking up.

That’s right, the bathroom.

He suddenly looked back at He Qiao. “I told my parents before that we don’t quarrel, we have the same taste for meals, you do all the housework and you help me with the bath water in advance.”

He talked about the bath water lie made up before and couldn’t help laughing. Chi Xueyan added casually, “I like a warmer water temperature.”

“Would you like a notebook to write it down? This way, you won’t become confused.”

He thought about it and took the initiative to explain, “I will try to say as few details as possible next time. These were all made up casually because the two of them asked too many questions.”

He Qiao didn’t seem to care and nodded gently. “It is okay. I remember.”

“If you also need my cooperation then let me know.”


After completing the harmonious and friendly exchange with his partner, Chi Xueyan looked at the sky outside and finally said, “Is it time to go home?”

The afternoon of public affection was over and the night of respecting each other was coming again.

Due to work, Chi Xueyan’s routine was very regular and the time he washed up and went to bed every day was basically the same.

However, he wasn’t going to take a bath in his room tonight. He planned to go to the master bedroom to take a bath.

The light of dusk that had previously fallen on the office building made the bathtub look extraordinarily warm. It was reminiscent of light and fluffy foam and splashes under the light.

In any case, the master bedroom wasn’t occupied and he wouldn’t disturb He Qiao.

Once it was time to take a bath, Chi Xueyan walked out of his room and casually pushed open the door of the master bedroom, which had always been unoccupied. However, he found that the lights were on in the ensuite bathroom and the sound of gurgling water could be faintly heard.

The bathroom door was half-closed and it didn’t seem like someone was taking a shower.

Chi Xueyan walked over with some surprise.

Footsteps were heard almost simultaneously from the bathroom.

In the next second, the door opened completely and he happened to meet the gaze of the other person.

He Qiao, who was coming out to look for him, stopped in his tracks.

There was a short period of silence before He Qiao took the initiative to say, “The water has been added. You can take a bath. The temperature is hot but I don’t know if you like it or not.”

Through the hazy mist lingering in the bathroom, Chi Xueyan could see that the cuffs of the person in front of him were slightly rolled up. They were still a bit wet from the water and the white shirt material was soaked, clinging to his arms. The remaining water droplets might still carry a too high heat.

The husband he lived with was oblivious to this and was explaining the reason to him with a serious expression.

“I thought I should practice it first.”

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of hot water // 3 //


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