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HMPS: Chapter 27

Amidst the slight radio noise, the person on the other side paused for a moment before saying, “Good morning.”

The expression seen through the window was as gentle as ever.

Chi Xueyan had already received the answer to his question. He thanked He Qiao, who was very cooperative, and said goodbye neatly. “There is a patient here. I will see you later.”

He hadn’t decided which house he would go back to tonight, so it wasn’t ‘see you tonight.’

After ending the call, Chi Xueyan put aside this interesting episode in his daily life and turned back to his busy work.

However, the time to meet again was very quick.

Near noon, he sent away a little patient. He wanted to order takeout when he saw a message sent by He Qiao not long ago.

[Little Eleven: Are you free at noon?]

[Little Eleven: Ye Qing came back from a business trip and wants to talk to me. After knowing that you work in the opposite building, he wants to invite us to have a simple lunch together to express his gratitude.]

Chi Xueyan remembered the miserable figure sitting in the convenience store on the night of the typhoon.

Later on, Ye Qing’s company received investment from the Wanjia Group. The business that had suffered from a broken capital chain and nearly collapsed was once again revived, accompanied by greater opportunities.

It was as He Qiao expected. He Huaili asked him to be the representative of the investor and to have more contact with Ye Qing. This was both supervision and learning.

He had indeed become a sanctimonious capitalist.

As for the specific details, Chi Xueyan wasn’t clear.

These private matters belonging to He Qiao had nothing to do with him. If the other person didn’t take the initiative to say it then he naturally wouldn’t ask.

Later, he met Ye Qing at the wedding but they only exchanged a few words because there were so many guests.

Ye Qing probably felt that he hadn’t been able to fully express his gratitude.

After all, according to the appearance of that night, He Qiao was the one who invested but he wanted to invest because of Chi Xueyan’s casual mention.

He was the source of the twist of fate.

Chi Xueyan thought of this and replied cheerfully.

In any case, selecting takeout every day was also troublesome. It was good that he could be lazy today.

He Qiao replied quickly.

[Little Eleven: It is the restaurant at No 26 Maple Leaf Road. Turn right after coming out of the clinic. It is a three minute walk. You can come over at any time.]

He Qiao knew that Chi Xueyan didn’t want to spoil the peaceful days in the clinic, so he didn’t offer to come and pick up Chi Xueyan.

A nearby restaurant was also in line with this taste.

Chi Xueyan was very satisfied with this tacit understanding that needed no words.

It was just that he suddenly realized that the nickname displayed at the top of his chat box seemed to have become strange.

This was a number that belonged to a blind date and shouldn’t be used on his marriage partner.

However, they didn’t really love each other but just agreed to get married.

Therefore, pretentiously intimate nicknames like ‘Husband’ or something would make him feel awkward.

In addition, he had always called the other person by his full name without any special titles.

If his parents accidentally saw his chat nickname, the ‘He Qiao’ would probably be stranger than the ‘Little Eleven’ with an unclear meaning.

After all, there wasn’t an army of numbers from one to eleven in his friends list. Among the high quality blind dates carefully selected by Han Zhenzhen, only three people made him decide to exchange contact information.

One was He Qiao, whom he married. The other was Ren Xuan, who had become a friend.

There was another person. After learning of the marriage from his elders, he sadly sent a lot of messages asking why he wasn’t invited to the wedding, causing him to miss the opportunity to snatch the marriage in person.

….Obviously, this was the reason why Chi Xueyan didn’t invite him.

The dentist who took a short break stared at the screen, thoughts wandering. Before he could think of a new nickname, there was the sound of talking at the door. The next patient had come again.

He had to put his phone down.

Once the morning’s work was over, Chi Xueyan changed his clothes and went downstairs.

He walked to the right for three minutes and arrived at the restaurant.

A waiter was waiting at the door and politely ushered him inside.

Ye Qing was talking to He Qiao while facing the door. The moment Chi Xueyan entered the private room, he saw this person and immediately got up to greet him.

The once desperate entrepreneur still looked dusty and disheveled with stubble, but there was a completely different spirit in his eyes. This made Chi Xueyan’s heart fill with an unspeakable emotion.

He Qiao, whose back was turned to him, also looked back at this moment.

Outside the window of the private room, there was a maple tree planted after the road name that blocked the view of pedestrians. The air was already mixed with the coolness of autumn. The green leaves of the tree trembled in the wind, silently dyed with the first rays of red.

On the other side of the French window, He Qiao looked at him, gaze as gentle and fiery as ever.

Chi Xueyan was already familiar with this look that often appeared in front of outsiders.

However, there seemed to be some more emotions that he couldn’t read.

It was probably the effect of the light.

He didn’t think much about it. He sat down next to He Qiao while talking to Ye Qing with a smile.

The thoughtful lover moved naturally to serve him dishes.

There was a brilliant rich red starting from the edge that slowly occupied the heart of the green maple leaf.

The maple trees planted throughout the long street quietly reflected the arrival of autumn.

During the meal, the atmosphere was relaxed. Ye Qing didn’t talk about work with He Qiao any longer. He just chatted with the two of them and added Chi Xueyan as a friend.

From his radiant state, Chi Xueyan could see that the company was developing smoothly.

The only official thing Ye Qing mentioned was about the new name of the mobile phone app that hadn’t been determined.

“I will update to a large version in the future and it is basically equivalent to a new usage logic. I want to give users a new impression so I really don’t want to use the original name.”

It was the name given by his former companion who built an imitation after his sudden betrayal. Therefore, it was always reminiscent of an outdated betrayal.

Ye Qing thought of this and his tone became a bit complicated. However, he was more looking forward to the future. “Do you have any suggestions for the name?”

He Qiao naturally asked the opinion of the person next to him first, “Do you have a favorite name?”

Chi Xueyan thought about it seriously for a while.

The maple trees outside the window reminded him of his childhood when the colors were still clear.

At that time, Chi Zhongyuan and Han Zhenzhen’s business was just becoming prosperous and they were under a lot of pressure every day. Therefore, they were keen to watch martial arts movies during their breaks to relieve stress.

The five or six year old Chi Xueyan watched the people on TV flying around every day and finally couldn’t help speaking. He saw that he wanted to learn martial arts from his parents.

He felt that since Santa Claus could quietly put presents at the end of his bed on a snowy night, humans could surely fly over cliffs as lightly as swallows.

Moreover, his father was the most powerful person he had ever seen. He directly led to the disappearance of hooligans and gangsters within a few kilometers of their community.

As a result, neighbors sent fruits and sweets to his house from time to time. They were all divided between him and his father. Then his sighing mother would grab them by the ear with each hand and they would all go to the bathroom to rinse their mouths and brush their teeth.

His mother’s skills ranked second before his mother was a student taught by his father.

He was the first child to be born of the first and second person, so he should be third.

The couple watching martial arts movies looked at each other and agreed to their son’s stupid request with a smile.

Immediately afterward, Chi Xueyan’s martial arts training career started with the horse stance.

The horse stance on Monday, the horse stance on Friday and the horse stance on the next Sunday.

He yearned for the sky of unlimited freedom in the future, so he strove to complete the boring training arranged by his parents.

His father said solemnly, “You have to imagine yourself as a tree, a tree deeply rooted in the earth to absorb nutrients. Don’t move!”

His mother nodded again and again from the side. He didn’t know why but there was always an unstoppable smile on her face.

The maple leaves of the tree fell one after another, weaving a crimson soft carpet for the little boy in the yard who was seriously doing the horse stance.

Later, Chi Xueyan naturally didn’t learn how to use light footwork to fly over the cliff, but he became the most powerful person in every school he had ever attended.

However, Chi Xueyan never fought with his classmates. He only beat up the gangsters he met in the alleys.

At the same time, he was the top student who ranked first in his year group all year round.

However, he didn’t play with other students with good grades, nor with the students who loved to fight. He thought it was most interesting to play by himself.

Despite this, his desk was often filled with love letters and breakfast from different people.

Chi Xueyan also discovered that he didn’t like girls at that time.

How did He Qiao determine that he didn’t like boys?

Outside the window, a maple leaf was blown off and drifted onto the sidewalk.

His memory of autumn became more abundant.

On Maple Leaf Road, an unknown scenery could be seen through two layers of glass.

After a brief trance, Chi Xueyan woke up from his thoughts and said softly, “Three Trees.”

He didn’t mention the origin of the name because there was no need to share the past. He just concisely answered He Qiao’s question. “I like this name.”

There were three people in the private room in early autumn and three people in the convenience store in late summer.

Ye Qing obviously misunderstood the reference of this number and his eyes lit up. “This is good and there is a meaning. The image of a tree is very good and it can convey a solid and reliable impression to the user. The temperament is also fresh and neutral…”

This was the name given by Chi Xueyan and He Qiao definitely wouldn’t have any objections.

This was how the new name was decided.

After this simple lunch, the three of them walked out of the restaurant together.

Ye Qing called a car and Chi Xueyan and He Qiao politely accompanied him to wait for the car.

During the waiting time, He Qiao opened his mouth and asked him, “Do you want to take a lunch break in my office today?”

Chi Xueyan originally planned to go back to the clinic directly.

However, Ye Qing was present at the moment. Combine this with the big bed in the lounge that looked comfortable and he nodded. “Don’t forget to wake me up.”

Ye Qing waved goodbye to them with a teasing face of eating dog food. He got in the car and left.

Chi Xueyan and He Qiao walked side by side through the maple trees until they entered the office building and held hands before the employees looked over.

He entered the warmly furnished lounge and thought he would be having the deepest nap today.

In fact, he didn’t fall asleep.

It was the first time he slept on a bed at noon on a weekday and he was a bit unused to it.

Chi Xueyan lay on the big, soft bed and closed his eyes for a while. Then he decided not to force himself any longer.

He got up and walked out of the lounge, ready to go back to the clinic now.

He Qiao sat at his desk, heard the movement and looked over first. “Can’t sleep?”

“I’m not used to it.” Chi Xueyan joked casually, “I might need to listen to a bedtime story.”

He Qiao, a good student who was always meticulous, took it seriously.

He Qiao was holding the report sent by Ye Qing in his hand. The moment he heard this, he raised it toward Chi Xueyan. “Will it be more hypnotic if you listen to this project plan?”

Chi Xueyan stopped walking out. He couldn’t help laughing. “It should be.”

Unlike He Qiao, who loved to watch the news, his mind wandered and he became sleepy every time he heard these serious and well-behaved things.

He Qiao leaned against the door of the lounge and casually chatted with him about Ye Qing’s future plans.

Chi Xueyan listened quite seriously at first because the project was nominally related to him. Then he really became sleepy.

But it was indeed like He Qiao’s original idea. This wasn’t only a plan with commercial value but it was also beneficial to society.

Starting from the relatively ordinary online shopping app, a large-scale logistics chain would be gradually established through creative ideas similar to shopping on behalf of others. At present, it could directly borrow from the existing catering supply chain of the Wanjia Group. In the future, it could work with the government to fine-tune resources that were unevenly distributed across regions.

Let everything go the right way and say goodbye to the decay of loneliness.

Under this beautiful idea and combined with the boring proper nouns, Chi Xueyan really fell asleep.

He dreamed of the piece of chocolate he casually made up in the convenience store and flying lightly over a cliff beyond the reach of humans.

It was a dream-like sweetness.

Chi Xueyan’s biological clock was very fixed. Once it came to the end of lunch break, he would wake up on his own.

The blackout curtains were closed tightly. In the dimly lit lounge that was like night, he saw two more things on the originally empty bedside table.

They were two identical commodity boxes.

Inside were brand new binoculars.

He picked it up with a surprised expression.

At the same time, there were regular knocks on the door and He Qiao’s familiar voice was heard. “It is time to get up and go to work.”

He remembered to wake up Chi Xueyan.

Chi Xueyan put on his shoes and walked out, answering, “I’m already awake.”

The moment the door opened, bright light poured in.

He Qiao saw the man blink reflexively.

He held a somewhat heavy box in his hand. There was a dazed and soft look in his eyes from just waking up. “Are you inviting me to see your office?”

“The afternoon light will be reversed.”

He Qiao’s tone when answering was very normal, as if he was just discussing the other person’s curious vision.

“Then you won’t be able to see clearly.”

In fact, he knew the difference in vision between the two buildings earlier than Chi Xueyan.

It was because yesterday afternoon, He Qiao clearly saw the figure that appeared in front of the window.

The light at that moment made it seem like a one-way glass, hiding his quiet gaze. It also hid those secretly growing emotions.

The red-haired dentist wore a clean white coat and his hands were casually placed in his pockets. He occasionally looked up at the blue sky and occasionally looked down at the vast expanse of maple trees on both sides of the street.

He saw many clouds and trees. Then he looked at the brand new office building directly opposite him.

The clear and transparent glass windows were lit up by the sun.

There were slowly flowing clouds in the sky, casting shadows from time to time on the crowded Maple Road.

The person in the window looked over with bright eyes and a smile gradually appeared on his face. It was pure and relaxed, without any extra thoughts.

He was completely unaware of their eyes meeting under the cover of sunlight.

All the quiet and colorful scenery fell into another window.

The author has something to say:

He Qiao: I should be a tree.

Xiao Chi: …Really?

A kiss with the taste of maple leaves (づ ̄3 ̄)づ


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