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HMPS: Chapter 17 Part 1

The tide of screams and cheers made time go backward like a silhouette. It returned to the grand stage that flowed with the atmosphere of youth.

Surrounded by sound and light, Chi Xueyan blinked reflexively. Sweat condensed on his forehead and the faces of his friends under the stage were hazy.

In fact, he didn’t remember much about himself at that time. The softer black hair on the poster seemed quite strange now.

If he had happy days from time to time, he would rarely feel nostalgic for the past.

However, in today’s specially arranged session, he actually felt a bit of nostalgia for youth.

There was also the generosity and indulgence of this group of old classmates.

After generously announcing his married status, Chi Xueyan stood among the petals on the ground and released the tilted microphone stand. He was about to walk off the stage when his eyes fixed on the crowd below.

He seemed to see a figure that shouldn’t be here.

Therefore, the excited audience noticed the subtle change in the bassist’s expression.

His helpless smile became tinged with surprise. Soon, it was replaced by a type of calmness.

Then he lowered his eyes and held the microphone again.

His friends immediately quieted down. They thought that the protagonist of tonight’s bachelor party had something to say.

Maybe it was about the love that he didn’t expect or about the sudden surge of youth.

However, Chi Xueyan just stared at a certain place in the crowd for a long time. A beautiful smile gradually appeared on his delicate face.

He stood in the dazzling light and stretched out his hand in a dim direction under the stage, saying in a bright tone, “Did you forget to bring flowers?”

After hearing this unusual question, everyone looked in that direction.

At some point, a strange guest had come to the bar and listened to the music of the summer night with them.

In the bar that was suddenly quiet, the man in the white shirt looked at the brilliant figure on the stage. His warm voice intertwined with a heartwarming smile.

“Yes, I forgot to bring roses.”

Once again, he smoothly picked up the unrehearsed line.

Immediately, someone realized the identity of this stranger.

It was the other half of the bassist.

He was completely different from what they imagined Chi Xueyan’s lover to look like.

However, they strangely matched.

Su Yu was the first to recognize He Qiao and quickly jumped up. It wasn’t known if his face was red from excitement or if he was drunk on alcohol. He shouted toward the crowd, “Where are our flowers? Is there no complete bouquet? Asking for red roses—”

“Over here, over here! Here it is! Hurry up and hand it over!”

Thus, the man who belatedly arrived really had a bouquet of roses that were enthusiastically sponsored.

In the midst of the even crazier screams than before, the most special audience tonight consciously walked up to the stage with flowers in his hands and walked to the bass player who was the focus of attention.

The overwhelming noises made this scene almost like a marriage proposal.

Only two figures remained in the center of the stage.

Chi Xueyan looked at the band members who had retreated to the side in time. He didn’t know how things had developed like this, so he had to take the initiative to explain. “I was joking.”

In fact, he was at a loss for a moment when he saw He Qiao appear.

This wasn’t planned.

He hadn’t planned to let He Qiao see himself with his friends, standing on the stage and declaring that he was married.

It was his self that he hadn’t revealed in front of He Qiao.

This was outside the rules.

This made him use the most flamboyant sentence to hide the subtle confusion in his heart.

He Qiao smiled and nodded. “I know.”

He was also joking.

However, he ended up with a real bouquet of roses.

Chi Xueyan stared at him for a moment and clearly saw the petals fluttering in the air fall on his shoulder.

A pure white shirt and crimson petals, the past that was gone and the shimmering present.

Unlike the restrained refusal back then, this time Chi Xueyan only paused for a few seconds before reaching out and hugging the bouquet of flowers.

The moment the flowers entered his arms, he sighed in a low voice. “It is like a wedding rehearsal.”

The dream-like flowers, the warmest guests, the smell of love that filled the air.

He Qiao felt the same way. “It is more romantic than the rehearsal.”

If Sheng Xiaoyue had witnessed the idol drama-like scene tonight, she would definitely suggest setting up a stage of the same style at the wedding venue.

Listening to his thoughtful words, Chi Xueyan immediately guessed his thoughts and laughed as well.

He didn’t ask why He Qiao would suddenly appear here when they promised to meet tomorrow.

A late night, party with friends and unpredictable alcohol.

If it was him, he might also take the initiative to pick up this person.

After all, there was only one day left before the wedding. This was the final superficial effort.

Due to He Qiao’s appearance, this gathering that was supposed to be coming to an end was suddenly injected with new fun.

For example, Lawyer Su had been drowsy from drinking. Suddenly, he came back to life and he energetically tugged at the couple. He didn’t forget to start gossiping.

“I thought you were finally tricked by me, but in the end, I still can’t trick you.” Su Yu’s gaze wandered back and forth between the two of them and his tone was quite unwilling. “I actually let you make a big show.”

Chi Xueyan looked at Lawyer Su’s shaking head and his fists became a bit itchy.

Therefore, he didn’t bluntly say that He Qiao’s appearance was an accident.

After all, they cooperated so tacitly that no one would believe it was a coincidence.

Facing Chi Xueyan’s friends he was meeting for the first time, He Qiao showed a good temper as always and answered every curious question.

Chi Xueyan even felt that he was seriously trying to remember the names of everyone that introduced themselves.

His attitude was somewhat different from the last party he attended with He Qiao.

Still, it was okay. Most of them were drunk.

After the lively stage performance and the sudden arrival of He Qiao, Chi Xueyan drank a good amount of alcohol and also became a bit drunk.

He nestled in the booth of the bar. There were the crowdfunded roses on his right and his well-dressed newlywed husband on his left and there were faint twinkling stars in his eyes.

A bad friend watching the excitement tried to expose him and told He Qiao seriously, “Let me tell you, today’s stage was specially arranged by us. Xiao Chi must not have told you but there was an orientation party in the sophomore year…”

Chi Xueyan frowned. He casually picked up a pillow and threw it over, scolding him with a smile, “Noisy.”

The friend laughed and ran to get alcohol and snacks. He Qiao paid attention to the man’s unfinished words and raised an eyebrow. “The sophomore year’s orientation party?”

Chi Xueyan shook his head calmly. “It is nothing. It is just a show.”

In fact, He Qiao had already guessed that probably happened during that performance and he didn’t pierce Chi Xueyan’s cover-up. He gently moved a cup of warm water in front of the other party.

Chi Xueyan took a sip and frowned again. “Is this water or wine? Why is it warm?”

He Qiao picked up the pillow he had just thrown and placed it back in his arms. “You are drunk.”

It was a pity that there was no hangover soup in the bar or sugar-fried chestnuts.

Chi Xueyan hugged the pillow silently. After a moment, he asked casually. “Did you see the poster?”

He Qiao quickly chose a clever answer. “What poster?”

Chi Xueyan sighed with relief. “It is nothing.”

He still showed his every emotion as generously as usual.

He Qiao faintly wanted to laugh.

However, Chi Xueyan was quietly hugging the pillow beside him. The misty light of the bar moved over his fair cheeks.

They were exceptionally close to each other.

At a distance where they could hear each other’s breathing, Chi Xueyan thought of something and asked, “Do you have any candy?”

He inherited his father’s sweet tooth and was a dentist who loved sugar.

Of course, out of a professional instinct, he would supervise his whole family to brush their teeth properly.

He Qiao subconsciously looked at the bar not far away. The glass bowl seemed to contain crystal clear candy. “I’ll get it.”

After receiving the candy, the dentist had been tired all day so he fell asleep in a short time in the rich sweetness.

Chi Xueyan’s ears were buzzing when he woke up again.

He Qiao was still sitting beside him.

He closed his eyes lazily. In the haze, He heard a familiar voice that seemed to have a never-ending supply of patience.

“It isn’t a friend’s introduction or a chance encounter. We met on a blind date.”

He Qiao was chatting with Chi Xueyan’s friends.

“Is this real? Was it a blind date arranged by Aunt Han? I thought Xiao Chi dealt with the person casually every time he met…”

This was the drunken Su Yu who wasn’t at all like a stable lawyer when he spoke.

“Really.” He Qiao’s voice contained a hint of amused helplessness. “He does have ways to deal with it. In fact, there is more than one.”

It was easy to imagine.

Everyone laughed at almost the same time.

“So who took the initiative after the blind date ended?’ The lively female voice deliberately lowered her tone. “Secretly tell us while Xiao Chi isn’t awake. We will keep it a secret.”’

This was a female friend who had always been curious about his love life before.

Hearing this question, He Qiao seemed to glance around at the people around him. Then he said apologetically, “I have to keep it a secret.”

He thought about it and added, “But I didn’t forget to bring flowers that day.”

On a hot summer night, the bar was full of countless flowers.

TL: Have a fairly large number of chapters for this novel translated, so I will be increasing the release rate for it.


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