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HMPS: Chapter 16

Saturday was the smell of the rain that washed away everything and Sunday was the smell of chestnuts that was light and creamy.

So on Monday, Chi Xueyan couldn’t help thinking it was indeed a pleasant weekend as he stood in front of the water dispenser, watching the clear water flow into the transparent glass.

It was an unforgettable summer weekend.

The moment the new week came and he entered the clinic, he asked the leader to take the next few days off to prepare for the wedding on Sunday.

For a while, the news of Dr Chi’s request for marriage leave was discussed everywhere in the clinic. Chi Xueyan’s consultation room seemed to become a public lounge. Once it was lunch break, he was surrounded by gossipy eyes that tried to inquire about the appearance of his lover.

Chi Xueyan thought of He Qiao’s family background and possible future reputation, so he cleverly chose to fool them.

“Dr Chi, I’ve never heard you say that you have a boyfriend! When did you get together?”

“It was relatively quick. It is a flash marriage,” Chi Xueyan said. “I will bring you wedding candy next week.”

“A flash marriage? So romantic! Did you meet on a blind date? I heard that the other person has very good conditions.”

Hearing this question, Chi Xueyan looked at his curious colleague. He remembered Dr Xu, who hadn’t bothered him recently, and a subtle smile appeared on his face.

“No, he is very ordinary. His biggest advantage is his good temper.”

There was no need to formally introduce He Qiao. In any case, they had just agreed to get married.

It was just an agreement to get married.

After finally sending away his gossipy colleagues, Chi Xueyan looked at the phone on his desk that lit up repeatedly. The lock screen was full of unread messages.

90% of them were from the same person.

The lawyer and friend who helped him draw up the prenuptial agreement.

[Su Yu: Thursday night at 8 o’clock, don’t forget.]

[Su Yu: I’ve arranged everything. You just need to be there on time.]

[Su Yu: Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! Right at your favorite SCA!]

Since the wedding date was approaching, Chi Xueyan had to be bombarded by Lawyer Su’s tireless news several times a day, as if afraid he wouldn’t come.

Chi Xueyan could guess what Su Yu would do and didn’t really want to go.

However, it was just like how He Qiao wanted to take him to meet his friends to announce their relationship. He had no reason to refuse the pre-wedding bachelor party warmly prepared by his friends.

The difference was that there was no need to trouble He Qiao to attend this party.

Fortunately, He Qiao didn’t come.

On Thursday night, there were less than 48 hours left before the wedding.

The black, elongated luxury car stopped in front of the SCA bar where the neon signs were already lit.

In the back, Chi Xueyan was about to open the car door. Next to him, He Qiao asked, “Do you want me to pick you up once it ends?”

“No, it might go until midnight. They will call a car to take me back.” Chi Xueyan got out of the car and waved at him. “See you tomorrow.”

He Qiao wanted to say something when he heard that it would go until midnight, but he still answered gently, “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Chi Xueyan closed the door. The driver stepped on the accelerator and the black luxury car slowly drove away.

They had just returned from the wedding venue, which had been beautifully furnished under the guidance of a professional designer.

In the past few days, the two of them no longer drove their own cars. It was because there were many trivial matters and they often answered various phone calls. They had to discuss the details of the wedding that could suddenly change at any time, so they simply let a driver drive them.

It just so happened that He Qiao had a new identity after contacting the family business. He naturally had a driver and a new car with a calmer temperament.

He had always been good at taking advantage of the situation.

In addition, He Qiao was lucky enough to pick up a business genius on a rainy night. This surprised his father, who initially thought he was messing around for love again.

Everything went as he expected.

He became the actual controller of Wanjia Media and the investor of Ye QIng’s company.

He should be equipped with a car that was more in line with his current status.

Chi Xueyan watched the car leave. Then he turned around and walked into the bar, pushing open the door with a closed sign.

The moment he appeared, colorful streamers flew through the air.

There were also irregular cheers from around him.

“Happy marriage!”

“I want to be single!!”

“Don’t fall in love!!”

…What a mess. They could shout all types of things.

There was no sweet-smelling artificial blood in today’s bar, but the dim and blurred lights were the same as before.

However, the small stage in front was specially decorated. There was an overly familiar poster stuck on the background wall and the stage had four neatly arranged band instruments: a keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. It was as if a band was about to perform.

In front of him were all his friends from university. The familiar faces were full of smiles and a lively atmosphere rushed toward him.

Chi Xueyan smiled and took off the streamers that fell on his hair. He looked at Su Yu, who had the proudest expression in the crowd, and gave him the middle finger.

He knew this was coming.

On the poster next to the stage, the logo of the university and the name of the program were printed on it. There were also four youthful but energetic faces.

This was the band that Chi Xueyan had played in during university.

The poster featured the smiling lead singer and guitarist, the keyboard player with a gentle temperament and the female drummer with cool makeup.

They were all here today. Their faces were much more mature than the past, but their appearance was an exact replica of that year.

Occupying the central position of the poster was the bassist with a relaxed expression. He had short, messy hair and a small black snowflake on his fair ear.

At that time, Chi Xueyan still had black hair.

Su Yu didn’t mind his middle finger at all. He opened his arms with a smile and sent a gloating hug across the air. “You know, we’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.”

Chi Xueyan mercilessly scolded him but still smiled and walked toward these friends whom he hadn’t seen much after graduation.

In university, he had a roommate who loved to play musical instruments and knew how to play almost everything. He especially wanted to find someone to form a band to play with.

Chi Xueyan listened to him give a solo recital in the bedroom every time. Once he became interested, he decided to learn from this person.

There was an oversupply of guitarists, the keyboard always required a lowered head, causing a sore neck, and drums were too exhausting.

He was picky and picky, so he chose the most unremarkable bass.

In the band that was later formed, the usually invisible bassist became the most dazzling person on the stage.

Chi Xueyan felt that it was because the bass was a sexy instrument.

The others felt it was mainly because the bass player was too handsome.

At the orientation party in sophomore year, Chi Xueyan finally changed from a junior to a senior and performed with the band members.

The clear and bright sound echoed in the early autumn night.

He remembered that the song was called Perfect Summer.

It was the best song to sing to their sweetheart at the end of summer. Nine out of ten bands performed this song.

At the end of the song, amidst the cheering and applauding students in the audience, a girl with a red face rushed up. Without saying a word, she handed him a large bouquet of beautiful flowers, too nervous to speak.

The students below started stirring like crazy. The hormones of youth were rampant and someone shouted for her, “Bass player! Do you want to fall in love or not?”

Immediately afterward, both men and women shouted together.

In the midst of the roars, the bass player on the stage looked at the bouquet of flowers that was close at hand. He seemed to think for a while before calmly extending his hand to the lead singer on the side.

The lead singer, who was watching the excitement, had an epiphany. He handed over the microphone in front of him.

The bass player had dark hair soaked with sweat covering his forehead. He casually grabbed the tilted microphone stand, lowered his eyes and spoke in a direct tone.

“Sorry, I prefer to be single.”

The clear and cold voice spread from the microphone to every corner of the auditorium.

The students were even more excited because of this. The screams almost toppled the roof and it took a long time before they gradually subsided.

In Su Yu’s words, Chi Xueyan became famous with one battle.

The whole school knew that there was a handsome sophomore boy who could play the bass, didn’t want to fall in love and preferred to be single.

His original intention was to avoid trouble, so he simply refused everyone in one go.

As a result, even more people chased after him.

Chi Xueyan once again had a hard time understanding these people’s brain circuits.

Thinking about it, perhaps it was like how he unilaterally pursued Lu Siyi in the story.

People always liked to chase after ethereal dreams.

Similarly, it was also like the moment when the fantasy dream, who originally said he wouldn’t fall in love, suddenly fell into the world.

For example, tonight when the stage was specially reproduced.

The night outside grew darker. The atmosphere in the bar became even noisier.

Drinks, snacks and alcohol were available in unlimited quantities. The boss, Wang Shaojing, was happily mixing drinks behind the bar. He listened to Chi Xueyan’s friends talk about gossip and interesting facts about the past.

This was a rare opportunity for students to get together after graduation.

Many people were very curious about Chi Xueyan’s newlywed partner. However, they knew his temper well and didn’t ask much. They just chatted briefly. In any case, they could see him with their own eyes at the wedding the day after tomorrow.

Among the people present, Su Yu was the only one who had seen He Qiao and was the most emotional.

He was almost drunk and he sighed from where he was sitting next to Chi Xueyan. “Seriously, I was very surprised that day. Even if you have a partner, I thought the other person would be more, more…”

Su Yu struggled for a long time but couldn’t find a suitable adjective. Chi Xueyan casually added, “Crazier?”

“…You are the one who said that, not me!” Su Yu smirked with a tone that was asking to be beaten. “In addition, the two of you signed such a cold prenuptial agreement. I thought for a moment you were faking a marriage to handle Auntie.”

“Still, I don’t think you are the type of person to wrong yourself. You also added a clause that I have never seen anyone write in the agreement. You aren’t allowed to unilaterally file for divorce yourself?”

The usually serious lawyer became a nagging drunk. “So I guess you must love each other. In any case, there are many ways to love. Maybe the two of you will love each other in a more bizarre and special way…”

Chi Xueyan heard the words ‘love each other’ and his fingertips on the alcohol from the bar paused for a moment.

In the next second, he put the wine glass in front of Su Yu, who was talking nonsense. He was thinking about getting Su Yu drunk quickly.

It was a pity that even if Su Yu became dizzy from drinking, he didn’t forget the business that should be done tonight. From time to time, he urged, “Hurry and get on the stage! The show!”

Once it was approaching midnight, the alcohol-soaked atmosphere gradually reached its peak and everyone was cheering.

Chi Xueyan exchanged glances with the band members who had planned this ahead of time and could only helplessly walk toward the stage full of lights.

Hopefully, he hadn’t forgotten the fingering yet.

The melodious and moving melody soon spread throughout the space.

Outside the bar, a black car parked under the dimly lit street lamps. A man in a white shirt emerged from the back seat.

He walked toward the door of the bar with a closed sign and heard the faint sound of music flowing from inside.

He Qiao’s footsteps paused for a moment before he reached out and gently pushed open the door.

Chi Xueyan said that He Qiao didn’t need to pick him up tonight and he would call a car to go home.

But it was midnight.

Out of obligation, He Qiao should care about his partner who drank and partied late into the night with his friends.

Perhaps it was also because of a faint curiosity.

Except for Su Yu, he hadn’t contacted Chi Xueyan’s other friends.

He Qiao walked into the bar and the sound of music became clearer.

He walked through the hallway, gradually adjusting to the suddenly dimmed light. His eyes swept through the quietly listening crowd around him, looking for an increasingly familiar figure.

There was a band performing on the stage of the bar. The music was clean and pure. It was an unplugged performance and the singing was full of a clear sense of power.

The strange male voice sang a song for his lover, a blazing summer that couldn’t be forgotten in his memory.

It was the summer night when the typhoon had dissipated.

He sang to the end of the song. The melody faded away and the keyboard player pressed the last key. The otherwise quiet audience let out fierce applause and cheers.

It was as if they had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

He Qiao heard someone shout, “Bass player! Do you want to fall in love or not?”

The sound seemed to ignite brilliant fireworks. Everyone shouted along and threw flowers from nowhere on the stage. The atmosphere in the bar was almost boiling.

He Qiao followed their gaze and looked over.

Then he froze in place.

He saw the man that he had failed to find in the crowd just now.

On the stage, the flamboyant red-haired young man was carrying a bass. He looked helplessly at the flowers flying toward him from below.

There was a large poster on the background wall behind him, where he still had black hair, delicate and youthful eyes and a faint smile, as if he was closer to the crowd.

This was the Chi Xueyan that He Qiao had never seen before, no matter whether it was the poster or the one on the stage.


The audience shouted excitedly if the bassist would fall in love or not. The voices surged like the tide and it seemed like they wouldn’t stop unless they got an answer.

Therefore, the red-haired young man gave up resistance. He loosened his fingers resting on the strings and just as he did when he was a student, he leaned over to hold the microphone stand handed over by the lead singer. He lowered his eyes, but he couldn’t hide the smile that flashed on his white face.

Amidst the extremely passionate screams, the bass player’s lazy voice crossed the distance and fell into the ears of his lover with great clarity.

“Sorry, I’m married.”


The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of the bass =3=!


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