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HMPS: Chapter 17 Part 2

The air was suddenly filled with jealous noises.

“Okay, okay, we know the answer!”

“Stinky couple, I also want to be in a relationship…”

“Are you stupid? it isn’t a relationship. They have already obtained the marriage certificate, okay!”

There was also a person who said very solemnly, “Happy marriage, congratulations.”

…It seemed to be the friend who confessed to him a long time ago.

He Qiao was unaware and thanked this person politely.

Chi Xueyan’s slender eyelashes moved quietly in the shadows and he decided to stop pretending to sleep.

He no longer remembered how he had turned down his friend back then.

He guessed that it was most likely a simple and rude sentence, “Sorry, I don’t want to fall in love.”

The dim light lingered on his face. Once Chi Xueyan opened his eyes, the gentle words of the person next to him flowed into his ears.

“It is late. Do you want to go home?”

Thus, he obediently let go of the pillow. “Okay.”

Now Chi Xueyan was almost ready to regret it.

Under the influence of strong alcohol, he forgot for a moment about their real relationship and regarded them as true partners in love.

Partners should know each other.

It was knowing everything about each other.

He Qiao took him away, saying goodbye to the friends who had been happy all night. He accompanied Chi Xueyan into the car in the sea of newlywed happiness.

The long street was covered in the darkness that belonged to the second half of the night. The moonlight was like sweet cream, blooming bright flowers on the glass windows.

The driver closed the car door for them and returned to the front seat. He silently raised the partition screen and took the initiative to ensure the privacy of the boss.

Chi Xueyan looked at the black partition that completely separated the space in front from the back of the car and his expression was subtle. “Is it really soundproof?”

“It should be,” He Qiao answered. “Do you want to try and call him?”

“No.” Chi Xueyan immediately shook his head. “That is silly.

But he had even more silly questions to ask.

“He Qiao,” he called out his lover’s name.

His lover replied, “I’m here.”

The car slowly started. Chi Xueyan no longer hesitated and asked softly, “What is your life like in the He family?”

He still asked.

It was a question he had intended to keep in his heart forever.

It was to maintain the freedom of not interfering with each other.

Perhaps it was because the moonlight tonight was too special. He Qiao, who had always been calm and rational, didn’t refuse.

He said, “It is a long story.”

“It’s okay.” Chi Xueyan was full of interest. “I have enough time.”

The driver drove the car slowly, as if to let the story that happened in a hidden place flourish.

He Qiao smiled and asked gently, “Whose perspective do you want to start listening from?”

His patient tone reminded Chi Xueyan of a game machine for some reason. As long as he invested enough coins, he would continue to experience unknown adventures.

Thus, he looked forward to throwing in a shiny coin.

“Your father.” Chi Xueyan changed to a more comfortable sitting position. “Start with the elders.”

If he wanted to find a root cause for the conflict between the two brothers, He Huaili was a person who couldn’t be avoided.

Although from Chi Xueyan’s perspective, He Huaili didn’t look like a biased father.

He Qiao’s expression didn’t change much. He seemed to have expected Chi Xueyan’s thoughts and said, “He isn’t biased. If you want to say it, perhaps he is more biased toward his oldest son.”

“He Huaili and his first wife were childhood sweethearts. They both grew up in poor families and had known each other for over ten years. Their feelings were very deep and surpassed love. Even until now, he hasn’t forgotten his first wife who died young. There are still her photos on his desk.”

“He originally didn’t plan to marry again. If his deceased wife hadn’t given birth to He Xiao, perhaps he would’ve chosen to die alone like this.”

He Qiao talked about his affectionate father in a very flat tone.

“He raised He Xiao alone for three years while at the same time, his career was thriving. He really couldn’t do both, but he couldn’t let go of both.”

On the one hand, he neglected to take care of his child with his deceased wife. On the other hand, there was the bright future he had imagined together with her and they worked hard together to build up.

Chi Xueyan thought that this was indeed a dilemma.

“He initially thought of looking for a nanny. Yet no matter whether the nanny’s dishes were salty or bland or whether their attitude when the owner wasn’t home was good or bad, every time he asked, He Xiao would only say that everything was fine and to not worry.”

“A nanny couldn’t replace his mother and no one else could replace his mother. However, He Xiao was only eight years old. He Huaili felt that perhaps at this age, he might still accept another woman as his mother.”

Thus, Sheng Xiaoyue appeared.

He Qiao stared out the window where the scenery flowed slowly. “After they got married, He Xiao did receive the most appropriate care. He Huaili saw that they got along very well and He Xiao took the initiative to change his words and call her Mother. He gradually let go of her worry and felt that he was on the right path.”

“Later, He Qiao was born and He Huaili treated his two sons equally. He let them choose the path they want to take. In fact, he didn’t agree with He Xiao’s excessive doting on his little brother. Still, he felt that maybe He Xiao was making up for his unhappy childhood through He Qiao, so he acquiesced.”

“From He Huaili’s view, this is a fairly happy family. There are unavoidable regrets. He tried his best to make up for it and to balance things.”

The coin fell into the stomach of the game machine. His father’s perspective came to an end and He Qiao’s voice started to fade.

Chi Xueyan decided to name this coin ‘pragmatic idealist.’

He quietly waited for the afterglow of the story to dissipate and took the initiative to ask, “What about your mother?”

He Qiao’s eyes were colored with emotion. “Her perspective will be simpler.”

Sheng Xiaoyue was originally a simple and pure person.

“She grew up in abundant happiness. She was loved by her parents, had excellent conditions and many admirers. However, the only one she liked was He Huaili, who had just made his fortune at that time.”

People who were happy since childhood were often attracted by the seemingly bright and deep pain. A moth rushed to the flame to be a savior.

“She took the initiative to pursue He Huaili and to buy all types of small gifts for the young He Xiao. On the day He Xiao finally accepted the toys she bought, He Huaili frankly told her that he wanted to find a mother for He Xiao more than another wife for himself.”

There was no doubt that Sheng Xiaoyue didn’t mind.

“She cared from the bottom of her heart for He Xiao, who was very young at the time. She felt that the father and son were good people and they deserve the warmth and care of a family as she had once experienced.”

“After Sheng Xiaoyue and He Huaili got married, the Wanjia Group became bigger and bigger, beyond anyone’s imagination. But for her, this isn’t the most important thing.”

“She also felt that she had made the right choice. It is because to this day, He Huaili is still the best person in her eyes. He really didn’t fail her sincerity, nor did he change due to the wealth that skyrocketed.”

“He Huaili previously had a family but she had the happiest home she could imagine.”

Accompanied by He Qiao’s gentle narration, Chi Xueyan remembered the picture book that she had joyfully held in front of it. On it was a pair of wedding rings decorated with flames and snowflakes.

This coin was an innocent artist.

In the family of four, half the coins had been thrown into the game machine.

Chi Xueyan clutched the two non-existence coins and lingered in front of an imaginary door. “Who should be next? He Qiao? He Xiao?”

He Qiao didn’t avoid the same name. “He Qiao.”

Once it came to this role that was most closely related to him, Chi Xueyan took a particularly serious posture and listened intently.

“He felt that he had a good father, a good mother and a good brother. He wasn’t as good as his brother but it didn’t matter. He adored his brother anyway. His life was perfect enough and his mother taught him to be content.”

He Qiao paused and said in a half joking manner, “This is all regarding He Qiao.”

This was indeed the end of his story.

This coin was a happy fool.

Chi Xueyan was stunned. After a long time, he reacted. His eyes curved like he was smiling.

In fact, he vaguely felt a bit sad.

There was still He Xiao’s coin left.

He really didn’t want to throw it into the coin machine.

He Qiao continued to consciously narrate. “He Xiao’s perspective is the most complex one, so I want to use a person you can understand more.”

“Who is that person?”


Chi Xueyan’s eyes slightly widened.


  1. Haruka says:

    She is innocent fool, she wasn’t taught that everything is not happy go lucky there’s always a shadow following brightness you have to subdue it from ruining the brightness and control it yourself not stay being a fool

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