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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 82

The End of the Inspection

Liu Shaozhou officially debuted in the S3 season. Qi Heng retired and handed over the BM team to his apprentice. Liu Shaozhou took over his sniper position and led the BM team. After a few years, he finally realized his master’s wish and won the league championship.

The AWM-Meteor was an official champion skin specially customized for Liu Shaozhou after he won the MVP.

Among the snipers of the major teams in the league, Liu Shaozhou had the highest strength and the most stable results. Of course, Qi Heng had a proud apprentice and Jiang Shaoyu also had one. He taught Pei Feng. Pei Feng hadn’t officially fought with Liu Shaozhou but his strength was no worse than Liu Shaozhou.

Jiang Shaoyu and Qi Heng continued to watch the training match.

The Life and Death Explosion mode was different from other modes. The distance between the police and the explosion mode weren’t exactly equal. Some maps were easy to defend and difficult to defend. Therefore, the explosion mode was divided into the five half (five small games) and the second half (5 small games). After the first half, the identities of the two sides were switched. The final victory or loss was determined by the total scores of the 10 rounds. If it was a 5:5 tie then it would go into overtime to determine the outcome.

In the first half, Liu Shaozhou was randomly assigned to the police. His strategy was very clear. He directly occupied the air corridor between the teaching building and the gymnasium, guarding the explosion point of the teaching building and sniping players one by one. For this ‘fixed point defense’ method, the other side had to send someone to kill him or they would have no chance to install explosives under his nose.

Liu Shaozhou’s defensive ability was quite excellent. He directly scored 4:1 in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, the two sides rotated and Liu Shaozhou became a bandit.

As an attacker, his route wasn’t the same as the police. He didn’t take the initiative to fight for the air corridor. He instead headed to the gymnasium as soon as possible. Then he climbed to the second floor of the gymnasium and set up his gun in advance.

This time, they had split up in 1:3:1 mode and were ready to rush to point B in the gymnasium.

The scout went alone to the air corridor to solve the sniper on the opposite side. The charger and assaulter moved with the police to break through the opposite side’s defense line. The sniper Liu Shaozhou acted alone and provided cover fire on the 2nd floor in advance.

In the blink of an eye, fighting broke out in the gymnasium. Liu Shaozhou killed the opposite charger as quickly as possible, buying time for his team. The sniper of the 2nd team stared specifically at the front row and killed the teammate with the explosive pack in seconds.

The medic immediately set up the bulletproof light shield to revive the teammate while someone else picked up the explosive pack and rushed to the explosion point. He placed the explosive pack at the designated location.

A system notification popped up on the screen: The explosives have been placed.

Then a red badge flashed on the mini-map with a timer. It was the bomb countdown: 30 seconds, 29 seconds…

The situation was tense. The police had to defuse the bomb within 30 seconds!

At this time, there were still four people on the police team alive. Liu Shaozhou moved quickly on the 2nd floor, killing the police medic. At the same time, he sent the scout around the rear to kill the sniper on the opposite side of the air corridor.

The police were outnumbered. They desperately rushed to the gymnasium but in the end, Liu Shaozhou guarded the explosion point where the explosive pack was placed. He didn’t let any police officers approach. Then once the 30 second countdown ended, the police were all wiped out and the bomb exploded.

The score was 6:1. Liu Shaozhou undoubtedly led the team to victory.

Jiang Shaoyu praised it. “Xiao Liu’s offensive and defensive conversion is great. Even if he is a bandit, he can immediately change from attack to defense after his teammates place the explosive pack. He sticks to the explosion point so that the police can’t get close to defuse the bomb. His thinking is very flexible.”

Qi Heng listened to Jiang Shaoyu praise his apprentice and his mood was even happier. “Our Xiao Liu’s Life and Death Explosion mode is very strong. The Endless Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel modes also aren’t bad.” He paused before saying modestly, “Of course, Xiao Liu is a bit worse compared to your family’s Xiao Pei’s various professions.”

At the mention of Pei Feng, Jiang Shaoyu also felt very proud in his heart. He chuckled and said, “Xiao Pei is a rare talented player. The fact that he defeated Brother Hai in the Rising Stars Cup with four professions still surprises me. However, he still lacks some experience in competitions compared to Xiao Liu.”

Qi Heng nodded. “That’s true. Xiao Liu has played in the professional league for several years while Xiao Pei has been a streamer for several years. He hasn’t been able to practice in the professional arena and isn’t experienced enough. Still, it is due to this that Xiao Pei’s thinking is flexible and isn’t limited by conventional tactics. They each have their own style.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, both are good.”

The two masters evaluated each other’s apprentices. In the national team’s training room, Pei Feng sneezed several times in a row.

The sniper was the only long-range profession in Gun King and could instantly kill key enemies. It didn’t matter what mode it was. As long as they stabilized the sniper point, reversing this even when at a disadvantage was possible.

Qi Heng thought for a while and asked in a low voice, “The snipers of the next national team are quite competitive. In addition to our two apprentices, there are Princess Mo of CIP, the youth trainee Little Devil and the little fatty of TNG. These people have their own strengths. Do you have any idea about who to choose?”

Jiang Shaoyu was non-committal. “Look at their performance in the tryouts.”

Just then, Old Xu brought Liu Shaozhou to the training room. He knocked on the door and asked with a smile, “Two leaders, do you have any opinions or suggestions about our training match?”

Liu Shaozhou called out respectfully, “Master.”

He also gave a polite greeting after seeing Jiang Shaoyu, “Hello, God Wing.”

Among the captains of the major teams in the professional league, Lao Lin was the most enthusiastic, Xiao Zhou was the gentlest, Ye Zi was the least reliable and Liu Shaozhou was the most stable. The young man in front of him was really much more mature than the little apprentice who followed Qi Heng in his memory. He was more than 10 centimeters taller than he was back then.

In fact, Liu Shaozhou’s appearance was also ranked first in the league and he wasn’t at all inferior to the star players marketed by the clubs.

It was just that he didn’t care about popularity or fans at all. He was too lazy to run his Weibo and focused on leading the team to play. His popularity wasn’t as high as Xiao Mo and Xiao Liu but the results of the BM team had always been very stable. They had never fallen out of the top four. As Qi Heng’s apprentice, he didn’t disgrace his master.

Jiang Shaoyu stood up and commented, “You played well.”

This was already a rare compliment.

Liu Shaozhou smiled. “Thank you, God Wing. By the way Master, are you here for a routine inspection?”

Qi Heng said, “Yes. We want to see if the players are usually serious in training while also making some preparations for the selection of the national team.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Old Xu and asked, “Senior, I am curious if you are interested in serving as the tactical advisor of the national team?”

Old Xu was still smiling. After hearing this, the smile on his face froze. “What? Tactical consultant?”

Qi Heng joked, “God Wing means that he has taken a fancy to you and wants to invite you to be his assistant.”

Old Xu scratched his head while smiling. “Aren’t you here to pick players? Why are you still picking a coach?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “You have rich experience in defensive warfare and the Life and Death Explosion mode. The national team needs a talent like you. The World Series will be held after the end of the A-grade League. Once the time comes, please accompany our team overseas to analyze the opponent and discuss tactics while playing abroad.”

Qi Heng added, “What Ah Yu means is that he wants to build the strongest coaching team in history. In fact, our national team hasn’t achieved good results over the years. In addition to the problems of the players, the coaching staff also has problems. A person’s tactical thinking will be thinking. There are great limitations. However, once several masters sit together and discuss things, everyone’s thinking will collide and perhaps we can find more novel tactics.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. There are some unpopular maps that rarely appear in the league. We can try to develop new tactical ideas for them. In the World Series, the number of masters are like clouds. The overall strength of the Chinese national team is still weak. I hope that Senior can come to the national team to help us.”

Old Xu: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu respected the seniors in the circle very much. He didn’t have the arrogance of the head coach of the national team at all and instead lowered his posture to invite them.

Xu Shun’s nose was sore. He had been paying attention to the World Series over the years and was very sad when he saw the Chinese national team playing so badly! However, he didn’t have the courage to change the entire national team. He didn’t want to deal with those clubs.

Jiang Shaoyu was young but he dared to resist the pressure of the major clubs and reshuffle the national team. Old Xu couldn’t help admiring it. China was just lacking a head coach who wasn’t afraid to have an iron fist!

It was really right for Qi Heng to invite God Wing back.

Xu Shun took a deep breath before smiling. “Okay! Since you don’t dislike me, an old person, then I am willing to contribute!”

Jiang Shaoyu held out his hand and shook Coach Xu’s hand tightly.

One was a senior who had been coaching in the circle for nine years and the other was the new generation head coach of the national team. The old generation and the new generation worked together and had a collision of ideas. This would definitely improve the tactical level of the entire national team and completely open up tactical ideas.

The joining of Old Xu was undoubtedly a huge help to the national team.

Jiang Shaoyu was in a good mood. “After a while, I will ask the legal affairs team of the national team to come to you and sign the contract of a tactical consultant.”

Old Xu simply said, “No problem!”

Liu Shaozhou smiled. “Master, there is food in the team cafeteria. Do you want to go and eat something?”

Qi Heng looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “It is the last stop of the inspection and the food in BM’s cafeteria isn’t bad. In particular, the porridges as late-night meals are a must! You made a rare trip here and must try it.”

If BM wanted to invite them out to dinner with great fanfare, Jiang Shaoyu definitely wouldn’t go. However, BM’s style was so unpretentious and ate directly in the team cafeteria. Vice-chairman Qi said this so Jiang Shaoyu didn’t refuse. He nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go together.”

Jiang Shaoyu went next door to call Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo. Everyone went to BM’s cafeteria together.

As a large comprehensive club, BM’s cafeteria was spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of people at the same time. There were clearly organized cafeteria windows and a variety of porridges for a late night meal. There were also delicate pastries such as mung bean cake, water chestnut cake, etc. as well as dumplings and rice balls.

Qin Bo asked for a bowl of dumplings in hot and sour soup. Yu Mingxiang happily filled up a bowl of spicy rice noodles and Jiang Shaoyu got seafood porridge.

Liu Shaozhou brought over a few plates of pastries. The pastries of various colors aroused people’s appetite.

Yu Mingxiang took a bite of the mung bean cake and couldn’t help exclaiming, “It is delicious! The taste is refreshing and sweet, but not greasy.”

Jiang Shaoyu tasted two spoonfuls of seafood porridge and also thought it was very delicious. He couldn’t help lowering his head and finishing it off.

Jiang Shaoyu was eating when he suddenly asked, “By the way, who is BM’s chef?”

Qi Heng introduced him. “Master Fang, he has been working in BM for several years. He can cook all types of dishes and his craftsmanship is very good. This time, we came late and there are just the late night meals. It is all porridge and pastries. There are no ribs, chicken wings and other dishes. Otherwise, you must try his meat dishes. It is amazing.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked thoughtfully at Yu Mingxiang. “The chef of the national team is a northerner. The porridge made by him isn’t as authentic as Master Fang’s one.”

Yu Mingxiang was stunned and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Don’t tell me you… even want the chef!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked calm. “During the competition abroad, the players must eat well and not have problems with their stomachs. This way, they will have more spirit when playing the game, right?”

Everyone: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu replied indifferently, “In any case, the national team’s budget hasn’t been spent yet. We need to add a chef who cooks more authentic southern dishes to take care of the players’ different tastes.” He looked at Qi Heng and continued, “Vice-chairman Qi, tell Master Fang that if he is willing, let him go with the team to the United States and cook for everyone in this year’s World Series.”

Qi Heng gently touched his forehead. “Is there any reason for me to refuse? I don’t think there is any.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Thank you.”

Next to them, Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo couldn’t help laughing.

The king patrolled the mountain and took away any players he liked. This was a normal operation. It was quite surprising for him to take away coaches and now he didn’t even let go of a chef… Coach Jiang, did he come here to steal?

However, under Jiang Shaoyu’s ‘robbery mode’, the national team was really fully armed.

The coaching staff, logistics and chef were all the top configurations with the strongest level. Next, it was time for the players. Each player for the 6th national team would be carefully selected.

On the way back, Qi Heng sighed emotionally. “For this national team, I can’t just call it a complete shuffle… you just completely changed the deck of cards.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “We can’t play with a bad hand so shouldn’t we change to a good hand?”

Qi Heng smiled. “It makes sense! So when are you going to officially select people?”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the date on his phone. “It will be after the 1st round of the regular season. Before June 1st, the lineup for the national team will be determined.”


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    One from the north and one from the south sounds good.
    Poaching talents for greater good is a good reason as any.

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    Coach Jiang is very admirable!! He has the foresight in forming both on the field team and behind the scenes team. He also has the courage to challenge major clubs to fight for change and improve the quality of the players. It’s the national team’s blessing to have him as a headcoach. Most of the firepower would be directed at him either if the team wins or loses…he has the stable attitude and ability to see beyond the psychological pressure. He is an awesome team player and undoubtedly a legend!

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