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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 83

Watching the Game

On March 18th, Jiang Shaoyu returned to the national team’s base after completing his tour of the clubs.

This round of inspections allowed him to see the ugly faces of the major domestic clubs and offended many people. Of course, there were many gains such as Shu Chen, Ye Qingming and Shi Xiaobin. They were the ‘trophies’ that he brought back to the national team.

After Shi Xiaobin switched from a charger to a medic, he had been learning the style of ‘hide-and-seek’ from Old Chang these days. Jiang Shaoyu watched Shi Xiaobin’s training process; sure enough, Shi Xiaobin was a rare medic genius as he had expected.

This cowardly male omega could always find blind spots on the map to hide in so that his enemies couldn’t find him. This type of cowardly style of play would be scolded if he was a charger but it could maximize his survival as a medic to rescue his teammates.

Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen gradually became acquainted. If encountering problems as a medic, he would take the initiative to ask Shu Chen questions. “Brother Cheng, can I bring a bulletproof shield, bulletproof helmet and first aid kit instead of bringing guns?”

Shu Chen was stunned for a moment. “Do you want to bring two types of armor equipment?”

Shi Xiaobin scratched his head. “Yes, I want to carry out protection to the end!”

Shu Chen said, “Of course, Everyone has their own style in regards to what equipment they want to bring.”

The medical bandage had no cooldown time and could be used on teammates with residual health to quickly return health.

The first aid kit was used to save ‘dying teammates.’ After a teammate was knocked down, there would be a 10 second ‘countdown to death.’ If they were rescued in time with the medic’s first aid kit within 10 seconds, the teammate could be helped up. If 10 seconds passed, the teammate was dead and the first aid kit was useless.

Shu Chen played a medic and he usually brought a bulletproof shield, first aid kit and double guns. He could save people or kill people.

Old Chang usually brought a bulletproof shield, medical bandage and first aid kit. The bandage added health, the first aid kit revived teammates and the shield provided more survival ability.

Shi Xiaobin wanted to bring two pieces of protective equipment. The bulletproof shield could resist the bullets fired by submachine guns and assault rifles. The bulletproof helmet prevented a sniper of the opposite side from shooting him in the head. He had to find ways to protect himself first before considering saving people. This was really taking being a ‘coward’ to the extreme.

Shi Xiaobin was very quick to familiarize himself with the maps.

His 3D space ability was the strongest among the players Jiang Shaoyu had seen so far. No matter how complex the map, even if it was a 3D labyrinth, he could find the best path to rescue his teammates. He could also judge the position of the opponent by listening to the sound. He hid in a corner that the opponent couldn’t see and perfectly avoided the confrontation of a firefight.

After Jiang Shaoyu returned to the national team, he took Shi Xiaobin to play a few games on the Korean server.

Shi Xiaobin’s performance surprised him very much.

The male omega wore a thick bulletproof helmet and hid everywhere, but he always kept the right distance from his teammates for timely rescue. In one game, Shi Xiaobin quickly rescued two teammates but didn’t take a single bullet.

One time, Jiang Shaoyu was accidentally shot to death by the enemy and Shi Xiaobin rushed over to rescue Jiang Shaoyu. This was followed by him running away like the wind and hiding in the gap between two boxes. He carefully poked out his head and was like a little hamster with a strong desire for survival.

The ‘hide-and-seek’ style of play often made people feel ‘very wretched.’

However, Shi Xiaobin playing hide-and-seek made people feel it was very cute.

After several consecutive matches, Shi Xiaobin’s injury rate remained at 0%. This was quite a scary statistic.

Jiang Shaoyu’s hands left the keyboard. He looked back at the boy and his voice was gentle. “You are improving quickly. It seems that you have studied well with Coach Chang over the past few days and have mastered the essence of hide-and-seek?”

Shi Xiaobin said seriously, “I also think it is very convenient to play a medic.”

Jiang Shaoyu chuckled. He patted the male omega’s shoulder and said, “Keep going. Follow Old Chang to practice all the maps and then integrate into the team. It will be useful.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded vigorously. “Got it!”

Coach Chang had been taking him to explore the maps these days, showing him how to move and hide on each map. He followed Coach Chang to play hide-and-seek on various maps and had a lot of fun.

Ever since becoming a professional player, Shi Xiaobin had always been playing a charger. He felt that playing games was very tiring and had a lot of psychological pressure. There was no way to improve. It was like standing still in the dark while being unable to find a way forward.

Yet after transferring to a medic, he found that…

Playing the game turned out to be so fun!

Coach Jiang saw his talent and arranged for him to change professions. Shi Xiaobin was very grateful.

Perhaps this was the feeling of meeting a ‘talent scout’.

During this time, he had made rapid progress. His talent was praised every day and he hadn’t been praised like this for a long time.

Even so, Shi Xiaobin was a bit worried. He said softly, “Coach Jiang, there has been no movement from the club side since I terminated my contract with RED and no official announcement of my departure. I always feel that they won’t let me go so easily…”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Don’t be afraid. This time, I went to RED for an inspection and the whole process was recorded and videotaped. It isn’t so easy for them to blacken you.”

Shi Xiaobin was slightly relieved when he heard this.

In the blink of an eye, the weekend arrived. It was March 20th and the third week of the regular season of the Pro League. Jiang Shaoyu went to the scene to watch the match and Pei Feng drove his master over.

There were two matches tonight, the first of which was between RED and CIP.

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng came backstage and happened to meet the CIP team members coming out of the lounge.

Mo Hantian saw Coach Jiang’s indifferent face from afar and remembered the various embarrassing scenes in front of Coach Jiang. His ears turned red and he quickly hung his head to hide behind his teammates, pretending not to see this person.

Mo Hantian hid in the team and followed his teammates forward with fear.

Jiang Shaoyu took Pei Feng to the viewing room. Mo Hantian sighed with relief at the thought that the other person didn’t see him. As a result, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly turned around and called out, “Mo Hantian.”

Mo Hantian stood at attention out of a conditioned reflex. “Here!”

Jiang Shaoyu indifferently told him, “Don’t cry later and fight well.”

Mo Hantian: “……”

It seemed that the scenes of crying and playing the game last time left a deep impression on Coach Jiang.

His image of ‘crybaby little alpha princess’ couldn’t be washed away!

Mo Hantian wished to dig a crack in the ground to bury himself. The teammates all around him were laughing and the coach of CIP coughed to relieve his embarrassment. “Cough. Coach Jiang, did you personally come to the scene to watch the game?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, the national team is selecting players and the performance in daily training is just a reference indicator. The performance in official matches is equally important.”

The coach immediately turned around and told everyone, “Did you hear everything? Fight well later!”

The CIP team headed to the big stage while their rival RED appeared backstage.

Jiang Shaoyu looked calm when he saw Coach Chen.

On the contrary, Coach Chen felt very guilty. In the end, he couldn’t just accept Jiang Shaoyu taking Shi Xiaobin away and directly sent a report to the league.

As a result, the league’s reply was: The Discipline Inspection Commission has conducted a detailed investigation of the national team’s coach, Jiang Shaoyu. We haven’t found the phenomenon of ‘abuse of private power’ as you have mentioned. You are welcome to continue to monitor it.

Chen Hui understood it at that time. The league was standing with Jiang Shaoyu and it was useless to report him unless there was real evidence.

It seemed he could only swallow down his anger at Shi Xiaobin being forcibly taken away. As a coach, he didn’t have any more powerful means. It all depended on whether President Chen made a move or not.

Chen Hui had several thoughts in his mind, but on the surface, he was cheeky and greeted the other person with a smile. “Hello, Coach Jiang. Are you coming to watch the matches again after inspecting the clubs?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes. You guys should fight well.”

Coach Chen hurriedly said, “That must be!”

Shi Xiaobin had been taken to the national team by Jiang Shaoyu so RED’s charger position was replaced by the 2nd team’s substitute player, Xiao Qiu. The substitute player of the 2nd team, Qiu Tian, was a very cute male beta. His appearance was no worse than Shi Xiaobin and he was obviously the next ‘star player’ that the club wanted to support.

The young man glanced at Jiang Shaoyu. He seemed to be a bit guilty and hurriedly shifted his gaze.

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help frowning when he saw the intimate scene of an alpha player from RED holding the shoulders of his new teammate and walking toward the stage together… the #Refined and Courteous# CP had been hyped up and now they wanted to hype another pair?

Pei Feng saw his master frowning and told him softly, “Master, let’s enter the room.”

The two of them walked toward the viewing area together. Pei Feng took the initiative to pour a cup of warm water for his master and said, “RED shouldn’t have given up. I always feel that the report was done by this Coach Chen. President Chen behind him hasn’t made a move yet.”

Jiang Shaoyu said while drinking water, “Yes. I checked and found that Coach Chen Hui and their boss, Chen Xu, are cousins.”

Pei Feng was surprised. “In other words, Chen Xu built the club and asked his cousin Chen Hui to be the coach? No wonder why Coach Chen’s level is so weak and he can’t even see Shi Xiaobin’s medical talent. It turned out that he entered the club through relationships. Shi Xiaobin wanted to play charger so he let Shi Xiaobin play charger. He doesn’t have discerning eyes and complained about Master. How stupid.”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly told him, “It doesn’t matter if he complains. I’m just afraid they will have more disgusting means.”

Coach Chen’s complaint was just an itch for Jiang Shaoyu. Chen Xu behind the scenes was the more powerful person and he wouldn’t easily let go of Shi Xiaobin.

Chen Xu wore glasses and had a gentle and friendly appearance. In fact, he had the heart of a scorpion and only had interests in his eyes.

He single-handedly made Shi Xiaobin popular. Last year, Shi Xiaobin’s merchandise sales were the highest in the league. It was just like Jiang Shaoyu poached his club’s cash cow. How could he swallow down this anger?

Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu’s cold face and said, “Master personally came to the scene today to see what RED intends?”

“Yes, I have to take corresponding measures according to the situation. I will protect Shi Xiaobin to the end.”

The match soon started.

This was the first meeting between CIP and RED in the regular season.

Before the match, the commentators would introduce the players of both sides in detail and the director would switch to the soundproof rooms of both teams.

The female commentator was puzzled. “We can see that RED’s charger is a newcomer. Shi Xiaobin didn’t play today!”

“Yes, the player RED replaced him with today, Qiu Tian is a substitute player and the same age as Shi Xiaobin. He hasn’t made an appearance in the A-grade League before, right? I wonder why RED suddenly changed the player?”

Shi Xiaobin’s fans, the Refined and Courteous fans and the RED team’s fans all raised questions in the live stream room.

The barrage area was suddenly covered with white snowflake-like characters.

“Where is Shi Xiaobin?”

“Why did the charger of RED change? What about our Bin Bin?”

“Yes, what is the situation of Bin Bin? Isn’t he playing today?”

“Captain Zou’s face doesn’t look very good. Did something happen to Bin Bin? Is it because he can’t play after differentiating to an omega?”

“Isn’t it just differentiation? I took the exam the day after I differentiated!”

“Is this discrimination against omega players? The club should come out and give us an explanation!”

Mo Hantian was also very puzzled when he saw this.

During this period of time, he had been practicing on the Korean server. Since he and Shi Xiaobin’s club had a match on the weekend. Therefore, he didn’t find Shi Xiaobin in advance. He just sent a few words after seeing the hot search that Shi Xiaobin had become an omega.

They hadn’t been in touch for a few days. Why did Shi Xiaobin suddenly stop playing?

The coach of CIP was also confused. “What is the situation? Why isn’t Shi Xiaobin on the opposite side?”

Mo Hantian scratched his head. “I don’t know.”

The coach thought about it. “No matter what tricks they are playing, let’s continue to play according to the previous idea!”

At this time, the national team’s base.

Shi Xiaobin saw the live stream of the game and muttered, “The club hasn’t officially announced my departure from RED so I don’t know what to say.”

Shu Chen told him, “Don’t worry. Later, go and ask what Brother Yu wants to do.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded. For some reason, he suddenly felt a bit uneasy. Would RED really let him go so easily?


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