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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 76

Actors Take Their Places

Last night, Cheng Xuan received a message from his friend and immediately came to the training room. It was training time in the evening and no practice match was arranged. This meant the players were doing basic exercises. Cheng Feifan stopped everyone loudly. “Everyone, stop. I have something important to announce.”

Everyone looked up at Coach Cheng in unison. Cheng Weiwei said seriously, “The coaching staff of the national team is likely to come to our club for a check in the next few days. Everyone needs to pay attention and behave well in the next few days. Don’t be lazy. If you are caught then even the gods can’t save you, understood?”

Tang Kai remembered Coach Jiang’s cold gaze when scolding him and a chill went down his spine. He hurriedly sat up straight.

There was a flash of inspiration in Cheng Xuan’s mind and he suddenly said, “By the way, let’s arrange two training matches. The 1st team and 2nd team will play. The maps chosen will be Hope Port and Cross Street. You all go into the game room and I will show you how to move and how to kill.”

The players looked at each other.

Tang Kai asked anxiously, “Coach, do you mean… how to fight will be arranged in advance?”

Cheng Feifan smiled. “You all went to school, right? During middle school, the leaders of the Education Bureau came to listen to the class. Didn’t the teacher teach you in advance to ensure that the classroom effect could achieve full marks from them? If the company leaders come for an inspection, don’t the employees clean up in advance? We attach importance to the inspection of the superiors. What is wrong with rehearsing in advance?”

Everyone looked at each other. If a superior came for an inspection, it seemed quite common to make preparations in advance. But… they always felt that something was wrong? If they rehearsed how to move and how to kill, wouldn’t it be a performance?

Cheng Feifan continued, “Everyone remember, if the coach of our club logs into the game with the administrator account to watch you play a training match, I will send 111 to prove it is me. If someone uses the administrator account but doesn’t send the code 111, there is a high probability that someone from the national team has come, do you hear me?”

“We hear you clearly!”

Cheng Xuan inwardly praised his wits before saying, “That’s it. Come and listen to how I arrange the fight..”

He arranged two training matches that not only highlighted Tang Kai’s excellence and progress, but also showed the positive and hard working spirit of all FAD members.

Cheng Feifan thought that after watching the training match, Tang Kai would be able to leave a good impression on the national team’s coaching staff. Then Tang Kai’s hope of being selected for the national team would be great.

He arranged everything cleverly. He just didn’t think…. he would need to control the score in copying the papers! Didn’t he know what Tang Kai’s level was?

Jiang Shaoyu saw through what was wrong with this practice match at a glance. He and Qi Heng continued to watch these people perform with great interest.

It had to be said that FAD’s head coach Cheng Feifan really put all his thoughts into these ‘heretical ways’ and the two rehearsed practice matches weren’t bad to watch.

For the first match that took place in Hope Port, it mainly highlighted Tang Kai’s personal ability. He got 7 kills and 0 deaths, reversing a disadvantageous situation. The performance of the scout was very impressive.

For the second match on Cross Street, he highlighted the e-sports spirit of the entire FAD team members, who never gave up. The two sides fought each other fiercely and the street battles went back and forth. It was a best of five system and the score went from 1:1 to 2:2. The deciding match was hard fought. In the end, they relied on Tang Kai’s flexible positioning to kill the sniper on the opposite side, broke through the back row and won 3:2.

If Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t noticed something was wrong, Qi Heng would’ve wanted to applaud.

A great game!

Now he could only change the description—a great performance!

Qi Heng rubbed his temples in a dumbfounded manner and complained. “These clubs have more dramas than each other. They sing and appear on stage… it is really hard for you. In order to choose players for the national team, you need to fight wits with these people.”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips curved up but his words weren’t polite. “The TNG Club’s ‘The Lu Family’s Young Master and the Four Bodyguards’, the RED Club’s ‘Love and Hate of the Idol Group’ and now the FAD Club’s ‘Actors Take Their Places’. It is such a big show this year and really opened my eyes.”

Qi Heng listened to his words and couldn’t help having mixed feelings in his heart.

Of course, these clubs didn’t suddenly become like this. They were rotten long before Jiang Shaoyu returned to China. However, they heard news in advance every time the league’s discipline team came for an inspection and were prepared. The data handed over by some clubs were falsified and couldn’t be trusted on the surface.

If it wasn’t for Jiang Shaoyu’s sudden raid, he never would’ve imagined that the flesh and blood would’ve long been rotten under the glamorous exterior of some clubs!

Qi Heng sighed and scolded in a low voice, “These clubs should’ve been rectified long ago. The whole circle has been brought into a mess by them. No wonder why the national team can’t achieve results. His mind isn’t on training and competitions. Why are they playing e-sports!”

Jiang Shaoyu stood up with a cold face. “Let’s go. The actors have worked hard for two performances so we have to give them a round of applause.”

Qi Heng followed quickly.

The two of them suddenly entered the training room. After seeing them, the players all looked puzzled. Some of the players had exaggerated acting skills and their mouths were so wide open that an egg could be stuffed inside.

Tang Kai hurriedly took off his headphones. “Vice-chairman Qi…. C-Coach Jiang, why are you here?”

For some reason, he felt a bit guilty facing Jiang Shaoyu’s calm eyes. These sharp eyes seemed to see through all appearances directly into his heart.

Everyone showed a look of ‘sudden realization. “Coach Jiang? Is he God Wing?

“Coach Jiang of the national team?”

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips raised.”Didn’t you know I was coming?”

Everyone shook their heads in unison. “I didn’t know!”

”Coach Jiang, you.. are you here to find someone?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Tang Kai. “Captain Tang, go and call your Coach Cheng. He is in the meeting room next door.”

Tang Kai immediately turned around and went to call someone.

Cheng Feifan lowered his voice in the corridor, “How is it? Is the training match over?”

Tang Kai whispered, “Yes, the two games were fought according to your arrangement. Everyone practiced it before and nothing went wrong.”

Cheng Weiwei smiled. “That’s good!”

He immediately put away his smile when he arrived at the door of the training room. He walked in and asked respectfully, “Coach Jiang, are you looking for me? Are the players not training seriously?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Cheng Feifan gently. “Of course not. I came here to praise you.”

Cheng Feifan suppressed the joy in his heart and wondered, “P-Praise me?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “Yes, I’ve visited so many clubs and your FAD Club is the most serious and passionate when it comes to playing training matches. No matter whether it is the 1st or 2nd team, the players are doing their best. They never give up when at a disadvantage and won’t become arrogant or impetuous when they have the advantage. They cooperate tacitly and have good command. This shows that Coach Cheng usually leads the team well. Under your leadership, the positive spirit of the entire FAD team is indeed worth other clubs learning.”

The players were in a good mood from the praise.

Coach Cheng really had the foresight to rehearse it in advance. They could really get praise from the leaders during the inspection.

Cheng Feifan smiled even more. “How can that be? Coach Jiang, you are flattering us too much, hahaha!”

Qi Heng coughed and suppressed a smile. Ah Yu wasn’t polite when scolding others. Unexpectedly, once he praised others, it was easy to make them dizzy from the praise!

Jiang Shaoyu shifted his gaze to Tang Kai. “In particular, I want to praise the captain Tang Kai very much. Your positioning is flexible and you are decisive in your shots. I haven’t seen you in two months and you made such progress. It really impressed me.”

Tang Kai was overjoyed. He had been very apprehensive when Coach Cheng asked him to rehearse yesterday. He was afraid that something would go wrong and he would be scolded by God Wing. Now it seemed that Old Cheng was far-sighted. In this way, Coach Jiang’s impression of him had changed and he had a great chance of joining the national team in the future!

He was about to smile and thank Coach Jiang for the compliment when Coach Jiang’s words changed the next moment. “My interest has also risen when seeing you playing so fiercely. How about this? Let’s play another game and Vice-chairman Qi and I will join in.”

Everyone: “……”

The smile on everyone’s faces froze at the same time.

Cheng Feifan was a bit confused. “J-Join? Coach Jiang, what do you mean?”

Jiang Shaoyu said gently, “It is to join you guys and play a training match. The snipers of the 1st and 2nd team will be replaced. I will join with Vice-chairman Qi.”

Qi Heng laughed until his stomach hurt. He heard this idea and immediately applauded in agreement. “Good idea! I haven’t played in a long time. In this way, I will go to the 1st team and God Wing will go to the 2nd team. Let’s start again.”

Jiang Shaoyu suggested, “Come, let’s play another round on this Cross Street map.

Qi Heng went to sit down in the middle and Jiang Shaoyu sat opposite him. The surrounding players looked at Coach Cheng in unison and asked with their eyes, ‘What should we do?’

Sweat broke out on Cheng Feifan’s forehead.

F*ck! The two leaders joined in person. How could they keep performing?

The original script didn’t have the two of them!

Jiang Shaoyu saw Cheng Feifan freeze in place and couldn’t help raising his eyebrow slightly. “Coach Cheng, what’s the matter? Do you think the skills of Vice-chairman Cheng and I are too poor to play a practice match with your players?”

Cheng Feifan’s mind returned and he smiled dryly. “How can that be? Coach Jiang is too modest! Who doesn’t know that God Wing and Vice-chairman Qi are the strongest snipers of the past? It is our team members who weren’t worthy. I’m afraid they will be nervous when playing a training match with their seniors.”

Qi Heng simply rolled up his sleeves. “Don’t be nervous. Just play as you did just now. Come and sit, everyone.”

Everyone: “……”

Cheng Feifan had to bite the bullet and had everyone sit down.

He never thought that the national team wouldn’t play cards according to common sense when doing the inspection.

They prepared the answers to Paper A. Then Jiang Shaoyu handed out the papers for Paper B on the spot and personally invigilated the exam?

Tang Kai sat next to Qi Heng. He saw the vice-chairman who wasn’t smiling and his heart was terrified. Coach Cheng arranged the script and kept asking him to go around and kill the sniper on the opposite side, opening up the situation in the rear. Now the sniper on the opposite side was Jiang Shaoyu…

Go around and kill Coach Jiang? Could he kill Coach Jiang?

The third game officially started and the map was still Cross Street where they had fought fiercely with a score of 3:2 just now.

However, the style changed abruptly.

The group of people who just cooperated tacitly suddenly became unable to play the game once the snipers on both sides changed. Tang Kai was supposed to go around the left and quickly sneak into the back row to kill the enemy sniper. However, as soon as he emerged from the side, a bullet pierced through the air and killed him instantly!

[‘Cindy’ has used the MSG Aurora to kill ‘TKTK’ with a headshot!]

Jiang Shaoyu logged into the account of the 2nd team’s sniper and unceremoniously killed Tang Kai in seconds after he made a mistake with his positioning.

According to the script, the front row of the 1st team weren’t able to withstand the attacks of the front row of the 2nd team and would retreat to buy time for Tang Kai. However, the moment they met the other side’s front row, a bullet grazed by their heads and precisely hit the forehead of the enemy charger!

[’lingF’ has used the FR-Brilliance’ to kill ‘Mini’ with a headshot!]

It was Qi Heng who seized the opportunity.

The moment the front row died, the formation of the 2nd team was instantly broken up. In addition, the 1st team had become a mess after Tang Kai died. They moved around like headless flies and Jiang Shaoyu killed them one by one!

They had rehearsed on this map several times. Now that they couldn’t follow the script, everyone was a mess.

Jiang Shaoyu got four kills.

Qi Heng also took the heads of the four children on the opposite side.

The original 5V5 game became a head-to-head challenge between Vice-chairman Qi and Coach Jiang.

Cheng Feifan stood behind them and his back was drenched in sweat as he witnessed the messy game.

They were playing so badly that he couldn’t watch any longer! They could play properly even without a script. Why were they like headless flies who couldn’t play?

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t continue. He just took off the headphones and said coldly, “It isn’t interesting. You died so soon?”

Qi Heng smiled. “Yes, what about your fighting spirit from before?”

The training room was silent and the players were confused.

In fact, they wouldn’t have played like this if Coach Cheng hadn’t written the script for them in advance and allowed them to play freely. As a result, there was a script, and they always thought about following it. This meant they couldn’t react when the players were changed.

Jiang Shaoyu stood up, looked at Cheng Feifan and said coldly, “Coach Cheng, you are really busy with business. Not long ago, you ran to the Xing Network to train a streamer. Then when you came back, you barely rested for a few days before taking a team to rehearse an act. Thank you for your hard work.”

Cheng Feifan: “……”

R-Rehearse an act? Did he see it?

Cheng Feifan was still thinking about how to save it when Jiang Shaoyu stood up and decisively left with Qi Heng.

He was walking to the door when he suddenly stopped and looked back at the players in the training room. His gaze was calm and had no fluctuations. His cold and clear voice was like a sharp knife that instantly pierced everyone’s hearts.

“You are e-sports players, not actors.”

“In the arena, this type of gameplay that arranges the script in advance is equivalent to match-fixing and you will be punished.”

“You should conduct yourself well.”

Looking at the backs of the two people leaving, everyone felt chills in their hearts while Tang Kai looked even more desperate.

Who was Coach Jiang? There was no room for sand in his eyes! Yet they dared to play a fake match in front of the coach of the national team?

It was only at this moment that everyone realized the seriousness of the problem. E-sports was a competition! How could it be compared with the leaders listening to a lecture or a company inspection? Respecting the game was the first rule of the e-sports player code!

What was the point of playing a game when deciding who would kill each person was arranged in advance?

Playing a fake match and acting during a team practice could be called experimenting with tactics. It wasn’t serious enough to be punished but after this inspection, the impression that the FAD Club left in Coach Jiang’s heart… it was estimated that they had surpassed all their previous colleagues and directly fell to the bottom, right?

This attitude was too improper!

Other clubs might play badly but it was true gameplay. No matter how good they played, it was just a fake fight.

Cheng Feifan: “……”

He seemed to have done an irreparably stupid thing. He was really ‘extremely clever!’


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