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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 75

Surprise Inspection

Just as Jiang Shaoyu returned to the national team’s base, Pei Feng happened to come downstairs and saw the national team’s car entering. He hurriedly stepped forward and asked with worry, “Master, where did you go so early in the morning? Are you okay?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “The league called me over to ask some questions. Rest assured, I’m okay.”

Pei Feng had a guess. “Master should’ve received a complaint, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him suspiciously. “How can you guess every time?”

Pei Feng smiled. “If Vice-chairman Qi was looking for you, he would come directly to the base or make a phone call. The fact that you went to the headquarters of the league meant the big leaders personally called you. It was early in the morning so it must be nothing good.”

Yu Mingxiang couldn’t help teasing him. “Xiao Pei, you really know how to analyze and reason things out. You were the first to guess when Ah Yu returned to China.”

Pei Feng said proudly, “Of course, I also have a nickname of Little Detective Pei Feng.”

Jiang Shaoyu ignored the joke of his little apprentice. “Let’s go to the office building.”

Pei Feng quickly followed his master. “For Shi Xiaobin’s side, how will Master arrange it?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “The lawyers have already taken the contract to negotiate with RED to terminate the contract. If it goes well, Shi Xiaobin will stay in the national team as a youth trainee in the future.”

At 11 a.m., Jiang Shaoyu received a call from the legal counsel of the national team. “Coach Jiang, the handover on the RED side has been completed and their legal team stamped the termination contract I brought. Shi Xiaobin’s contract has been successfully terminated and the damage fee will be compensated according to the contract.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Really? They didn’t embarrass you?”

“No? They were quite friendly to me.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked out the window thoughtfully. There was light snow last night and the snow on the road hadn’t completely melted. The weather in the capital in March had changed a lot and they could wear short sleeves to go out when it was sunny, but once it suddenly snowed, they had to take out their sweaters and down jackets.

The attitude of the RED Club was really like this fickle weather. Last night, they complained to the league that Coach Jiang abused his private rights. Then when the lawyer came over today, they didn’t hinder anything and terminated the contract smoothly?

Jiang Shaoyu thought of President Chen, who wore glasses and had cold eyes, and felt that things weren’t so simple.

Jiang Shaoyu knew a bit about Chen Xu, the president of the club. He was a businessman who sought only profit and all principles could be put aside in the face of interests. RED’s previous alpha charger slept with a fan in private but he actually condoned and covered up such an scandal. How could he be willing to let Jiang Shaoyu take away the cash cow Shi Xiaobin?

He was afraid that this President Chen was planning some means of revenge.

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. In any case, no matter what happened, he would take corresponding measures according to the situation. He had left evidence behind throughout the process and he would definitely protect Shi Xiaobin.

Lunch ended and the players came to the training room. Jiang Shaoyu walked over to Shi Xiaobin and told him in a low voice, “Xiao Bin, the contract matter has been settled. you can rest assured to stay in the national team to train.”

Shi Xiaobin bowed excitedly to Jiang Shaoyu. “Thank you, Coach Jiang!”

Jiang Shaoyu hummed and patted him on the shoulder. Then he led the boy over to Old Chang. “This is Coach Chang.”

Shi Xiaobin looked at the other party carefully and was surprised. “Are you the one from the Rising Star Cup, The Affairs of the World are Impermanent?”

Old Chang replied, “Yes, I am the medic who hid in the final round. I met you at the dormitory last night. Did you forget?”

Shi Xiaobin blushed and explained, “I just came to the national team last night and my brain was a bit confused. In addition, the light in the corridor was too dark and I didn’t see who you were.” He bowed politely as he spoke. “Hello, Coach Chang!”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “This is Coach Cui and he was the assistant coach of the last national team. You should know him.”

Shi Xiaobin continued to bow. “Hello, Coach Cui!”

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “This is the assistant Anna.”

Shi Xiaobin bowed. “Hello, Sister Anna!”

He bowed to everyone Jiang Shaoyu introduced. His manners were perfect and the seniors of the national team really liked him.

“Shi Xiaobin, from today on, you will transfer to medic and learn from Coach Chang.” Jiang Shaoyu looked at Chang Rongxuan. “Old Chang, haven’t you always regretted missing the golden age and failing to become an e-sports player? Shi Xiaobin is a very talented child. You can pass on your hide-and-seek style to him.”

Old Chang’s eyes lit up. “Great! So I also have a successor? Hahaha!”

Hua Ran looked at Shu Chen next to him and said enthusiastically, “Brother Chen, you have a partner, You are both medics. Brother Chen is a medic who can flexibly support guerrilla warfare while Shi Xiaobin is a medic that people can’t find. The style is different, isn’t that right Brother Chen?”

“…Uh, yes.”

Why can’t you just ignore me, a person with social fear. My sense of existence is obviously very low, right?

Shi Xiaobin greeted him enthusiastically. “Brother Chen, can I ask you if there is anything I don’t understand about a medic in the future?”

Facing these sincere eyes, Shu Chen hurriedly nodded. “Yes.” Maybe it was because the omega teenager was cute and not aggressive? He found that he wasn’t afraid when looking at Shi Xiaobin and he wasn’t nervous when he spoke.

Shu Chen stammered, “Y-You can sit next to me and ask me if there is anything you don’t understand about a medic.”

Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng looked at each other. Shu Chen actually took the initiative to let Shi Xiaobin sit next to him. It seemed he liked Shi Xiaobin very much? After all, Shu Chen’s fearful personality meant him taking the initiative to help others was unprecedented.

Jiang Shaoyu was very pleased. He really hadn’t guessed wrong. Chen Chen and Xiao Bin would become good friends. One had social fear and the other was a coward. The style of the two medic together was like two small animals hugging each other to keep warm. It gave off a warm feeling.

Jiang Shaoyu arranged the training room before turning to leave. Then he called Yu Mingxiang, “Sister Yu, is the next schedule arranged?”

Yu Mingxiang answered, “Don’t worry, it has been arranged. I booked a ticket for 4 p.m. and we will arrive in C City at 6 p.m. If we have dinner, it should be 8 p.m. by the time we arrive at the club. it is just in time for their training.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay, thank you Sister Yu.”

The next club that Jiang Shaoyu decided to go to was the FAD Club.

The player that the FAD team sent to the national team last year was the scout Tang Kai, the fourth child of the Gourd Babies Squad.

Jiang Shaoyu’s impression of Tang Kai was okay. He had nothing special about him that stood out but there was also nothing annoying. He was a relatively ordinary player.

In the last training match in the national team, Jiang Shaoyu chose the five star difficulty map, Pirate Base. Tang Kai and Ye Qingming fought solo underwater and his reaction was a few tenths of a second slower, causing him to be killed by Ye Qingming. IN other words, Tang Kai’s adaptability and reaction speed were worse compared with Ye Zi.

After all, Ye Qingming was a rare talented player. Looking at the entire professional league, there were almost no scouts who could fight solo with Ye Zi. His apprentice Xiao ye had imitated his playing style and hadn’t formed his own style yet. If Tang Kai could be a stable scout and search well, which was different from Ye Qingming’s style, it was possible to consider choosing him for the national team to cooperate with some stable, defensive lineups.

At 3:30 p.m., everyone saw Qi Heng at the airport.

Vice-chairman Qi took his assistant and strode toward Jiang Shaoyu, asking in a low voice, “The league looked for you this morning? They passed over me, the person in charge, and looked for you alone. Did they embarrass you?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “I received a complaint. It is a normal process for the Discipline Inspection Commission to find me alone for investigation. There is no need to worry.”

Qi Heng took a breath. “F*k! A complaint? Who did this… the RED Club, right?”

They had gone to inspect TNG half a month ago and Jiang Shaoyu had the video of the match where Young Master Lu swore and scolded his teammates. TNG definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to complain about Jiang Shaoyu and smash their own feet. YY was even more impossible. They had happily sent Ye Qingming away.

So was there a need to ask who made the complaint?

Qi Heng’s temples twitched and he scolded in a low voice, “Are they stupid? Do they think that by making a complaint against you, the league will suspend you for investigation?”

Jiang Shaoyu shrugged. “Their club’s opinions aren’t unified. It is probably that a pig teammate came out and helped me. I played the recordings and the league is on my side. Perhaps they will thoroughly investigate this club after a while.”

Qi Heng saw Jiang Shaoyu’s calm expression and relaxed. He instructed, “In the future, call me in advance if the leaders of the league embarrasses you again. I will support you.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay.”

The boarding reminder was heard. The group boarded the plane and landed at C City’s Airport two hours later.

They still followed the previous method and raided the club after eating.

The manager of FAD was very surprised. “Vice-chairman Qi, Coach Jiang? Why are you here without saying a word in advance? I would’ve sent someone to pick you up!”

Qi Heng and Jiang Shaoyu cooperated tacitly. They asked the manager to call the coaching staff and data expert and Qin Bo opened the signal jammer to copy the data.

Cheng Feifan, FAD’s coach, took the initiative to extend his hand and greeted them warmly. “Hello, Coach Jiang. Why did you suddenly come to our club?” The middle-aged man with a big, round face smiled so widely that his eyes narrowed into slits.

Jiang Shaoyu shook hands with him. “Coach Cheng? Have I seen you somewhere before?”

Cheng Feifan’s back stiffened slightly and he hurriedly said, “No no. I’ve admired the name of God Wing for a long time and this is the first time I’ve met you in person. As expected of a famous person. Your demeanor hasn’t diminished from back then!”

Jiang Shaoyu listened to this exaggerated praise and there was no expression on his face. “Oh, there was someone who looked quite like you at the Rising Stars Cup. Perhaps I made a mistake?”

Sweat dripped on Cheng Feifan’s forehead. “Haha, it must’ve been a mistake!”

Qin Bo coughed lightly to hold back his laughter. ‘Cheng Feifan, why are you pretending? Wasn’t it you at the Rising Stars Cup? At that time, it was the match between Pei Feng and Brother Hai. The Xing Network invited you, FAD’s coach, to guide Brother Hai and selected a bunch of maps that targeted Pei Feng’s sniper.’

In the end, Pei Feng didn’t use a sniper. He changed between four positions and beat ‘Brother Hai’ into ‘Younger Brother Hai.’

Coach Cheng had been wearing a mask at the time but his figure and big face were unique and highly recognizable in the e-sports circle.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t expose him and just said, “Is there a practice match scheduled for today? I’ll take a look.”

Cheng Feifan hurriedly replied, “Yes, the time for our practice matches is from 8 to 11 o’clock every night. Coach Jiang, this way.” He wanted to take Jiang Shaoyu over but Jiang Shaoyu refused. “I don’t need you to lead the way. I can go over by myself. Please give me an OB account.”

A moment later, FAD’s coaching staff was locked up in the office. Jiang Shaoyu and Qi Heng walked to the small training room next door and logged in using the OB perspective.

The players were preparing for a practice match.

Jiang Shaoyu used the administrator account and logged into the room from the perspective of the referee. Everyone saw the system message ‘Cheng has entered the room to watch’ and greeted him one after another. “Coach Cheng is here!”

”Coach, shall we start?”

“Yes, start.”

Everyone immediately pressed the ready button.

The practice match was the Endless Bloody Battle mode and the map was Hope Port.

Hope Port was a common map in the league. Due to the large number of containers piled up on the map, the narrow passage and the many forked paths, the playing style and tactics available were very rich.

FAD’s 1st team was led by Tang Kai and the method they used was guerrilla warfare with all five people scattered. The 2nd team mimicked the defensive tactics of their opponent in the next match, BM.

The moment the match began, deafening gunfire was heard on the map. The charger and assaulter of the 2nd team had joined forces to form a defensive line, making it impossible for the 1st team to break through.

The front row of the two sides exchanged fierce gunfire. Seeing that the front row of the 1st team was being repelled, Tang Kai suddenly circled around the side and directly killed the enemy sniper in seconds!

[’TKTK’ has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill ‘Cindy’ with a headshot!]

After killing the sniper, Tang Kai immediately sneaked into the passage of a container and hid his figure.

The scout in black quickly moved between the boxes like a snake. He suddenly stopped at the corner and listened carefully to the footsteps around him. Just then, a medic passed by, apparently to save the sniper.

Tang Kai jumped out unexpectedly and shot decisively.

[’TKTK’ has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill Ah Long888’ with a headshot!]

The medic was killed. The scout on the opposite side sensed the movement and went around to stab him. The two people met on a narrow path.

The boxes here were too crowded and their vision was obstructed. It was difficult to shoot from a close distance so Tang Kai immediately switched to a knife and fought with the scout of the 2nd team.

Moments later, Tang Kai slashed his opponent’s throat.

[’TKTK’ used the ‘Blood Blade’ to kill ‘Xiao Feifei’ with a single blow!]

TKTK has won a triple kill!

It was a triple kill and the situation was reversed in an instant. The front row of the 1st team immediately pressed forward and destroyed the 2nd team.

In the first game, the heads ratio was 5:2. Tang Kai took a triple kill and his teammates eliminated the remaining two.

In the next game, the 1st team continued to adopt the strategy of spreading out and breaking through. The front row retreated to give the scout time to detour and find the enemy. Tang Kai was as flexible as a fish in the deep sea and won a double kill!

The third game was undoubtedly won.

The MVP player of this match was undoubtedly TKTK (Tang Kai) with a record of 7 kills, 0 deaths and 3 assists.

Qi Heng couldn’t help praising him. “This Tang Kai has made great progress!”

It was normal for the 1st team to win against the 2nd team in a practice match. Tang Kai was the captain of FAD and it was normal for the last scout of the national team to score 3 kills in a team practice match and perform well.

It was all so normal that Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help smiling slightly. “It is good acting.”

Qi Heng looked back at Jiang Shaoyu in surprise. “What?”

Jiang Shaoyu coldly told him, “FAD knew we were coming and arranged this script to show us in advance.”

“……” Qi Heng couldn’t see it and was a bit puzzled. “How are you so sure that it was rehearsed in advance?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “A student with a score of 50 points can score 60 points if they work hard. This is normal. Look at Mo Hantian. He trained really hard on the Korean server and his awareness has improved. He has passed in my opinion. But… Vice-chairman Qi, have you ever seen a student with a score of 50 suddenly get a score of 100 in just half a month?”

Qi Heng: “……”

Jiang Shaoyu tapped the table with his finger. “Unless, he got the paper and knew the exam questions in advance.”

It made sense!

Tang Kai’s performance in the national team wasn’t that good. Yet in today’s inspection, he was so excellent that even Ye Qingming would be willing to bow down!

The scout used a wave of three kills to reverse the situation and the shots were clear and neat. He first killed the sniper and then the medic. This thinking was extremely clear. Then how could there be a slow reaction during the national team’s training match?

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes slightly. “It seems that the news of us inspecting the clubs has leaked out and FAD has arranged a script for us to see. They want us to see Tang Kai’s excellence and select Tang Kai into the national team. Vice-chairman Qi, why don’t we… keep enjoying their performance?”

Qi Heng smiled and gave a thumbs up. “You still have such sharp eyes!”

He was almost deceived by these gang of grandchildren! What was this script arrangement that was played out in front of the coach of the national team?


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