Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 62


Ye Qingming was easy going during the days of ACE, just like the naughtiest student in class. Every time he made a mistake, he was caught by Jiang Shaoyu and ordered by the captain to write a self-criticism. The last time he slept in the national team, he was scolded and woken up by Jiang Shaoyu. This time, Jiang Shaoyu came to YY for a surprise inspection. He thought he could reform himself but he was sleeping again?

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept over the faces of the master and apprentice like a sharp sword. He said coldly, “The upper beam isn’t correct so the lower beam has become crooked. Since you have accepted an apprentice, shouldn’t you lead by example and set a good example for your apprentice? How can you teach him to be lazy and to lie?”

Ye Qingming was stunned for a moment. He looked back at his apprentice and asked in a low voice, “What did you lie about?”

Ye Suian hunched his neck like a quail and explained in a low voice, “I thought he was your love rival or ex-boyfriend who had come to the club to settle old accounts with you. He was aggressive and looked like he was going to kill you? Didn’t I do this for your own good? I just said that you aren’t in the club and emotional things can’t be forced…”

Ye Qingming: “!!!”

Your cleverness is broken. This person who pits others, you pitted your master?!

To the side, Qi Heng was holding back his laughter to the point of receiving an internal injury. What should he say about Ye Qingming? Ye Qingming hit the muzzle every time and jumped back and forth on Jiang Shaoyu’s endurance limit. It was no wonder that he became the king of self-criticisms. He really deserved it.

Jiang Shaoyu stared at Ye Qingming. “You really deserve to be a master and apprentice. The master continues to sleep and the apprentice goes to hand grind coffee. Tomorrow, your apprentice and master should retire together. Find a place with green mountains and blue water to fish, drink coffee and talk about how good life is. Why play e-sports?”

The master and apprentice, “……”

Ye Suian looked confused. How could his hand grinding coffee be known by this great god?

Ye Qingming quickly recovered and said very proactively, “I will write a 1,000 word self-criticism tonight and hand it over to Coach Jiang tomorrow morning!” Then he patted his little apprentice’s head. “Aren’t you admitting your mistake yet?”

Ye Suian also came back to his senses and followed along. “I was wrong! I will also write a 1,000 word self-criticism?”

However, he had never written a self-criticism. How could he make up 1,000 words?

Jiang Shaoyu had no expression on his face and said coldly, “Ye Suian, right? Go change your clothes, come back for practice and I’ll see how you train.”

Ye Suian immediately turned around and ran upstairs at a speed like a 100 meter race. He changed his clothes and ran down. It only took less than three minutes to go back and forth, which was comparable to Ye Qingming.

Ye Qingming smiled and flattered Jiang Shaoyu. “Brother Yu, don’t be angry. Xiao Ye is very clever and is good at imagining things. He hasn’t seen you or Vice-chairman Qi. He saw you suddenly come to the club to find me and thought it was a love rival settling accounts.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow slightly. “A love rival? Oh, it seems that your relationship history is quite rich?”

Ye Qingming hurriedly shook his head. “No, my relationship history is very simple. I even have my first kiss still remaining. I am a particularly conservative alpha and I don’t even dare touch other people’s hands until the wedding night.

Qi Heng couldn’t help laughing while Jiang Shaoyu stared blankly at Ye Qingming. Then he turned around and walked into the training room.

Just then, Xiao Ye had finished changing his clothes and came over. He followed behind his master with his head hanging low. The people in the training room saw Ye Qingming and greeted him with a smile. “Captain Ye! Captain Ye, you woke up?”

The white-haired young man who knocked over the coffee cup just now smiled. “Yo, Xiao Yezi. You move quickly and these clothes are very good-looking.”

Everyone was laughing and joking, but they immediately stopped when they saw the indifferent young man behind Ye Qingming. Why was this person’s gaze so scary? Cold eyes swept over the training room and sent chills down their spines.

Ye Qingming immediately gave an introduction. “This is Coach Jiang of the national team. He came with Vice-chairman Qi to our club for an inspection. Everyone, bow to him.”

Everyone stood up in unison and bowed. “Hello, Coach Jiang!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the red, blue, white and golden heads in front of him and said casually, “Your hair color variety is quite rich.”

Everyone looked at each other. The outside world also called the YY team the ‘Rainbow team’ because the players had colorful hair. In the recent Rising Stars Cup, their favorite contestant was Hua Ran, who had purple hair and was very similar to their style.

Ye Qingming explained with a smile, “Cough, our club is relatively free. As long as we play the game well, the coaching staff doesn’t care what color we dye our hair. Of course, we must wear a team uniform during the official game. Torn jeans, slippers and the like aren’t allowed to be worn to the arena.”

Most e-sports players were young and their aesthetics varied. Jiang Shaoyu was too lazy to ask how these teenagers dressed themselves. He turned around, went to one side and turned on a computer. “Aren’t you going to play a practice match? Do it now.”

Xiao Yezi came to his senses and hurriedly said, “Brothers, get ready quickly!”

The 10 people took their seats and opened the game. Ye Qingming sat next to Jiang Shaoyu and said attentively, “Brother Yu, you can use the referee’s perspective to enter and log into my account.” Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him and signaled for him to enter the password. Ye Qingming quickly entered it.

The young man’s slender fingers moved and tapped as if dancing on a keyboard.

In fact, Ye Qingming was the fastest player in the ACE team, even faster than Jiang Shaoyu. This was also the key to him becoming a first-class scout. A scout was a position that tested movement and adaptability. It was easy to walk around a corner and meet a group of people from the enemy side. It was easy to die if they didn’t react quickly. Yezi’s reaction speed was like the wind and he was so fast that the opponent couldn’t see where he was. Meanwhile, he could stab people to death with a knife in the back. Such a talent was very rare.

However, Jiang Shaoyu often said to him, “Don’t be lazy and waste your talent just because you have it. If an e-sports player stands still, he will be surpassed one day. It is because everyone is working hard. Perhaps people with more than than you will work harder than you!”

During the S3 season, the domestic e-sports environment was actually very good and everyone worked hard. It was just that over the years, major clubs had been won over by a lot of capital and the coaches gradually lost real power. They didn’t attach importance to the game and started to be more interested in ‘making stars.’

The YY Club had always been loosely managed. Regardless of Ye Qingming sleeping in, they cultivated this guy’s lazy temperament. Yet relatively speaking, TT was much better than TNG. At the very least, they were prepared for a practice match and weren’t afraid of Jiang Shaoyu watching the game in person.

Ye Qingming logged into his account, built a room and pulled everyone in while explaining, “Our practice match today is to prepare for the next match against TNG. Our tactics can’t be leaked before the start of the game but Brother Yu and Vice-chairman Qi can watch it if you want to.”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t say much and told them directly, “Let’s go.”

The 10 players quickly put on their headphones and pressed the ready button.

The members of the 1st team were the starting members of YY, apart from Ye Qingming’s scout position that was replaced by his apprentice Xiao Yezi. No one else was changed. The 2nd team was YY’s substitutes.

At the beginning of the game, the home map they chose was ‘General’s Mausoleum.’ This was common in the league and it was said that several generals who died in battle were buried here. The map was dimly lit and there were many forked roads. This made it convenient for melee combat and scouting detours. Snipers also had a good space to play.

The mode was Extreme Duel and the first to get 50 heads first would win.

At the beginning of the game, Ye Suian ran like a gust of wind. The others scattered their positions and the sniper went to ambush in the distance. The medic charged forward with the two melee fighters, the charger and assaulter.

The front row of the two sides fought fiercely and the gunshots that rang out on the map were endless.

Ye Suian of the 1st team was in charge of the command and the teenager’s clear voice rang in his ears. “I found it. Rush for a wave!”

The moment he finished speaking, the team of five people suddenly started to rush forward at the same time.

A kill notification popped up on the screen.

[’Little Yellow Leaf’ has used the Rose Blade to kill ‘Tian Tian’ with one strike!]

Ye Suian had found the lone sniper on the enemy side and killed him. Immediately after that, the 1st team attacked in an all-round way. It was a fierce wave of firepower and they directly killed the front row of the 2nd team. This wave became 2 for 5. The 1st team gained a small amount of ammunition and earned the heads of five people.

Next, Ye Suian continued to wander around the map to specifically look for the opposite sniper.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly understood their strategy. “Are you targeting the sniper?”

Ye Qingming answered, “Yes. TNG’s strongest point is actually their sniper Pang Yu. If we kill him, we can break their linkage combination of sniper + scout. There isn’t the threat of a long-range sniper so their front row is just a group of younger brothers. We can casually kill them.”

Jiang Shaoyu and Qi Heng looked at each other.

Yezi was right. They had just come from inspecting TNG. For TNG, the one with the best record was Lu Xingyun, but Lu Xingyun’s record was actually very padded. The real core was the fat and thin combination of sniper + scout. It seemed that YY had developed a way to play against TNG but what was TNG doing? All the players started streaming to earn money. Did they really think that YY wouldn’t pose a threat to them and they would win steadily just because YY’s captain Ye Qingming was banned?

The next game was played very smoothly. Ye Suian was very difficult to handle. The 2nd team organized several counter encirclements but they were all successfully resolved by the cooperation between the 1st team and Ye Suian’s sudden attack.

Jiang Shaoyu could see that the 2nd team was deliberately imitating TNG’s tactics and the 1st team was trying to crack them. This training match was played quite professionally. It obviously wasn’t a temporary rush. They carefully studied and arranged tactics a few days ago.

After the game, Jiang Shaoyu wondered, “This is your home game. What if it is TNG’s home game?”

Ye Qingming loudly called out, “Everyone, change the map and play another game.”

In the second game, they changed to TNG’s favorite map and played the Endless Bloody Battle mode.

This time, it was no longer the scout using assassination and sneak attacks. Rather, the core was the sniper. The medic followed by the sniper’s side as a bodyguard. Xiao Yezi was only responsible for finding people in order to provide vision for his teammates. The five men worked well together and won the game 3:1 in the end.

Jiang Shaoyu stood up and said, “Okay, Ye Qingming. You come with me. The others should continue to train.”

Ye Qingming quickly got up and followed him. The teenagers in the room exchanged looks. “Captain Ye was called away. Will Coach Jiang scold him?”

”I don’t know. I heard that the person Captain Ye fears the most is God Wing!”

Outside the door, Jiang Shaoyu took Ye Qingming to a corner of the corridor and asked, “Did you come up with this set of tactics?”

Ye Qingming scratched his head. “Yes, haven’t I been suspended? I can’t play so I have to follow the coaching staff to study the opponent’s tactics.”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t make any comments. He was the coach of the national team and he couldn’t take sides with one club and talk about tactical issues. He changed the topic and said, “Ye Suian, this newcomer, how long have you been training him?”

“More than half a year.” Ye Qingming couldn’t help smiling at the mention of his apprentice. “This kid has a good talent. He has been learning from me for half a year and he has already imitated my shadow attack tactics to 90%. His imitation ability is very strong but he is young and hasn’t developed his own style. It isn’t a good thing to imitate me all the time. If it wasn’t for my suspension, I wouldn’t have wanted him to shoulder this burden so early.”

“It doesn’t hurt to hone him early.” Jiang Shaoyu paused and looked at him. “There is a successor to the scout of the YY team and you are sleeping in the dormitory all day because you are idle. Then it is better for you to go to the national team with me.”

“Huh?” Ye Qingming looked frightened. “No? Wont’ my life be too sad if I’m always under your nose?”

“I think that you are just living too comfortably!” Jiang Shaoyu stared at him coldly. “You love to sleep so much. Why don’t you carry your bed to play a game?”

“……” Ye Qingming touched his nose and looked innocent. “People always have to sleep. I sleep in the afternoon and train until 3 a.m. I am a night owl. Since I don’t have to train with them, I can freely arrange my training time.”

“You mean, you don’t want to go?” Jiang Shaoyu interrupted him.

“I… I am very willing!” Ye Qingming’s expression looked like he was going to an execution ground.

Qi Heng held back his smile. “Yezi, no one in the YY team can control you. Coach Jiang wants to control you personally. Go and tell the club.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, just say that you have been suspended and will go to the national team to be a sparring partner and to make a small contribution. As for whether you will be selected to enter the official national team, it will be decided by your subsequent performance.”

Ye Qingming rubbed his forehead helplessly and went to ask for leave from the club.

If he was carried back by Brother Ye, wasn’t this the rhythm of writing a self-criticism every day?

The group of people in the YY Club were waiting in horror for Jiang Shaoyu to scold them. As a result, Coach Jiang showed mercy and didn’t scold them. Instead, Ye Qingming came to ask for leave. He said he would go to the national team tomorrow to be scolded and to be a sparring partner as well. Manager Yu acted like he had seen a big Buddha. “Great! Coach Jiang, our Yezi will be handed over to you!”

Ye Qingming: “??”

Was he sending away the plague god?

In the evening, Ye Suian nervously sent a message to his master: Master, I heard that you have taken a leave of absence and you are going to the national team to be a sparring partner?

Ye Qingming replied: Hey, the future is difficult and we won’t see each other for a while. As your master, I have an inheritance to leave you.

Ye Suian saw this tone like he was giving his last words and said excitedly: Inheritance? Do you really want to give it to me? Is it millions?!

Ye Qingming narrowed his eyes: You seem to be very happy to get a share of your master’s inheritance?

Ye Suian: Hehe, if you really give me your inheritance then I will start calling you Father. Look, we both have the surname Ye. I don’t even have to change my surname.

Ye Qingming’s eyes rolled and he knocked on the door of his silly apprentice’s bedroom. He handed him a small box, touched his apprentice’s red hair and said seriously, “Master will leave tomorrow. I will hand this precious inheritance over to you for safekeeping. Remember to pass it on well.

Ye Suian pretended to be moved and opened the box, only to see a thick stack of people inside. There were sincere confessions written on it in flamboyant handwriting.

At the top of each piece of paper were the big words: Self-Criticism Book.

Ye Suian: “……”

Before Master went to the national team, the ‘inheritance’ left to him was actually a thick stack of self-criticism books?

Didn’t other masters pass on tactical secrets and experience to their apprentices? Why give him a stack of self-criticism books? Was his master’s inheritance the self-criticism books? Couldn’t it be a bit more reliable?”


  1. Unknown says:

    Xiao Ye Zi should cherish that inheritance. It’s basically a cheat sheet for when he needs it in the future. Bwahahahaha

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    The legendary cheat upss I mean inheritance

  3. Aeanbelle Frost says:

    Too cool haha inheritance

  4. Ju Ir says:

    Ye Suian also came back to his senses and followed along. “I was wrong! I will also write a 1,000 word self-criticism?”

    However, he had never written a self-criticism. How could he make up 1,000 words?

    Lil Ye Zi, Big Ye Zi gave you the lifeline for survival. Cherish that inheritance . You need that, desperately

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