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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 16

Training Match

The shooting game Gun King had a very rich map library. There were cities, islands, jungles, mountains… a variety of battle maps of different sizes made the professional league more exciting.

The official difficulty of the map was divided into three stars, four stars and five stars.

A three star map was a map that often appeared in the online game qualifying matches. It was simple and easy to remember. They just had to practice it a few times to remember the direction and path. It was suitable for novice players who were getting started.

Four star maps were often used in the professional league. For example, the Skyscraper they just played on was a four star map. It had a large number of obstacles and forked paths that made it convenient for professional players to detour and maneuver. The coaches could also arrange different tactics according to different maps.

The biggest feature of a five star map was the complex terrain and environmental interference. Environmental interferences included heavy rain, fog, snow, hurricanes, waves, etc. It wasn’t stable and it was rare for it to be used in the professional league.

Pirate Base was one of the most complicated five star maps in the gap.

There was a dilapidated pirate ship that floated in the middle of the sea while the players on both sides were spawned at the bow and stern respectively. The huge waves that occurred every minute would make the hull shake violently and it was easy for the bullets fired by the players to be deflected. The players could dive into the water to hide, they could fight directly on the deck or they could hide in the cabins to play a guerrilla battle.

Jiang Shaoyu chose such a complicated map for their training match in order to see the accuracy of their marksmanship, their teamwork and their ability to adapt to changes.

Of course, the most important thing was their psychological quality.

The urging in Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze caused the 10 people who were named to quickly find a place to sit.

Lao Lin created a custom match room and pulled the others in. Then he chose the map. Jiang Shaoyu entered the match room from the referee’s point of view and typed: Let’s go.

The map of the game loaded and the group of people held their breaths nervously.

Team 1 was the charger Shi Xiaobin, the assaulter Xia Li, the sniper Liu Shaozhou, the scout Ye Qingming, and the medic Zhang Yue.

Team 2 was the charger Lu Xingyun, the assaulter Zhou Yiran, the sniper Mo Hantian and the medic Ming Xi.

The way that Coach Jiang split up the teams wasn’t random. The strength of the two teams was actually pretty evenly matched.

The most powerful person in Team 1 was the sniper Liu Shaozhou. Shi Xiaobin and Xia Li in the front row were members of the Gourd Babies Squad.

The most powerful person in Team 2 was the assaulter Zhou Yiran. Xiao Lu and Xiao Tang were newcomers who had just been scolded. As for Mo Hantian… his eyes were still red.

Overall, Team 1 was strong in ranged combat and Team 2 was strong in melee combat.

The team that won the battle would depend on teamwork.

This difficult map wasn’t used in the professional league so they hadn’t practiced with it at all. Everyone couldn’t help being nervous about playing a training match on a relatively unfamiliar map.

The game started with Team 1 spawning at the stern and Team 2 at the bow.

Ye Qingming jumped directly into the sea, trying to move around the sea for scouting. Tang Kai of Team 2 thought the same and also jumped in. The two people happened to choose the sea area on the same side.

The two of them had only been swimming in the water for a short time when they collided head-on. Their eyes widened when they saw each other. Ye Qingming didn’t hesitate to stab Tang Kai and Tang Kai wasn’t far behind. The dagger in his hand headed straight to Ye Qingming.

It was a pity that he was a step slower!

The sea was soon stained with blood.

[’Leaf Ye Zi’ assassinated ‘TKTK’ with the Rose Blade.]

At this time, Ye Qingming had just killed his opponent and was within range of Mo Hantian, the sniper of Team 2.

However, Xiao Mo didn’t notice the location of his teammate’s death at all, let alone the location of his opponent.

The best time to shoot was missed? It actually missed???

Jiang Shaoyu frowned and his head was full of question marks. He continued to watch it with a cold expression.

The scout of Team 2 died at the start and they fell into a disadvantage. Fortunately, the two output positions of charger and assaulter were very good. They used firepower one after another to suppress the other side and directly rushed to the deck.

In contrast, the charger of Team 1, Shi Xiaobin, couldn’t get rid of the problem of excessive caution. He hid in the cabins to wait for an opportunity. He heard the gunshots and footsteps coming from above and wanted to attack when the opportunity was approaching. Unfortunately, his teammate in this round was Xia Li.

The female alpha, Xia Li, played like a wild horse out of control. She saw the enemy coming and directly raised her assault rifle to rush up. As a result, she was swept to death by the bullets of the other side.

Shi Xiaobin rushed up and also died.

[’Xiao Lu’ used Uzi MAC-Fanatic to kill ‘Xia Xia’s Summer’.]

[’Xiao Lu’ used Uzi MAC-Fanatic to kill ‘Refined and Courteous’.]

Jiang Shaoyu’s expression became even uglier.

It was very good. One death and get the other one for free. It was directly giving the opponent a double kill!

Lu Xingyun’s wave of double kills was okay, but in order to show off, he showed the obvious behavior of ‘grabbing people’s heads’ and moved too far away.

Sure enough, the sniper Liu Shaozhou of Team 1 seized the opportunity and shot up.

[’Chief Zong’ used FR-Nether to kill ‘Xiao Lu’ with a headshot!]

The kill notices constantly appeared on the screen. In the blink of an eye, four people each had died in Team 1 and Team 2. Liu Shaozhou and Zhou Yiran, the two most powerful players, were the only ones left for a head-on battle.

The Pirate Base map was a night map and the scene was dimly lit. This undoubtedly made it difficult for snipers to aim. Liu Shaozhou quickly jumped down from the sniper point and started a guerrilla battle with Zhou Yiran.

The sound of gunfire was constant. Zhou Yiran was just about to catch up to Liu Shaozhou when a huge wave swept in and the pirate ship started to shake violently!

Zhou Yiran seized the opportunity. He rolled in the direction of the wave and shot without hesitation!

[’Xiao Xiao Zhou’ used the AK-47-Thousand Changes to kill ‘Chief Liu’!]

Jiang Shaoyu slightly narrowed his eyes.

There was no need to talk about the others’ bad showing but Liu and Zhou were okay.

He continued to watch the next round.

In the second round, neither scout went into the water and a guerrilla battle started on the boat.

Ye Qingming sneaked into the cabins and quickly moved around to the stern. He sneaked up on them and killed Team 2’s medic!

A medic was killed at the beginning and Team 2 was once again at a disadvantage.

Fortunately, Zhou Yiran was a relatively calm person and he and Ye Zi were old teammates. He knew Ye Zi’s extreme scouting method and took the initiative to use the cabin for an ambush. He suddenly shot the other person when Ye Zi was passing by.

However, he couldn’t deal with Liu Shaozhou, the sniper of Team 1. He stayed in the cabin aisle and shot them one by one, quickly killing all the players of Team 2. Zhou Yiran alone was unable to reverse things and was regrettably defeated.

The two sides tied at 1:1.

The third round was the most critical tiebreaker.

The players on both sides were a bit nervous once up to this point. After all, this was the first training match of the national team after the new coach took office. It would affect the new coach’s impression of them.

The members of the Gourd Babies Squad might already have a very bad impression in Coach Jiang’s heart but everyone still wanted to recover a little bit of it.

Shi Xiaobin gathered up his courage and rushed forward with Xia Li!

Mo Hantian finally woke up from his sleepwalking. He quickly found a sniper point and shot Shi Xiaobin, who rushed over.

Shi Xiaobin: “………”

It was better to continue ‘shrinking’ back then to rush out and die QAQ.

Xia Li played exceptionally in this round. Her status fluctuations seemed to have fluctuated to the peak. She shot frantically with two guns and actually swept the front row of the opposite side to death.

Team 1’s sniper, Liu Shaozhou, directly climbed onto the sail, set up his gun and killed three people in a row.

Xiao Zhou’s teammates all died and he was stabbed to death by his old teammate, Ye Qingming.

The match ended and Team 1 won.

The players of Team 1 didn’t show much joy, especially Shi Xiaobin and Xia Li. They might’ve won but they knew that they managed to win due to Brother Liu and Ye Zi. They hadn’t played any role in it.

The players of Team 2 were even more frustrated. Apart from Zhou Yiran, who was still smiling and very calm, the others’ heads were hanging so low it was about to touch their chest.

Lao Lin secretly glanced at Jiang Shaoyu’s face.

Jiang Shaoyu’s face was dark the entire time and his furrowed brow hadn’t relaxed for even a moment. It seemed that Coach Jiang was very dissatisfied with this training match! It was over…

He was probably going to scold them again!

Lao Lin just had this thought when Jiang Shaoyu really opened his mouth. His eyes swept over the people present and he coldly asked, “Are you performing a show of noobs pecking at each other?”

Everyone: “……”

Noobs pecking at each other?

It was worthy of Coach Jiang! His scolding hit the nail on the head!

Jiang Shaoyu stood up with a frown. “I’m not interested in reviewing it. What was that messy match? If I hadn’t watched it on the spot, I really wouldn’t be able to believe that this is the level of the national team.”

The group of people lowered their heads collectively. Even the better performing Liu Shaozhou, Xiao Zhou and Ye Zi looked embarrassed. In fact, they knew that this training match was indeed a mess.

They were too rushed and weren’t mentally prepared. The map was also unfamiliar. It was like they were pushed to do something beyond their ability and the mentality of the teenagers collapsed. There was no cooperation and they really looked like ‘complete noobs pecking at each other’!

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Xiao Mo, who wanted to bury himself in the corner, and asked coldly, “Mo Hantian, what were you doing? In the first round when Ye Zi killed Xiao Tang, his position was within your range but you didn’t shoot. Are you playing a game or sleepwalking? Can’t you help your teammate collect a corpse when they die?”

“Then there is you, Shi Xiaobin. You are so timid when playing a game. The bullets will hit your game character, not you. What do you have to be afraid of? What type of e-sports player is so afraid to die?”

“Xia Li, brainlessly rushing forward without looking at the position of your teammates!”

“Tang Kai, you were stunned when encountering the opposite scout in the sea? That second in which you were stunned is enough to kill you ten times!”

“Xiao Lu, your playing style is too aggressive and the details are a mess.”

“Medics, you can’t even save your teammates and are the first to die? Is your first aid kid used as a model display?”

“The cooperation is broken like scattered sand. Everyone, you really opened my eyes.”

Everyone: “……”

The training room was silent. The newcomers were terrified and their brains were numb from the scolding.

Some thin-skinned people couldn’t help shedding tears while those with thicker skin lowered their heads and blushed while thinking about how to write a self-criticism letter later.

“My words might be hard to hear but I am telling you the truth. I don’t want the national team I trained to go abroad like a flock of sheep and be abused to the point of being powerless to fight back.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “You are dismissed. I can’t see your personal strength and the team cooperation is like a random group. Go back and write a self-criticism. You can’t sleep anyway so stay up late to write it. Tomorrow afternoon, come to my office one by one to hand it in!”

The group of people turned off their computers in a depressed manner and lined up to silently leave the training room.

It was only 10:30 in the evening. Lao Lin looked at Jiang Shaoyu and wanted to talk, only to hesitate. Finally, he inwardly sighed and turned to keep up with the team.

This was the earliest time for the national team to finish training.

In the past, they used to train from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. before playing the game by themselves. It was normal for them to play until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.

It ended at 10:30 today but no one was happy at all.

On the way back to the dormitory, they passed by the sports field. Everyone lowered their heads in a dejected manner and silently moved forward in a line. They were like exiled prisoners and there was no brightness in their eyes.

Ye Zi laughed heartlessly. “Little ones, do you know how to write a 1,000 word self-criticism?”

The teenagers heard this and immediately looked at him.

Ye Qingming snapped his fingers and smiled. “I have experience with this problem. During my time in ACE, I was the one who wrote the most self-criticism letters!”

Everyone: “……”

Listening to his tone, why was he still a bit proud?

“I will teach you a trick. You can divide it into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, apologize sincerely and recognize your mistakes. In the second paragraph, carefully explain where you went wrong and express your heartbreak while looking back on the past. If the number of words isn’t enough then start reflecting from your youth training camp period. Then in the third paragraph, talk about your future plans and express your determination to change and become a new person.”

Everyone: “……”

It was too hard.

They couldn’t even write a 800 word essay.

A 1,000 word self-criticism? It was a nightmare just thinking about it.

Shi Xiaobin politely asked in a low voice, “Brother Ye, should it be handwritten or an electronic version?”

Ye Qingming said ruthlessly, “Handwritten. This way there is sincerity, understood?”

The teenagers: “……”

1,000 words by hand? Despair x2.

Zhou Yiran saw the miserable, pale faces of this group of people and laughed lightly. Then he comforted them in a low voice, “In fact, Brother Yu doesn’t have bad intentions. He just hopes that the national team can improve and achieve better results. Don’t hold grudges. He has always had such a temper. If you make mistakes in the future, he will continue to let you write the self-criticism letter.

They had to write it in the future?

Despair x3.

Lao Lin agreed. “Yes. He is someone with a tough mouth but a soft heart. Today he scolded you a bit fiercely but don’t take it to heart. You were originally the ones to make the mistake. He scolded you as an initial show of strength after becoming coach. The more powerful ones are still to come.”

What? The more powerful words would come later?

Despair x4.

The veterans of ACE, you might as well not open your mouth to comfort us!

In the training room, Jiang Shaoyu’s serious expression eased up when the team members walked out.

Vice-chairman Qi smiled and joked, “Ah Yu, it is said that new officials set three fires when they take off. On your first day in office, you directly burned the players of the national team!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at him calmly. “The situation of the next World Series is more severe than I thought. The teams from North America, Europe and South Korea are all very strong. I can’t bring a group of little sheep to fight against jackals, tigers and leopards, right?”

He looked out the window at the players who were walking in a line in a depressed manner on the sports field. “Only those who have experienced despair yet can immediately adjust their emotions after being beaten up and can get up to play the next world—they are the only ones qualified to stand on the field of the World Series.”

“A first-class operation, tough mentality, courage to fight and clear thinking. They aren’t afraid of strong enemies or of failure.

“That is how I will select the members of the national team.”

Vice-chairman Qi and Yu Mingxiang looked at each other in an extremely excited manner.

Ah Yu was right. It was fortunate that he came back. It would be possible to completely transfer the national team if he was the coach.

They really looked forward to the perfect appearance of the sixth national team led by God Wing. It would surely make everyone’s jaw drop.


  1. Omniscient says:

    Meanwhile, me playing ranked at MOBA and someone said I was stupid and slow. I teared up with trembling hands.

    1. Aeanbelle Frost says:

      Fr, it’s actually the reason why I don’t play anymore.

    2. Sylvite says:

      There’s a difference between playing casually and professionally. Cruel words and heavy trash talking should have no place in casual play.😭

      1. Qiaoyi says:

        Hugs! But don’t give up, just continue to grind and climb higher in the ranks, tong I think professional players knew at first sight if the player is a casual player or a pro, and sometimes it’s good to accept criticism from a pro but if the one criticizing you is a casual player too, fight back. Improve more, tbh Im a casual player too, but in every game I was shot dead, I don’t stop, like what coach Jiang said, it’s the game character dying not us so it’s fine, sooner or later you’ll feel numb too with those failure while doing your best to improve, just don’t do that during ranks lol 😂 GG everyone!

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