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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 117

Tactical Group Meeting

After the practice match, Jiang Shaoyu looked at Mo Hantian. “Xiao Mo, you have watched this match from the perspective of the referee. What do you think everyone didn’t do well enough? Review the game carefully.”

Mo Hantian looked dazed. Usually after the competition, the coach would organize everyone to do a review. The players had never done it. This was the same as after an exam, the teacher throwing the paper to the student and asking the student to speak for himself?

Seeing Xiao Mo in a daze, Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t you hear me?”

Mo Hantian quickly sat up straight, his voice clear. “I heard it!” He zoomed in on the projection screen in the training room and played it from the beginning.

From a high altitude, it could clearly be seen that the red team started with a 1/3/1 split strategy. Ye Zi went left, Xia Li, Hua Ran and Shu Chen took the right and Pei Feng opened the scope in the distance alone to observe. The left side failed to gain an advantage while Hua Ran and Xia Li on the right side ‘injured each other’, causing the overall situation to collapse.

Mo Hantian was embarrassed to say it directly. He thought for a moment and analyzed it in a low voice, “In the first game, the red team’s cooperation wasn’t tacit enough. The outflanking strategy of the blue team’s charger and assaulter was better.”

Jiang Shaoyu interrupted him. “You are so polite. Can this still be called a review?”

Mo Hantian blushed. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the crowd and said calmly, “For the future team practice matches, there will be someone who will be the referee every day. The referee will be responsible for the review. If you see someone who isn’t doing well, please speak up directly. I hope you can point out each other’s shortcomings as soon as possible rather than thinking about their face and being afraid of offending others. You aren’t young children. For big and small mistakes, do I have to correct them personally?”

Everyone had red cheeks. They were adults. Did they still need the coach to grow up?

Obvious mistakes like today could be seen by themselves. It was just like when they did a very simple question wrong during the exam. It was enough for the students to talk to each other. If everything depended on the coach, wouldn’t the coach be tired to death?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at everyone. “I have to go a meeting so you will review it yourself. If there are any questions, Pei Feng will summarize them and ask me later.”

Jiang Shaoyu turned and left. There was an awkward silence in the training room.

Then Xia Li simply said, “Brother Mo, just say it.”

Hua Ran also said, “Yes, don’t worry. We aren’t so stingy.”

Mo Hantian secretly glanced at Pei Feng, who gave him an encouraging look. “You watched from the referee’s perspective just now and could see it clearly. Analyze it well and everyone won’t mind.”

Mo Hantian nodded and opened his mouth with a red face, “In the first wave, Hua Ran and Xia Li made a mistake in their cooperation. The key is that their judgment of the terrain isn’t clear enough and they didn’t observe the location of their teammates on the mini-map in time. Between you, there was a corner that happened to be a blind spot.”

He zoomed in on the map and pointed to Hua Ran’s position when he threw the grenade. From this angle, he really couldn’t see where Xia Li was. Similarly, when Xia Li moved to the west and fired directly at the sound of footsteps, it was because she couldn’t see the position of her teammate in her blind area and accidentally injured her teammate.

Teammates could be killed in shooting games, so teamwork was crucial. There were incidents such as snipers killing teammates in one short or chargers injuring teammates in seconds. This was regarded as a joke by netizens.

As national team players, if they went to the World Series to kill their teammates…

It would be shaming themselves to the whole world!

Mo Hantian concluded, “The two of you are a bit too impatient. You should observe the mini-map. The coordinates of your teammates will be displayed on the mini-map. Always pay attention and you judge the specific location of your teammates and avoid this mistake.”

Hua Ran scratched his head. “Yes, I will pay attention in the future!”

Xia Li added, “I was really anxious. I heard footsteps and shot without thinking. Then after I did it, I found that I hit Hua Hua, cough.”

The group couldn’t help chuckling when hearing their self-reflection.

Liu Shaozhou joked, “I was confused at the time. We hadn’t even started acting yet you guys are already infighting? You sacrificed your teammates, do you have endless mana?”

Lao Lin laughed. “When I surrounded you with Xiao Zhou, I saw Hua Hua seriously injured on the ground. Xia Li was carrying a gun next to him and was at a loss. Hahaha.”

There was a burst of laughter in the training room. The two protagonists of this incident were red-faced but the atmosphere was much better than when they covered their faces after the coach scolded them. Everyone laughed and passed over it. Then they would try to avoid doing it again as much as possible in the future.

Liu Shaozhou said, “There was a problem in the game where the blue team lost. Xiao Mo, you can talk about it.”

Mo Hantian called up the second small game and explained, “For this game, I personally think that the scout and the large team are out of touch. This resulted in the sniper being found and sneak attacked.”

Qin Xueyao nodded. “It makes sense. Looking at it from this perspective, I was indeed the one who went too far. The sniper couldn’t see the short-range vision and I was out of touch with the sniper.”

Shi Xiaobin took the initiative to say, “I was also at fault. I should’ve gone to rescue him the moment Brother Liu was killed, but I was worried that the enemy scout was nearby. I hesitated over whether to take a detour or not and ended up dying myself.”

Liu Shaozhou added, “I also had a problem. Brother Ye moved too quickly and I didn’t react.”

Ye Qingming told him, “Of course. If I’m not fast then I’m the one who would’ve died.”

Pei Feng listened to everyone reflecting on their mistakes and couldn’t help sighing with relief in his heart.

His master’s method of ‘letting the players review the game by themselves’ was actually cultivating the players’ self-awareness. This way, everyone in the national team could think independently and carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their teammates. They weren’t robots who only listened to the coach’s orders.

Professional players must be flexible in their thinking. After all, the coach couldn’t teach them how to fight after each wave of team battles. In addition, the commander was sometimes too busy to keep an eye on everyone’s position and tell them what to do.

The ability to think independently was very important. In a fierce competition, at many critical moments, there was no time to follow the commander’s orders and they had to make their own decisions.

At that time, players who reacted quickly and thought flexibly could make the most accurate judgment. Meanwhile, players whose thinking was fixed and could only listen to instructions would often hesitate for a second or two, causing them to lose the best opportunity.

Jiang Shaoyu was cultivating everyone’s ability to review and think independently.

The players discussed it with each other and corrected each other. This would also help the tacit understanding and unity of the team in the long run. If they had something to say, just say it directly. There was no need to hide it in their hearts, which might give rise to disagreements.

After this review, Hua Ran and Xia Li wouldn’t complain about each other. Instead, the two carefree people became friends. They chatted and laughed while playing the rankings on the Korean server together.

The result was that the two of them pitted each other, led to the collapse of their teammates and lost several times in a row.

Hua Ran turned to Shu Chen and cried. “Brother Chen, I need comfort. Take me to win a few games. Xia Li is too crazy.”

Shu Chen was helpless and had to take Hua Ran back to win.

Xia Li went to Qin Xueyao with a bitter face. “Xueyao, take me to calm down a bit. My brain is beaten into a mess by Hua Hua!”

At the same time, in the coach’s office on the 3rd floor, Jiang Shaoyu was organizing the first national team’s tactical meeting.

Coach Zhu, Coach Gu and Coach Xu were located in different cities and it was troublesome to go back and forth. Now the Internet had developed so much and they could directly hold a video conference.

Jiang Shaoyu built the ‘National Team Tactics Meeting’ and brought in the three tactical consultants, two coaches and one assistant coach.

The seven person tactical discussion meeting for seven people officially started. Seeing the familiar faces in the video conference, everyone couldn’t help being excited. This was really the largest coaching staff in the history of the national team!

Jiang Shaoyu’s face appeared in the screen. He saw that everyone was present and said, “Everyone, I am calling a meeting tonight because there are two main issues to discuss. The first is the national team’s lineup plans. The second matter is the next match schedule.”

He pulled up a list of the national team members in the public area of the conference room. “Today, I organized for them to play a practice match. Hua Ran and Xia Li have a very special style and are unstable when forming a team together. We should try to avoid having them on the same team.”

Coach Zhu was puzzled. “I remember that in the melee battle of Civic Center when they were surrounded by zombies, Hua Ran and Xia Li fought well?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained, “On that map, the two of them acted side by side. Hua Ran’s ammunition was thrown forward and couldn’t blow up Xia Li. Xia Li’s gun fired forward and couldn’t hit Hua Ran. However, as long as the map is a bit more complicated and corners and forks appear… they will hurt each other.”

The coaches heard this and wanted to laugh.

It was indeed a taboo for players who hurt each other to form a combination. Before the enemy team even acted, they had messed up first.

The experienced Coach Xu said, “Many players have a very distinct personal style and their rhythm isn’t on the same channel. They can’t cooperate so we can just stagger the two of them.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, my current idea is to choose two sets of regular lineups. There is Pei Feng, Ye Qingming, Hua Ran, Zhou Yiran and Shu Chen to play offensively. Then there is Liu Shaozhou, Qin Xueyao, Lao Lin, Xia Li and Shi Xiaobin to play defensively. These two lineups are universal systems that can cope with most maps and patterns.”

Several other coaches thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.

Both sets of lineups were very strong. Pei Feng’s set was more flexible. Ye Zi and Hua Hua’s personal abilities were outstanding and they could completely disrupt the opponent. Pei Feng and Zhou Yiran were responsible for harvesting heads and Shu Chen guaranteed survivability.

In Liu Shaozhou’s group, there was Qin Xueyao to open up a view of the entire map. Lao Lin played violently and Xia Li reacted quickly. Liu Shaozhou’s marksmanship was accurate and Shi Xiaobin could hide to save people. If they defended then the opponent would have nowhere to hide.

A coach wondered, “Is Pei Feng’s team the main force? Then Liu Shaozhou’s team is the substitute?”

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head. “For this year’s national team, there is no distinction between the main force and the substitutes.” He paused with a serious look. “In my eyes, everyone in the team is the main force.”

Everyone was the main force!

This sentence shocked the coaches present.

In the past, every time the national team announced the lineup, they would say who was the main force and who was the substitute. For example, last season, Zhou Yiran was the main force for the assaulters while Xia Li was the substitute.

This time, Jiang Shaoyu actually said, “There is no distinction between the main force and the substitutes!”

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “The national team will have different lineups and each player must place demands on themselves according to the standards of the main force and be ready to play at any time. I will give everyone the opportunity to show themselves.”

The coaches enthusiastically agreed. “That’s good!”

”The newcomers will be very happy when they hear it.”

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “In addition to the two regular lineups, there can be some special lineups. For example, I want there to be a wave of three snipers, and two scouts on the Rainy Night map. If the coaches have any new ideas, you can propose it and we will discuss it.”

Old Xu said, “I think for the Princess Cruise, we can go with two medics. We can even let Pei Feng be a medic and fight a war of attrition. Drag the opposite side to death and consume their oxygen cylinders!”

Coach Zhu also suggested, “This City of Mist map is very suitable for guerrilla warfare. I think we can go two assaulters, two scouts and one medic.”

Coach Gu said, “The Biochemical Laboratory map can be a pure melee lineup where we violently push through…”

Once their thoughts opened up, the coaches put forward their own ideas one after another.

The discussion was lively while Anna was responsible for taking down the minutes.

The discussion about the lineup continued until 11 o’clock. Then Jiang Shaoyu changed the subject. “The second issue is the schedule. In the second half of the year, the domestic playoffs will occur but the current national team has an obvious shortcoming. Some players are seriously inexperienced in the competition.”

The response and awareness of e-sports players were important but experience in the game couldn’t be ignored. No matter how good they were normally, they might drop the ball if they went directly to the World Series without ever playing in a formal game.

Jiang Shaoyu was more assured about the four old players of Liu, Zhou, Lin and Ye. They could enter the national team every year. However, Pei Feng and Hua Ran had never officially played a match and Shu Chen had been sitting on the cold bench for a long time. Xia Li, Xueyao, Xiao Mo and Xiao Bin also had very little experience in world competitions.

He couldn’t let them go directly to the world arena. The risk was too great. If they lost a match then they might have to go home.

The coaches discussed it for a while before Coach Zhu said, “The teams that are eliminated in the first round of the playoffs won’t be in a hurry to train. Those players can go the national team again and we can find some events to train them in.”

Old Xu agreed. “Once the first round of the playoffs is over, only the final four can advance to the next round. The rest of the national team players don’t have to stay in the club and can listen to Coach Jiang’s arrangement.”

Jiang Shaoyu asked Anna, “Are there any intercontinental events in the second half of the year that we can use to gain experience?”

Anna replied, “There are many large and small international competitions. The more important ones are the continental championships, the mid-season invitational tournament and the World All-Stars. The invitational only invites last year’s top four and we don’t qualify. The All-Stars are only done at the end of the year. But the Asian Championship is open to all countries in Asia and are held during the summer vacation in August. Perhaps we can try this?”

The other coaches agreed after hearing this. “Yes!”

”I also think this event is okay. How can we directly go to fight the boss? We should increase our experience and practice our cooperation.”

Old Cui sighed emotionally. “In the past, our national team was formed at the end of October and we never participated in the Asian Championship. Since the team has been formed in advance, I also think we can go and try it. Perhaps we can win a prize?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it before making a decision. “Anna, go to the official website to register. The national team members of each country will be playing the domestic leagues and they definitely won’t go to this type of continental tournament. It is estimated that all those sent are youth trainees or substitutes… it is right for the players of our national team to use them to practice.”

Anna smiled and said, “Okay.”

At the same time, Seoul, South Korea, the base of the national team.

A boy with yellow dyed hair and earrings said with a smile, “The Asian Championship is really boring. We have won the championship for five consecutive years. The second team of our Korean national team has easily beaten players from various countries.”

A black-haired boy next to him said in a low voice, “You can’t be careless. Vietnam in Southeast Asia has rapidly developed their e-sports in recent years and a few good players have come out. The strength of Japan and Singapore also isn’t bad.”

The yellow-haired boy asked, “What about China?”

The black-haired young man chuckled. “Forget about China. The results of the World Series become worse every year. They probably won’t participate in the Asian Championship this year.”


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