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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 116

First Training Match

The next afternoon, the players came to the training room and saw Coach Chang waiting for them.

Coach Chang was in his 30s but he had a baby face and looked very young. His smile was full of friendliness but Ye Qingming couldn’t help having a headache when seeing him. In the past two days, he had been locked up in the little black room to play hide and seek with Coach Jiang. Ye Qingming even lost in his dreams…

Once everyone arrived, he said, “Good afternoon, everyone. Today is the map special training. Coach Jiang asked me to familiarize everyone with the map of City of Ice, which will be used for the evening training match.”

The players exchanged looks of dismay. The training match directly used a five star difficulty map? As expected of Coach Jiang. He never disappointed when it came to the nightmare difficulty.

Everyone silently sat down and logged into the training software.

Coach Jiang sat in front of a computer in the front row and said with a smile, “Everyone will be divided into three groups. Scouts and medics will be Group A, chargers and assaulters will be group B and snipers will be Group C. When Group A is training with me, Group B and C will go to the software to familiarize themselves with the map. Do you all understand?”

Everyone replied in unison, “We understand!”

Coach Chang opened the custom map mode and Ye Zi, Qin Xueyao, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin were pulled into the room. He turned on the room’s voice channel and said, “The content of the training is to find me on the map within one minute and kill me.”

Ye Qingming couldn’t help wondering, “Wasn’t it ten minutes before? Why is it shortened to one minute?”

Coach Chang replied, “The four of you are going together so I naturally have to reduce the time. Four people are looking for me at the same time. Shouldn’t you be able to find me in a minute?”

The four people: “…….”

Four against one, you are very confident!

The four people weren’t convinced in their hearts and pressed the ready button one after another.

Old Chan was the red side while the four players were the blue side. They entered the City of Ice map.

The moment the game started, Old Chang disappeared without a trace on the map. The four people separated to find him. If they accidentally slopped on the slippery ice surface, they had to keep pressing the arrow keys to maintain balance. If they encountered a downhill area, they could directly slide down to speed up their movement.

Shi Xiaobin glided all the way and searched the southeast corner area. He searched in all places but didn’t see Coach Chang’s figure. He said on the voice channel, “There is no one in the southeast corner.”

Ye Zi was in charge of the northwest region and soon concluded, “He isn’t found in the northwest.”

Shu Chen said, “There is no one in the southwest.”

Qin Xueyao said doubtfully, “There is no one in the northeast either.”

The four of them fell silent at the same time. Where was Old Chang hiding? He didn’t disappear, did he?

Seeing that the time in the upper right corner was about to run out, the four people hurriedly went to the central area. Before they could search carefully, the notification of ‘the time is up’ popped up on the screen.

Coach Chang smiled and mocked them. “You can’t find the enemy in one minute. Once you find them, the citron daylily will be cold!”

The four of them were a bit ashamed by the words while Coach Chang said, “Continue.”

The second round of hide and seek began. The four of them changed their strategy and searched from the center to the outskirts. However, one minute was too fast and they still couldn’t find Old Chang.

After practicing like this for half an hour, he waved his hand and said, “Group A, practice by yourself. Group B will follow me.”

Lao Lin, Hua Ran, Zhou Zhou and Xia Li of Group B followed closely to play the game of hide and seek, but the result was the same as Group A. One minute was too short. In addition, the map was unfamiliar and the ice surface was too difficult to walk on. It was impossible to find where Old Chang hid.

The four of them even had some doubts later. Could Coach Chang turn invisible?

Group C started to challenge it and the ending was still unsatisfactory.

The national team’s players found that they were completely destroyed in the one minute hide and seek challenge!

Everyone was a bit embarrassed and hung their heads one after another.

Fortunately, Coach Jiang wasn’t here or he would’ve scolded them again. Hua Ran had just thought like this when he heard Jiang Shaoyu’s cold voice from his earphones, “A quick search of the enemy in a short period of time isn’t a random search like yours. What about teamwork? Each of you goes your own way like scattered sand. No one is directing?”

A chill went down everyone’s backs at the same time. Coach Jiang actually watched from the perspective of an administrator.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “One more round.”

In this round, everyone was more cautious and each group took the initiative to set a commander. Finally, they found Old Chang before the end of the countdown. This person actually climbed onto the head of an ice statue. He was wearing white clothes and white pants and he chose the pale color of a Caucasian for his skin color. He also dyed his hair white and disguised himself as part of the ice statue.

The group didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Old Chang said, “Don’t think that the color of your hair and clothes will have no effect on the game. In special environments, it still has an impact!”

Most maps were brightly lit and it didn’t matter what clothes the players wore or what color they dyed their hair. However, changing to white clothes and white hair in Contestant or black hair and black clothes in the Rainy Night map would definitely increase the difficulty of locking onto them as targets. This was also one of the little tricks in battle.

After an afternoon of the hide and seek game, everyone’s familiarity with the map had improved significantly.

After dinner, Jiang Shaoyu personally went to the training room and asked, “Pei Feng told you about the grouping for the first practice match, right?”

Everyone nodded and Jiang Shaoyu continued, “Sit according to your position in the game.”

In an official match, the order of seating was the charger, assaulter, scout, sniper and medic. Their charge and the enemy’s charger sat opposite each other. Of course, if players of the same profession were in the lineup then it would be arranged by the coach. However, the order had to be arranged in accordance with the official regulations.

In the red team, Hua Ran, Xia Li, Ye Qingming, Pei Feng and Shu Chen sat down in order from left to right.

For the blue team, Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou, Qin Xueyao, Lin Shaozhou and Shi Xiaobin also sat in order.

The remaining Mo Hantian didn’t know where he should sit. Jiang Shaoyu beckoned and said, “Referee, come and sit next to me.”

Mo Hantian trembled and walked over. He straightened his back as he sat down next to Coach Jiang. He was acting as a referee for the first time and he was so close to his idol. Why did he feel like this made him more nervous than fighting?

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Your computer has been logged into the administrator account. You can organize it.”

Mo Hantian quickly pulled the ten people into the custom map room. He divided them into groups and selected the map ‘City of Ice’. Then he looked up at Jiang Shaoyu. “What should I choose for the mode?”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “You are the referee. You decide.”

The map of City of Ice could play two modes: Endless Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel. There was no Life or Death Explosion mode. Mo Hantian originally wanted to ask everyone’s opinion, but when he raised his head, he found that everyone had already put on their earphones. He had to make up his own mind and he chose the Endless Bloody Battle mode.

Mo Hantian thought about what a referee did during a match and typed carefully in the room: Check your equipment and confirm that there are no faults. Then press the ready button.”

All ten players pressed the ready button.

Mo Hantian: The game is about to start. The countdown is 30 seconds.

He started the countdown in the room while the players quickly changed their equipment. Soon, the countdown ended and the map was loaded.

The referee’s perspective was a god’s perspective. They could see the position of the ten players and switch to the view of any one player at a time.

Mo Hantian hesitated for a moment before switching to Pei Feng’s side, wanting to see Pei Feng’s perspective.

Due to the presence of ice in the City of Ice map, the players moved twice as fast as a normal map. If encountering a downhill area, they could slide down and directly increase their speed by five times. The rhythm was extremely fast.

Pei Feng commanded his teammates to move forward.

Ye Qingming was brought back to the national team as a sparring partner by Coach Jiang during the club inspection stage. Throughout May, Pei Feng, Ye Qingming and Hua Ran had cooperated with the lineup of ‘two movements, one silent, triangle breakthrough.’

The core of this lineup allowed Ye Zi and Hua Ran to move forward, completely disrupting the enemy’s rhythm. No matter whether it was Ye Zi who assassinated the enemy first or Hua Ran’s explosives that disrupted the enemy, they had a fast attack rhythm. As long as the opponent’s lineup revealed a flaw, the long-range sniper Pei Feng could quickly establish an advantage and breakthrough.

Pei Feng’s lineup was biased towards attack.

Meanwhile, Liu Shaozhou was the commander with the strongest defensive ability in the league. He quickly ordered his teammates to gather in the middle while Qin Xueyao scouted alone.

At this time, the referee with the god’s perspective could clearly see that red and blue dots representing the players were moving rapidly. In the area of the square full of ice statues in the west of the map, Ye Qingming and Qin Xueyao were about to collide.

Qin Xueyao heard the footsteps and immediately hid behind an ice sculpture.

Ye Qingming switched to a dagger and stepped forward, wanting to assassinate the enemy scout. Qin Xueyao sensed the crisis and quickly moved. The two of them circled back and forth around several ice statues. Neither of them could kill the other first.

JIang Shaoyu couldn’t help feeling a sense of admiration when he saw this. Xueyao might be poor in shooting but she was really strong in position and awareness. She also had very keen senses on the field. She must’ve guessed that Ye Zi was coming so she was extra careful.

The two scouts circled each other and there were no results for a while.

Compared with the quiet exploration on the west side, the east side was very lively. It was because the violent melee occupations such as chargers and assaulters from both sides happened to be here.

Hua Ran threw a smoke bomb to interfere with the opponent’s vision. This was followed by throwing a grenade in front.


The grenade exploded and flames and black smoke rose. At the same time, a notification popped up on the screen.

[’Hua Hua Da Shao’ injured ‘Xia Xia’s Summer’ with a grenade.]

Xia Li’s voice came from the team channel. “Why are you blowing me up?”

Hua Ran was stunned. “Why did you run in front of me?”

Xia Li said in a depressed manner, “The ice surface is too slippery and I’m not used to accelerating. I rushed up too much.”

Pei Feng suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart and he hurriedly said, “Xia LI, you go to the west. Don’t be with Hua Hua. The two of you should keep your distance from each other!”

Xia Li agreed and ran quickly to the west. As she ran around a corner, she heard footsteps and thought it was the enemy. Xia Li’s instantaneous reaction ability was extremely fast. She raised the AK assault rifle and fired fiercely.

Bang bang bang bang!

[’Xia Xia’s Summer’s has used the AK-Midsummer to seriously injure ‘Hua Hua Da Shao’!]

Hua Ran, who was turned to a critical state by a row of bullets: “…Why are you hitting me?”

Xia Li was puzzled. “How did I know that you would come out from behind?”

Hua Ran said, “I was going to cover you.”

Mo Hantian was stunned when he saw this from the referee’s perspective.

The enemy commander, Liu Shaozhou couldn’t help chuckling. ‘We haven’t even started but you are fighting first. Teammates hurting each other, it is really good.’

Liu Shaozhou calmly said, “Charger and assaulter, attack from the left and right. I will stop the medic.”

The cooperation between Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou was really tacit. After all, they were both from ACE. The two of them moved from the left and right and in the blink of an eye, they came to the location of Hua Ran and Xia Li.

Gunshots rang out from the left and right. Hua Ran and Xia Li died under their guns at the same time.

Shu Chen wanted to rescue them but Liu Shaozhou aimed at the fork in the road that the medic had to pass through and fired several shots in a row, not allowing Shu Chen to pass at all. At the same time, Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou quickly moved and joined forces to kill the medic Shu Chen.

Pei Feng was in the distance. He borrowed the vision provided by Shu Chen to snipe Lao Lin in one shot. However, this game was no longer recoverable. Pei Feng and Ye Qingming were facing 2 against 4 and there was no chance of winning at all.

In the first round, the guardians won.

In the second game, Pei Feng asked Hua Ran and Xia Li to separate. Xia Li took the middle road, Hua Ran went to the left and Ye Zi went to the right.

Hua Ran met the enemy scout Qin Xueyao on the left side. Qin Xueyao provided vision and assisted Liu Shaozhou to shoot Hua Ran. In the middle, Xia Li was killed by Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou…

Pei Feng thought, ‘I’m tired!’

They were both like wild horses out of control. They couldn’t be held back.

After losing the second game, Xia Li and Hua Ran were very embarrassed and their faces were a bit red.

Pei Feng told them, “It’s okay. Come again.”

In the third game, Ye Qingming and Pei Feng cooperated as a duo. Ye Zi went around and sneakily killed the sniper Liu Shaozhou while Pei Feng killed Qin Xueyao. They relied on their strong personal abilities and barely managed to win the round.

In the fourth game, Liu Shaozhou changed his strategy and the five of them formed a group to launch a surprise attack. Hua Ran and Xia Li lost their positions and started to ‘hurt each other again.’ The red team fell behind 3v5 at the beginning and finally lost helplessly.

Pei Feng rubbed his temples helplessly while Hua Ran and Xia Li’s heads were about to hang down to their chests.

At this time, Jiang Shaoyu also came to a conclusion. Hua Ran and Xia Li couldn’t be placed in the same lineup.

Hua Ran’s role was to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm while Xia Li was easily chaotic due to Hua Ran because of her aggressive playing style. The two of them together was just destroying the team.

If Hua Ran was sent to be the charger then the assaulter should be Xiao Zhou. Xiao Zhou was calm and steady and wouldn’t be affected by Hua Ran.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Mo Hantian. “Referee, what do you think of their performance?”

How should this be evaluated? Mo Hantian thought about the wording and said weakly, “Their combat… is less than ideal?”

Jiang Shaoyu sneered. “Less than ideal? It is obviously a mess! Some people slipped on the ice and some people killed their teammates. Based on this level of tacit understanding, do you still want to enter the World Series?”

“You aren’t the national e-sports team. You are instead the national repertory theater that brings fun to audiences all over the world, right?”

Everyone lowered their heads in unison.

Coach Jiang’s tongue was sharp but he was right. Their cooperation was indeed very bad. They were players from different teams. It wasn’t an overnight matter if they wanted to cultivate a tacit understanding.

Jiang Shaoyu ordered, “Starting from tomorrow, continue the daily training in the afternoon. In the evening, I will organize a practice match to find the problems in your cooperation. Some people whose brain waves aren’t on the same channel at all, try to avoid forming a team together.”

Hua Ran and Xia Li looked at each other and blushed in embarrassment.

Not only were they not on the same channel, but they were simply chatting across servers, right?


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