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MGAG: Chapter 60 Part 1

Xiao Zhou noticed the silence on the phone and hesitated slightly. “Boss?”

“It’s okay. Continue keeping an eye on Jiang’s affairs and report to me if there are any new problems.”

He finished speaking and hung up his phone. His eyes sank slightly.

Jiang Yuze’s accident happened too suddenly. Apart from the people in the meeting room at the time, it was difficult for others to know the news of Jiang Yuze’s accident, let alone go to Jiang Yuze’s computer in advance to eliminate traces. After the incident, the police arrived at the scene as soon as possible. Then the computer was disassembled and taken away. In other words, the time to eliminate the traces was most likely to be before the police took away the computer.

There were only two possible reasons for this. The first was that Jiang Yuze’s computer had an externally planted program and someone used this program to destroy the computer data after the incident. The second was that after Jiang Yuze’s accident, someone arrived at his office as soon as possible and directly destroyed the computer.

However, Jiang Yuze’s office wasn’t accessible to ordinary people. Xiao Zhou didn’t mention a problem with the office, so it was likely that Chen Shiming had investigated Jiang Yuze’s office and found nothing. Then there was only the first possibility.

The problem was who would report the news in the first place? In addition, could they react immediately to destroy evidence?

Apart from Jiang Yuze, Lin Shizong didn’t have many people arranged in the Chen Group and even fewer people who could get news from the meeting room. They were basically involved in the high level meetings or stayed in other positions.

At that time, Chen Qizhao was closely monitoring the movements of everyone in the meeting room. Later, he knew that Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong had long been wary of the participants due to the transmitter. If someone wanted to report by phone or text message in the meeting room, it would definitely draw attention…

Chen Qizhao thought of this and had a strange intuition in his heart.

The person who did this shouldn’t be a person in the meeting room. Then in addition to the people in the room, there should be someone closely watching the situation outside the room. It was someone who could quickly understand the situation and react to destroy the traces.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly. He scrolled through his phone contacts and sent a text message to Chen Shiming.

If this was the case, there were more people involved. Any employee passing by the meeting room might be this candidate. Perhaps they didn’t pass through the meeting room but was monitoring the meeting room like him…

“But it is strange…” Chen Qizhao said to himself. “This person is too decisive.”

Jiang Yuze’s inability to turn over the situation was due to the confession of Yu Jie and the others in prison. However, this information was brought by Chen Shiming at the end… this person was so decisive that they took action the moment they noticed a problem.

In any case, if this person couldn’t enter the meeting room then their threat wasn’t as great as Jiang Yuze.

There was also so much involvement that this person should’ve left a lot of traces in the group. Chen Qizhao just needed to follow the people in the meeting room and he should be able to find other problems. Now there was no Jiang Yuze to cover for these people and it wouldn’t be so easy for them to hide.

It was a shame about that computer.

It was Jiang Yuze’s work computer so there might be less private information, but there should be some plans involving the group. Chen Qizhao originally planned to wait for the police to sort out this information to make it easier for Chen Shiming to thoroughly investigate the group. Now that this information was gone, it meant that the difficulty of Chen Shiming’s work had risen to a higher level.

Chen Qizhao returned to his room, found some information on his computer, sorted out a list, collected and packaged it and sent it directly to Chen Shiming.

Once he was done, he went downstairs again and saw the housekeeper in the kitchen. He asked, “Did my mother drive by herself?”

“Yes. Ma’am said that Old Lin is resting today and she didn’t let me call him.” The housekeeper looked at Chen Qizhao and told him, “Second Young Master, you still have a bowl of medicinal soup here. Ma’am ordered it and told me to watch you drink it.”

“…I’ll talk about it later.”

He lowered his head and sent a message to Zhang Yazhi. The other person quickly replied to him and said she was at the studio.

In the Chen Group, Chen Shiming had just returned from the police station. Jiang Yuze’s confession didn’t go smoothly. He was caught but he still insisted it was slander. Compared to their lack of progress with Jiang Yuze, they had found many relevant people by following the line of the driver, who deliberately tried to injure someone. This included the person who contacted the driver.

The person who contacted the driver already had a criminal record and was released from prison two years ago. He did this type of work that stepped on the edge of a knife.

He didn’t know who his employer was. He only explained that his employer contacted him on his phone and asked him to arrange for someone to cause a car accident. He deliberately found a driver with simple social connections who needed money urgently and directly handled the matter…

“However, they said the employer gave them the order to cause a small car accident, preferably to keep you in bed for a few days. There were no instructions to kill you,” the police officer had told him. “There are still doubts about this matter. After all, it is a deliberate plot to injure people. Just because something doesn’t happen doesn’t mean the seriousness of the situation can be taken lightly. We might have to grind at them for a few more days.”

It was only when Chen Shiming returned to the office that he noticed the information in the inbox. He opened it and found that the sender had a string of garbled characters.

This familiar anonymous method was like the sender who sent Jiang Yuze’s clue evidence that day. He opened the email without much thought and found that there was a two page list involving the names of people and the project content. It was shocking at first glance.

Chen Shiming looked slightly stunned. He instinctively picked up his phone in order to call Chen Qizhao.

In the next second, he stopped his behavior and carefully read this document. He had already checked some of these things and some he was checking… the authenticity of this list was beyond doubt, but he couldn’t figure out where Chen Qizhao had dug up the information.

After some hesitation, Chen Shiming still called his brother. However, the message from the other end was a ‘shutdown reminder.’

He paused for a moment and immediately called the housekeeper’s number.

Chen Shiming asked, “What about my brother?”

The housekeeper was cleaning up the kitchen when he heard this.

Chen Shiming was puzzled. “He is sleeping so early?”

“The medicine prescribed by the doctor makes one sleepy,” the housekeeper explained. “Do you need me to wake up the Second Young Master?”

Chen Shiming looked at the documents on his computer and said, “It’s okay. Let him rest.”

Shen Yuhuai went to the research institute. He finished the afternoon experimental task and went to the laboratory.

The researcher in the laboratory smiled when seeing Shen Yuhuai come over. Then he handed over the sorted test report. “All the information on the experimental samples is here. By the way, where did you get these samples? Some of the materials in them aren’t easy to find on the market. It is really difficult to imagine that someone would mix these things into aromatherapy.”

Shen Yuhuai was flipping through the report to confirm it. Then he looked at the other person when he heard this. “They are controlled substances?”

“Yes, the latter ones. I sorted them out for you.” The researcher continued to work on the computer while casually saying. “These things aren’t easy to get through usual channels. You can go online to check and you should be able to find the relevant channels. This thing is difficult to sort out so it might take a lot of work to check.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes sank slightly, as if he was thinking about something.

Then he said, “Thank you, Senior Brother. I will invite you to dinner later.”

“Okay, I want to eat at the newly opened barbecue restaurant in the city. It is the one you went to with Liu Sui last time,” the researcher said. “I saw Liu Sui’s Moments and almost starved to death. It is settled.”

Shen Yuhuai smiled. “No problem.”

After coming out of the examination room, Shen Yuhuai went to the copy room and made two copies of the report.

One was packed in a folder and he intended to find the time to take it to Chen Qizhao.

Once he went home to rest at night, Shen Yuhuai came out of the room with a book. He arrived at the living room and heard his father and older sister discussing something. He didn’t care, went to pour a glass of water and sat down on the recliner to read.

Just as he sat down to rest, what came to mind was Chen Qizhao with slightly red cheeks in the morning. He flipped through the book, the slightly sharp touch of the pages stimulating his fingers. Then he closed his eyes slightly, a bit uneasy.

“Did you go to the Chen house this morning?” Mother Shen came to Shen Yuhuai’s side. “Is your Aunt Zhang in good health recently?”

Shen Yuhuai opened his eyes and sat up slightly straighter. “She is very spirited and also asked about you.”

Mother Shen said, “There have been many things happening in their family during this time. I heard your father saying that the assistant next to Uncle Chen was actually a spy. This is a person who has been around for over ten years. How did this happen?”

He had also heard about what happened to the Chen family during this time. His father and Shen Xuelan often mentioned this matter at home.

The assistant problem did have a lot of impact on the Chen Group. It was said that the Chen Group’s stock price fluctuation during this period was for this reason. However, the Chen family’s reaction was fast and the countermeasures were timely. The loss was stabilized before the news had time to expand. Generally speaking, it had an impact on the group but it didn’t hurt their foundation.

During this period, Shen Yuhuai was relatively free and he often went home. Over time, he heard about the problems within the Chen Group. In addition, the fact that he helped check the aromatherapy some time ago was known by Shen Xuelan. He also learned some secrets from her mouth and knew that the Chen family was quite nervous during this time.

He was thinking this when he heard Mother Shen continue.

Mother Shen sighed. “She hasn’t attended many parties in the circle during this time. The last time I saw her, I always felt like she was a bit absent-minded.”

Shen Yuhuai paused slightly. He thought about Zhang Yazhi’s enthusiasm at the Chen house this morning, which wasn’t much different from before. “What happened to Aunt Zhang during this time?”

“I heard it is Qizhao’s matter. She seems very worried about the child and came to me some time ago to ask if there is a good psychiatrist here in S City.” Mother Shen thought about it. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Qizhao child. Maybe she is caring too much. You know that your Aunt Zhang loves Qizhao very much. She saw the child lose weight during this time and feels that something is wrong.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes froze and he didn’t speak.


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